Monday, January 31, 2011

Lazy bum

Last day of January 2011 and it’s a Monday. I am having a serious case of Monday blues I tell you!

I think you all can from now on call me a lazy bum cause I have been one!! Terribly and very guilty of it! We didn’t do much over the weekend, didn’t even go back to the ILs.. I hope we do better next weekend.. What we did was met up with the gang for dinner Friday night at capers to celebrate Carol’s 30th Birthday, went to Giant with my mother on Saturday and on Sunday went to visit my cousin-in-law who just gave birth to a bouncing 3.9kg baby girl!!

I have a couple of wedding invitations to attend in a couple of weeks and I think I should go around to making my baju kurung cause when i looked at my previous ones.. well lets just put it this way, I was HUGE and I hate the fact that i seem to be lost in the baju when i wear them..! *sigh* I should make a point to go out and buy fabric this week so I can send them and have them ready by the first wedding at the end of Feb..

Dia trying to put on eyeliner..!

Dia giving Aunty Carol a hug

Baby Adhlina (spelling?)

Much love from Dia

Mum, what you doing in front?

you mean I have to sit behind, ALL BY MYSELF?

Little Bubba is 21 weeks along and I have some items that I would like to buy prior to LB's arrival.. I am quite certain that I would like to buy another Breastpump so which one? I love my FS and would like to keep it as my primary pump still so I have made a decision to get the Avent Isis Uno and use the avent as my spare.. I look forward to the next breastfeeding journey.. Lucky this time around new mothers are given 105 days of maternity leave which is double of what we use to have.. hehe

I was talking to a couple of friends and family over the weekend how I had the liberty of not spending on FM for a good 19 months and now that Dia is fully on FM, I am in awe as to how much parents spend on FM per month. I better not say this in front of my dad cause I bet he will say 'iatah rasa kami tu' LOL

Friday, January 28, 2011


Ola peeps! I woke up feeling fat, lazy and hungry.. kinda like garfield but without the constant crave for lasanga. LOL

So we went for the scan at Tutong hospital and its definitely NOT better than RIPAS clinic.. I was the first to do the scan and the Dr basically proded here and there, nodded and said 'hmm' occasionally. When I asked how the baby she simply said 'everything okay'.. Rightttttttt....!!!! Hubs was also not allowed to come in. Oh no we are unable to spot the gender cause the umbilical cord was right in between Bubba's leg.. so the suspense continuesss...!!!! huhu

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I wrote a couple of days ago that the Dr recommended that we switch to Pediasure FM for Dia. So we gave it a go giving Pediasure only in the evening and so far alhamdulillah she has taken it on well. Doesn't seem to notice any difference.. We gotta make sure she finishes her Enfagrow beofre we fully move to Pediasure first tho cos these FM cost a bomb..! LOL

As I did when I had Dia, I am now experiencing serious ITCH and redness all over my tummy... I thought since i know in advance i would be able to combat this by applying the necessary cream and lotion earlier but no no no...! Itch is still here.. huhu TC pointed out that it could be that I am allergic to the tummy butter I am currently using so I guess its time to explore other options..

Monday, January 24, 2011

halfway there

About 8pm last night we got a call saying that Anjai’s uncle who is currently in JPMC took a turn for the worst. To be honest we were quite surprised as we went to see him on Saturday afternoon and he seemed ok. So off we went to JPMC. When we were there most family members were already there. We didn’t really find out what really happened, just that he wanted to go home and soon after his condition started getting worst. We left about 10pm last night cause Little Missy was apparently throwing a fit at home and refusing to sleep.. He is given half day home leave today and lets all pray that god give him the strength and courage to make it through..

Little Bubba is 20 weeks today which means we are halfway through the pregnancy.. *weheeee* I am very excited about this week as I have a scheduled ultrasound later in the week. Hopefully this scan is better than the last one I had in RIPAS. I have been able to feel more kicks from Little Bubba. Anjai felt it once and I wanted Dia to feel it too but Little Bubba kept still and then Dia got bored and SHE kicked ME! I guess she doesn’t understand it yet.. hahaha

Here are the photos taken over the weekend!

Anjai & Dia walking towards JPMC

Dia and Yours truly

Sunday Morning, headed to ILs

Dia with her new Desk!
Given that part of her daily activities is coloring i.e. doodling with her Nini Girl we got her a proper desk that she can have this activity on. If only we hav an extra room we can convert into a play room for Dia and the girls.. *sigh*

In a matter of hours, she managed to find new creative ways to play with her desk

Crawling out..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 22 months

Dear Dia,

Happy 22 months my dear daughter.. I cannot believe that you are 2 months short of turning 2 years old.. Funny how I finally thought you that the response when I ask you 'Berapa umur Dia' is 'Satu' and soon enough I will have to teach you that your age have increased to 'Dua'.

