Friday, July 31, 2009


Hello my name is Nani, Nani McSleepy..

Two nights ago Dia woke up at 2.30 and only slept at 4.15am. Last night she woke up at 12.00-12.30, 2.00-2.30 then at 4-5am! Kenapa iaaaa... MommySarah and another colleague mentioned to me maybe because she is starting to sprout teeth, iatah gusi nya gatal.. so I googled it and this is what it says on one of the website.. 'An infant who's cutting a tooth may be cranky, especially at night when there are fewer distractions.' So I think we can forgive her for depriving Mummy and Daddy of thier sleep.. She didn't mean to be cranky.. hehe

Honestly I have mixed feelings with this whole growing gigi part.. Part of me is scared cos I have a feeling she will use her teeth to harm esp on my Nips! But of course part of me is Happy and Excited cos my baby is growing up.. hehe

Another thing I am excited about is Puasa.. Food just seem nicer in the fasting month! hehehe Oh and i am also excited cos Dia will finally get to meet Mummy's bestfriend Tracey this weekend!! hehe

Thursday, July 30, 2009

when Caca turns 4 years old.

Nadia before going downstairs

looking at her Barbie cake

group photo


Believe it or not, she hafal Surah Al-Fatihah so we asked her to recite it before before we eat

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Proud Mummy

We just got back from Nadia's monthly appointment at the clinic. She is now 5.725kg in weight, 63.5cm in height and head circumference is 40cm.. She had her polio drops and tetra shots. Daddy held her again this time and happy to report that she cried for 3 seconds and then quiet down! oh I can't tell u how proud i am this morning. And I think for the next shots onwards, her Daddy should hold her instead of me.. hehe

Polio drops

'inda nyaman eh drops ani'

Getting ready for her shot

Crying for 3 seconds and Daddy distracting her

Sunday, July 26, 2009

glup glup

i can hold my own bottle

Friday, July 24, 2009

Graduation day

Today one of my best friend is graduating with her Masters Degree in Australia.. may i add that she is graduating with a Distinction! So to my best friend, Tracey, Congratulations on your achievements!! We are all very very proud of you! Now that you are done with your studies, its time to come home and we are all very excited to have you back. Brunei missed you...

Once again,


Love, Hugs & Kisses
Nani, Jai & Nadia

BTW i know you said you will self quarantine for 7 days when you get back here hence wil not be able to see you immediately but call me ah! hehehe Love you cih!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Preferences & Productivity

Lately Dia has developed a preference to my right B. Now this would mean that Mrs Left is full, and sometimes to the point that it hurts. And the only way to relieve me of the pain and also to ensure productivity is to pump, which is what has happened for 3 nights in a row where i pump at 3am. I havent googled on this but have spoken to a couple of BF buddies and according to them, the baby/child will eventually get over it and get back to liking both Mrs Left and Mrs Right.

Other than that, its now day 5 of Dia eating solids and this morning my maid reported to me that she seems like she wants more so i gave her the green light to increase dosage from 3 spoons of cereal to 4. She also reported that on a few occasions, Dia cries when she sees other people eating and when she is given baby bites, diam tia tarus. So I guess that is a good sign that she has adapted this ritual of eating very well.. And the news certainly perked me up this morning. hehe

With her eating solids, it means that her BM intake will decrease so I have prepared 4 sets of 3oz for Dia instead of the normal 5. Looking at the past 2 days of pumping at work, I can say that my pumping rate remains the same. So i guess this is a good thing with fasting month coming up real soon where my thinking is that BM productivity will decrease . So time to stock up on EBMs.. Which reminds me I better conduct a stock check over the weekend as I have no idea how much EBM i have atm.

I have so far not taken any supplements to increase productivity since the first 2 weeks of Dia life but I am thinking perhaps I should during Puasa.

Other than that work has been hectic and testing.. Mencuba dan menduga kesabaran.. Oh thank god its Friday tomorrow~~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introducing Solids

Her journey to her first meal started off with a few arguments with my mother. She wanted to introduce Dia food at 4 months because Dia is tiny and she wants to fatten her up. I want to only introduce food when Dia reaches 6 months as recommended by many articles found on the world wide web. In the end I gave up and let my mother have her way.. Besides after reading up on the signs of a baby ready for her first solid food, Dia fullfills all of them. So I made my peace with it.

I initially wanted to give Dia bubur nasi but my mother said bagi nestum saja.. she said if bagi bubur it might be too kasar for Dia and even after i told her we will blend it to make sure that its not kasar, masih jua ia kan bagi Nestum. Fine, I let her have her way again.. In all honesty I was too tired to fight her..

So the husband, Dia and I went out to look for her food.

At Hua Ho but we found none that says 4 months so we decided (and after suggested by the husband's fren) to made our way to Supa Save

This thing tastes kinda funky! Thanks Aunty Yani for the Carrier! Now my Mummy & Daddy inda lagi sangal angkat Dia if jalan-jalan hehe

Waah.. Choices! and Its so Colorful!

We finally found a couple of items that is specifically made for 4 months old and we decided on FAREX rice cereal. We mixed the cereal with BM. hehe

Here are pictures taken of her 2nd meal (1st was on video) and Alhamdulilah, she seems to enjoy her meal and alhamdulilah, she has no problem swallowing.

She also seem to be interested in her spoon! Hairan ia kali this orange object going towards her mouth.. haha

She realised she was being photographed


Kenyang eeeh

And time to play with Elmoo.. hehe

Besides introducing cereal to her, we also decided to introduce roti hehe I think she enjoys the roti more than the cereal cos she can hold the roti and puts it in her mouth.

