Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cramps and Backaches!!

I finally got around to buying new reading materials for my expressing purposes! One is by Dr Miriam Stoppard (love love love her books! and am already planning to get another one once I am done with this one) and Marie Claire! hahaha

Speaking of expressing I have been getting some-what low production lately and yesterday at noon (I think) I found out why.. Because I have been Bfing my Dia, some hormones are suppressed which resulted in my not having any periods.. Now that its been one year I think my hormones are back to normal and yes after 1 year I am having my 'monthly'! The cramps and backaches is back! *yikes* Funny story.. I went to the shop to get the necessary and I was just standing there for about 5 mins trying to figure out which one!!! LOL

Anyways hopefully once my 'monthly' is over my production will go back to normal and I can make up for the losses.. Here is a site in case any other Mommies out there want to find out more..

Oh I also found another book that I thought was interesting tadi.. Its a recipe book for the little ones.. I also almost bought that one however I think I will need to check with the hubs whether we are ready to explore other food options for Dia. We are a bit traditional on that part, sticking to only rice porridge..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Welcome home Hubs!

It rained early this morning and as a result the three of us took our time in getting up and getting ready for the day! hahaha Anjai is back and it feels good to have home back! hehe There are a couple of things I notice that I do or do not do when he is not around. I hardly switch on the TV when he is not around, I sleep on his side of the bed and I eat more junk food!!! I already feel fatter!! Tidakkk...... hahaha

We finally got around to putting Dia's gift from us together last Saturday afternoon. and here it is.. hehehe

Well actually my dad did like 70% of it.. hahaha what would I do without the men in my life??

Dia: Ok i am supposed to sit here and then?

Dia: I am supposed to slide down??

Dia: weeheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

We had a mini celebration at home for Aniz last night..

Her very last minute cake! Not too happy with Mum's Tutong.. Inda bisai and the service sana atu pun inda berapa siok!

She stared at her cake while we sang the birthday song.. She must be thinking how she was gonna cut around the Minnie Mouse

And then she cut right smack in the middle of Minnie's face! haha

Shoutout Reply:
CT: Thank you for reading my blog. There are a couple of things that can increase your EBM production.. One of the things I do is take Fenugreek Pills which can be bought at GNC or Nature's farm. Other than that I make sure I eat A LOT and not miss a meal especially breakfast. I usually eat like a king during breakfast! haha I also make sure I take in a lot of liquid. And on top of it all, keep a positive mind. I believe if niat tani tulus dan iklhas insyallah Allah will permudahkan perjalanan kitani.. Here is a website that maybe can help you :

Friday, March 26, 2010

Aniz will turn 2 tomorrow!

Happy Advanced Birthday to my niece Syaniz! She turns TWO tomorrow.. We'll have to wait for Uncle Jai to come home so we can have a mini-celebration okay.. hehehe

This photo was taken about an hour after she was born

This was when she was about 11 months

and this was taken last Sunday!

I have been getting disappointing outcomes when I express lately.. I only managed 8oz for the whole of yesterday which means I lost 1oz! Been taking my Fenugreek pills constantly and I worked really well last week but I just don't know why my production is really low this time around. Depressing eh! I ate rice for breakfast this morning so hopefully I get better results when I express later.. huhu Did my stock check yesterday and Alhamdulilah stock is still at 150oz! Phew!!

I am happy that Dia's appetite is back! Apparently she is bored of the local rice so my mum used beras wangi to make her porridge yesterday and banyak makan nya! Either the multi-vitamin really works or she is just really bored of the local rice.. whatever it is I am glad she is back to enjoying her meals.. hehehe

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shout Out Replies

First up! Shoutout Replies:
Shopaholic: Ok I admit, Anjai and I went a bit crazy with the cake! tapi nyaman kan?? My MIL even asked last night if we have some more left at home haha
Tina Adam: :P hehe oh and let me know once u figure out the copy and paste thingy ah! hahaha
a10: bah bah! We'll go over to KB next next weekend lah.. will text u if jadi ah! hehehe

Dia and I have been sleeping without Anjai for the past couple of nights as he had to work.. *boo hoo* Fortunately for us Anjai and his colleagues are allowed 4 hours in a day to go home unlike some other people.. hehehe

Pumping news: I only managed to express 4oz for the morning session yesterday and today.. It is soo depressing.. I haven't done my afternoon session so hopefully I get better results later.. boo hoo! Which also reminds me i need to do a stock check.. hehe

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Her First Birthday Party

We organized a birthday party for Dia on Sunday 21st March 2010. We had to consider Dia's nap time so party started at 3pm.. We had to make sure she took a nap before the party.. and alhamdulilah she was not fussy throughout the whole hot afternoon.. hehe

The 'feature' wall

My little butterfly getting ready for her party

Our garage we used as the venue

The butterfly shaped piniata..

Me with my two bestie who helped organized or rather ran the party for us! Thank you ladies for all your help.. party wouldn't have been a success iit it wasn't for you twoo.. *big hugs*

Anjai had a great idea of printing a shirt to be worn and we had a pic of Dia at the back! hehe

Her Birthday cake.. As you can see it was similar to her invitation card hehe

We also had some cupcakes made for other March celebrants.

