Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's my checklist!
1. Call HLD and ask for a room - Done!
2. Cooler
3. Technice sheets & icepacks
4. Newspaper/towel to fill in the void space in my cooler
5. Nursing cover
6. F&B for the commute :)

I think it's best that I express once at HLD and once when I get home because there is no freezer to chill/freeze my EBM.

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Happy 4 months Sofie

Dear Sofie,

Happy 4 months cheeks!

You have gone quite a few in the past month. Circumcision being one of them and we are all very proud of you. Your cried for about 2 minutes and resumed as if everything is normal. You now have your own passport and taking the photos were fun! Too bad you were not smiling in the final photo. We have also gone to your Yantut’s place in Bidang, Twice! We are very glad and happy that you have finally met her.. She carried you and checked your ‘ubun-ubun’ about 20 times.. Not because she likes feeling your head but because she has Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer is a diseases that makes one forget.. Which is also why she asked if you were a girl or a boy about 20 times too! At one point, she even asked who I was..! LOL

You have now learned to turn from your back to your tummy..! the first time you did it on your own was at your Yantut’s place last weekend! Weheee… and you also beginning to bertimang! Haha Good girl anak mummy eh!

How do you feel about eating? I personally would like to wait until you are 6 months but your nini girl has been saying that we should give you once you turn 4 months! I know we have done the same with Kaka Dia then but I am hoping you will stick to just my BM for another 2 months.. lets see how it goes ok? Hopefully your nini girl can drop the topic.. hehehe

Ok I better go back to work now.. happy 4 months my love! Mummy, daddy and kaka Dia loves you!



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Thursday, September 29, 2011

6 months ciggie free

I feel like a proud Mama today! It has been 6 months since the hubs had his last ciggie!! Congrats my love and keep up the good job..

Now that the energy expo has concluded, it's time for me to look at the budgets!! We have new premise to look at, a new templete to do and it is slightly driving me up the wall!! Gah!!

I am however looking forward to going on my course in HLD seria. Its a 3 day course and I need to find out if they have a mummy's room available for me to do my mummy's business.. I think I better take my door sign with me! LOL

A mummy shared this link and the author, a fellow BFing mum shared how she manage her stock.. Fantastic idea and maybe something that I can do in the future hehehe

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy belated 30 months Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Sorry for not writing to you sooner. Work was been very hectic last week and I am sure you know as I left home very early and come home late. Nonetheless the Expo went well and I am glad that it only lasted 3 days.. so Happy 30 months my darling daughter..

At the last clinic appointment, the nurse told us that they were very concerned about your weight gain rate. It’s not gaining as much and it is supposed to. They suspect that you are not getting enough calories as you are supposed to. So baby girl, please eat up ok..

We went over to your Yantut’s place twice for the last 2 weekends and we are very very happy that you have rid yourself of your shyness. The last time we were there after the trip from KK, it took us half a day to coax you and you refuse to be more than 3 feet away from either Mummy or Daddy.

Ok I better get back to work now.. Lots to do.. Love you lots!!



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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's a wrap!

Brunei Energy Expo 2011 is wrapped! Glad that it went well and glad that it's over!

We went over to see hubs' grandmother again over the weekend and this time we spent a longer time there as the ILs was also there..

Sofie asleep in her car seat while..

Her other older cousins played..

I have decided not to express during the weekend and only direct feed sofiyya, unless of course I go out without my little darling.. Why? Cause I have reached my 1000oz mark.. Hehe

I read in a certain group, someone wrote that sekiranya a mom is able to express bnyk2, her dugaan will be diff compared to a mum who is only able to express 'kais pagi mkn pagi, kais ptg'. That person went on to write maybe her dugaan will be the freezer door was improperly latched causing all the EBMs to melt.. I pray, pray and PRAY that doesn't happen.. Nauzubillah... Mudahan that doesn't happen to me huhu

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy 3 years BLOG!!

Total number of post: 598.. I congratulate myself for keeping this up for this long but I guess when you have a good thing going why stop it right..

On a topic that I talk about a lot I am very happy and proud to announce (announce Tia lagiiiii) that my EBM stock has reached the 1000 mark. 1034oz in total.. Syukur alhamdulillah.. Sofie takes an average of 12oz per day and I produce an average of 18oz.. Should there be a need for me to travel, I will no longer worry if there is enough EBM for Sofie.. Cos I remember when I went on one of my business trips whih last about 8 days, by the time
I came home we were left with 18oz of EBMs left.. My mum was ready to give Nadia FM should they run out f EBMs.. So syukur Alhamdulillah atas rezeki mu ya Allah..

Had a very erratic pumping schedule for the past 3 days tho cause we were busy preparing for the Brunei Energy Expo.. I am lucky that my office is 5mins away cause I couldn't find a room to express anywhere.. I will be there for the next 2 days so I must explore and discover rooms to be used, otherwise express in the car or rush back to the office.. Here are some snapshots of our booth.. I am very happy that the booth turned out well and we received many positive comments..

Sp do drop by if you are in the area.. Answer our quiz and you will get a prize, try and beat the time set on our simulator game, you will also get a prize..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sofie meets her Yantut

We got news last week that Hubs' grandmother was not feeling too well so we headed to Limbang on Sunday for a short visit..

The very first entry in her passport

They finally met!!! Hehe

Dia, sofie and their Yantut

We pray her health will improve and live a very long life so our kids will be able to enjoy her Company and repetitive questions (she has Alzheimer's)..

I taught Dia how to work my pocket camera and she can't seem to stop clicking away. Here is one of the (better) photos she took.. LOL

Both girls seem to have caught the sniffles, Dia also having caught the cough bug.. Hopefully both of them gets better cos we intend to have another trip to Limbang over the weekend..


