Thursday, November 27, 2008

Positive Movement

When i was about 20 weeks old, i had people asking me if i felt any movement yet. I have felt pressured cos at that time i barely felt any movement. I was so scared.. Did i do anything wrong or if there was anything wrong with baby. My only comfort at that time was a statement made by the nurse 'alum lagi tu, tabal kali kulit mu'.. Its been a couple of weeks and we have felt a lot of movements *yeay* Especially before we go to bed. And by we, i meant i felt it and Anjai either has his hands on my tummy or looking at my tummy! hehe Baby moving tells me that baby is ok.. Syukur alhamdulilah.. hehe

You know how some people say that the parents' attitude actually influences the baby's behaviour. And after a conversation with a friend, i am a TOTAL believer of that statement! So i have been keeping positive with everything.. kurang marah2, jangan mengusut.. Hopefully baby will be as positive as mummy and daddy! hehehe

oh Thank God tomorrow's Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick one

A million congratulations to TC on passing her exams.. Now you can rest easy and enjoy your holidays.. 

Faith, Anjai & Baby

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wants vs needs

After much deliberations and debate by yours truly and her boss, my leave has finally been approved!! *yipiee* People close to me knows that my superior has issues with me taking leave, don't know why but yeah.. The only time where my leave was not questioned was in June this year when i was about to tie the knot.. So imagine how happy i was late this afternoon.. Hehe 

As it stands, no holiday plans are firmed up yet with weddings and christmas around that time of the year.. Also with Baby on the way and the growing list of things to buy, we need to evaluate WANTS vs NEEDS.. I would love to go on a holiday but do i really need it? The main thing is to be able to relax and to be able to spend time with Anjai and other family members.. hehe

To my dear friend Ezzah and husband Elmi: A Million Congratulations on your recent 'Nikah' ceremony..  See you this sunday... hehehe From Anjai, Faith & Baby.. hehe

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 23

Baby turns 23 weeks today.. hehe Looking at the calendar below it says that baby is now able to hear so we should start reading, talking and mengaji to the baby now.. hehe and to remember to read only decent things! LOL Anjai should also start to talk to baby more now.. hehehe

By end of March, insyallah baby will come out to this world. Mudahan baby sihat & sempurna.. Amin

Both Anjai & I have been busy window shopping over the weekend and i think it took a toll on me yesterday.. As a result our intention of going back to Anjai's place had to be put on hold.. but all in all weekend was very productive and we have made up our mind or narrowed down our choices.. and now time to buy! And with that statement, comes questions like: Is it too early to buy now? But i don't want to buy too many at one time sampai it overwhelms me and if i buy sikit2 inda terasa kan? hahaha with that i think i can start buying then.. decision has been made hehehe

Note: Post has been edited to reveal the actual age of baby in tummy. Baby is 23 weeks not 24 weeks.. LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Looking at our 'To Buy List', we have narrowed down 3 items which could potentially be pricy and those items are Baby Crib, Breast Pump and Strollers. Anjai & I spent the whole afternoon looking out and jotting down prices and model number.. And true enough, those 3 items were pricy. But we are looking past the price tags cause after all, all items will be used and beneficial for both baby and parents. But how do i know if i have overspent on an item? Juggling between spending the right amount and getting a good quality item will be a challenge. 

Out of 3 items, i am already certain that 1 item will need to be purchased overseas or via the internet.. But as fussy as i am i have now googled the other 2 items and try to find out where and how to buy online and at a cheaper price. Hey keeping my options open right? hehe

Oh SIL was released from the hospital 2 days ago and is now resting at home.. Alhamdulilah..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Santa came in early..

Someone texted me after work and decided to drop by our place early this evening and they came bearing.. apa nah? DURIAN UTAK UDANG!! I finally got to eat the spiky fruit and i have to say.. it was SUPERB!! NYAMAN!!!  And who are the mysterious Santas? Miah, Erwan and Abu Dzar! Thank you guys for making my dream a reality (apakan? AF kah?) but i can't thank you enough for buying it for me and baby.. Thank you...

I had my monthly anti-natal clinic appointment yesterday.. It was all routine check ups.. alhamdulilah all ok.. All these durian eating has increased my weight significantly.. i hope now that i have fed my thirst, weight will increase at a slower pace. hehe Was told yet again to pace myself.. *sigh*

Happy Birthday to E14 aka Emiloo.. Have a good one this year and the year ahead.. how many weeks to the nikah? Two? One? Jgn nervous ah and make sure u say the right name! Good luck! hehehe

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sympathy Pain?