In the past month, you have spent a significant amount of time with Daddy and I as we were on leave and by the end of the 2 weeks, we think that you have became too attached to us that you have to have us everywhere with you all the time. To be honest I was quite surprised when I saw that your independence skills have diminished...! Now that we are back to work, I am glad that you are back to being your independent self.. So baby girl, next time don't be like that. You have to learn to stand on your two feet and given that you will become a Big sister in a couple of months, I am expecting you to help me take care of your little sister or brother okay..

You have also gone on the PLANE! You may not remember this but this is the 2nd time you have been on a plane. the first time was last January when we went to KL.. You were so excited when you saw the plane and when you were in the plane. Insyallah my dear, if murah rezeki, we will go on another plane ride ok. But of course that will depend on whether the Dr will allow Mummy to fly...

Lately you have been quite talkative..! Although it seems like we are annoyed that you ask us 'ani apa' for the 30th time but do not despair..! Keep it up my sayang.. We will as much as possible layan you ok.. hehe

Ok I better go back to work now.. I love you sayang and be good now..


Little Bubba Kicked!!

We had a bit of a scare on Sunday night cause Dia woke up in the middle of the night crying her little heart out and soon after vomited all her food out. These days it’s pretty difficult to get any food in her so can you imagine the frustrations when she vomits it all out.. And this is probably the third time the vomit in the middle of the night thing happened. So late that night I decided to take Dia to the Clinic in the morning. Alhamdulillah Dr TK Chan told us, its nothing to be worried about, the vomiting is just a way for her to remove all the phlegm in her throat. We are lucky that only Mrs Sniffles and Mr Cough came to visit and not Madam Fever cos then that will be another story. So off we went with some meds..

Picking out which book to read with Mummy

We think the weather is a contributing factor as to why Dia has not been feeling well. Oh speaking of the weather, we finally set up a mini playground in my mum’s living room for Dia and the others.. Oh the joy of seeing their faces while they play. I really wish we have my own place so we can assign one proper play room for Dia to play in and basically make a mess in!

Dia playing with Kaka Momoi and Kaka Caca

The Dr also note that Dia is pretty small for her age and have recommended that we give her Pediasure FM.. Given that this FM can be given simultaneously with the Enfagrow that Dia is taking now so we decided to give Pediasure for her midnight feedings only, for now.

Oh late Sunday night as I was lulling away to sleep and thinking of taking Dia to the clinic the next day I felt a small nudge in my lower left tummy. I brushed it off as gas or something, then it happened again, at the same spot.. So went on google and it says that I should be able to feel the baby kick around 16-22 weeks.. Could that be a kick? I placed my hand there again and THERE IT IS!!! JOY!!!!!! Its kind funny that I am all excited about it as if I never experienced it before.. To be honest I can’t remember the first time I felt Dia kick..! LOL

Oh speaking of Little Bubba, I am slowly creating my wishlist of things to buy which basically comprise of things I did not get when I first had Dia cause we brushed it off as not a necessity or that it was too late to buy it for Dia.. hehehe

Oh I finally took out my maternity clothes over the weekend and after general cleaning (given that it has been in a container box for the past 21 months) I finally tried some on last night. Having Dia around while I was doing this is quite a challenge! She kept on asking ‘ani apa?’ ‘untuk apa?’.. Here is an excerpt on how the conversation goes according to the hubs..

Nadia: ani apa kn ni?
Nani: kain...
Nadia: kain apa?
Nani: kain mami...
Nadia : ani apa kn ni..?
Nani: .........
Nadia: ani apa kn ni...

(and this cycle of conversation went on for like 10 times!!!) LOL

Maternity Clothes in the container

Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking a step back

I mentioned a couple of post back that Dia has been taking her FM well (Plus side!). On average she takes approximately 30-40oz per day... On the Minus side, she has now reduced her food intake.. huhu She sometimes refuses to take her porridge or anything else we give her! Can you imagine our frustrationnnns....! huhu Nonetheless we try to be creative in what sort of food with give her pulang and so far her favorite is mushroom soups and lots and lots of fruits.. She has developed a liking on Kiwi fruits, despite how sour it is! Oh and those tiny mandarin oranges!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alya's 2nd bday

Here are some photos taken during Alya's 2nd birthday.

