Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 13months Sofie

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 13months my darling daughter..

At 13 months u now start to follow in your kaka's foot steps of refusing to take your meals in. This is something we are not particularly happy about. Ok fine you might be a bit bored of your normal nice porridge so i tell you what, we give you different varieties of food like rice with soup, bread, pasta and you take in your meals ok? Ok? Please?

At 13 months, you have 1 tooth fully out, 1 tooth halfway out and one tooth at the bottom just sprouting out.. You have started to bite everyone, my arm, my finger, my calves, kaka's feet even!! Haha oh you have of course bitten on Mummy's nips and after a couple of my telling you not to you have not stopped. GOOD GIRL!!

Sorry i cannot spend a lot if time with you today cos of work but i do hope you understand. Dont think just because i am away from you it means that i am not thinking of you. You are always in my thoughts and i miss you heaps peaches..

Ok be good now baby girl and keep smiling cause your smile brightens the darkest of rooms. I love you sayang..


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th anniversary

Happy anniversary dear husband..

4 years since we tied the knot and 2 beautiful girls.. I love you then and I love you even more now.. I look forward to growing old with you..

Love you lots!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tummy size

I saw this photo in one of the breastfeeding mummies support group and i thought it would be a good idea to share it here.

So mummies who are under a lot of pressure to magically produce so many BM immediately post delivery, we are not supposed to! Remember our Bs will produce what the baby demands and at a day, baby only needs 5-7ml and it will gradually increase to 1.5-2oz at day 7.. Wished i knew this back then!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Many many new babies

Soo many new babies to visit, welcome and kiss..! Congratulations everyone!!

I've been asked what can help increase BM production by my new mummy buddies.. Yes Fenugreek and other supplements help but the most effective way of increasing BM production and supply is by frequent and Constant stimulation of the glands. This can be done by offering your Bs to the baby often and the otherway is by expressing or pumping..

Whoever said breastfeeding is easy and comes naturally is a liar! It doesnt come naturally! U have to stmlimulate the production in order to get the output we desire. And no in my opinion is not easy, especially at the beginning cause it challenges our mindset. We see only a drop or two BM when we express and how are we supposed to feel assured that that is enough for our babies? Well i tell u how! Babies at a day or two does not immediately need 2oz of milk at a time cos their tummies are TINY! And when we express, yes at that time we only got 0.5oz but remember that your glands are now stimulated.. Keep stimulating and in a couple of days, insyallah you will see the difference..

Another question mothers always say is that babies gets so frustrated cause we are not producing anything.. Sabar and comfort the baby. There may be other reasons why they are crying.. Dont get me wrong. I had the same experience with Nadia, she cried and we panicked and resorted to giving formula but i made a promise to myself that i will try my best to give her BM. Cracked, bloody nipples, lots of time spent with the breastpump, and many many tears..
alhamdulillah, 19months d exclusive breast milk!

So mothers preserver, keep positive and insyallah..

Oh also when i feel down i always talk to my support group, other bfing mummies..

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Please say Mummy

It frustrates me that Sofiyya still refuses to say Mummy outloud when i ask her to.. She can say Daddy, Dada, Tatah, Baba, Babu, Ti, Nenen, fine but each time i ask her to say Mummy she says something else. I caught her say it a couple of times tho..

My little darling still has one tooth although the other part of her gums shows signs of tooth underneath and its now significantly harder than other parts.

Sofiyya still has not walked, a lot of standing up and even dancing (read move up and down)! LOL

She may not be able to do those things yet but what she can do it menyamal! Mum tells me this afternoon that Sofiyya understands it when we say No to her and she cries to get her way. Boy she learns fast! LOL

And my girls also knows how to smile and cheer us up! And that my friends is PRECIOUS!!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our lazy Monday

We stayed in on Monday while the hubs popped by his office quickly..

Napping together

And then around 5 we had a small playdate at the garage with Haikal and Iris

Mummies and their babies!!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday: Jazz's 3rd and tahlil

We headed to Kota Batu on Sunday to attend Jazz's 3rd birthday party. But not before a small detour to pick up these yummy cupcakes!

I'm a sucker for cupcakes..

And the theme for this year is Dump Trucks!!

Sofiyya and I hanging out in Jazz's playroom..

Group OOTD

Jazz blowing the candles on his dump truck cake!

The girls and I watching

As you can see the theme is black, white and yellow..

And the beautiful door gifts!!

And in the evening we attended tahlil..

The girls' OOTD.. LOL

And Sofiyya found new friends..

