Monday, July 30, 2012

14 months today

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 14 months my darling daughter..

At 14 months you can now fully walk on your own without aid.. Alhamdulillah.. What your nini girl have been telling us is that not only can u now walk on your own you also tried to jump after seeing your kakas jumping up and down.. Slow down baby girl, one thing at a time. Master walking and then you can start to learn other things cause jumping can be a bit dangerous for you if you dont know how..

A couple of days ago you took the tv remote and dropped it and I said 'naah jatuh' and you said 'tuuhh' oh my clever little parrot!! You can say 'no no' complete with my finger action, 'jangan' or rather 'an-gan' and today i thought you to say 'yes' but you are not quite there yet. You say 'eshh'.. Slowly and insyallah..

This is your second ramadan and i don't know if you remember from last year but after a full month of fasting we celebrate! Hari Raya or Syawal will insyallah be here in 19 days time and thats when we get to see all Our family and friends.. We will be visiting and likewise people will visit us.. So good and nice to people. Its ok if people want to kiss you, let them. They obey do that to show how much they adore and love you, just how i love to hug and kiss you!

Oh people also love to play fireworks during that time so i hope you will not be scared by the loud sounds. Hopefully they dont play late at night cause that usually riles me up..

So honey bunch, good night and be good now. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia loves you so very very much..


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Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Iftar outing; Episode 2

28th July 2012, iLotus Restaurant. This is a must go venue for us each year. Always a full house and always super awesome lamb..

My Sofiyya

Yours truly with Ariesya..

We also celebrated a friend's birthday..

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Iftar Outing, Episode 1

On the 7th day of Ramadan we all gathered at the Lees for Sungkai Italiano..

Nadia insisted that i tie her hair up in a side pony tail. I refused and upon Hubs advise gave in to her request. Turned out well actually, she looked really cute..

Us enjoying the italian feast

The ladies..

Sofiyya sporting Shrek's ears hehe

We attempted to take photos of the kids..

And behinds the scenes..

Trying to get the kids' attention and our 2 camerawomen.. Hahaha

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Friday, July 27, 2012

7th day

Its now the 7th day in the holy month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah i have been able to fast the full 7 days so far and hopefully the full month.

First day back i work i started with expressing once only at 11am and that day i managed to get 11oz. Going home my maid tells me that Sofiyya took in 13oz which means i was 2oz short. Second day back at work i decided to express once in the morning at 8am (particularly cos i was feeling heavy) and once at 1pm. Alhamdulillah i managed to increase to 13oz and broke even that day. Yesterday i managed fo get 13oz as well.. Alhamdulillah i am pretty happy with the outcome and despite having to make a small loss, i am still happy with my production..

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 4 and back at work!

I just finished expressing and my tummy wouldn't stop grumbling throughout the whole 15mins! Cabaran berpuasa.. Alhamdulillah i managed to get 11oz. Lets see how much Sofiyya takes in today so i know if i made extra or loss.. Hehe

Car seat training and this is Sofiyya in between awake and going back to sleep.. Hehehe

My Sofiyya and Nadia taking turns wearing the pearls and headband..

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012


The whole country started Ramadhan in grave sadness. The recent RBAF helicopter crash tragedy has hit everyone very badly.. It made it even worst when a friend told me a friend's husband was one of the victims. My tears shed immediately as they have a young boy and she is also carrying their 2nd child.. My heart goes out to her and i pray that god give her and her family, as well as families of the other victims strength and courage to face this difficult time. I also pray that the victims are blessed and may god grant them jannah.. Ameen ameen ameen..

On the other side we spent first ramadhan at home. I was nursing a bad headache as i did not sleep much the night before.. Alhamdulillah despite my headache i managed to get through. I will be lying if say i was not thirsty and hungry (on normal days i am a bottomless pit, non stop eating..!) but alhamdulillah pulled through. I was direct feeding Sofiyya the whole time so don't know if my production has been effected or not and i have one more day to leisurely do so since it is still a public holiday for us! Hehehe

In terms of food, i now take 2 meals instead of my normal 3 (plus snacksss..!) but i try as much as possible to drink fluids as possible.. Placed a bottle of water next to me and also make sure that i eat at least 3 dates during sahur. My mun says i should eat more, well 7! I'll try but dayes is not exactly chocolates huhuhu

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Thursday, July 19, 2012


I am so excited and i cannot contain it anymore. A new colleague who joined our team about a month ago found out today that i have been doing my mummy's business in the pantry and she asked why there is no mother's room in our office.. After our discussion she brought the topic up to our MD and alhamdulillah he is fully supportive of the idea and has given us the green light to explore and propose to him.

The room is not there yet but the intent is and for that i am grateful. Alhamdulillah and i am forever grateful with my colleague who became my voice and future breastfeeding mothers voice. Syukur alhamdulillah..

