Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dia's second visit to the MCH

She was due for her second visit yesterday. Getting ready was better this time, more organised than before however Mummy's nerves was no different.. The thought of my baby being given a shot.. yikes!

Dia all ready to go to the clinic


and this is Dia when she was given the shot!

.. a you can see she cried a bucket!!! I still cringe when i see the whole video..

Dia sleeping in d car after the visit.. ngalih kali ia nangis2 or could it be the Panadol that the nurse gave her immediately after being given the shot? hehehe

I have been thinking about buying a bigger fridge for sometime now to store EBMs. We thought since i am due to go back to work soon and i really have a bad habit of wanting to make sure everything is in order before i go, we decided to go ahead and buy one.. *tee hee*

Deciding which one to get was a tough one! Do we go for brands? Freezer or Fridge? In the end we decided on a fridge.. a RED one! Well we leaned that way not because of the color, more because it has a good freezer size and the freezer area is organised in a drawer like manner which i figure will allow me to store my EBMs in a better and more organised way.. 

Dia on Mummy's new Fridge

Dia: WOW! Look at all my food!!! Yummyyyyyy

We LOVE this photo of her!


Dear Aunty Tracey,

See you soon too and my parents say Hi back! *wink*


Dia & her Mummy part 2

(attempt number 2)

Here is a short video of Dia playing or talking with yours truly *tee hee*

SUCCESSS *jumping with joy*

Credit goes to TC for teaching the IT challenged individual.. LOL

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dia & Her Mummy

We had a post on Dia with Her Daddy so now its time for a session with her Mummy.. hehe Pics taken by Anjai.. hehe

Dia: Hello Daddy..

Dia: Hello Mummy..

Dia: Yeay a Kiss!

Mummy: Dia look at the Camera..
Dia: Yes Mummy..

Dia: HEP! Jgn kacau Dia main sama Mummy

Dia: Ok Ok, If you insist Daddy.. You can join us..

Peek a boo!

Dia: Whazzupp..

Dia: *yawn*

Smiling with your eyes (?!?)

Angkat tinggi tinggi

Mummy: Yipieee
Dia: Main anii lagii.. nada game baru kah Mummy?

Dia: Finally a rest! Ngalih eh..

As you can see my darling daughter is a fan of the camera.. much like the mother i suppose.. hehehe

and a special shout out to the husband.. Thanks for the gift sayangg... i am LOVING it! thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunny Sunday

As if its a ritual for the husband and I, we went out today to run some errands. Unfortunately we had to leave Dia at home.. It was too hot of a day to take her out and we were planning to visit my colleagues over at the Energy Fair in Taman SOAS.. Have i mentioned that it was a cloudless sunny sunday? Panasss... Most of them was surprised to see me there and of course all asked where Dia was.. hehehe Soon my dear colleagues, we will drop by the office, soon.. hehehe

And after doing one of our errands, we bumped into Darwish and his parents!

And when he turned around, it says STARGAZERS on his shirt! Rupanya on the way to sokong our netball team, STARGAZERS. Who i just heard did not won the 1st place but played very very well throughout the whole tournament.. (Well done ladies..) hehehe

Then off for a quick visit to.. Baby JD!!! 

Those are all the pics taken from my tiny and battered pocket camera.. Pics from Energy Fair is with the Husband.. hehehe Apologies for the lack of quality.. hehe

Since Dia didn't join us in our earlier activities, we decided to take Dia out and drop by Shopaholic's place to visit her.. And since her wedding is 2 weeks away, she is in Full Wedding mode! hehehehe Everything looks great Bie!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Attempt Numero Uno

I DID IT!! I managed to transfer videos from the handycam to the laptop then signed up for you tube, uploaded the video and post the link here!! Not bad for a self confessed IT challenged individual.. hehehe
I initially wanted to post up the whole video here but uploading it on blogger was a b*tch (well i suppose the brunei connection is to blame). So anyways, click on the link below to see Dia playing.. hehehe

back by popular demand..

We decided to celebrate Dia's 2nd month birthday yesterday and we decided to buy the same cake as we did for Shopaholic. Well to be honest, Dia's birthday was just an excuse to buy a cake and eat some! har har

Dia: Ooohh..Its the cake that Auntie Bibie got. *DROOL*

Blowing the two candles away

Caca: I hope i get a piece of that cake..

