Saturday, March 28, 2009

For your viewing pleasure..

Here are some photos taken during the first 24 hours of Dia's life.. There's more but will need more time to upload soon... hehe

Dia given a shot on her left arm..
Screaming her lungs out!
And then sleeping it off, peacefully..

Main julur2 sama Mummy nya.. haha

With Aunty Bibie..

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Challenge (s) so far..

The biggest challenge for me so far is Breastfeeding.. I wrote a couple of times before that i am determined and BF my baby.. Well it just comes to show that things don't go as we planned.. Right after giving birth, they gave Nadia to me to feed which i did and try to do so throughout day 1. I asked the nurses in the ward if there is any milk and they confidently say to me 'ada tu eh' and at one point i did ask another nurse if i can pump just so i can see if there is any milk but she says no. 

Throughout day 1, Dia was in and out of sleep and when family came to visit me they said maybe Dia is hungry.. So i took out the pump and my suspicion was indeed correct.. I am not producing enough milk for Dia.. I felt like i have Failed.. despite the fact that i drank lots of Milo and took the fenugreek pills.. Apparently This hardly happen to mothers and most of them produce milk like immediately.. Some even produce even before baby arrives! So can u imagine how i felt? I felt like such a bad mother!!! 

I was crying inside cos other than feeling like a failure, i hate to think of what will happen to Dia if she doesn't get enough milk. Jaundice being one of the possible things that can happen to her. Anjai's cousin was kind enough to go home and lend us her baby's bottle, thermos and formula.. Although formula was not an option for me before this but i have to do what's best for Dia.. 

I made a promise to myself that evening, while looking at Dia sleeping that i will do EVERYTHING in my power to produce milk.. With tears in my eyes, i prayed a silent prayer and hoped for the best.

The moment we got home on Saturday morning, i drank up on Milo, Milk for breastfeeding mothers, Milk Maid Tea, took the fenugreek pills, ate veggies that my mum says can help to produce milk, massage with hot towels and even put Cabbage leaves on my boobs (as recommended by one of my aunt).. I also continued to pump.. 

Syukur Alhamdulilah, its been 8 days and my milk production has shown very good progress.. I started with being able to only pump 1oz on Day 4 and now able to pump up to 6oz! Syukur Alhamdulilah.. Dia can now drink milk direct from its factory without being angry cos there is not enough milk and is now able to phase out formula.. Syukur akhamdulilah.. Mudahan it will continue to increase production.. Amin amin! 

Other than BF, my next challenge is giving Dia a bath!!! I know most people say she is loud like me but my My MY! I get really scareddd.. So i get my mum or my 2 SILs to help me with this.. Thats another challenge that i have yet to overcome but will do so insyallah.. Sabar.. *tee hee*

With that i have to say i am very very thankful for having a great support system around me.. Not only my immediate family but also cousins who go through the extra mile to help us.. Anjai's cousin and wife being one very close example and one that i will remember the rest of my life..  

P.S. Please excuse my emotional post.. A lot has happened for the past week and i am just emotional.. Can i still blame it on hormones kah? hahaha

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The real thing...

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps!!!!! Syukur Alhamdulilah, the deed is done! We are done with Pregnancy and have now embarked on parenthood.. Syukur Alhamdulilaah.. 

Ok so here's the low down on what happened.. 

I wrote on my last post that i experienced Braxton hicks on early Wednesday morning. The contractions continued on till early Thursday morning and continued to come randomly.. When I went for my weekly appointment Thursday morning, told the Dr what i have been experiencing n told her about the brownish discharge.. She did the Viginal Examination and i was 2cm along!!! And she said i will give birth that evening or early d next morning..  Can u imagine how i felt at that time? Happy, relieved, excited, nervous, scared... All at the same time.. and in my head i thought, 'Iatah ni.. This is It..'

As Anjai, my parents and aunt insisted that i give birth in RIPAS, we headed to BSB right away but with a quick detour for an early lunch at Excapade.. *tee hee* Anjai was worried that i might give birth while enjoying my slamon teriyaki but as i have been reading usually labour for 1st babies lasts for 10 hrs so was confident that baby will not come out there.. hehe

We reached RIPAS at 12noon, went to the labour room and got myself checked up again.. I was then 3cm along.. They admitted me to the 1st stage labour room where i was suppose to wait till i was 5cm along.. Now this took a long time! I mentioned that my contractions was random, well it kept on like that.. 

