Sunday, November 29, 2009

a note to god

Dear God,

Please take care of my little princess, Nur Imaan Nadia while my husband and I are away.
Please let her be in good health, Please let her be safe. 
Please let her be the cheerful and happy baby that she is. 
Please let her be okay with other people taking care of her. 
Please let her sleep well and dreams only of wonderful things. 
Please make sure that she eats and drinks like and Please make sure that she acts like normal, as if we are around even if we are miles away. 
Please make sure my maid and everyone in my house takes good care of her, is aware of each and every need.
Please help me get thru this. Stop my tears, for my sake and for the sake of my daughter.
Please make the next 2 days fly by very quickly.
Last but not least, Please keep my daughter safe and in good health. 

Thank you. 

Your faithfully,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy construction Hull 2273!

Today officially marks the first day our new vessel is being constructed. Being involved in the project from day 1, I have a sentimental feeling about this project. So Happy construction Hull No 2273! 

Although we in Brunei only celebrates this tomorrow, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone! Now normally we would have our public holiday on Monday, in liew of Saturday but our Management was nice enough to give us an early long weekend and grant today as our public holiday. But despite it being a public holiday for us, we already recieved calls as eraly as 9am informing us of changes in the coming Board Meeting. *sigh*

My Dia is slightly better this morning, her temperature was down to 37.0. alhamdulilah.. Although Last night she woke up at 5 mins before midnight crying her heart out and her eyes were closed. It took us a good 20mins to calm her down. I spoke to one of my aunties and she said Dia could've seen something.. *yikes* And she said if it happens again just baca2 into her ears.. *double yikes* 

2 more days till Sin City and i have to say i am nervous! Ok Happy weekend everyone! 

oh and a quick happy 2yrs to AH!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

another fever

My maid told me yesterday afternoon when i got home that she felt Dia was a bit feverish so she gave some Panadol for her and this was around noon. She was okay then and it was not until dinner time that my brother pointed out to me that Dia seems to haev a temperature and when i checked her temp was 38.8! so i gave her a does of panadol again and temp seems to be okay. Then around 2am i checked and her temp was back to 38.1 so i woke her up and gave her another dose of panadol. she woke up all cheerful this morning and temperature was down to 37.3.

This was another of my worries. That she would develop a fever while I am in Spore. although this is not a good thing but iths a good thing that this happen now rather than when i am away. i hope she gets over this ordeal soon.. And as usual we get comments how she might be teething and everytime i get this comment my reply will be 'If she is, baik tah lakas2 keluar gigi nya ani'

A note to Dia:
Get well soon my little Princess! Mummy and Daddy loves you heaps!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I did a quick check on my EBM supplies last night and alhamdulillah I have about 260oz. So I am not worried about whether my EBM will be enough or not. Next thing I thought about was how many should I prepare. What I mean by prepare here is I move my EBM supplies from the freezer in our room to downstairs.. hehe As I am unable to predict how much Dia drinks in the evening I have to make assumptions based on my readings. Based on my readings, on average a baby takes in about 22oz per day and based on how much Dia takes in when I am away at work, she takes in about 10oz from 7am - 6pm so thats on average 1oz per hour. Since I will be away for 2.5 days I think it would be safe for me to prepare 60oz.

In terms of pumping I have a daily goal of producing 12oz do thats an extra of 2oz per day. On some days I get more and on some days I get slightly less..

One of my biggest worries is Dia sleeping.. since this will be the first time she will be sleeping without me, my worries is that my maid will not be able to cope with midnight feedings and stuff. Dia usually sleeps by 8.30 and then around 10pm she will want to be fed. I think i will need to tell my maid to prepare the EBMs in advance. For example in the evening she should prepare 4 bottles of EBMs which she can just pop in the warmer when its time to feed her. Or do you think she should warm the bottle up in advance (like immediately after her feed) and place it in her therma bag so when she wants to be fed inda payah lagi tunggu2..