We decided to place a musical mobile on Dia's bed on Sunday and we LOVE how she responds to it. I have a video of it so will try to share her moments with you all soon k? hehehe

And this is what happens after she is tired of playing (and full on BM)

Speaking of BM, I am thinking of getting a second pump. The husband is probably shaking his head when he reads this *tee hee* and probably saying 'untuk apa lagi?'. Not that i dont love the Medela FS (how can i not love it when i can just sit, watch my TV and it pumps for me). The reason is that I want to use it as spare and to be used at home whereas the current one will be used when i am at work. I am thinking of getting the Avent Mannual pump and my i add that it is currently on sale? hehe Should I? or Shouldn't I?

Seems like fertility rate is off the roof lately! One of my friend *wink* is preggies and last night i found out that 2 of my colleagues is also preggies! haha One of my colleague is already blaming me for the increased fertility rate in the office! LOL

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

happy 2 months

Dear Dia,
Happy 2 months my sayang.. Looking back at your old pics, we can see that you have grown up.. Your face is chubbier, you are a tad taller and a tad heavier. Mummy should know cause when i feed you my arms now tire easily compared to before. but i dont mind.. honest! haha
You also have 2 new friend. One boy called JD and a girl called Azra. I hope you can be good friends with them, as good as Mummy is with thier parents.
Last time Mummy wrote to you, i asked you to be good while being given your bath and i think you have improved a lot. You now only cry when Mummy wipes your face and shampoo your hair but when you get in the tub, you seem to enjoy it very much. On one occassion you didn't even cry once. Keep it up my dear..
Other than less cries during your bath, you now also can reply to us when we talk to you. You can also smile to us. The first time it happened Mummy was so happy that I almost cried! Your Daddy said a couple of times that you get your cries from me! I guess my being a cry baby doesn't fall far huh?
Over the past couple of days Mummy has placed you on a bottle regime during the day. Please understand my sayang that i am only doing this because i neeed to train you for the days when Mummy goes to work. Mummy also been leaving you at home with your nini girl and Aunty when she goes out and its for the same reason. Not beacuse Mummy loves you less..Mummy was also concerned if you are taking enough milk. I hope you are and if ever you feel thirsty my sayang, just scream as loud as you can k?
We also have been taking you out more. In this month alone, you went to your Yadu & Yaki's place twice and to BSB thrice. I do hope you enjoy your outings as much as we did although i do wish you scream and cry less when we are at the shops. Malu eh when ppl look our way.. hehe
You have another trip to the clinic soon where you will be given.. yes my sayang, another shot. I know you don't like it much but those shot are good for you.. Mummy will try to get a video of you being given the shot this time. That way when you get older you get to see your face squirms.. (and possibly Mummy's face too) hehehe
ok then, be good my sayang.. Once again, Happy 2 months and remember Mummy & Daddy Loves you very very much..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Is it enough?

Happy Monday y'all.. I have 3 weeks of hols left and it leaves me with mixed feelings.. *sigh* While I was preparing Dia's Bottles last friday it got me thinking if Dia is feeding enough. And how much milk is she suppose to consume at her age. So i googled it and discovered that this concern is shared by a lot of BF mothers out there.. hehe

Anyways, reading up on the matter, she is suppose to consume approximately 25oz per 24hrs i.e. an average of 1oz per hr. I did my calculation and since she takes 10oz from 7am - 5pm (10 hrs) kira ok lah tu and since i can't measure how much she is taking in while being direct fed i can only assume that she takes about enough however it did say on the websites that in the evenings they usually get less so last night i decided to feed her, even when she isn't showing signs to wanting to be fed or crying. To my delight and surprise, Mau jua ia! haha and I decided to increase the amount of milk per bottle this morning from 2oz per bottle to 2.5oz.. 

Another concern I and Anjai had was if i can produce the amount that she takes in and if i am able to maintain my current EBM supply.. I have been keeping track of how much i express and so far i produce about 7oz per 15mins of pumping and since i pump twice during the day (once at 10am and once at 3pm), i think i should be able to maintain, or even increase my supply.. *alhamdulillah* (and so the dry run continues..)

So anyways, here are some pics taken over the weekend..

Saturday: Dia's second visit at Yadu & Yaki's place..

Alya: What is that thing with the orange light?