It wasn't until 10pm when i was moved to the labour room.. and one the reason was that the labour room was fully occupied.. Ramai org beranak yaw! Funny thing happened when i moved.. I broke down and cried! hahaha Entah mengapa kah i was crying and at one point i laughed at myself for crying (laughing and crying at the same time, how very typical of me! hahaha) It was tears of joy that i was finally gonna do the deed! They also wanted to wheel me into the labour room but i insisted on walking there! We had to make 2 stops along the way cos i felt my contractions.. hahaha

So i was in the labour room and the contractions really started coming around 11pm! I will not lie.. The pain was unbearable! It was SEVERE period cramps! I felt like passing out from the pain and maybe i did! haha So the Midwife gave me a shot of pain killer (entah apa kah namanya) which is suppose to reduce the pain and make me feel sleepy.. Banar eh! Pain is still there and i was sleeepyyy... Oh and since my water has not broken yet, they broke it.. And true to what people say, it is like peeing.. hehe

So how does it fell when Nadia was about to come out? Like i want to POO!!!! Like a huge POO! haha Told Anjai & Midwife that i wanted to poo skali she was like bah go ahead and in my head, 'serious kah ia ani?' then tot, eh baby ni kan keluar... So I went ahead and pushed! I think it took me 4 push, 2 being small push and the later 2 being HUGE ones! When Nadia came out, I felt a sense on relief.. Then when i heard her cry for the first time, I had a huge grin on my sleepy face!!! haha From there on i was in and out.. Even when they stitched me up haha..

So there's my account on what happened, although i might miss out some details cos i was in and out of sleep.. Anjai will be able to give you a more accurate account kali cos he was there from the very beginning..  I am very thankful for that cos honestly throughout the whole process, i only heard his voice.. Midwife's voices was just background noise to me.. His presence and encouragement was the thing that got me through!  Thank you syg! *sob sob* 

So here are the first few pictures taken of Nur Imaan Nadia taken by Anjai in the Labour Room.. 

Nur Imaan Nadia Muhammad Zainurin was born at 11.32pm on 19th March 2009. She was 3.170 kg and is 55cm in height.. 

Oh apologies for the lack of updates peeps.. hehe Been quite tied up with adjusting to being a mother and also recuperating.. Till then!

Nani, Anjai & Nadia

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Being a first time mother, I didn't know how 'contractions' felt like.. Some describe it as the feeling of wanting to Poo and some described it as severe period cramps.. After going what i went through the whole day today, i have to say i have to agree with the latter.. It started at 4am when i woke up to pee.. We were prepared to go the RIPAS by 9am but we realized that the pain came at random intervals..  I decided to wait it out and by the afternoon I realized that its braxton hicks!!! SASPEN-det kamiiiii... hahaha

I have another appointment with the Drs tomorrow and according to my Aunt, since the Drs considered me being in week 40, they might induce labour.. I was hoping to avoid that but i guess i'll take whatever i can.. hahaha But Anjai is hopeful that the actual contractions will come this subuh and will give birth ala natural tomorrow... I also had brown color mucus coming out of me (*eww factor*). First time was yday morning and then 4am onwards today... They say that this is one of the signs so i am very hopeful!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yeap its another Monday and i am still waiting.. waiting to give birth! At one point a few weeks ago i was scared and wanted to give labor when i reach the full 40 weeks but now.. I want it out now.. not that I don't enjoy the pregnancy (and the shopping and eating whatever i wish *tee hee*) but I just can't wait to hold Baby in my arms.. And my back has been killing me and I am in no mood to work.. haha

So anyways, happy 39 weeks to baby.. As per the calendar below, Baby has been moving much much less and i try not to worry as they say this is normal due to limited space..

I wrote 2 posts ago re my cousin's wife Akina, well well well.. She decides to jump the queue and gave birth last night, at 36 weeks!!! *yipee* Congratulations Yawai & Ejah on the baby boy! Although i haven't met my nefew yet but his Abah says that he is 2.8kg!! I can't wait to meet him later.. hehehe To Ejah: kan kan, ko beranak dulu.. hahahaha

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I was left speechless when i found out yesterday.. A friend was involved in a car accident in Jerudong and she did not make it..


Drive safe people..

Friday, March 13, 2009

Olympic Runner

Happy Friday all... I felt like it has been such a long week when we only had a 4 day work week.. well 3.5 days for me (hehe).. I guess now that i am so iski for leave, the days just seem longer..

I have officially begun my handover process to my colleagues last Tuesday, starting with the office mobile phone! hehe and also my emails!! I have taught her how to do check my emails (not that she is not capable of doing it on her own but ani specific instructions bah). Now that i am done with my payroll processing for the Month of March, i can fully concentrate on completing my handover process to everyone else, giving room for colleagues to practice for the next couple of days and ask me any questions should they have any.. hehe Syukur! now i can rest easy..

