Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 9 months Sofiyya

Dear Sofiyya,

I know its not the 30th today but this is as far as February goes.. So happy 9 months baby girl..

You have developed a lot of abilities in the past month. You can now crawl on all four, you have started to develop some conversation skills (well at least in baby language) and you have started to pull yourself up into a standing position.. We are very happy and proud of you because you are so brave but please becareful, slow down and be cautious of your surounding cause often we see you just move forward without realising that there is soething ahead of u resulting in you bumping your head.. Fortunately you are a strong girl and rarely cry but we dont want bumps and bruises in your body do we?

Your Aunty is also back and we are very thankful that you still remember her and has no problem in adjusting.. I cannot wait for you to grow up actually so we can take you out more often cause recently we have been leaving you behind.. Dont think that i dont feel any guilt but sometimes its better for you to stay home where you are free to nap when you want, crawl where you want, etc..

Ok i better get back to work now.. Love you lots baby girl..


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Monday, February 27, 2012

Need to slow down

Not that i am not thankful of my EBM supply but i have been slowing down in terms of expressing... Especially during the weekend when Sofiyya will take an occasional bottle or two while i am out..

I am slowing down Because of the following reasons:
1. The earliest stock i have is in October which means that it is coming to 5 months old. My fear is that if i do not use up my stock i might have to throw some out when they reach the expiry date if 6 months and to be honest i dont think i will have the heart to throw them out..
2. Running out of place to keep my stock.. Yes yes i have been saying how its time to go out and buy another standing freezer but i have yet to go round to do so..

At the back of my mind i am already thinking i might regret this one day down the road as we all know the less i pump, the less production ie less supply.. I pray that i am able to maintain my current stock (last count months ago at 1100+oz) until Sofiyya reaches 2! She is almost 9 months now so another 15 months to go..

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This and that. Here and there.

Our weekend started with attending the a wedding at Bridex. Groom was someone that hubs has known since he was 15..

Congratulations KONG!!

Nadia was not feeling well and while waiting she slept on my lap and then vomited!! Oh the horror! We had to leave immediately..!! Alhamdulillah she slept well that night and was feeling much much better the next day..

Saturday was errands dayyy..

Sofiyya and Bunah at DST tutong

She decides to be picky and manjaaaaaa...

At home while kaka and Daddy naps! Haha

Sunday morning we went out for grocery shopping with Nadia..

Then lunch at Tamu Tutong

Watched her daddy play footie late afternoon

And mummy and aunty adeey play a lil netball.. Hehe

I really cannot wait for Sofiyya to be a bit older so we can take her everywhere.. Ok fine maybe not everywhere.. LOL

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crawls and climbs

Only recently Sofiyya is able to crawl on all four but even before she was fully proficient on that she has started to climb here and there pulling her body up... Gives us a headache i tell you because this girl has no fear.. She's pull herself up to a standing position and lets go... Aiyaiyaiiiiiii.... Oh and she hardly stays still, always on the move.. Huhuhu

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quad-Biking 19Feb2012

I have always wanted to ride on one of them four wheel bike at the beach and i finally get to do it!! (Couldn't before cause i was pregnant, with the kids and they were still young then or no dangan! Hahah)

Nadia had a great time tooo!!

Can't wait for Sofiyya to grow a bit older so we can all go on this awesome rides! Hehehe

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Sofiyya and the black cat

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A visit to Yadu & Yaki's ladang

Hubs too Alya and Sofiyya to the IL's padi field last Sunday..

Putting on her boots!

Our inseparable duo

With uncle Kuyang

Apparently FIL had to answer many many questions as to what he is doing and why.. Hahaha

They both look so grown up!

Amoiiiii ahhhh!!!

Apparently after an about an hour they were grumpy and HuNGRY! Hahaha

Monday, February 20, 2012

Farewell Dinner for the JDs

Customary farewell dinner r the JDs who headed back to DC early saturday morning and also a surprise birthday party for Joe! Held at Taurean Arch!

The ladies

Plus Adam

And the men!

As you can see photos are all stolen from either FB or Path! LoL We had a great time and couldn't believe we made it before the surprise given that i only left the office at 6 that evening..

So happy birthday Joe! And see you guys ssooonn!!

Happy 35 months Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Happy 35 months love! One more month and you will be a full THREE!

You recently had your first haircut and it amazes me how different and grown up you look now! It takes a while to get used to.. Oh and can u please promise mummy that when a boy looks your way, blows a whistle or two u will ignore and walk away? Well until you reach a certain age anyways.. Hahaha

We were at your Yadu & Yaki's place over the weekend and as soon as we got there you and Alya couldn't stop playing, jumping up and down, running here and there. I had a splitting headache that night and apparently your Daddy was so upset of you not listening to him that he just let u be.. We understand that you miss everyone there especially Alya but pls listen to your daddy and I..

Ok be good now sayang.. We love you heaps!!!