Dia sleeping - With her mouth open! LOL

Alya & Dia playing with the grandparents

Sunday: the parents went out and left Dia at home, which i am thankful that we did cos it rained heavily in BSB. Didn't take much pics (cos its not that fun w/o Dia in d pic) but i would like to share what we ate.. heheh I finally had my Japanese and we also tapau-ed Bakerlyn cakes! *yumm*

Friday, May 15, 2009

For Auntie Bibie

Dear Auntie Bibie,

First of all, Happy 27th birthday.. Mummy told me she went over to your place this afternoon to surprise you with a cake. Mummy told me you were very surprised and she hopes that even tho you are busy with your wedding prep, her surprise will add sparkle to your day.. Sorry I didn't manage to see you and greet you personally but i hope this letter will suffice. Anyways, Happy birthday once again Auntie Bibie.. Take care and hope you have a blast!


p.s. Mummy promise me that she will bring me the next time she goes over your house *tee hee*

Oh that cake looks nice.. I wander how old i will be when i am allowed to eat my first cake..

popular date

I know 4 people sharing the same birthday today so...

a Happy Happy Birthday to:

Bibie, Mas Kartina, Sasa & Fadzil! 

Hope you all have a blast!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Its a boy!!

Congratulations to Joe & Dina on their new bundle of joy! We dropped by to RIPAS at lunch time and i have to say Putiiihh anak nya! And looks like the mummy! hehe (sorry no pics) once again, Congratulations Guys! Enjoy parenthood! 

Dina was the last of my pregnant buddies to give birth and i am so happy and glad that all went well for all of us.. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

Today was day one of my dry run and from 7am to 5pm, Dia consumed a total of 10Oz.. I am trying to keep track of all her consumption during the day so i have a rough idea on how much to prepare when i go back to work.. and also trying to strategize when to pump. hehe

Oh Happy Birthday to my oldest and a very very good friend, Shopaholic! (esok pulang actually nya hehe) Have a great one Bie!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All nighter

Dia just pulled an all night-er! *Yawn* She decides to wake up and stay up from 2am to about 5am! I suppose we are to blame as we just let her sleep and wake up whenever she wants. Guess i need to do better at training her *sigh* 

With 8th June 2009 (the day i go back to work) seems to loom very close at a quick pace, i need to start thinking about.. everything, well mostly about feeding Dia while i am at work! Ok lets break it down.
1. Need to prepare BM in bottles for Dia. I figured i still maintain at 2Oz each bottle but how many bottles should i prepare? (need some mathematics here! LOL)
2. Do I Direct feed Dia before i go to work? But what if she is still sleeping?
3. Do I pump before i leave for work?
4. How many times do i pump at work? If its more than once, means that i need to be prepared to wash and dry the equipment.
5. At what time do i need to wake up in order to ensure i have enough time to do everything before i head to work?

So i guess the way to find out is to have a dry run.. I'll do that esok lah since i have already Direct fed Dia this morning after her bath.. 

I suppose all of this will be easier if i decide to mix Formula (FM) and BM, as kindly pointed out by one of my aunties! So my mum and i just smiled and kept our comments to ourselves (oh how glad i am to have a supportive mother! and one who doesn't pressure me to give FM to Dia). I am standing my ground and I shall exclusively give BM to Dia for as long as i can (where the aim is until she is 2 yrs old). Besides i know myself, i know that if i start to give FM to Dia, i will slack in the areas of BF. Jgn tah jauh, now that my container of EBM is full, i find that i slack in terms of pumping! *sigh*

Ok i better go and give myself a good pep talk! But before that, is it normal for me to still carve for food even after i have had Dia? haha I am so craving for Cake, Strawberry shortcake from Bakerlyn to be particular and also Japanese food! *sia sia pun* hahaha

Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy weekend

Elo peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates! Its been a busy weekend for Dia and her parents! hehehe 

It started with a visit to a Pediatric clinic in Kiarong. I try not to worry or panic at every corner of my journey as a new mother but for the past weeks Dia has been vomitting or rather 'muak'.. Sometimes its the amount she threw up sikit, sometimes banyak. What worries me the most is that sometimes the vomit comes out of her nose! Now even as adults, when that happens to us, padas kn rasanya? So i went and asked the Drs in Tutong Clinics and they seem to just dismiss it saying that since her weight gain is ok, its normal and advised us to just keep on burping her after every feed (which we do!). As i said before i try not to panic but i just can't stand it when i hear my baby cry so we went to visit the Dr in Kiarong and he kindly explained to us that the reason why Dia vomits is because of the air trapped in her and the reason why it comes out of her nose is because the bubble of air is to big and when it 'bursts' it comes out of Dia's nose. He prescribe 'Wind drops' which will help her to burp more and have smaller burps. So far, alhamdulilah we think that the med is working..