Went for my appointment yesterday and syukur CTG shows baby is ok although they took a longer one this time.. Nya Dr atu mcm olympic runner CTG chart nya! hehe

When i got home my mum told me that Akina was admitted in RIPAS. I learned that she was admitted because there is a possibility of cyst forming on/in her placenta which may reduce the blood supply to baby.. She is 34 weeks along and due to deliver mid April (i may be wrong on this) and there is a probability that they might have to induce labor in order to reduce danger to baby.. Apparently cases like this is rare.. Not sure what caused the formation of the cyst as her previous Ultrasound shows everything was normal.. Insyallah will visit later today after work.. I pray for both mummy and baby.. mudahan saja semua ok..

oh a Belated birthday shout out to AH's mum, Huaida.. hope you had a great day yday girl! hehe

and have a great weekend ahead y'all!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ticking time bomb

Happy tuesday all.. And apologies for not blogging yesterday.. I was pre-occupied with lazing and resting as I was feeling a bit under the weather.. So will need to get better..

I had an urut session with my grandmother over the weekend and she says that baby is fully engaged and that all is in order or her words 'kamas sudah'. She says that it is a good thing as it will be easier for me during labor.. She also predicts that baby will come in 2-3 days time.. Funnily enough the Dr kept on saying to us that it can be anytime now too and that if I feel any sort of pain just go to the hospital.. I feel like a ticking time bomb haha

Part of me is scared when hearing comments re early delivery but part of me is excited and wants it to happen soon.. Scared because of the obvious but also for the baby.. I know baby is in good condition if he/she comes out now and last time we checked it being around 3kg in weight but inda kesian kah if alum full term? I am very excited cos i want to hold the baby and kiss it and also because i can't wait to be on leave! hahaha My handover process with my colleague starts Today! hehe

So happy 38 weeks baby!!!!

I would like to thank..

Aunty Carol & Uncle Nobel for the baby monitor.. I have to admit i haven't tested it out yet.. soon ah, soon.. hehehe

Aunty Dina and uncle Joe for this thermometer.. Now this we have tried already! All you have to do is put the sensor thingy on your forehead and press start.. Your body temp will be known in 3 secs! How cool is that! Long gone are the days where u have to put the thermometer in your mouth and read the mercury bar..

And also to Shopaholic hehe I desperately needed a manicure and pedicure and since i am banned from getting behind the wheel, Shopaholic was kind enough to take me! thank you.. hehe hey i still want looking nice nails at all times kan.. hahahaha

Gosh! its like x-mas everyday for us now!!! We feels so loved! bah ok.. muchas gracias! ciao!

The belated celebration

We had a belated celebration for Anjai's parents over the weekend by taking them out to KTM Thai Restaurant in Jerudong. It was a first time for all of us there and not bad lah the food.. Tom Yam soup was nice.. hehe

Little Alya when she arrived

Mummy sharing a light moment with G-lan (Anjai's brother) thinking..

Alya pun ikut ketawa

Mummy blowing the candles

Mummy and Daddy cutting the cake.. Seeing as we don't know exactly when Daddy was born(tau lah dulu2, record keeping was the least of their concern) so we decided to share the celebration.. The cake says Happy birthday Mami & Dadi

Eboy (another of Anjai's brother) cutting the cake for everyone


Now a group picture to end the post.. All the siblings was there except for Runi & Family, as they just welcomed a new baby boy and wife is still under confinement..

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks Aunty TC and Uncle Izam!

We had a very good appointment with the Dr yesterday afternoon and what was most surprising was that this was the same Dr that made me cry a few weeks ago.. I guess it was just a bad day that day and i was one of the people who fell victim to the situation.. Suykur syukur.. Can you imagine if the Dr was still in her b*tchy mood and i have to see her every week, or even worse in the labour room? I am so glad that it is over.. (haha mcm a real couple's fight saja!)

Later in the evening, much thanks to TC's pictures Anjai had a crave for Ambuyat so off we go to Aminah Arif Tutong. Being not a big fan of the local delicacy, i decided (and since she wanted to drop by my place to pick up something jua) to invite Shopaholic.. Then she came strolling in with this...
Apparently TC and Shopaholic schemed a surprise for Anjai and I. Well i dont know if it was both of them punya idea but I know there were specific instructions from TC on what to do.. hahaha

Yours truly ripping the wrapping paper open.. oh cih, bisai wrapping paper nya.. haha

Me very happy with the gift!