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Lunch at Fish and Co

The Zams and the Jais had lunch at Fish and Co last Saturday and with each couple having 4 kids in total, it was an eventful one. The parents of course didn't enjoy the meal that much but it was a good chaos..! Hahha

My Sofiyya while waiting for M&Ms to arrive

My salmon which i fed to Sofiyya and she enjoyed it very much.. Must make sure i buy some salmon to grill and give to her soon hehe

Nadia is such a poser! Look at her!!

Buat muka kambang! Them of course and not me! Haha

Handsome Mika

The girls and I

And guess who refused to sleep in her car seat and must be hugged all the way back to the ILs!! My manja Sofiyya..!

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Monday, June 18, 2012


While i was feeding Sofiyya to sleep last night i asked myself how did i get so hooked on breastfeeding my girls..

I remember talking to a friend of mine who was also breastfeeding at that time about the benefits of breastfeeding and she told me about how breastmilk can actually be frozen and kept up to 6 months and at that point i was SOLD!! I was bottle fed so the benefits of breastmilk amazed me..

Syukur alhamdulillah i was able to breastfed Nadia for 19months and Sofiyya for 12 months and counting now.. Syukur alhamdulillah..

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello baby boy! Hello long weekend!!

Last friday we welcomed a new baby boy into the family. Brother no 1's wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy breaking our 12 year girl streak.. LOL

I've had quite a week at the office, not too busy but quite eventful i guess.. I am so glad that the long weekend is finally here.. We have quite a few things planned.. So excited to see family and friends!! Hehe

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marah and menyamal

Sofiyya has learnt the art of throwing a fit when things don't go her way and menyamal.. I finally caught her last night!! Bari kesian tapi kiyut! Hahahaha

Olololloooooo siann anak mummy!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I sometime wonder if other parents, especially on a bad day, that they are bad parents.. I certainly had those days and today is one of those days...

I feel like all i do all day is tell Nadia off. Tell her to stop doing this, don't do that, tell her No and tell her i'm going to start counting to 3 and if i get to three and she has not done what i asked her to do there will be consequences.. Nadia being a big 3yr old girl of course gets upset with me and tell me she does not want to be friends with me.. I am so tired of telling her off.. Maybe i should stop.. But how..? I try to talk to her and make her understand why i want her to stop but she just doesn't.. Is there a phase that a 3 yr old goes through that i don't know of?

Sofiyya just had her first injury. She was playing with one of the shoe boxes that i was going to throw away. i was about a meter away and she stood up and decided that she wants to ride the box. This made her lose her balance and fell to the front and on her face. I rushed to console her and realise there is blood coming out of her mouth and we saw there was a tiny cut on her gum above her one tiny tooth.. Words cannot describe how guilty i feel. I should have taken the box away from her. If only i did..

Days like today i feel like i am such a failure. I failed as a parent to both my children.. I failed.. I am a bad mother..

Is anyone out there mum or dad, feeling how i feel?

*sob sob*

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

My little heroine

We took Sofiyya for her check up at the clinic last saturday where she was given her MMR shot in the arm and to our surprise our little darling did not cry a single bit! It was such a proud mama and papa moment for us.. LOL

She is now close to 9kg and the nurses are pretty happy with her developments..

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hawaiian Luau

Her first birthday party was held at our place on 3rd June 2012. Not only did we celebrate Sofiyya's first, we also celebrated Mizan turning 123 and my father turning 65! It was a indeed a merry occassion and i hope everyone who came had a great luau!

Here is the set up the place.. We had inflatable palm trees, customary balloons, lanterns and pineapple cutlery holders..

 We had a hawaiian themed cake and cupcakes of course

This is the cake cutting ceremony and the crowd was serenaded by the husband singing the birthday song on the ukelele

blowing the candle

and cutting the cake

here are our hawaiian girls, my Nadia being the most lating-est!!

This is the best family photo that we took that day! should've taken before the event started and when Nadia was not upset for being pulled away from playing in the water! hahaha

We also had some lucky darws

The slide pool bouncer

with my buddies

Group photo with the Lees (best dressed!), Biben, The JDs and the Mats!

Loving moments between Nadia and Sofiyya <3

Sofiyya watching the older kids have fun in the pool

Thanks for the gifts everyone!

Right before the event i sat down at said to myself I am not doing this again, organising a party is tiring but now that I look at the photos, I am glad i organized it.. i hope one day the girls will see these photos and be reminded of the moments we had together.. And yes, i will go through all the trouble and organize another party again for the girls.. 

Also i think we had a great theme! We even had good hawaiian music however the oldes got hold of the microphone and couldn't stop singing.. but it was good fun!!!

So thanks everyone who came tothe luau and especially those who have dressed up!! 

Thanks for making Sofiyya's birthday a special one and a party to be remembered!