Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy 17months

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 17months my darling daughter..

In the last couple of weeks we have been out and about alot. We went to Limbang twice, once we stayed at the hotel there and attended a family dinner and once we spent christmas day at your yantut's place. You got to meet and play with a lot of your second cousins, uncles and aunties and also yaki and yadus. Because these relatives are scattered here and there that is the reason why we only get to see them once a year. I am very happy and glad that you feel at home with everyone..

We also had a play date with mummy's friends at the beach where your kaka went on a horse. Dont worry honey we'll do that in the few weeks to come.. This is one of the many reasons why i love december.. We spend time with our family and friends.. I do hope you and your sister will learn that spending time and making the time to be with the ones you love is very important.

Speaking of which, we'll be going on an adventure in a couple of days and i do hope you and your kaka behave yourselves and listen to mummy and daddy. More importantly i do hope you both enjoy the trip hehe

Ok good night my lazy bum.. Mummy daddy and kaka dia loves you so very very much..


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Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflection on 2012

With 2012 coming to an end in a couple of hours I can’t help (as I do each year) to reflect on our 2012. 

We started off the year with a visit to the hospital resulting in both girls being admitted in the pediatric ward in Tutong hospital. Both girls caught the tummy bug and we were there for 8 whole nights. We also started the year by staying at the ILs because my maid went home to tend to her sick husband. That went on for about a month and each time we leave my house to go back to the ILs, my grandmother (and I) would shed some tears.

We then went on the year with a mini celebration for Nadia and my grandmother’s birthday at home and a huge Hawaiian luau bash for Sofiyya’s first birthday and also to celebrate my nephew turning 12 and my dad turning 65! That was a good bash and a success I would say with the exception that the girls were supposed to put up a dance show but never came through. LOL. I turned 30 on the 2nd day of hari raya and celebrated by welcoming our guests to our annual open house. Hubs turned 36 and we celebrated with a BBQ at his fav bike shop. 

On the flip side we also received some bad news with Hubs’ grandmother falling sick and we also suffered some losses in my family, a cousin, a grandfather and an uncle. We continue to pray that Allah will place them with the pious, amin.. 

Family has not always been my top priority but now it is. I make it a point to spend time with my family. Alhamdulillah we managed to attend the annual Liam’s dinner and this time it was a bit more special as it was held outside and we also managed to go back and spend Christmas day with hub’s family. I tell my colleagues that it’s not that I do not want to work the extra hour but if it’s not required of me then I shall leave work at 5 and continue the next day. It may seem to people that I am maybe not doing my job but that’s their prerogative. I have my deliverables and that; I hope will prove that despite my leaving on the dot that I am doing what I am paid for. 

Speaking of work, I have started my 1 year secondment in Seria since November, and it is now my 7th week and I am enjoying it, Alhamdulillah.. 45 weeks to go.. 

So things to look forward to in 2013.. Nadia is starting school and we are all excited for that!! But not before we go on our family holiday.. And Sofiyya turning 2 and achieving my 2 year goal! I also will re-embark on my studies doing a certification self study and examination and hopefully will be able to complete one level in 2013. Trying to manage work-life balance will indeed be a challenge next year. 

So peeps! If I don’t write again, Happy new year and we wish you all the best for the coming year and may Allah bless you all always..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A trip to the salon

Our typical Saturday is an errand day where we would go here and there with the girls..

Our typical location for breakfast is now GS restaurant in Tutong town. The girls love their Kolo mee..

Then we headed to the salon..


After a trim..

And then a bit more..

I am so glad Nadia had a lot of fun.. I look forward to more trips to the salon with her and Sofiyya when she is a bit older.. Hehe

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Where's the x-mas joy?

Almost halfway through december and our end of year are firming up. However I somehow don't feel the x-mas joy yet. Maybe because we have not done any x-mas shopping cos we have been focusing on Nadia going to school next year. Hehe

The Liam's annual x-mas gathering is happening next weekend so i have to, HAVE to shop this weekend.. I am ven contemplating going out laterto buy some stuff but maybe i should just rest as i have work tomorrow..

Speaking of work, i am doing a split week this week and left my pump at home!!! Luckily my husband was willing to send the pump over during lunch. Phew!!

Work is also taking a toll on me i think, i feel so tired. Butte good thing is that it still excites me. I guess i just needed a break. Less than 3 weeks to my leave..!

Countdown initiated!! LoL

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

I love lazing in bed with my girls

Hello folks! Sorry for the lack of updates.. This week has been a long and tiring one.. I think the commute is getting to me cause at the end of Thursday i had a bad back. The pain persisted and got really bad Saturday night while we were at the ILs. Went for my massage this morning and i hope that will fix the problem..

Its december and plans for end of year and christmas gathering is firming up! Oh so exciting.. I neeti start cracking on my x-mas shopping and outfits for the girls.. Hehe

This was taken last Saturday. The girls came into our room so we were just chilling in bed, laughing and lazing around.. Hehe

We dug out one of Nadia's old tricycle.. I remember we bought this for Nadia as a 'get well soon' gift when she had the chicken pox. Sofiyya was a bun in the oven at that time, around 8 weeks along, i think..

Nadia tolong Daddy

With Nenek Boy

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Monday, December 3, 2012


Our morning started off with Nadia waking up Sofiyya for the day. I tell you its one of the cutest things cause each morning they will try and wake up each other. Sofiyya is harder to wake up compared to Nadia and on some occasions Nadia will look at me and say 'Mummy, Sofiyya inda mau bangun'..

As we were leaving for work Nadia was playing in her car and Sofiyya was trying to get in the same car so she can play it too.. Nadia refused to give in and Sofiyya refused to let go.. What a battle! I tell you these kind of situation is becoming more frequent! We can buy them 2 of everything but that will not solve the situation and it will not teach them how to share..

As soon as i came to work (and after i checked all my mail), i googled how to teach kids to share..

Many many articles but i think this is the simplest and best one! Have a read if you are interested!