Monday, June 29, 2009

the one with the red dress

Dia went for her monthly check up last Saturday and she had the Folio Drops and another shot (forgot what its called) and this time, Daddy held Dia.. We somehow forgot to bring the video camera or a camera for that matter hence no pics. Next month lah ah.. As per last month, she cried a bucket and the whole clinic heard her! Mcm embarassing when kami keluar and all eyes were on us! They must be thinking 'nah takut tah anak ku kan beinjek lapas dangar anak ani nangis' LOL anyways, I am very proud of both of my favorite people in the world.. They did good!

oh Dia is now 62.5cm and 5.28kg.. I aksed the Dr if her weight gain is normal and he scolded me! He said 'don't compare your baby with other babies, just look at your baby' Ia memuji cause exclusive breastfeeding pun mcm marah! hahaha Kurang asam punya Dr. LOL

We dressed Dia up in red the next day (thanks for the dress H) and I have to say, I am loving this dress of hers! Mcm damit2 sudah ada Little Red Dress!

As per Doctor's advise, we have stopped putting on gloves on her.. hehe I think she is begining to love the feeling cos she couldn't stop waving her hand around and holding to something. Her other had, our fingers and even my hair! hahaha Oh with that,comes her first scratch on her face! We thought her nails were short enough but we were wrong.. hehehe

*high five*

Seeing as she is a big girl now and how she manages to wiggle her hands out of her 'badung' we decided last night to not swadled her. She started with her hands on her side (we think she still thinks she is being swadled) and then by the middle of the night i think she managed to do the YMCA all by herself! hehe

Friday, June 26, 2009

One weekend in June of 2008

It has been one year (well tomorrow actually 27th June 2009) since we tied the knot and I just have to say (as corny as it sounds) that I Love you more now than I did a year ago..

Happy Anniversary Sayangg.. *tee hee*

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abu Dzar meets Dia

2 nights ago Mia & her family decided to drop by our place and this is the second time Abu Dzar met Dia.. The first time was when Dia was 7 days old kali.. hehe and here are some photoss.. hehe

Sesi berkenalan diantara Abu Dzar & Nadia

Dia & Aunty Mia

'I am eating my keropok, u have a problem with that?'

'Do i have something on my face?'

'Thirsty ku eh'

Family Photo

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

when she turned 3 months

Here are some pictures taken during Dia's 3rd month birthday..

I couldn't decide on which cake to get so I decided to get 3 mini cakes namely Fruit Plan, Tiramisu and Strawberry Shortcake, 3 cupcakes, some eclairs and cream puffs. hehe and it was a hit! The kids all went for the cupcakes of course and the adults went for the rest.. hehehe

Dia looking at her 'cake'

And still looking at her 'cake'

Dia & Nini Boy

the one with the curly hair

Momoi & her favorite Aunt hehe

Caca enjoying her cupcake

Momoi concentrating on eating her Cupcake

And when she realized we were looking at her, she gave a huge smile! hehehe

Adik vs the cream puff

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

please allow me to..

.. vent my frustrations...

For the past few days some people have discovered that i pump in the office (well not that i hid the fact that i do but rather did not telecast the subject about). Well some of the reactions has been... how to say ah.. mcm disgust kali.. Mcm they gave me a loook and ask me why i pump in the office.

Well here are my reasons: (not that i think i need to justify myself to you)

1. If i do not pump in the office, my Bs will bengkak and I will leak. Rather than wasting my BM just like that i might as well pump and save them for my daughter.
2. I aim to give BM exclusively to my daughter for as long as i can and If i choose not to pump, i think my productivity rate will decrease hence reason number 2 is that I would like to maintain or increase production rate.
3. Its not like I pump out in the open you dumb ass.. I go into a room which has a working lock to do the deed so you can wipe that look on your face.

Other than that I have been getting comments like it might be difficult since I am a working mother. Well i think it is just difficult if you choose to make it difficult! I have been back at work for 3 weeks now and never have i received any comments from my mother re feeding Dia.

And comments whether my BM is enough for her or not.. I pump 3 times a day, producing 6 oz per session and Dia takes an average of 15oz per day.. According to my calculation, I can say that I produce more than what she takes so that should address your concerns..

so take that!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Father's day...

... to Anjai! Dia & I love you very very much!

