Sunday, September 30, 2012


Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 16 months my little Monkey who can't seem to stop moving, climbing up tables, chairs and stairs and the most cheeky thing is that when you realise we are not looking you will wait at the edge of the table or the bottom of the stairs smiling. Once we do you flash us a big smile and then climb up the stairs.. Cheeky monkey!

We headed to see your great grabdmother yesterday and i am very happy to see when you see her you did not hesitate and immediately say 'atuk' and patted her hands. We of course corrected you and say 'yantut' and you imitated us and made everyone smile.. I am very happy and glad that you were able to show your love to your yantut. She is old and is not feeling well. Hopefully in a couple of weeks time we will be able to go down for another visit..

On another note, both you and your kaka felt at home as soon as we arrived and started playing with your other cousins.. You had so much fun that you did not take any milk frm 2 till 8! My Bs were full and hurts a little! Haha

We have another eventful day ahead and i hope you enjoy the day. I love you sayang and please be good ok.. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka loves you so very very much..


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

New mother's room

Alhamdulillah, after 3yrs of expressing in stuffy pantry an a common room we finally have a proper mother's room in the office.. Well mother's/first aid room.. Not that we have a lot of first aid cases.. Hehehe i am OVER the moon!!!

This is the new Sofa bed
The sink where i will be doing the cleaning up
My little table.. I also donated the Sterilizer! hehehe
Our new Mummy's Fridge. it has drawer freezer too so in future when there is more than one mother, we can assign each mother a separate drawer.. hehe
And my produce this morning.. I even used my new EBM bags to commemorate the event! HAHAHA
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

not so great news

We received not so great news from the ILs last week about Hubs grandmother. She was not feeling very well sop they took her into Limbang hospital to get checked up. turns out her BP was high and the rashes on her body is in bad condition. They moved her from Limbang hospital to Miri hopsital last Saturday and there she was able to see some specialist. The rashes on her body have improved however her BP remains high and they discovered that she has kidney problems. Things is not looking good and at this point we pray that things will get better and better.. Insyallah if all permits we'll go down for a visit this weekend..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Clinic, birthday and car seats

Right after work on friday afternoon we headed to Haikal's first birthday party.. We missed out on the cake cutting but glad we made it..

Wearing the birthday boy's hat

The girls with ariesya

All of us..

On sat morning we headed to town for a little errand and decided to try and place Sofiyya in the car seat behind with Nadia..

Alhamdulillah they both behaved very well..

In the afternoon we headed to the clinic for their check up. Sofiyya is now 9.5kg and Nadia 13kg.. Alhamdulillah eventhough nadia is 13kg she manage to always gain some weight..

We made the same arrangements but didnt go that far cos Sofiyya wanted some NEN! Considering we were headed to the ILs we gave in and let her sit in front with me..

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We have been trying to teach our 3yr old Nadia the value of money. I have been telling her that we work hard, not just sitting pretty at our desk day in and day out, to earn the money that we use to buy food, pay for electricity, diapers and especially her milk..

We also try and teach her not to waste, finish your milk, switch off the electricity when you leave the room (since she now can reach up easily to our switches), finish your food, take care of your toys..

Oh i do hope she understands and get it..

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Why so lazy?

You know how sometimes you know that what you are doing is wrong but you end up doing it instead? Well i did that this afternoon. I consciously skipped my afternoon expressing session. And the worst thing is i have been doing this a couple if times already.. Huhuhu

And for someone who has committed herself to a 5km and 3.5km runs in a couple of weeks i am not doing much in making sure that i can survive that run..! Went for a 2.5km jog this afternoon and finished at 22mins! Huhuhu

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Less and less

I just realised i write less and less on this blog now and post more photos.. I don't exactly know why, maybe writer's block or i just have nothing more to say.. Hmmm

Syawal is now officially over (i think) and it ended with a few more open houses and also a doa selamat for a cousin is about to go for haj. Too bad we didnt take any photos so i would have to wait for ppl to post it up..

I was talking to my aunties last week about what are our regrets. I told her one of my regrets is that i know i could have done better during my A levels and i could and should have placed bigger efforts in ugama school.. I am now suffering in terms of reading jawi and hopefully and insyallah i will try and overcome this problem soon. Of course after telling them this my aunt looked at me funny and i smiled and told her 'berakal kan tu udah bu?' she laughed! I guess she would never have expected me to say things like this knowing how 'naughty' i was in my younger years.. All i can say is hey, people change and we grow up.. I now appreciate many things and many people better..

Speaking of people i appreciate better now, after being a parent myself i learned to appreciate my parents better. My grandmother started living with us a month after i had Sofiyya and having her around constantly reminds me to show love and appreciation towards my elders. Although i have to admit that me and my mum has had our differences and i have never told her i love her.. Payah bah! We have never showed affection towards each other so i hope and i pray that my children will not have similar difficulties with me when i am older. I hope they can come up to me and say i love you and hug me whenever they feel like it..