Alhamdulillah, my chubby cheeks has gone through the circumcision ritual.. She cried but only for a little while..

Seconds before the deed was done

After the deed was done!!

Dia asked me 'apa sunat mami?' LOL

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sign's up


Guess who has her own passport now?? Hehe

Cannot wait.... Hehe

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I finished my stock check and I have 953oz!! Didn't think I would reach 900 so yeayyyy!! Syukur alhamdulillah..

Funny thing happened at the office this morning. I was happily expressing then someone tried opening the pantry door so I said 'there's someone inside' then the handle moved again and I said same thing again, in an obvious annoyed voice. Turns out it was our MD!!! Hahaha so he has now discovered my 'mummy business' LOL

Expressing under my nursing cover (sorry, vain sikit!! Hehe)

10 days of expressing twice daily at the office.. I would bring home an average of 18oz per day while sofie would take in an average of 12oz while I am away.. I also try and make sure I express at least once daily during the weekend, producing about 6oz.. That way I make sure that I still produce 6oz extra than when sofie actually takes in.. They say your Bs will cater to your baby's needs ie produce how much the baby will take so by making sure I express over the weekend, I am tricking my Bs into thinking that sofie needs more (are you following me or am I just rambling? lol)

Little sofiyya has a habit of waking up around 5-5.30am, smiling, giggling and playing! Siok pulang cos she and I will have our play time in the dark but sometimes mummy is so sleepy still haha 2 days ago she even woke her kaka up!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Halfway through counting my EBMs and not sure if I have reached 900oz yet.. Must make sure I finish checking tonight.. So anyways while I was expressing my mum made a comment (again) on how I should slow down my expressing. I am sure she is worried about storage space but my concern is rarer making sure there is no expired EBM in my stock.. I have yet to pin point the earliest EBM I have but I know that the ones in the mini fridge are all June and told my maid to finish those up first.. (MUST FINISH STOCK CHECK)

We had a fantastic weekend! Sofie had another check up and she is now 6.2kg. She had another jab and polio drop.. She cried for a bit but was ok after a few minutes + hugs and kisses by the Mummy.. Next weekend: circumcision for my little darling..

Nadia on the other hand..... We forgot that she had an appointment when she was 2yrs and 3 months!! Horror!! So we had the consultation on sat.. Her weight is now becoming a big problem.. It is not increasing as well as the months before and nurse said she might not be taking in enough calories.. Huhuhu hopefully her weight will increase before the next appointment which is in a months time cos otherwise she will be referred to the dietician..

After the clinic we all headed to JPMC cod hubs had a blood test then went to curry house for brunch.. We also went to town to see the tour de Brunei cyclist cross the finish line and after that headed to toys r us.. Nadia is beginning to like that place and seems to want everything she sees!! Must make it a point NOT to take her there often LOL

Sunday was spent hari raya visiting and also celebrating Adam's 4th birthday!! Great weekend but unfortunately Sunday night I had pain on my right lower abdomen.. Mum reckons 'terturun peranakan' cos of our outings.. Huhuhu

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fixed lock

Day 4 of Being back at work and yeap, work is piling up really quickly hoho

The girls has been a blessing! Nadia does not throw a fit when I leave for work but she'll say something about what I am wearing like baju kurung kah, the color kah, heels kah.. Mum and maid seems to be handling having to care for 2 instead of 1 ok and this time around mum is very hands on with Sofie unlike back then with Nadia.. For the past 2 days Dia napped with her Nini Boy.. And sofie two nights ago refused to sleep in her cot, leaving me looking like panda cos I kept on placing her in the cot and soothing her when she cries.. Oh I think my nini missed me Kali cause when I saw her 2 days ago she asked me where I was working. Maybe she was expecting me to come home during lunch Kali.. Hehe

Oh and this is where I express. Lock at our pantry door is finally fixed.. I must now laminate my sign to be placed on the door.. Hehehe

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back at work

I promised myself that I will not cry when I go back to work but I lied. I cried a bucket! I cried as I was handing the girls over to my mum. I cried when I told Nadia to look after Sofiyya. I cried as I drove away from my house. Not as dramatic as before pulang. LOL Nadia did ask an odd question to me before I went off.. she asked if I was going to wear my heels and whether it was the black one.. LOL

Hari Raya celebration has been great so far with the exception of Nadia catching the tummy bug. My poor darling puked 9 times on 4th day of Syawal.. Alhamdulillah she has since then improved a lot. I have also caught the bug and was down with fever last time. Alhamdulillah I have also improved.. Since my grandmother is now staying with us, hari raya ia much much livelier and busier.. Which is why I have not had the time to blog or even post up photos..

I expressed for the first time at the office yesterday and was struggling to find a room to do the deed in. Not because there was no room but rather, the lock on the pantry door does not latch on properly. I ended up going to the 2nd floor and today I brought in my nursing cover as an extra cover while I pump. I have yet to find the best timing to express. I initially wanted to express at 6am, 11am and then 4pm however I just have so much to do in the morning when I wake up. So in order not to be late to work, I express at 9 am and at 2.30pm. Alhamdulillah yesterday I brought home 19oz of EBMS and Sofie took in 16oz so I made 30z extra. Today I will be bringing home 18oz of EBMs. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. I must make time to sort out my stock over the weekend..

Work has so far been.. boring.. basically with project completed, mcm nothing much for me to do.. my colleague said I am speaking too soon pulang katanya cos boss has a few things in mind for me already hoho I am also sitting at a new (smaller) desk due to office reshuffling and there are significantly new people at the office.. Remembering their names would be a hard one for me.. LOL

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