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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Makwa is 86 today

I just realised i have written in a while.. Baru saja i wrote about capturing my thoughts and moments more! Tsk nani, TSK! In my defence things have been quite busy at the office.. I don't know why people seem to think that we who work at the office just sit on our bums and do nothing.. On a tough day, despite my sitting in front if my PC, i feel so tired that when i get home i usually sleep the same time as the kids does. I guess its mental exhaustion..

Syukur alhamdulillah my grandmother is 86 today.. We pray that Allah grant her a long and healthy life.. Amin amin amin..

I am currently expressing and it seems like i have the same pattern as my 2 other closest mummies and we tend to text each other while we do the deed.. Sometimes it feels like we are expressing together hahaha

Here is a picture of my EBMs for this week, so far.. I know this is probably a bad habit but i leave my EBM at the office fridge for the whole week and onky bring them back home on Friday afternoon.. Its quite convienent for me and so far no one have said a thing so i'll just keep on.. LOL

I have to attend a se,pminar in KB on Monday and i just realised i need a game plan for my mummy duties.. In the car or at the venue? Hmmmm must remember to bring pump back home for the weekend..

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Friday, February 10, 2012

They grow up so fast!

It's 10th Feb 2012. The girls are both asleep and the hubs is out. I refused to switch on the TV and it's just me and my thoughts..
Nadia asked me this morning if I was going to work so I said no I am on leave and I told her next week I will go back to work. She then said to me 'Nadia sama Sofie tinggal arah Yadu?' I smiled and told her no she will stay here with Aunty Mar.. My maid is scheduled to return tomorrow morning.. I pray that all will go well and she will come back as planned.. Amin Amin..
It's been 3 days side we took Nadia for her haircut and I sometimes take a2nd look at her.. It baffles me how she is so grown up now! My friend says maybe she is all grown up because she is a big sister now.. Maybe.. She is turning 3 I'm a couple of weeks time and I can't wait for her to cut the birthday cake of her dreams!
I saw my second set of Freestyle and it reminded me that I have breastfed Sofiyya for 8 months now.. Maybe I should open the box and use the 2nd set now cos time flies so fast and what if I don't get to use the 2nd set, albeit it being my back up set! hahaha
They grow up so fast! I must enjoy these moments with them.. Must take more photos to capture the moments and write more to capture my thoughts.. Inshallah..
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An afternoon at Starbucks

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nadia's first Haircut 8Feb2012

At 2 years and 10 months Nadia had her first haircut at Inspiration Hair Salon, the Mall. She sat in a toy car and watched Barney. And it cost us $12! (Gotta make sure we remember the details cause one day, if she is anything like me in my younger years she will be spending big bucks on her hair! LOL)

During her haircut


Oh and before her haircut we had a late lunch at Swensens!

Group Hug!

Excited to eat her Sundae!

The girls and the Chipmunks!

Asleep in her stroller!

Playdate 6th Feb2012

We headed to Panaga Club for another playdate and this time Sofiyya came along too..!!

Playing at home with Nenek Boy. Nadia was one when she first played with this and Sofiyya is only 8 months! Tsk tsk!

We are in the process of car seat training her. Half of the time she would ask to be held.. I must preserver and keep on insisting that she stay in her seat..

Sofiyya with Aunty Fina and Abang Danish and Uncle Bob on the background

Look at that happy baby!!

She clearly LOVES being in the water..

My babies and my Baby Daddy

And them in the car, tiduurrrrr... LOL

Mandi Berlawat & Majlis berzikir

We headed to Telisai on Sunday 5th Feb 2012 to attend TC's Mandi Berlawat and Mika & Mikayla's Majlis Berzikir..

(why do they call the event 'Mandi Berlawat' anyways? Was there an actual Mandi involved?)

Handsome Mika

Our very own Little Miss Katy Perry, Mikayla

Both babies were obedient at first but as the day grew older they both grew tired and started to be cranky. Hehehe

Us and our broods!

Cant wait to see the photos from the official photographer!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Natural and Easy?

I was reading one of the blogs that i have bookmarked and came across this article about challenges of breastfeeding and i could not agree more..! when you read in books they make it seem like breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world where the baby will instinctively seek for your nips and suckle.. and especially in the early days when we are tired (and hormotional), we (read: I) cant help but feel defeated when we (read: I) are not able to breastfeed.. I agree completely with the writer that new moms must preserver and get the support she needs from the right people..

Reading on i read how it is quite easy for her to breastfeed in public, now this is a feat that i still cannot do.. I think i am very conscious about this and the fact that Sofiyya now refuse to feed in public cause she will poke her head out and see what is going on, makes it even worse i guess.. So i end up feeding her in the car or bringing along some EBMs in the bottle. I guess it would also help if we have more mummy's room available at public places.. I wish Brunei has good, clean, non-smelly mommy's room like the ones they have in Parkson Miri cause the ones we have here are.... (i'll just leave it at that!!)