Then after the visit to the Dr, a trip to the computer shop in Kiulap and then Lunch with P at Nonya Serusop! Now this was an experience for us! This is the first time we have taken Dia out for a meal and we were a bit nervous.. Takut Dia mengusut.. And well she kinda did.. She was kusut kan tidur! So Anjai n I had to take turns to eat while the other cradles Dia.. hehehe P, sorry u didn't hold Dia, as u can see, we were nervous parents! We'll do better next time round hehe and hopefully the others will be able to join us then. After lunch a trip to the fabric shop and then head home as we were all pooped!

Sunday outing was a trip to Tina's place for a scheduled photoshoot for Dia. hehehe But since i haven't seen the gang in ages we decided to have lunch prior to the shoot.. Thanks Tina for having us at your place.. We had a great time and great company as usual. So anyways back to the shoot! It was amazing how Dia can cry cry cry and then when there is a camera, she quiets down and look at the lens! hahaha anyways, here is a photo posted up by Lens! Haven't seen the rest of the pics but i'm sure they are great!

Ngalih ku masih eh! ok bye! 

Oh before i forget, Thanks Mommy Sarah and Happy Mother's day to you too.. And you are indeed correct.. the first time for us.. hehehe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dia has a new friend!

A million Congratulations to a dear friend Rani & Azlan for the birth of their baby girl! Syukur alhamdulillah, everything went well...  I am so very very happy for her! And now, Dia has a new friend! hehehe

Its 7th May today which means i have 1 month left till i have to go back to work.. *sigh* Part of me looks forward to going back to work but part of me... I can't imagine not seeing Dia for more than 8 hrs!!! Yesterday my mum said that Dia should sleep with her in the afternoon, to train her.. Mula2 ok then after about 2 hrs my mum came to my room with Dia and said that Dia inda tidur nyaman.. So we will try again later today..

One more month to Shopaholic's big day and i just realised i have no outfit for her big day.. Hoping to get some fabric over the weekend and hoping that the tailors will be able to make my baju just in time! hahaha

Monday, May 4, 2009

Trip back to Yadu & Yaki's Place

Happy Monday y'all! How's everyone?  Well anyways, Dia went on a trip yesterday and it was a trip that we have been waiting for since Dia was born.. It's a trip back to Anjai's place.. We arrived there around 9.30am and only got home at 5.30pm! Boy we were pooped! haha but it was so nice and fun cos everone was there, all of Anjai's siblings and all 3 grandchildren. 


Dia all dressed up and ready to go

Dia: Daddy, Siapa kan pigang Dia ani?

Dia: Mummyyy! Daddy inda mau jawap Dia punya question.. Siapa kan pigang Dia ani?

Dia: Oooh.. Yantut (great grandmother) Diaa.. hehehe 

Dia & Yadu

Yadu & Abg Darwisy

Angah Eboy & Kaka Alya

Then come the photo session!!
(From left: Alya (Eldest, born in Jan); Darwisy (Middle, born early March); Nadia (Youngest, born middle March) 
Main pasing-pasing dorang..

Darwisy & Dia: Eh jgn th pigang tangan Kaka Alya, ia inda pakai sarung tangan..

Dia says: 'Hip Hip Horray!'

Calm & Serene


Saturday, May 2, 2009

Early Saturday Morning

Dia has a habbit of waking up really early and this morning she woke up at 6.30 wanting some attention.. While playing with her, we noticed that she kept on looking at her baby bouncer so we figured, its time... to let her sit in it..  She enjoyed it for a while then started to cry after 2 mins! haha anyways, here are some pics taken..

'Eh mcm siok jua duduk sini ani'

'ok ok, i'll pose for Aunty TC'


Dear Aunty TC,

I have never met you but Mummy says that you guys have been friends for ages so i am assuming you are ok... (Jadinya my mummy kn stay friends with you if you are not ok kan? haha) And she told me you got me the bouncer all the way from from the land down under.. Thank you for the gift and although I cried after a while, i promise i will enjoy it more once i get bigger k? hehe Thank you again and see you in July..