Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011, hello 2012

If i have one word to describe my year it will be.... Bluergh.. Haha yes it has not been a great year, a lot of ups and downs but i cannot be thankful enough fr the blessings that Allah has put on me.. I am also thankful for all the tests that he has granted me for i know that he will not give me a test that i cannot overcome and what does not kill me, makes me stronger..

One of the BIG bumps we had this year was when the Hubs suffered a minor heart attack and had to undergo angioplasty at JPMC. This was back in March, just after Nadia turned 2 and i was 7 months along with Sofiyya. It was an emotional time for me (being pregnant and all LOL) but it has taught us to be more healthy and more pro-active in taking care of ourselves..

A few friends have suffered some losses this year, a grandmother, a new born baby and close friend of mine lost her mother and it was another wake up call for me. I saw how it devastated my friend and i constantly pray that Allah gives her strength to move on. On that note i need to be more healthy and i pray for long life. I want to be able to tell my girls, on their wedding day that they are the most beautiful brides in the world, and to be able to tell them how proud i am when they graduate from Uni.

The highlight of my year was when we welcomed Sofiyya.. Sofiyya was such a happy baby that even when i gave birth to her, in pain, i was still able to laugh.. She was born 30th May 2011 at the first stage labor room at RIPAS (bless the child for not prolonging the pain and decided to come out there and then); 4 years after Her parents' first date. We will now forever remember that date.. Hehe Alhamdulillah, breastfeeding has been fanastic and i was able to build up a significant amount of EBM stock.

Another highlight was when my work babies were finally delivered.. I cried a bucket and i think even colleagues in Korea heard me. Haha i cried because i was sad that i cannot be there (grounded due to pregnancy and on maternity leave) and happy that the project finally completed. I finally went on one of it in Sept! Even now when i see the ship on the horizon i feel happy and proud that i was part of that.. Alhamdulillah..

We ended the year with lots of activities with our family. SIL gr married & went over to limbang for Christmas. Alhamdulillah we got to spend quality time with family members who are based elsewhere and is back to celebrate the end of the year. We significantly missed one family who was unable to come back this year so hopefully, insyallah kalau umur panjang we will get to see them next year. Cant wait for next year when the girls are a bit older! Hehehe

So 2012, what do you have in store for me? I already know that it will be a big, tough and challenging year for me at work. A lot if expectations from a lot of people and some has said that 2012 is the 'make it or break it' year. i pray that I will be guided to conclude the tasks given to me and that i will excel with flying colors. I look forward to watching my 2 girls grow up and to celebrate their birthdays with them. I look forward to another anniversary with my husband and surprise surprise, i look forward to turning 30!! Hahahaha

January is already going to be a tough month as my maid has gone home to attend to her husband and take her leave but insyallah we will preserver..

Instead of going out to celebrate NYE with friends tonight, we will be having a quiet celebration with my family..

So readers, hope you have had a great 2011 and i pray that you will have an even better 2012..

Lots of love,
Mother to 2 beautiful daughters, Nadia & Sofiyya and wife to a loving and generous Husband, Jai..

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sofiyya is 7months today

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 7 months my darling daughter..

A month since you had your meal and alhamdulillah you are taking it in well. A couple of weeks ago we started to introduce lunch to you but because it has made you take in less of your Milk, your Nini Girl told us to stop lunch for now..

You just had your first christmas! Although our christmas is not like how you see it on TV but the essence of it is the same where we spent time with our family. We headed to Limbang to visit your Yantut, and I cant wait for next year when you are a bit older.. Maybe next year we can put up stockings in our room, a little christmas tree and have presents underneath.. Maybe.. Hehe

Your Aunty Mar went home for a short break and because of that there will be some changes in out daily life, for a brief period of time so i hope you an adapt well.. Pray that all goes well for your Aunty so she can come back and look after both of you again..

I have also been on leave and you have been direct feeding on me saja. So we will have to re-introduce you to the bottle again as i will be going back to work in a couple of days time.. Your Daddy and I lovesss Spending time with you and your Kaka however we have to go back to work..