So many questions!! ok back to work nowwwww

Monday, November 23, 2009

mad week in progress

We didn't do anything specific last weekend, didn't sleep over at Anjai's place as we normally do during the weekends, just a lot of jalan-jalan for our little family. Here are some photos:

On Sunday
Sunday lunch at Excapade
I told u I can sit on my own!
Laughing at her Daddy when he did the 'Muka Jahat'

I wrote last week that it was gonna a be a tough one but what happened was that all our meetings scheduled to take place last week will take place today and tomorrow. *Madnessssssss*

Its been almost 1.5 years since I have travelled abroad either for pleasure or for business. when boss said he wanted me to attend a course in S'pore end of November I started feeling excited and then I feel sad. Excited cause it has been a while and as I use to be a frequent visitor to Sin City, I have missed that place and I am sure she has missed me too! *hehehe* Then i was sad cause it would mean that I might have to leave Dia behind. I actually shed a tear in the office that afternoon and wanted to cancel the trip. Then i spoke with a couple of people and my mum said to me 'Jgn pasal you have a baby, it stops you from progressing'. Then I thought banar jua and I guess she sould know cause she was still in school when she had 2 of my brothers.

Then it was to decide whether I will bring Dia along or not. After much discussion between Anjai & I we both decided to not bring Dia along on this trip. She will stay behind with my parents and the maid. Oh and Anjai will go with me (mini honeymoon for us! *wink*). So with my traveling soon, I will need to prepare a couple of things.. namely:
1. EBMs for Dia - how many to keep downstairs?
2. Cooler - need to purchase
3. Cool packs - wanted to purchase technice but since Sin city is only 2.5hrs so including travel time i am estimating 5hrs, i'll just buy cool packs for now. However will need to do more research on how/where to buy Techniice in case i will need to go for longer distances.
(Did i miss anything else?)

Friday, November 20, 2009

When she turns 8 months

Here are photos from last night!

Her cake

Look at how happy momoi is when she saw the cake

What's this Mummy?

Is that my cake? Seriously?

This is my cake!

Is there something on my nose?

Dia: Hi daddy.. Nadia nada hadiah kah?
Daddy: Tanya Mummy

Dia: Mummy, Dia nada Hadiah kah?
Mummy: Nadia mau hadiah apa?

wah! Nadia boleh pilih!


*still excited*


Ok ok dia tau!

Dia mau flyyyyyyyy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy 8 months Nadia

Dear Dia,

I feel like it has been a while since I have written to you. Or maybe because the last celebration has been a fairly big one with your Daddy's birthday an all.. hehe anyways, happy 8 months my little princess.

When you turned 7 months you were able to say 'Ma', 'Mam' and 'Ba' and now we are convinced you can say 'Dad' too. Other than saying 'Da' which i think you where trying to say Daddy, you now can wave bye to us and also clap your hands! An accomplishment that everyone in the house and also your Yadu and Yaki's house are very proud of. I suppose you will get tired of people asking you to either wave or clap every 3 mins (which is what all of us are doing atm) but my dear, we only ask you to do that cause we are very proud of you! *tee hee* You can also pull yourself up! Which worries Mummy a bit as you have the tendency to just let go of your hand. Please becareful my love, we don't want anything bad happening to you.

What your Daddy and I have been enjoying the most lately is taking you out! We took you to the Mall for a dine out with JD, we took you to McDonalds and also along with us when we run errands! Its so nice that you hardly cry anymore!

Ok Mummy's gotta go back to work now. see you in a little bit my love. Be good now.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dia has a passport!

I received the picture below via MMS from my husband this noon that has left me giggling like a school girl! hehehe

after all her practices, this is her pose on her passport photo.. Muka Tekajut! LOL

Monday, November 16, 2009

Her first trip to McDonalds

We took Dia to McD last weekend! hehe

'What is this McD place you keep on saying?

'How to open this book..'

She feel asleep 2 mins after the above picture was taken

'oooo.. Whats this..'

'I gotta out it where?'

'Mcm ani kah Mummy?'