Time to now explore and research!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HM's birthday weekend

The Friday Ladies Lunch Club had its last lunch before Ramadan last friday at Modestos..

Saturday started with Nadia's school registration for next year..

After our visit a couple of weeks back we decided that Nusa Jaya Penanjong would be the school for her because i liked the environment when we visited and also because its close to home. In the event that we are unable to pick her up, my parents would be able to easily do so..

Can you tell how excited she is? She kept on peeking into the classes and telling us that her uniform is green in color and what color her bag will be, which is pink of course! LOL

Breakfast at kway teow sungai

A trip to the new Mothercare

Went to Mexx Diamonds to pick up Our birthday gift for Sofiyya..

.. And Nadia went jewelry shopping! She picked out her own earrings and right after we put it on, she asks that we buy her a matching ring.. Aiyoo LOL

We also bought Nadia her very first telkung..
Sunday morning was spent cleaning our room and also a quick trip to Rimba to pick up a friend's bike..

Late afternoon we went to watch the Husband play futsal..

In the evening we attended two BBQs and here are the girls after! Haha

We are so glad that Monday is still a holiday.
The girls went out with my dad on an early breakfast outing.. I really dont know how my dad handles all 5 girls! And in a couple of years, Sofiyya will join them tooo.. Hehehe

In the afternoon we headed to my Uncle's to attend tahlil

And this is me holding my cousins' babies, Eva and Zara..

This is how it feels like to hold twins i guess hahahaha

Ramadhan and Dates

Alhamdulillah in a couple of days Ramadhan will be here.. Its one of my favorite months cause not only we get to beramal in that month, we also plan get together with many of our friends..

Of course for a breastfeeding mother like me my main concern would be BM production while fasting. Alhamdulillah this would be my 3rd year doing this and my plans is the same as the previous years where i intend to eat and drink water as much as i can during iftar and sahoor, and also must eat more dates as i read that dates will help increase production. I will also only pump once at 11 when at work. I pray that production will not deflate.

In terms of intake my maid advises me that Soffiya takes an average of 12-16oz per day depending on her food intake. Alhamdulillah at 13 months my output ranges from 14-17oz per day.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

with her handbag

My baby girl is barely walking and yet she walks around with a paper bag as if its her handbag.. Sofiyya Sofiyya..

Mr. Bean

The husband and I always joke about how Nadia loves watching Mr Bean and the cartoon series (Mr Bean basar and Mr Bean damit she calls them) and last night i caught her trying to imitate Mr Bean himself..

Hubs was already asleep by then and i think she thinks i am too.. LoL

Showed the hubs the video this morning and his reaction was 'Anak Mr Bean jua banar' which is what i always say.. Well either that or i ask her if Mr bean is her boyfriend or not.. LOL

Speaking if which, a few weeks back we went to several schools. As the husband and I did out rounds and had a visual inspection of the classes, specifically the kindy class, this boy came to Nadia and held her hand! He was looking at her and saying how nadia is so lawa.. He was also protective! Wouldn't allow other students come near Nadia, even to introduce themselves. Hoho

I think we should be slightly worried that she is pulling these kind of attraction.. Perhaps karate lessons?!? LOL

Name of the boy is Daniel btw and i sometimes ask Nadia 'Daniel atu boyfriend Nadia kah?' and her reply would be 'inda, kawan saja' Good Girl!! LOL

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

5-8July 2012

 Our weekend started with attending Tahlil at my grandma's place in Lumut on Thursday night. It was nice to see autines, uncles and cousins who we haven't seen in a while. I guess we were all so busy catching up that we forgot to take photos together.. huhu

On Friday the Hubs and I headed across the border to aMIRIka to run a few errands.

Quick stop at Starbucks of course!

 And then we stopped at Marilyn Cafe in KB town

We bought Nadia new cutleries and she said 'Nyaman mummy makan pakai piring baru yang princess ani' LOL

That evening we saw my grandmother held Sofiyya! The last time she did was when Sofiyya was a week's old and she hasnt been able to since cause her hands hasnt been too strong and i guess that night she was feeling better and feeling more confident. Syukur alhamdulillah. It almost brought tears to my eyes and I feel so blessed to have my grandmother still. 

On Saturday we headed to Limbang to visit the Husband's grandmother.. 

Sofiyya showing her 2 teeth!

After much hesitation the husband let Sofiyya hold Kaka's lollipop.. Punya happyyy...

..and when i take it away, punya sedihh...

MIL and FIL was also there

my happy baby

We feel very blessed to still have both grandmothers and for our children to have a great grandmother. We pray that both grandmothers will be blessed with a long and helathy life. Mudahan kedua-dua nya sihat wal-afiat. amin amin..

On sunday i took Nadia for a quick trim in town..

And then a quick photoshoot for her very first passport sized photo


Whatever Kaka holds, Sofiyya wants.. We let her eat some pringleS!

Look at that FACE! LOL