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

new tooth = sniffles

Each time Sofiyya sprout a new tooth, her sniffles come back without fail.. My poor baby has to go through this for the next year or so.. However alhamdulillah she is now better at taking in her medicine.. No longer do we have to pin her down and pinch her nose, she swallows and when i ask her to open her mouth she obliged, smiles and claps her hand when I praise her.. alhamdulillah.. Get well soon baby girl! 

I was just talking to a colleague who also has a 3yr old boy who is going to start school next year and I was telling him how I am quite nervous about the whole thing.. I must remember to start looking at her school stuff..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Last weekend

Our weekend started on Friday morning, well the Husband's anyways, mine was later in the afternoon..

The Husband took the girls to the beach and sent me this photo.. The had a great time and i was very jealous!

We took Nadia out in the afternoon to run some errands and finally bought her a booster seat.. We told her she is now a big girl hence must wear big people seatbelts and sit on big girl car seat. We think she like it cos its easier for her to enjoy the view..

Saturday 8September2012

Nadia woke up and asked that her Daddy bring her on a ride on the scooter before I go on it. they had a quick stop at the beach..

and i finally can go on my ride! Very reminiscent of our prewedding photo with Hitamputeh.. HEHE

Headed to the ILS for a long overdue sleepover

the best of friends

part 1

part 2

playing go fish!

Sunday 9September2012

i just had to put this photo in! Cheeky monkey!

a nice photo of Nadia..


all dressed and readyt o go to Adam's birthday safari..

ion my efforts to ensure that she sits in the car seat i distract her with many many things.. One of them is taking her photos and this is a funny one! hehehe

Adam's cake!


And in the evening we headed next door to celebrate my cousin's birthday and uncle and Auntie's 41st anniversary!!
As you can see, a fun full filled weekend! PHEW!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

EBM storage bags

For the past year or so i have been using the 'You have a Baby' EBM bags which cost me $13-$15 for 100pcs depending on the seller.. The bag does not have a zip lock and i would have to use rubber band to secure it. I prefer zip locks However given that it is the most economical bags i can find i have been subscribing to it religiously. Buying them in bulks! Recently i have been trying to buy them bags but seems like it is out of production!! Gahhh.. Dont u just hate it when that happens.. Looks like i have to use up my spare Autumnz bags which i initially kept aside just in case i travel and also trying out this 'the breastmilk story' brand. Both have zip locks which is good but it'll just cost me more then.. Huhu There is no point to what i am writing. I am just venting i guess.. LOL

I wrote in my last post about how Sofiyya is taking less of my EBM cause she takes in more solids now.. Part of me is happy cause she is eating up solids and i make extra (to make up for my lazy days) but another part of me is sad cause she does not need me as much anymore.. Well mostly happy cos baby girl is growing up and more independent now.. She now has a total of 6 teeth, 4 on the upper jaw and 2 on the bottom jaw. The sniffles is back normally this would mean an extra tooth or 'demam pemandai'. I dont know what her new ability is but i think its climbing! She has been trying to climb on our bed, chairs, sofas and most occasions she has been successful. Gives me extra headache cause i fear that she will fall.. Huhu

On the expressing side i am back to my normal routine of twice daily at work, once at 11 and once at 4. Produce wise i have also been consistent producing at an average of 15oz per day.. Alhamdulillah.. I cant say that word enough, alhamdulillah..

Husband has been on leave and he has been taking Nadia on various adventures..

A visit at the Royal Airforce

A tour of kampong ayer..

I am so jealous and from the stories i hear, Sofiyya is jealous too! When you grow a bit older Sofiyya insyallah you will go on these adventures too..!

Oh they also get to meet upin and ipin las weekend!!

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Malay and English

We went to visit a couple more houses over the weekend and we happened to meet my expatriate colleagues. This is the first time they have ever seen me with my girls ie as a mother and one of them asked me a question. He asked whether i communicate to my girls in both english and malay, in which i do and he then asked me since we use both languages inter-changeably, do i think that maybe the girls does not know that its two different languages.. Took me a while to respond to him and i think the girls at this point do think that its just one language. I must make it a point from hereon to tell them, well nadia that in malay its called such and such and in english its called such and such..
Nadia is picking up on her English. I heard her used the word please when asking her daddy something. And a couple of other words, even tried forming a sentence in english.. Emphasize on the word TRIED.. LOL
We also try to teach the girls to apologize after they've done something wrong. My maid told me a few weeks ago how Nadia refused to do something and then threw a tantrum. My maid left her alone to cry and after a couple of minutes she quite down, came up to my maid and said 'Nadia minta maaf'.. Alhamdulillah. I hope in time she will learn that apologizing is very important and to do it sincerely.. I also hope she learns that things must not always go her way and happens as and when she demands it.. Sofiyya needs to learn that quickly too cause she is a true drama queen when things dont go her way.. Hahaha

This is Sofiyya refusing to sit in her car seat! Look at her tears.. A few minutes after i took this ad distracted her attention she went back to happy and cheerful self.. So yaaahh, drama queen! LOL
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