Sunday, November 15, 2009


is another monday. The start of a new week. The start of another hectic week. I hope i will be better in terms of pumping, better than last week that is. I think it was Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that i was so busy that i FORGOT to pump!! I FORGOT!! I was so dissspointed with myself when i drove home friday night(yes night.. i only arrived home at 7 that evening..)
so good night peeps. I hope for a better week a head with better EBM pumping and EBM production. amin

Friday, November 13, 2009

Looking forward for November to conclude

In the midst of all the spreadsheets and budgets on my desk and pulling our hair off trying to reconcile our numbers, my colleague made a comment on how its already NOVEMBER! Yeap Can't believe its November already and I have to say I look forward for November to conclude! Its been a tough week and will be even tougher weeks ahead!

Speaking of budgets, as usual we usually have our budget challenge with the Gov't body and it was supposed to happen yesterday then they called and canceled! Mind you this is the second time that they have canceled on us. On top of canceling our meeting, they wanted to reschedule it to Saturday! Obviously I would try to avoid it at all costs since that is our weekend so i asked if we could have the meeting on Friday instead. And he answered 'inda dapat, ada commitment'. Jadinya kami ani nada commitment on Saturday? Ia pikir kami behapa? Menari disiring jalan di hari Sabtu? I have a long standing commitment to REST on SATURDAYs and SUNDAYs! Turns out the reason why they wanted to have it on Sat instead of Thurs is because they are not done with their review YET! Why should we accommodate when they are not doing their job?!? Padan tah that department is currently in questionable and Grey area! urgh!

chants *keep positive, remove all negativity*

I look forward to the board meeting which is scheduled to take place early December to finish! I look forward to my budgets getting approved and all these madness ending! I look forward to my boss going on leave so we can have some peace and quiet here and working at our own pace without him breathing down my neck. Most importantly I look forward to taking a break! although my leave is not until January but i consider my boss going away as a break! hahaha

Have a good weekend y'all! I look forward to resting..

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photos from last weekend

Anjai & I have a ritual of going out for breakfast on Saturdays but this time we decided to take the little one along with us.. hehehe

Dia: I don't want that toy, I want nasi pulut!!

Dia: What?

Dia: Eeeh! Boring Daddy ani eh, inda suruh Dia makan Nasi Pulut

Then in the afternoon before we headed to Anjai's home, we made a quick stop to Hua Ho. And this time i finally let Anjai place Dia in the shopping cart.

when first placed in the cart

Dia: Sajuk eh basi ani

Dia: Daddy I am cold!!

Here are some photos taken over while we are at Anjai's place..

Dia and Angah Eboy

Dia: Apa tu Kaka Alya?

Alya: entah tapi lawa ah lampu nya ani

Dia: eh Dia mauuu eh

Dia: Kaka Alya, Give to meeeee...

Alya: Bah here

Alya: Lets share ah

and then the next morning, we took Dia to the paddy field again.. and this time we took the camera along.. hehehe

These pictures brings banck pleasant memories for us.. We had our Pre-wedding Photo Shoot here with the HP gang.

Daddy & Dia

Oh no! We send her to proper swimming lessons, not teach her by throwing her in the longkang!

Sitting on the wooden bench

Mummy and Dia with her Yadus in the background. She was a bit scared of her Yadus cause they were all covered up.

Nadia Ngalih

In the afternoon we headed to Swensens for a playdate with JD!

JD enjoying his meal..

Dia: What you having there Jaz?

Dia: My roti is the same flavor as yours too JD.. Carrot flavoured.

Joe, JD and Dina

While waiting for the bill to arrive

Monday, November 9, 2009


We received a shocking news last night. One of my cousin on my Dad's side is admitted in CCU RIPAS and she is in critical condition. We knew she has kidney problems which was a result from eating excessive Slimming pills but was so surprised to hear that she was admitted in Cardiac Coronary Unit. Apparently she also had a mild case of heart problem.