Happy 7 months my baby girl. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia loves you so very very much. Be good now..


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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Sofiyya seems to be taking in her meals well.. In the mornings and Afternoons she will take in Rice porridge cooked with minced chicken, pumpkin or butternut squash and vegetables. For the past 3 days we have introduced Pumpkin and potato puree for lunch instead of a snack of baby bites and she loves it! On the minus side she only took 3 bottles of EBM instead of the normal 4 or 5..

Our little miss sunshine has discovered her voice! Here is a video of her screaming!! LOL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sistas Forevah!

I love how Nadia showers Her baby sister, Sofiyya with many many hugs and kisses! Although sometimes kesian jua Sofiyya cause Nadia would hug her and kiss her even when she is asleep causing Sofiyya to sometime wake up.. Either way i hope and i pray that both of them will remain close forever.. Amin..

Here is a video of them playing together..

My maid received news that her husband had to undergo emergency surgery.. Apparently they tried calling her since Saturday but because we were at the ILs, my maid left her phone at home.. Here we were thinking we can rest easy until d end of the year but instead we have to deal with this.. So off we went looking for a temp maid and we are currently trying to sort out her ticket home.. She will be on leave until her husband recovers, approximately 1 month. We pray that her husband will have a speedy recovery and she will be able to come back here and continue employment with us, as planned. Amin..

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy 33 months Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Happy 33 months my darling daughter.. In 3 months time we will celebrate you turning a full 3years old!

Its December and its Mummy's favorite month.. I would normally think that it would be a relaxing month my love, it is the opposite. Your Nenek Boy just had surgery, your Aunty Mamai had a function to celebrate her union with your Uncle Yahya and work has been very hectic for me.. Soon enough it'll be x-mas and then NYE.. We don't know yet what we will do for NYE but I am trying to squeeze in a play date with some of my friends..

I know initially we talked about sending you to school in January however your Daddy and I had a little talk and we also consulted with your Neneks and a couple of our friends but i think we will put off school for you for one more year so you can enjoy playing at home, while you can. Mainly also because you haven't turned a full years old yet..

Alhamdulillah, you have been showing good progress in terms of taking in your meals.. Please keep it up my love and insyallah you will be rewarded.. Oh your obsession with Princesses is now well known and people seem to be calling your Princess Nadia now.. haha

Ok Princess, i have to go back to work now.. Be good, eat your meals and listen to Mummy & Daddy ok.. Love you lots!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dad's Cataract Surgery 15Dec2011

Hubs, dad, mum & I have had a long long day.. Its the day of my Dad's surgery! This is suppose to be a minor surgery where he is only at the daycare ward but despite that we felt a bit nervous cause with every surgery there are always risks..

He was scheduled to undergo surgery at 10am..

Waiting at the ward

Being given one of many medicated eye drops

Left Eye! (he was unaware of my taking this pic hehe)

We had to wait a long time cause the Doctor who was supposed to perform the surgery had to perform an emergency surgery..

At about 2, my dad was finally being wheeled into the OT

Mum watching my dad being wheeled into the OT

He came out around 3ish..

At the ward and i managed to make him pose for this photo! Haha

Alhamdulillah he was in high spirits and all went well. He has another appointment tomorrow and another one next week.. We just need to make sure that he rest well, does not do any heavy lifting and does not drive!

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday will be another long day.. God give me strength and energy.. Amin..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy busy december

We had a fantastic weekend last week! We had a playdate for Nadia at Panaga Club organized by Mr Ichi..

Si Lating!

Playing at the Playground with the twins Aina & Aiesya

Swimming time!

Down the slide with Daddy

With uncle bob

Cleaning up after swimming

Fell asleep during lunch

Its funny how my girls sleep alike! Hahaha

On sunday we headed to the ILs.. Less than a week to go to the function..

I am currently on my 2nd day of course in OGH again and silly me i left my 2nd set of pump yesterday so i had to store my used pump in my cooler and use it again in my afternoon session..