I mentioned before about the tugging feeling on belly button.. Well last night felt my tummy tighten (around my belly button area). Ignored it at first but as the pain increases made a call over to E13, consulted my mum, my aunt and my grandmother.. 

E13 told me to go to hospital to have it checked out and when asked what tests they would do she said i would be placed under observation and hospitalised.  When asked my mum she came up with her normal response of 'Andangnya tu' but last night she added, 'baik tah be-urut arah makwa (my grandmother) mu' When i asked my aunty who happens to be a mid-wife said no urut2 and said 'andangnya tu' as baby is now growing and becoming more active. But she did ask my grandmother to bagi kunyit and also was asked to carry around 'limau kapas'..

Evaluating all options i decided to stay at home and stick with aunty's advise.. Although the thought of resting and not coming to work did appeal to me but staying overnight in the hospital did NOT! haha 

This afternoon Anjai called and told me that SIL was hospitalised. She is 7/8 months along and found some blood discharge in her urine.. Alhamdulilah she is ok now.. Below are some pics taken by Anjai during ur visit earlier this evening..

And her tag
MIL, SIL & Yours truly.. hehe
Was it Sympathy pain that i felt last night? Lets hope it is and nothing more complicated than that.. (nauzubillah) *Baby kiss Cousin*

Monday, November 17, 2008

week 22 minus 1 day

c Faith dengan bump nya yang berumur 22 weeks minus 1 day hehe uhuu..!!
taken at pantai penanjong 16.11.08

Week 22

Moday is here and that means.. Baby turns a week older! hehe This is what will happen this week for baby.. oh and also another visit to the ante-natal clinic mid of this week.. hehe

I mentioned a couple of posts ago re ultrasound and we actually went to one at one of the private clinics and i the experience was.. PRICELESS! I received comments how it was a waste of money since the Government clinic does it for free but the point of the whole thing is to know that baby is Ok. Alhamdulilah, from that scan, Syukur alhamdulilah, no abnormality was spotted. With the private clinic they spend more time and showed us in more detail.. Oh and the highlight of the ultrasound was when we saw Baby's hand and we saw all five fingers.. Baby was moving its hand but we like to assume that it was waving to us.. *Mummy & Daddy waves back! hehe* kan nangis jua kami lah.. hahaha We also saw baby's ear (setampik ganya di tunjukkan nya, i think), nose, lips and eye.. hehehe If you are asking if we spot anything on the gender side, the answer is no.. Baby was very shy.. didn't even show us his feet! hehe Will post up pics soon hehe

oh and sorry for the Durian posts.. haha i am afraid u might have to still out up with me on the matter.. until i get to eat it anyways.. hehehe

Edited: Oh seeing as we are halfway there, i have posted a list of things we need to buy for Baby.. Please feel free to highlight if i have missed anything..

TC - i do not feel like procuring the services of a maid to should be included in the list. hahaha Pleased to advise that the process is underwayy.. hehehe

Saturday, November 15, 2008

klik-klik snap-snap

alllooo.. hehe ane saja2 ku ambil ne tadi, balik2 kami c Faith dari pesta buah-buahan tadi taus ke dapur nyimpan oleh2, ada tah idea ku atu kn ngambar2 pekerja ane btukang merobohkan dapur.. so dgn pantas ku klik-klik snap-snap kai 40D ku hehehe.. chakk.. ; p

My weekend ke pesta buah-buahan bkt sulang

c Faith masa ane bersiap sedia ne kn mencari n membali buah yg di hajati beliau hehe such as:-  
  1. Durian Kuning Utak Udang
2. Kembayau
3. Rambutan
4. Langsat

Pak aji ane lh ku ampu-ampu kn bali kembayau nya since c Faith ngidam hantap kn mkn kembayau hehe.. *abis dah wang kembayau ku kana booking* buring kn jawapan nya.. pi nda ku kira, aku tu kes majal jua udah.. mcm2 cara ku mujuk Pak aji ane njuali kembayau nya sampai ku gbr2 pun nda jua ia layan aku.. huhu..
Nah.. ane th suasana di pesta buah-buahan atu asal ja ada urg baru bawa buah udah tia kana ambush beramai-ramai, kalw nda kana ambush abis kana "booking" nda best eh...
rambutan nya bejurit plang hehe nda kana "booking" hehe..
Aduh c kudil panya... mana dang kasum?!
c Faith ama kasen nya.. ahaa xcape kaja ah...
buu.. langsat sekilo ah..
so ane th saja durian uleh kami dua pagi tadi, durian"brain prawn" nada kejumpahan huhu.. hampa eh.. 
hehe.. nda lalai udah sampai umah taus tah ku tampik hehe..