So what happened was that she has been having trouble eating and drinking since Hari raya and her husband noticed she was so weak on Wed so he took her to SSB Hospital in KB. They placed her on an IV drip and checked her Blood Pressure which was low. Then after 2 days they sent her to RIPAS. Then yesterday she was intubated in order to help her to breathe and also sedated. They also found out that her lungs are infected so she was placed on Antibiotics.

When we went to visit this morning, she was just coming out of her sedation and the Dr have instructed the nurses to switch the breathing assistance to back up only. The purpose was to see if she is able to breathe on her own but of course the machine will be there to assist her should she find it difficult to do so. She was able to open her eyes and she was biting her tube which means less oxygen was pumped into her body. We left when we started to fight it. We think she wanted to say something and was able to do so because of the tube. It was a difficult thing to witness cause we can't do anything about it.. Her husband told us she was crying..

We can only pray that god give her strength to fight it all. Amin.

Friday, November 6, 2009

keeping fit

Its finally Friday!! Its been a longg week when it was supposed to be a good one as my boss is away on leave but I don't know why it just felt LONG when we should be enjoying it. I just felt negative especially yesterday afternoon. think the stupidity of my PC and also the uncesssary long traffic jams that I experienced everyday at tungku link. Why uneccesary I say? Mana ada accident and despite the fact that I leave extra awal, sama jua JAM! Urgh!! Lets hope for a better day today and a great weekend ahead.

I am currently experiencing muscle pains! How come? Yours truly was inspired by a certain someone to be FIT. So i go up early Thursday morning and jogged in my Kampong from 6am to 6.30am. I was pretty proud of my accomplishment, especially the fact that I did mange to get in to work by 8 that morning. The husband says the muscle pain is good and we should jog again tomorrow morning and I say OK! I am determined (for now) to stay fit (and hopefully lose weight along the way). *tee hee* bah siapa2 kan derma weighing scale to me silakan pasal nya inda ku tedapat benda atu.. yg ada pun yg penipu.. adakah ucapnya aku 49kg!!! Part of me wants to accept it tapi... jadinyaaa! hahaha

oh Happy Teacher's Day to my teacher friends.. iatah bah bie, kenapa nada oil and gas day? please submit your proposal to jabatan2 berkenaan.. terima kasih!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When Momoi turns 4 years young

I haven't written a decent post in a while just pictures! I have to again thank everyone for your tips on traveling with and without a baby.. I has helped eased my worries! hehe With the year coming to an end, we are beginning to make plans for Christmas, New Years and a vacation.. What we are looking forward to the most is meeting Anjai's uncles and aunties over X-mas as the last time we saw them i was 6 months along kali... hehehe I think it was our phone calls last weekend that made us all excited. Oh one uncle lives in Kuching and another Aunty lives in Tawau.

EBM updates! Alhamdulilah I have been quite consistent with producing on average 12oz per day. Dia on the other hand is not consistent in terms of how much she takes in per day. some days she takes in 9oz some days she takes in 12oz.. so on some days I was able to make extra and some I just break even. Better than making a loss! Last thursday tho, Dia only took 2 bottles of 3.5oz the whole day! My maid says cause it was raining the whole day iatah Dia didn't drink much. So far alhamdulilah she has taken an average of 9-10oz *phew* and I am happy that iIam back making extras! hehe

Solid updates! Alhamdulilah Dia has adpated to eating solids well and my mother says too well that she is now eating 3 times daily. Once at 8.30am then at 12noon then at 5pm. Macam adult sudah! haha which is also why I am ok with her only taking 9oz per day. I was kind of sad pulang that she is taking in less EBMs.. but ok lah! hahaha

My niece Momoi turns 4 yesterday and we got her a cake! Her reaction to the cake was Price-less!! hehehe

Posing with her cake!

I asked her 'apa cake nya' and she said 'Per-main-suri' hahaha

singing the happy birthday song!

We had to light up the candle twice as her big brother below her candles out! hahaha

pleased with herself

big girl cutting her own cake!

hingga menjilat jari!

clearly enjoying her cake! haha