Thank you Aunty TC and Uncle Izam.. hehe
and Aunty BB for making all the efforts to surprise us.. hehehe

Oh i am very proud to report that I/We have finally bought EVERYTHING on our to-buy list! and the last item being the jamu thingy.. Reason why we bought it last is because we didn't want the item to be close to expiry date since it was a consumable item kan.. oh and also because we had to wait for the order to come in! hehe I am both happy and sad that the list is completed.. Happy cos i was such an efficient shopper (although i did buy some items twice!! bah mun kiyut that item cemana jua..) and Sad because, now i don't have anything to buy, or rather a reason to buy.. har har

Since complete sudah the list i am contemplating whether to take it down or not.. cos like what if some people want to copy the list kn? hmmm

Oh photos are stolen from Shopaholic's blog.. hehe

Thursday, March 5, 2009

i miss..

..wearing my old clothes, my old pair of jeans, my old shirts and even my old baju kurungs! I hate that i can now only fit in long-sleeve 7 shirts, 3 t-shirts and 2 pants.. I miss having less to choose from.. Oh thank god this will be over in about 2-3 weeks time and trust me people, that thought goes through my head each morning before i go to work! hahaha I was even tempted to buy some more clothes for me yesterday, thank god my senses got the better of me!

But what i do love is not driving myself to and fro work, I love having my food wishes granted i.e. tais liur kan makan something and someone will actually buy/make it for me (someone being Anjai, my parents, my siblings and also my friends).. I love that i can just tell the Dr I am not feeling well and i can take a day off.. I love having a reason to shop, I love that i can feel my baby inside me and most especially i love the feeling of being LOVED! hehehe

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2 down, 1 to go!

My other SIL gave birth to a 2.95 kg baby boy yesterday.. So please help me in welcoming Muhammad Darwishy ______ (something) bin Muhammad Haikal Zaeroni in to the world.. Sorry i didn't catch the last part of his name and if i got the daddy's name wrong.. Panjang bah nama kamu ani! hehe Well anyways congratulations to both of you!! hehe

Here are some pics taken by Anjai last night hehe

Baby Darwishy sleeping peacefully

And here he is screaming to be fed

Darwishy card

The relieved Mummy

The happy daddy

Darwishy with his Grandmothers

Darwishy with his Grand-daddy

This is one of the rare moments when he opens his eyes..

Darwishy Temeng... hehehe

Remember Alya, our other niece who was born earlier this year? Look at how big she has grown!! alum lagi 2 full months! hehe

So yeah peeps, one more delivery in this family.. My turn next and as i said before i am as ready as i can be.. Pray for a safe and easy delivery for me and mudahan both baby and mummy sihat and sempurna.. *amin* oh in case you are wandering why all of us deliver around the same time? well its because we all got married around the same time, Anjai and I being the last one among the three siblings.. hehe

Monday, March 2, 2009

Quick Monday

Happy 37 weeks baby! I just got back from lunch and it has been a very fast Monday morning so far.. Went to the skin clinic and the Dr just said that itchiness is hormones related and gave me a new cream to try on and tons of sleeping pills! Then went to have breakfast at Jing Chiew and the Roti Kuning Kawin was Lovely! The clock say 11.00 by the time i got to the office and was out again by 12.05 for a quick lunch at Fleur D Lys with the girls! *phew* Oh a quick thank you to P for the gift! hehe

As you can see from my previous posts, we had a very eventful weekend but did miss one thing.. It was MILs bday yesterday and since we sort of missed it (and she was busy jua bah) we shall make it up by taking the ILs for a dinner this weekend! hehe

Oh had a quick chat with the boss re my leave and great news! In essence he is okay with me extending my leave post maternity leave but i guess i should get his actual approval.. hehe Ok i better get back to work!

Have a good Monday y'all!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Baby Shower

Date: 28th February 2009
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: Tanjong Nangka

Less than a month before baby is due to arrive some friends was nice enough to throw a baby shower for Anjai & I.. Although traditionally baby showers are attended by ladies only but seeing as the number of ladies in our group is limited, we decide to call the boys in too! hehe

Here are some pictures.. 

An arrangements of soft toys as part of the Deco..



Yours truly
Dina.. Another pregnant friend who is due to give birth in May (right?)


Conversation around the table after dinner

Shaq & Cal

And here comes BOB!

I am trying to remember what exactly you were trying to explain here Mas.. haha

The girls playing Wii

Adam playing a game of his own.. Trying to see if he can fit in between the couches and he can! haha

The hostess with her new bag *eyeing bag with envy*

Shaq and Zan gave us the travelling cot and here is a pic of everyone trying to put it together.. 

Finally after 20 - 30 mins..

The boys in the PS3 room

Putting on the final touches on the cot

The handing over ceremony from Shaq & Zan to Anjai

The boys, paying Mortal Combat

The girls, playing the memory game which Dina won! 

Adam, in the travel cot box! hehe

Thanks boys and girls, esp to the hostess for a fun-tastic night.. We really appreciate it!