The UFC fans!! hehehe

Cake cutting

JD says: whats with all the commotion?

the holics: Aku rasakan ada conspriracy disini. the wife was the emcee and the husband won the lucky draw item that the wife picked!!!! hmmmmm haha KIDDING!

happy happy family

It was time to smash the piniata open! hehe

the piniata rush

and the last game of the day was Musical chair for the kiddies

with my stargazers buddies

Danish and the band

Nadia looking at her cuppy

Dia with all her presents!!! and very excited to open up that little box! haha

Thanks for the presents everyone!

And one person even gave me a heart attack by placing a dress in an LV box!!! *looks over to Mas Kartina*

I take this opportunity to thank first and foremost the committee members namely TC and Shopaholic fro all your help.. Thank you guys!! Love you to bits and pieces! Then I would like to thank my family for all their help like putting up the decorations, blowing up the balloons, masakkan cucur bubuk, etc.. hehehe and last but not least we would like to thank everyone who came and all the presents! thank you thank you thank you.. We now have toys and clothes for the little princess to last us the whole year.. Unless I cannot resist the temptation that is! hehehe

Once again Thanks everyone!

P.S bagi siapa2 yang took photos during the party, please let me know as i would like to come over to your place and make copies of it! hehehe spank you!

12th cake

Morning peeps! how are you all this fine Tuesday morning? Me es sleeepyy cause hubs was not around (and will not be around for the next couple of days due to work commitment *boo hoo*) hence it was harder for me to fall asleep.. huhu

Here are some photos of Dia's mini-celebration held on the day she turned ONE! hehe

Her mini cake!

Singing the birthday song

We let her practice cutting her cake on her own.. hehe

and then her daddy let her lick some cream off the knife! *tsk tsk tsk*

Alhamdulillah Dia is now one and Friday was a happy happy day for me. I know this may sound ridiculous but when she turned one i felt like we overcame a big hurdle and we have made it! haha So to my dear husband, Congratulations! I look forward to going through this journey with you for many many MANY years to come.. hehehe

It was also a good day for me because with Dia turning one it means that I have achieved my mid-term goal of exclusively breastfeeding my darling daughter for a year! Syukur Alhamdulillah.. In all honesty I didn't ever think I would get this far especially when my BM only arrived 3 days after Dia was born.. so Horrayy to me and my Bs~ LOL I look forward to continuously BFing my Dia for the next year unless of course.. (I leave it to your imagination.. haha)

On Sat we took Dia for her appointment at the Clinic. There the nurse said something that's stuck to me.. She was saying that Dia's underweight and 'sepatutnya full BFing for the first 6 months then should be mixed to increase her weight'.. It left me speechless for a couple of minutes then i shrugged it off. It is our (Anjai and I) choice to BF her cause research shows that BF has a lot of benefits.. If it means that my baby will be smaller then other babies then be it!

So we asked the kind nurse re ways to increase her weight and according to her now that Dia is already one, we can give multi-vitamins.. We have started to give her Appeton multi-vitamins so hopefully it works and she will start to build up! hehehe

Dia strolling with her Daddy at the clinic

Friday, March 19, 2010

You are ONE today..

Dear Dia,

Happy Birthday my little angel.. You are a full one year old today.. I have to say I am lost for words so let me borrow a couple of lines from Usher.. 'My Gift for life is seeing the smile on your face, that's when all my troubles melt away. Holding you in my arms makes the world feel like a better place'. I thank god each and everyday that you are brought into our lives.. 

I know the biggest job for us is to teach you right when you are wrong.. So my darling daughter please understand that when Mummy say no, its not because I like the word 'No' so much.. its because I am trying to teach you. Be good my little angel.. Listen to Mummy, Daddy and your grannies.. 

I'll keep it short this time around.. Enjoy your birthday weekend sayang.. Be good and we hope you like your gift.. hehe

Lots and lots and lots and lots of LOVE,
Mummy and Daddy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

11 cakes..

so far.. and its not even her first birthday, YET! haha I have said this before, I know we are spoiling her silly! I guess now that is turning one we'll put the monthly cake to a stop.. (unless we want eat some.. I am sure that is a good enough excuse to buy a whole cake right? hehe)

For the past few days I have been reminiscing on what I was doing one year ago today.. I had terrible back ache and was very eager to hold Dia in my arms.. 

Life for Anjai and I has certainly changed a lot since we had Dia.. But what we have 'Gained' is certainly more than what we have 'Lost'.. Change is inevitable, its up to us to accept it or otherwise... Both Anjai and I have embraced the change in our life and with Dia, I found passion and a greater appreciation of LIFE..

Here is a collection of pictures taken during the last 19th of each month for the past 1 year.. 

Dia minutes after she was born..

At One month she already showed everyone what she can do with her eyebrows.. (inherited from her Mummy?? LOL) 

At Two months she was drooling over the pink cake (has a sweet tooth like her mum??)

At Three months, she showed curiousity on her 'cake'

At Four months she didn't like it when I force her to do things

At Five months, she showed she was the boss!

At Six months, we taught her how to cut her cake

At Seven months, her Daddy turned 33..

At Eight months, she was surprised to see cakes in cartoon shapes

At Nine months, Dia was listening to everyone sing the birthday song..

At Ten months, she posed for the camera

At Eleven months, her Daddy tried to teach her how to blow her own cake! hehe

So at 12 months... We shall see what she does tomorrow.. hehehe

Oh a quick birthday shout out to my SIL, Zaimah.. She turns a year older todayy.. Happy Birthday Mai From Eyen, Dia and I.. Hope you enjoy the cake and the mini-surprise *tee hee*