I will be back at work tomorrow and then on leave on Thursday as I will be taking my Father for his eye surgery in RIPAS. Back to work on Friday and then sleepover at the ILs on Saturday to prepare for Sunday function.. Busy busy week ahead..

Friday, December 9, 2011

What my EBM goes through

As per your request Ummu AMIR (:p)

My EBM goes through a couple stages from being expressed to being given to Sofiyya..

1. After expressing i would chill my EBM at the offuce fridge and as soon as i get home i would transfer it to my EBM bags.

2. Then i would place the chilled EBM in my freezer.

3. When the freezer is full i would then move it to my mum's deep freezer..

3. I would group the EBMs by dates and store it in plastic bag as batches. I must date the plastic bag. I use to store at 30oz per plastic but now i increase it to 60oz per batch, pasal inda bnyk plastic bag! Haha

4. And then i would place the plastic bag in this deep freezer..

I practice 'First in First out' method where the EBMs to br given to Sofie is the oldest. This reduces the risk of expiring EBMs and to throw any out..

5. So my oldest batch of EBM would be placed in this small fridge turn freezer cos its soo cold!! Haha

6. And thats how the 'to be given' stock looks like..

7. My maid would then thaw the EBM in water and then transfer them into Sofie's bottle..

A couple of friends ask why do i keep such a large stock of EBMs. My main motivation for doing so is mainly in case i need to travel, in case i have to work late.. I really don't want to worry if my baby has enough milk or not when i go out..

On a normal day i would bring home an average of 15-18oz ad sofie takes in 15oz so i break even.. Basically i am niw maintaining whatever stock i had before my ML ends..

Oh we started introducing rice, pumpkin and chicken porridge to my little miss happy and its a hit!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have officially lost track of the number of EBMs i have in stock! Dont know when is the oldest date, how many oz, don't know how many packets..!! LOST!!

These are my EBMs to be transferred into my mum's deep freezer..

Syukur alhamdulillah atas rezeki yang engkau berikan Ya Allah.. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Sweet potatoes and Carrot puree does not seem to be a big hit with my Little Miss Happy. She hardly finishes her meals. I guess i should really start to find out if i can batch make rice porridge.. But i have a feeling my mother wouldn't agree with batch make rice porridge..

Oh i love how us women is able to multitask! Sofiyya really really wanted her milk and sleep while we were having dinner so i fed, puts sofie to sleep, ate dinner and had a conversation with the hubs all at one time! If that does not make me a supermom then i dont know what will!! LOL

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Monday blues on Sunday night

Our weekend starts off with the Hubs going on one of his biking expedition on Saturday Morning.. This time they went all the way to Labi.. Mcm siok jua he goes cycling ani, maybe this is a hobby that he and I can do together? hmmm.. Oh us girls stayed home where yours truly spent the whole morning cleaning up! Huhu

In the afternoon we took Sofie to her 6th month appointment..

In the car and sitting in Kaka Dia's car seat. She filled it up quite well too! hehe

This is Sofie after she was vaccinated. Poor baby!

Terus tidur in the car!

My new favorite Display Pic!!! Hehe

Nadia showing off her princess sweets! Refused to share with us! Hmph

We headed to the ILs this morning..

Again asleep in the car! She is filling up the car seat well..

Kaka Nadia sat in the big girl car seat..

Also fell asleep halfway..

Sofiyya had her first taste of being in the walker! And she loved itt!!

On teh way home we stopped by one of the restaurants in Keriam for hi-tea and so i can have thier famous Cucur!

Cucur Pisang(pasal ada cheese atasnya!)

Little Girl managed to get one cucur keladi and in her mouth it goes!

Oh Sofie is now 7.47kg! hehe I have moved her away from pumpkin puree and now she is on to Sweet Potatoes and Carrot Puree.. I now have to start thinking about her next menu... I think Rice Porridge with Fish, Carrots and Broccoli sounds good..! i just need to find out whether I can batch make porridge or not..