Sunday, March 24, 2013

Negative.. the profit that i make in a daily basis in terms of EBMs. I make in avg 8oz per day and Sofiyya takes between 12-15oz per day.. I am a bit sad but with her turning 2 soon i am more excited for that! I am looking forward to introducing FM during the day for her and i am thinking of introducing the same FM as Nadia which is Pediasure.. Nadia has been using the same FM for the past 2yrs+ now and she still likes it!

I am slowly recovering from a severe headache that lasted for days!! I have never had this before and when i went to see the doctor he told me it might be stressed related.. Huhuhu went back with stronger meds and an A medical certificate.. Some speculated that i might be pregnant but happy to report that its negative on that front too! Haha i sure hope whatever it is, is gone for good!!

During one of the days that i was sick Nadia came up to me with this glass of water and said 'minum air ah, inda lagi lama baik tu' as she caressed my forehead.. It was such a sweet gesture and it brought a huge smile on my face..

Look at Sofiyya's beautiful hair.. I love her hair and refuse to cut it!! So sayangg..

How nadia fell asleep after we visited my ILs last friday night.. Told her to sit in the car seat but insisted on sitting on the booster seat instead.. Nah nah.. Haha kesiannn

The girls this morning..

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Dear Nadia,

Happy 4th birthday!! Ok ok i am not going to talk about my whole birthing experience with japanese food and all (cos i think i reminisce about that quite a few times) but what i will talk about is that after i told u about how i liked eating salmon when i was pregnant with u, u decided u like salmon too!!! You're so funny sayang!!

We went for your 4th yr check up and for once no complain or threat about sending u to a dietician by the nurses. You are 14.5kg, tiny compared to some other kids your age but the nurses were happy with your weight gain! Alhamdulillah and keep up with your meals ok..

You had your first celebration in school and it was a Pirates and Pixies party.. We gave all the girls wings and the boys a black scarve and eye patch! We had food from one of your favorite place to eat, Jolibee and fruit plan tinkerbell cake frm Mr Baker.

Speaking of school alhamdulillah i think you are doing exceptionally well! Keep up the good work and enjoy your time in school sayang..

The second celebration was at your Yadu and Yaki's place and you celebrated with the other March babies which is Yadu, Yaki and aunty Mamai..

And the final celebration was at our home on your actual birthday!!

I sure hope you have had a lot of fun..

So here comes the serious stuff.. You are FOUR now!! With that i am expecting a lot more from you. I am expecting you to think before you do something, ask when you don't know about something and tell me about things that you are thinking about or got you curious. It is alright and very much expected for u to ask many questions however i also want to be clever when u ask those questions. Don't ask when the person you are about to ask the question to is talking or sleeping or doing something. And ask politely.. Speaking of which u also need to be patient with things.. Learn to let things go and other people win cause please remember that 'what goes around comes around'.. Some days we win somedays we lose. Learn to let your adik win too cause remember she is younger than you and its your job to teach her and guide her to be a better person ok..

You may be four but i have a lot of faith in you. I pray that you will always be blessed and be given the guidance from Allah..

Happy birthday again my little tinkerbell.. Mummy, Daddy and Poppy loves you so very very much!!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Its been a while

So its been a month since i have written something. Sorry. Blame it on being extremely busy with work and other things. Must make sure i spend more time here cos i want to look back and remember what happens..

So here's a breakdown of whats been happening..

Well we celebrated my grandmother turning 87 on 16Feb2013..

Nadia and Caca during the tahlil

With ze cousins..

In the middle of the function husband dearest received a sad news that he just lost his grandmother. It was a happy and sad evening for us..

It was my first experience attending a Bisaya funeral and was amazed with the different cultures..

The crowd during the funeral..

His grandmother was buried on monday and we pray that she rests in peace.

Nadia had her first CNY celebration in school..

Nadia's OOTD

With My cheeky Sofiyya

Giving the lion an Angpaw

I also participated for the very first time in the National Day celebration at Padang SOAS..

As i was walking to our meeting point i walked passed this group and as i was walking away i realised that i was walking to the beat of one of the national day songs that they were playing.

It was tiring but i enjoyed it and looks forward to another participation next year.. Hehehe

Later that afternoon one of my cousin on my dad's side got engaged..

And then the next day hubs and I joined his friends in organising the Geotrax Merdeka Challange..

Hubs and I (hehehe)

At the starting line

As you can see, we've been very busy. It seems like every weekend there are functions to attend, ppl to see and things to do. It gets really tiring at times but i am glad we do all of it cause it means that we get to see our family and friends and spend quality time with out loved ones.. Syukur alhamdulillah and looking forward to more events soon..