Nyum Nyum

again, BEJABIH! hahaha

4th month celebrations

As if its a ritual we had a mini celebration for Dia.. I know this is a bad habit of buying her cake each month and i am spoiling her silly tapi.... I want to eat cake wah! hahaha

the cake

Where is my cakeee!

Mummy: Tu nah cake Dia
Dia: Oh! hehe

Kaka Momoi, Siring sikit. Dia kan Tiup lilin ni..

eeeh, karas jua cake ani, payah Dia potong..

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Advanced 4 Months

My Dia,

You are almost 4 months old now and I am writing this as I watch you sleep peacefully in your cot. Time really have flown so fast and I feel that you have grown so much! Looking at the third month milestones, I believe you have done all of them.. Good job my darling.. Although please don't feel pressured by the stuff that Mummy wants you to do.. Learn at your own pace my love.. Mummy is just like any other Mummy and is very eager for you.

I hope you enjoy your outings this month. Well we Did! Its so fun to take you out nowadays and as Aunt Dina said, I can't wait for you to be old enough to be able go to Jungle gym. hehe You went to your first play date this month and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. But don't worry girl, shaving off the hair only happens to boys. You will get to keep your hair (even if its so sikit.. hehe). 

You also went through circumcision.. Mummy is very proud on how brave you are that day and u know what, you no longer have to go through it ever again, unlike Abg Adam, JD, Darwish and Darwisy, they will go through it when they are older.. hehehe We also introduced more toys to you know and I know you like them especially the bumper cot cos you just love pulling it towards you! hehe

You have developed an odd sleeping pattern lately where you will sleep at 8.30pm and then wake up in the middle of the night for about an hour and then fall back to sleep. Although there were some occasions where you wake up super early and stay awake till its time for Mummy and Daddy to get ready to work. I have to say I don't mind it that much cos when you wake me up at those hour and when I see you smile, I feel super blessed to have you in my life. Although my darling, can you scream a little louder so you can wake your Daddy up too? hehe 

Oh what I do mind is that you seem to sleep well in you cot for the first half of the night and after your mid-night feeding, you seem to refuse to go back! I suppose Mummy is to blame as well since I sometime am too lazy to carry you back however, lets make a promise to each other that we will try harder K? I promise to TRY my best and carry u back in your cot after each feeding and you shall promise that you will TRY to stay in the cot and not ask to be brought back to Mummy & Daddy's bed. Ok? 

You have been hearing talk about feeding you solids from both me and your Nini Girl.. Well now that you are 4 months old, its time.. Are you ready my love? I have to say I am a tad nervous about the whole thing but am very excited for you.. I hope you enjoy your first meal and Insyallah Daddy will be there to record the whole thing so that you will be able to see it when you are all grown up! hehehe

Ok I better join you in slumberland.. Good night my darling daughter and a happy advance 4 months! Mummy and Daddy Loves you very very much! Be good now my Sayang..


Friday, July 17, 2009

Playdate number 2

Darwish and his parents came over yesterday last afternoon for a short playdate hehe

Darwish lampuhh hehe

Dia: Darwish, stay still pls, tani begambar wah ni.. hehe

Darwish: Yeay dapat tangan Dia!
Dia: eh, what you doing?

Holding hands

Dia: Stoppp!
Dariwsh: Boring eh Dia ani, nangis2.. hehe

Nadia on 15th July 2009

Dia had a busy day during HM's 63rd Birthday and here are some pictures taken..

She started off by waking up at 4.30am, playing with us and staying up.. So when the sun raised we decided to go downstairs and take her out for an early stroll(at6.30am!)..

Daddy: Bah Dia, since Dia inda mau tidur, jln2 tani ah
Dia: Ok Daddy

Since there were no cars on the road we decided to take her on our simpang road. We even went to my Uncle's place and said hello to my Aunty who was cleaning her compound.. hehe

Willy (lurus kah spelling nya?) on the stroller

After her shower and nap, we found her terrorising her cot bumper

And this is how she lookd like when she realised we caught her and taking her photo as evidence! hehe

And when I was not looking, this is what the Daddy did! Oh Em Gee!

Then it was time to go out for Dia's first play date with Abg Adam and JD..

The staring game with her toy..

after 5 mins, she was past asleep.. hehe

JD: Aunty Nani stop taking photos and give me to my Mum cos i want milk!!!

Dia: JD, soon enough u will be able to do this too.. hehe

Adam: I can do this too, in fact lama sudah Abg Adam pandai buat ni
Dia: Show off eh Abg Adam ani..

Mummies & thier babies.. Eh hang on, where is Mas & Adam?

Then we decided to shave Adam's head. The barber, Joe! hehe
The Begining

The Middle

The End

I told u Dia had a busy day last Wednesday! We were pooped butwe had soo much fun!

To Joe, Dina & JD: Thank you for having us and hosting the event. Lets make it a monthly thing! hehe and in time for Adam's next haircut? hehehe
To Mamat, Mas & Adam: Great company as usual!
and yes you too Fakrin.. hehehe

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Her first jeans..

.. was Levi's.. hehe We finally dressed her up in her first jeans and here is how she looks like! hehe

Hello Mummy

With her Matching Bip! hehe

We went toy shopping last sat and I placed her colorful bumper while she was sleeping and boy she was surprised! hehe

Her hand flailing around

Reaching out to her cot bumper and looking at herself in the mirror..

'Thank you Mummy and Daddy' And this is also my wallpaper now.. hehe

We also decided to play a little game with Dia too.. Lets see if she can reach her Elmo..

'Oooh.. Elmoooo'

Want to bite!


Almost there

'Ngalih Dia eh!'

'Can U just give me the Elmo to me.. Ngalih wah'

Moving forward

Almost there

One more push

Got it!

Later in the morning we went for our weekly visit to Anjai's place..
Nadia & Alya

Face off!