Monday, September 29, 2008

Surprises and Shock

The whole weekend was full of surprises and also shock but yesterday was one of the best days so far.. As a background, Tracey, BB and I have been friends since we were in From 1. Tracey studies in OZ and told us that she will be asking her friend to send some stuff to us so we (BB and I) planned a Sungkai outing at Sheraton yesterday.

Dessert corner *yummyyy*

the LAMB *uuh yeahh*

So we sat at the lobby waiting for her 'Friend', lets call him S who supposedly will wear stripes and bearing gifts for both of us and guess who walks through that glass door? Yeap.. Yoou guessed it, TRACEY herself.. Imagine my shock and surprise! We started laughing and at one point i stared to not make sense! hahaha

Tracey enjoying her Lamb

BB and her signature Pose

Tracey imitating BB's pose

the three of us, reunited..

BB and her Fiancee (Mcm dpt award sajaaa haha)

Tracey, giving a souvenir to the Husband

Husband, extremely happy to receive it (entah mengapa kah ia terlalu gembira ani)

One last picture before we leave

Once the shock was gone and we have enjoyed our food we all decide to part ways and see each other again sometime next week. As soon as we got home, i got another shock.. The Husband could not find his phone! we search high and low and when the phone finally got picked up, it was Sheraton. Turns out the Husband put it at the main entrance after i passed it to him. Lucky for us Sheraton had honest staff. . PHEW! So Tracey and her husband had to go back to Sheraton to pick the husband's phone up and send it to my house..

the one that gave me my last shock last night

the people kind enough to deliver the phone to us..

Talk about eventful!

oh and thanks to Sheraton and their staff!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

3 days to Hari Raya

Today is 27th Syawal and my mum reckons its going to be Lailatu Qadar tonight as the weather seems very calm. We finally finished our rounds of Tahlil at the graveyard this morning (EARLY morning) *yawn*

Oh we (a friend, the Husband and myself) went yo Sahur Dim Sum last Friday and i have to say the experience is much much better than the previous years... this year they finally decide to accept advance booking as opposed to having tens of people rush in and take their places.. and i also enjoyed the food much much better.. hehe

so 3 more days till we celebrate syawal and i have to say i am looking forward to it very much.. Why? ok honestly its because i cant wait to eat during daylight and hopefully my eating pattern will go back to normal and i no longer feel the urge to puke everytime i eat something..! hehe and also because this is my first Syawal with the Husband.. hehehe

ok till then.. Gotta continue on with the preparations for Hari Raya.. Cheers!

Friday, September 26, 2008

For those who has forgotten how i look like..

Tracey, this is for you..

Remember how i told you i finally took a plunge and cut my hair short (after a gaziliion year of having long hair) well.. here is a photo taken by the Husband's friend during our recent sungkai outing.

I like my hair here.. hehe

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Working during Ramadhan

As much as i enjoy the significantly short working hours during Ramadhan, i have to admit that it is not healthy for productivity.. Well actually i think i am more productive but with the short working hours, i find that i cannot complete some of the work i need to do and hence i now have to resort to bringing home work.. I usually try to avoid such things but i'll make an exception this time as i need to work on the Budgets. (notice how its plural not singular?)

Ok back to work now..

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sungkai Outing with Abu Dzar

Date: Sunday, 21st September 2008
Location: Nyonya, Serusop

Abu Dzar when he arrived

Abu Dzar asking for food

Abu Dzar looking at Mummy and Aunty P shopping

Monday, September 22, 2008

My guilts

I know that mothers are sort of 'exempted' from fasting should it memudaratkan/endangers the mother and baby (please do not hesitate to correct me if i am wrong). However i feel guilty if i dont fast cause how do i know what is 'memudaratkan' me or my baby.. If i have a little stomach ache or my gastric comes but it goes after a while and i feel like i can last until breaking of the fast, will that be memudaratkan? Will i be punished for menyiksa the baby that i carry? Its been 3 weeks and this still goes on in my head each day.. And comments from people like 'Kesian baby mu' is not helping either..

If i fast i feel guilty towards my baby (what if he/she does not have enough food) and if i dont fast i feel guilty towards god (cos what if what i think is memudaratkan is actually not).. Are you guys following me so far? So i try to make myself feel better by eating more and making sure i eat sahur..

I cannot wait untill puasa is over, not that i don't enjoy the deed but because i don't want to entertain my guilt further..

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The first one..

As early as when we boarded off that plane from our honeymoon, we started to get questions like ‘ada sudah?’ ‘berisi sudah?’ and one even asked a friend if I was pregnant or not.. I found it extremely irritating but somewhat funny.. The thought of being pregnant was not even close at that time.

Finding out was a tad funny. I thought I was just extremely late! There we were, in the toilet, both looking at that stick.. It took me 3 tests to finally convince myself that its true.. syukur alhamdulilah, we feel truly blessed.

Well 13 weeks has passed since that day when the sperm decides to hold on to that egg (hehehe) and we finally decided its time to tell people (other than close friends that is). And what makes me decide to blog about this? I don’t know really, the thought just came up a couple of days ago. Told the husband about it and here it is.. hehe

So what has happened in the first trimester? The first month was normal, second was also normal, just hot flushes in the evening and feeling sleepy and tired.. The third month (now) is more of a challenge. With Ramadhan I said to myself I will try to fast as much as I can so to avoid baby from being hungry, I now wake up for Sahur. What I find most challenging now is keeping the food in. I tend to vomit after sungkai and sometimes after sahur. I have now puked in my car, and 4 other places in BSB area (which shall not be named). I now try to eat smaller portions but more frequently. Hope this theory works.

Till then..