Semaian Padi Outing

Suasana semaian padi
My Sister &  her Husband 
My little brother
a.k.a. Kuyang
My wife.. First time nya ni.. hehe Hi Faith :P
Sampat lagi posing tu..
Bekerja keras..

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When i got home from work, i found this waiting for me!! Can you imagine how happy i was, after obsessing over the spiky fruit the Whole day! hehehe

Anjai opening up the fruit for me.. hehehe



So Durian Kuning Pulu i have conquered, Durian Kuning Utak Udang lagi ni.. *burp*

To Anjai: THANK YOU SAYANG.. thank you for buying and opening up the durians for me..  


I think i found my 'Crave'.. Balik2 kami kn mkn duriaaann saja.. So far i have eaten Durian Putih Montong (Local) & Durian Kuning Biasa.. Ice Cream Durian pun kami suka makan.. hahah I am now looking for Durian Kuning Utak Udang and Durian Kuning Pulu.. If anyone knows where i can find them pls tell me.. or better yet, please but them for me and I shall pay you back.. hehe E13 was kind enough to do so last night but sad to report that thoese were not Utak Udangs, but normal Durain Kuning.. Tapi nyaman jua pun kami mkn.. Anjai and 1 had 2 whole buahs to ourselves! And mind you this was at 11pm! hahaha Oh and nyaman pun Bubur Durian nya dmlm over at E13's.. Tais liur kamu? (cos i amm...)

I have been feeling the Love from the people around me lately.. A couple of days ago one of my staff called me at 6.30pm and aksed what type of Durian i wanted cos he was at a stall who sells those durians.. (but unfortunately nada Utak Udang) And just this morning, as i walked into the office i smell the scent of Cucur Tarap.. Skali turns out they saved some for me since I came in late kan.. Oh and Gamerholic just came back from BKK and he kindly brought some Mangoes for me! hehe I truly and honestly feel blessed and Loved.. tee heee Thanks all.. Love you many many too...

Ciao! My hunt for Durian continues.. hehehe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 21

The intention was to update the blog on fetal development every Monday however we have been very busy lately so better late than never kan? tee hee.. Below is the 'What's going on' with baby in week 21! It says in there that if baby is a girl, the Womb and Vejayjay will be formed so i guess from next week on will be a good time to ask the Dr. at the ultrasound on what the Gender will be.. Both Anjai and I have no preference to which gender, asalkan baby sihat and sempurna.. *amin amin* I have been having the feeling of 'tugging' or mcm kana tarik my belly button even more than normal lately. My mum says that she never had that feeling before and she thinks its because of my sitting all the time(with working at the office and commuting to work). When i asked E13, she says that the reason might be the baby is moving too much iatah tetarik the uimbilical cord or maybe because i am too active! If i take both advise in, i will need to pace myself and walk around slowly.. haha We'll see how I will be able to do that! hahaha

The poll on Anjai's age ends today and here are the results..
And If you are guessing how old he is.. He is 32!! So Kudos to those who got it right but sorry no presents (jadinya kamu expecting ada? haha). To those who voted 34, Anjai gives u the evil eye! and siapa yg vote younger than 32 atu, suka ia atu! hahaha As for my age, i will FOREVER be 25! *wink to TC & other half*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy 30th Dear Brother!

My second brother turns 30 todayy.. hehe it amazes me that they are THAT old.. well i am not saying that being 30 is TUA but its just that i've grown up with these boys who have now grown up to be MEN.. Or is it because i have issues growing old? hey! i will forever be 25!! hehehe So a celebration is on order tonite.. or just a little cake cutting for all the november babies in my house.. hehehehe 

and tomorrow, baby turns 21.. weeks that is! hehehe movements has been very distinct and i no longer feel like i am imagining it..  other than that i feel like my appetite has increased tremendously! I better control myself n get back to eating for 1.5 person only.. hehehe I'll start tomorrow then well cos its sunday and everyone rests on sunday right?!?