Dia went on her first trip after sunset last Saturday and it went really well at first. She sat obediently in my lap and even slept through the noise. Then i think all the noise just got to her and she cried and screamed her lungs out! We left right away and the moment we got in the car she started laughing and smiling! So we think it must really be the noise! We think that it was a good first experience.. And it was also good cos we get to me a lot of Anjai's cousin who we haven't seen in ages! hehehe

Dia playing with Daddy before going out

We slept over at Anjai's place and alhamdulilah she slept through the night. Then the next morning, while Alya was asleep the husband decided to put Dia in Alya's walker.. *tee hee*

Dis thinking: Eh why am i moving? (Daddy was pulling her along)

Dia says: eh mcm siok jua

So the Daddy got to thinking of buying her a walker since she can hold her weight and head now.. But I am a bit skepitcal as I want her to crawl before I introduce the walker to her.. I saw an Excersicer however if I do buy that for Dia, she will only use sekajap sajaaa.. but i am tempted.. Very very tempted.. hehehe

Ok i just did a mini research online on when to introduce a baby walker to a baby this is was the first line in an article on " Putting a baby in a walker is like giving a teenager a Ferrari - a dangerous risk. That's why, as of April 2007, Canada has banned the sale of baby walkers." and my reaction is OH EM GEE!! *shall google more..*

Friday, June 19, 2009

Dia turns 3 months..

Dear Dia,

Happy 3 months darling daughter.. Mummy is writing to you from work and gosh how i miss you heaps especially when your Daddy tells me things you did while Mummy is at work. I really do wish that I was also there to witness your laughter however Mummy needs to be at work.. For the past few days you developed a habit of rejecting your bottle when I come home and wanting to be fed directly. This stresses Mummy out a bit cos it means that I would have to throw out the milk that has been thawed and heated. However it does make me happy cause it means that you miss me! Hehe Your daddy also said that every time I am home, you start to make a fuss out of everything! He is very proud of that little habit of yours because he says that you are getting clever day by day and you now recognise that Mummy is home..

Another thing that makes your Daddy and your Nini Girl proud is that you no longer scream and shout when you are given your bath which ultimately makes the task easier. Hehe Although your Nini says that they need to talk to you and play with you while putting your clothes on! (and now they know why mummy usually talk a lot and puts your toy in between my toes so you can listen to the sound while I put your clothes on..)

Mummy placed a list of Milestones you should achieve in your second month and looking at the list, you are able to do all of the milestones except number 8 which is doing mini push ups.. Its ok my dear.. You just do things on your own pace and not get pressured by Mummy’s list. Hehehe

For the past month you had your first sleepover at Yadu’s place and you also went to your first wedding which is Aunty Bibie & Uncle Bain’s Wedding.. I do hope you enjoy all your outings.. And rest assured there will be more to come. Like for example your first outing after sunset. Mummy and Daddy made a promise that we will only take you out in the evening when u reach 3 months and according to your Yadu, there is a function on Saturday night so lets make that your first outing after sunset k? hehehe

Ok Mummy better get back to work now.. I love you my sayang and I miss you very very much.. Be good now and see you later sweetheart..



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lumps.. what i found on my left Bs yesterday.. I've heard stories about Breast Cancer so I was very VERY concerned.

A quick call to E13 and research on the internet and it is just blocked glands. What causes it? So-called "blocked ducts" (a more accurate description would be inflamed ducts) are almost always caused by breasts not being "milked" effectively by your baby when he feeds. So i now learn my lesson.. I should just pump when it time to pump.. (In my defense the electricity was out and I did not want to pump in the dark hence i waited to go home and pump)

Ways to ease the pain? The solution to blocked ducts is to make sure that your baby is feeding effectively (i.e. latching well). Using a breast pump after each feed may help with milk removal. Warm (or cold) flannels on the breasts, warm baths and gentle massage may also help. Or what i did was i massage the lumpy area with two fingers and massage towards the Nips. Alhamdulilah the lump went away after just one feed. hehehe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

better everyday

I have to thank MamaShasha and MommySarah for sharing their feelings re leaving their babies behind at home. Its good to know that I am not alone in having all these feelings.. It is now the second week of me working and Syukur Alhamdulilah It gets better and better everyday.. I did not shed a tear this week so far.. hehe

Week one was pretty easy and now that it is week two, work has started to increase and my to do list seems never ending. However I am doing this on my own pace w/o the boss breathing down my neck as he is away on leave.. hehehe

Ok back to work now..

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last weekend..