Her birthday cake

Dia pun mau tia jua ikut serta

blowing Alya's candles

Alya with her Mummy and Daddy

Receiving her present from Yadu

Dia gets a present from Uncle Eboy too

Presents from us!

With gift from uncle Eboy

Enjoying the gift from us! hehe

My fav photo of the night!!! Bless this two girls!

20 or 18 weeks?

It has been 3 weeks and 3 days since Dia is fully on FM.. On some days I would catch her looking at my Bs and saying 'adik punya'.. I think she probably misses it so we try as much as possible to cuddle with her.. hehe Dia is now getting more chatty and it's kinda funny how sometimes we can have a full on conversation with her.. We'll try and take a video but conversation usually goes like this.

(dia picks up our phone and pretend she is calling someone)
M: Dia tepun siapa?
D: Yadu
M: Mana Yadu?
D: alan-alan
M: Jalan mana ia?
D: Adai tutong

oh and sometimes when she is busy playing a game on our phone or doing something and we ask her to put her stuff back or do som ething she will say 'Ajap ah'


My dad loves having this type of conversation with her but gets tired once Dia asking 'ani apa' for everything.. hahaha

She also can count up to sepuluh although she has the tendency to skip number 2.. hmmmmm

I went for my ultrasound at the end of last year and what we found was that little bubba is 2 weeks less i.e according to my LMP, I am supposed to be 20 weeks along but my scan indicates that I am only 18 weeks along. Suspect that because I was still BFing, it made my period irregular.. Nonetheless we are happy that all is ok (alhamdulillah) and we will be able to see little bubba again on 27th.. Oh at my recent visit to the clinic, Drs and nurses tells me not to go on a diet and to make sure I eat eat eat cos baby bump is small-ish.. No problem on my side cause my appetite is BACK! hehe I now feel like eating almost everything.. hahaha

Oh on a good note, alhamdulillah, Anjai's uncle is now in JPMC (after insistence by one of his children to go to hospital) and seems to be recovering well. he now no longer feel dizzy and is able to talk normally.. a vast improvement compared to a week ago.. Alhamdulillah the prayers by all family members have been answered.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

sleep deprived

I am severely sleep deprived at the moment.. As one of the side effects of our 2 weeks leave where we stayed up late and slept in during the day, I have been having trouble sleeping at night. And in addition to that Dia has also been having trouble sleeping where she would wake up around 3-4am and being restless so we have to coax her back to sleep. Last night was the worst so far..! It took Hubs and I 1 hr+ to coax her back to bed.. huhu

Last night we got news that one of Anjai's uncle was not feeling well so we decided to make the trip to Bebuloh for a visit. When we got there we saw quite a few of our relatives already visiting.. Spent about 2 hours and when we finally got home last night, I realised that I saw something quite amazing. Where Yuwa is the eldest in the family, we saw not only all his children, children in laws, grandkids, but also his and his wife's siblings coming to visit him. They drop by everyday and like my PIL, they actually came to visit in the afternoon sudah and they came lagi malam. We also learnt that the yuwa's siblings and in laws actually took turns looking after him and some even sleeping over at their place.. I guess for some people this would appear normal but looking at my own family I am not sure if they would make the same efforts. I guess the close-ness in that family has really brought them together and this my friends is the most amazing part for me.. It just comes to show that you never turn your back on family cause during times in need, they will always be there for us..

Ok I better get back to my work cause it seem to be increasing by the hour despite my trying to clear most of them out sudah.. huhu Have a great day everyone..

*Treat others like how you want to be treated*

Monday, January 3, 2011

NYW weekend

We decided to have a mini holiday in Brunei for the NYE weekend.. stayed in Empire and it was good...!

The moment we arrived little missy went around the room to inspect and this is her testing out the tub..! LOL

Outfit change for our afternoon stroll

Taking her bath and thoroughly enjoying herself in the tub

This was taken on day 2.. my cheeky monkey playing with her Daddy

After her nap we headed to the beach..!

With her Daddy in the pool

This was taken early day 3 after breakfast..! Daddy was teaching her how to swim

my little mermaid

HAPPY nya Dia!!! hehee

Lunch with the Holics

Had lunch at Charcoal with the Holics last week..

The three of us!

And the three of them!

Me and my little missy!

So difficult to get a decent picture of her! SIL said she looked like she was going to school in this outfit.. hehehe