Ok then.. off to the bakery.. 

Saturday, November 8, 2008


We are over at the in laws and Anjai decided to test out the Zoom! connection and i am amazed to report that connection is valid and has been consistent for the past 15 mins.. hehe bagus jua benda ani ahh.. hehehe Lets just hope they increase their coverage or else increase the strength of their coverage.. (inda pandai bersyukur eh!) hehe

We finally went out for the loong overdue shopping trip but sad to report that couldn't find a decent pair of pants or kains.. however a second trip is planned for next week with Miah and hopefully with her watchful eye i will be able to snag a kain or two.. with a E13' wedding coming up and also another cousin from the dad's side and also some friends, i will require decent clothes.. now we don't want to appear 'lusuh' or 'lahib' whilst preggies do we.. hehehe

The boys r watching footie on tv and i am bored.. Its pretty quiet here tonite with Anjai's sister back over at her in laws..  She is also expecting and due to give birth early January.. So by this time next year, the house will be filled with many cries.. hehehe

i better get off now and get back to pretending i am interested in footie.. hahahaha Much love! and Enjoy your weekend ppl! 

Thursday, November 6, 2008


My baby bump that is!! hehe

At 20 weeks i am begining to retire all normal (as opposed to maternity) clothes as it has gone past the comfortable stage. I will miss the wide variety of choices but i guess it will save me time getting dressed as there is less to choose from! hehe I currently love wearing maternity clothes and i will for sure love shopping for more.. hehe *wink to Anjai* hehe Although it will take some time to get used to the pants that goes up and over my belly button and the 'kambang' tops but nevertheless i love it! well if you guys still don't get my point, read the post title and also the next line..

I LOVE MY BUMP! hehehe

Here is a pic of me bump at 20 weeks! *grin*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Its only Wednesday?!? I feel like its been such a LOoooNG week.. my my! now i really can't wait for the weekend to be here! A good rest is well deserved for me n Anjai.. Even more for him i suppose ,since he has been working for 2 weekends straight.. *kesiaan* My Sundays has been filled with helping E13 with her wedding stuff and have to say very good progress.. hehe

My budget challenge will be held this afternoon and after yesterday's internal meeting i am feel more confident to answer any questions that will be posed to me however i am feeling a tad nervous.. By god let me get through this afternoon with flying colors!

Oh! on the movement front, Anjai felt something last night! haha I actually felt some small movements before this but i was afraid that it was just my imagination so when he felt it, i am now sure that that was it! haha Can you imagine this couple with their hands on her tummy, waiting for something.. yeah, we were those idiots last night! haha But very happy idiots! LOL

I am also that idiot walking around uncomfortably with my baju kurungs! haha Silly me, i have left making new ones to the last minute! So a shopping trip is in the agenda this weekend.. and a trip back to the In-Laws.. hehe

Ok i am starting to be very random so before i fill this page with more random stuff i better go. Wish me luck! And also Vote for Obama!! I am looking forward to see the outcome of the American Election. It will be very interesting to see the first Black American President! hehe

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halfway there..

Looking at the calendar below, baby is going through a lot this week..

and this is how baby looks like hehehe

They say i should start to feel the baby's movement by week 20 (i.e. this week) so i am looking forward to that.. hehe Other than baby's busy week, Mummy is also going to have busy week ahead.. Wish mummy luck and i hope baby tahan saja when mummy is stressed.. (sorry) hehehe

Also, Good Luck to Aunty T for her upcoming exams.. From Baby! (and mummy and daddy) hehe we love u many many and come home quick!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Turning 3!

My little niece, Momoi turns 3 today.. Yeayyy.. Happy birthday little girl.. (not that she reads this! LOL)

Its finally sunday *yeay* however i am not enjoying it as much as next week is another busy and tough week at work.. Our chairman will be visiting our humble office and then a budget challenge somewhere in the middle of the week.. If only i can get the people responsible for certain areas of the budget to submit their numbers to me and SOON so i can start to work on finalising it. *Sigh* I need to stop thinking about work in order for me to enjoy my weekend.. hehe

Its been 2 weeks since we went back to Anjai's place and when Anjai spoke to MIL last night (while i was at a work function) she was saying batah sudah inda balik.. Hopefully next weekend we will be free to go back home..

Enjoy what's left of your weekend peeps! Cos tomorrow is another beginning of a long week (well for me anyways..)