... was a busy weekend.. We started it with a trip to the tyre shop to get my car a new set of tyres. Damn, it cost me a bomb! Mun pakai membali bag bah, sebuting LV sudah tu! (remind me again why i bought this car 2 yrs ago?) LOL

Then we went to pick Dia up from home and off to Anjai's place. This is Dia's first sleepover and to tell you the truth I was very nervouse as I don't know how she will react to sleeping overnight at a new environment. Syukur alhamdulilah, she slept through the night seperti biasa at our place. The next day however was another story.. She couldn't settle and sleep peacefully and kept waking up.. I guess she just needs to get used to the place.. hehe (Anjai: why didn't we take any pictures? it is Dia's first sleepover... hmmm)

We went home after lunch and at 4ish, my MIL and Alya came over. My MIL has placed Alya on solids (bubur kira solids kah tu for kids?) when she noticed that she has reduced her milk intake about 2 months ago.. It has now gone worst and on some days she takes less than 2oz the whole morning! So they wanted to check with my grandmother if it is 'Senudung' I dont know what it is actually but if your baby's poop is green-ish in color, takes in less milk, fingers and toes are cold than she has it. So grandmother urut and gave her some daun to be placed on the tummy area. Hopefully Alya gets well soon..

Being a (paranoid) mother that I am, i wanted to ask my grandmother to check if Dia has the same probelm but was shussh-ed by my mother.. hahaha

Oh here are some pictures of my Dad's mini celebration.. hehe

Barbequed chicken!

Nadia & Nini Boy

Nini Boy, Nini Girl & The grandkids

Strawberry Shortcake.. This cake was very popular! i went to have another slice the next day and it was Gone! hahaha


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad turns 62 today (although he claims that 62 is his official age and he is actually 60) so happy happy birthday Bapa! I look forward to the eating the cake later *tee hee* and hopefully some barbequed food. hehe

Today is my fourth day back at work and so far alhamdulillah, the tears have reduced to none! hehe I still feel sad every time I drive away from the house pulang, no doubt.

This is all of Dia's food. I remember reading a friend's blog and she was saying that she is Thankful that her child is drinking her milk even when she is away at work. Well yeah I also feel the same way. hehe

Adjusting back to being at back work and doing work was another story. The first day was mostly a social call with the colleagues where they update me with what i have missed out for the past 2.5months. Day 2 was finding my way around my PC. I was trying to find one of my documents and it took me a whole 20 minutes just to remember what i named my folder and where i have placed it! LOL Then the work have begun to pile up on Day 3. Today is the board meeting and since i have not been around I am not involved with it at all and stayed behind.

Oh funny story about pumping in the office. By now I think all my colleagues knows that I do my business in the pantry and then yesterday my male colleague wanted to take his 3-in-1 nescafe from the pantry as I was in there, doing my business, I had to slip the packet under the door for him! LOL Syukur alhamdulilah, I get all the support from my boss as well as all my colleagues. hehe

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hari Pertama

Balik kerja...

It has been a rollercoster ride for me this morning. I woke up at 5am to feed Dia, pumped, prepared EBMs for her and proceeded to get ready for work. I cried my eyes out when she woke up and told her I am going to work and that she will have to stay with her Nini Girl and Aunty. I cried my eyes out when I was putting my tudong on. I cried my eyes out when i handed her to my mom, I cried my eyes out when I went into the car, drove out of my house and I cried halfway through the journey. Then i told myself 'ADANG!' and decided to stop. I decided not to call the house cos I know I will only start crying again if I do.

I did get news from the husband however that Dia is sleeping and has already finished her fourth bottle! I prepared 7 bottles of 2oz each this morning and I am now getting worried if that is enough for her!

I also pumped in the office for the first time and a colleague asked me how I felt cos dulu she sometimes cries when she pumped in the office. Alhamdulillah i did not breakdown. I just pictured Dia's big eyes. Plus I felt kinda silly cos what if my colleagues didn't know i was in the pantry and switched off the light (switch is outside the room). And i kept on telling them not to drink my milk! Inda jua kmi mau drg adik beradik sesusuan sma Dia tu and I so do not want to be thier 'mum' hahaha

In terms of work, so far it has a been a social call, no actual work done yet. hehe My office mates however are so sweet! They wanted to open up an account for Dia as their gift to us however since only the mother can do that, they got me the form and the money instead! hehehe

Ok i better get back to getting to know my PC back. I have forgotten my way around it! LOL

Sunday, June 7, 2009