Friday, October 30, 2009

on her own 2 feet

Anjai, the maid and my mum mentioned a couple fo times that Dia is able to stand up on her own but i did not witness it until last night. I was worried most of the time cos was afraid that she might fall over but so so happy that he was able to do it on her own..

When she woke up early this morning I wanted to see and take pics of her doing it again so i placed he inside her cot.

'Mummy, why u put me in here?'

'Want to see me stand up again?? But its 5 in the morning!'

'First I go to the crawling position'

'Then I reach for the rail and assume mid standing position.. cemani..'

'Its not easy Mummy!'

She looks at whereever the camera goes!

'And theeeen.. i push myself upwards and.. TADAAaaaaaaaaaa'

Will take a better video of her doing it soon and put it up here! hehehe

*proud mama moment!*

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Traveling with and without a baby

Many many questions when it comes to the above!

Traveling with baby:
1. Feeding solids: How do I prepare rice porridge for the little one while we are overseas? Do I bring a mini rice cooker and cook there? Do I just order normal rice porridge from the hotel and blend it?
Do I use instant meals like Nestum and feed her?

2. Clothing: How much is too much? Say we are traveling for 5 days, do I bring change for 5 days? or do I just bring 3 and send her little clothes for cleaning at the hotel?
3. In flight: I guess the baby will not feel comfortable during take off and landing due to the air pressure, so how do i soothe her?
Some say feed her during those times but what if she doesn't want to be fed? Some say give her pacifier, does that work?

4. Strollers: Is it better to check in the stroller or bring it on the plane with u?

Traveling without a Baby: (Now this mainly revolve around EBMs!)
1. Storing of EBMs: Do I just store my EBMs in the hotel room fridge or ask the hotel to store them for me in one of thier massive freezers? If i do ask them to store it in thier massive freezer, is it a good idea to bring a container so that the hotel staff knows that those are EBMs.
When i pump for storage I usually put the EBM directly into the zipper bag and label them. I figured i can do that too but I have a fear of the hotel people confusing my EBM for something else.
2. Transporting it back to Brunei: How big of a cooler box do i need to bring? Lets say for a 5 day trip where i produce 20oz per day. I guess I can test the cooler out with my current suuplies and see if it fit.
Do I bring the cooler on hand carry or check it in? Do I buy dry ice (if so where do u think I can get them?) or just use normal ice? Do I need to inform the airline in advance that I will be bringing my EBMs along?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nadia vs the Mirror

Nadia has a habit of waking up at 4.30am, demanding us to play with her. Last sunday morning i obliged and placed her at her playmat in front of our TV where she crawled her way to the front on the mirror. And this is a video of what she did!

It cracks me up every time I look at the video or even remember this moment! HAHAHA

Monday, October 26, 2009


Our weekend started on friday night where Anjai, Dia and I went for a quick dash to Anjai's uncle's place and there Dia met with her second cousins, Abang Aidil & Kaka Inang..

Mummy, why are you pushing me here?

Hey you look kinda familiar.. Have i met you before?

Ok I get it! Thats your hand!

Basar jua Kaka Inang ani..

Inang who weighs 24KG!!

Then early sat morning Anjai & I headed to Miri!

Me at Secret Reciepe!

Anjai @ Secret Reciepe!

A Tapau from Starbucks *yumm*

At immigration on the way back home!

We also had the BBQ at home with live band and all.. Its been a while and it was FUN! We thought Dia will be scared of the loud music sekali nada apa2 pun! She was cool calm and collected. We have pics but its with Anjai.. Will update pics later ya..

On sunday we headed to Anjai's place again for a short visit but this time we made a de-tour to see his parents at the paddy field! This is Dia's first trip there and i think Anjai's parents were pleasently surprised kali hehehe again we forgot to take photos! *grr*

Friday, October 23, 2009

the weekend is almost here

I just realised I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry peeps! Been such a busy bee at work with Budget exercises and preparing for the Board Meeting early Dec.. I just worked throughout my Friday lunch and have missed my usual pampering session *sigh* Nevertheless I look forward to the weeekend! hehe Especially tomorrow! A trip to Miri (Starbucks, Parkson and Secret Recipe here I come!) and a BBQ at my place, organised by my cousin (atu pun if jadi and i hope Jadi pun!).
Speaking of going out, I have to admit I haven't done much of that! I haven't seen some friends in ages.. I have to apologise but i do hope my friends understand the situation. Its not like I do not want to hang out, its just that priorities are different at the moment. I hate the fact that I have to leave Dia with the maid for more than 10hrs in a day, 5 days a week. So what time I have left I spend it with her. Other than that we feel that it is an obligation for us to go and visit my ILs when we have free time so weekends are usually spent doing that.. Furthermore Dia is only 7 months and unlike other babies she is FUSSY! So I apologise! *sob sob*
EBM updates! I was talking to a fellow breastfeeder the other day about an article that we found on the Internet re BM production after 6 months. The article says that after 6 months, our Bs will only produce according to how much the baby need. Dia is now 7 months and I have to say iInow struggle to produce 12oz in day! I think it was last monday that i only produced 9oz (single digit production!!! *YIKES*).. I initially thought that post Ramadhan my production will increase but i now know the reason why.. I was left kinda sad pulang mula2 knowing that I am unable to produce extras but as my friend said, I might as well come to terms with it. At least I am producing and still able to feed BMs to my little one, daripada nada langsung! Syukur Alhamdulilah. I checked last night and I have 180oz of EBMs left.. Alhamdulilah..
Have a good weekend y'all!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Celebrations on Day 3

and Finally, the actual day.. As usual we had a mini BBQ at my place..

The birthday cake as requested by the birthday boy. I ordered it from one of the websites and the lady that makes this cake is good at baking but not at writing on the cake. Oh and this Durian Cake. (FYI My husband LOVES durians!)

There were 33 mini candles for the birthday boy and 7 big candles for the little Princess

He got his second gift from Dia & I

First attempt at using his gift

Group photo with the kids

The Clan: All was there except for the eldest brother as he was unable to make it on time.

Read what it says on this shirt!

Anjai, Dia & I

Celebrations on Day 2

Day 2 of celebrations was held at Nonya Restaurant in Gadong. 3

This was supposed to be a surprise Birthday gathering with Anjai's family but somehow right after MIL called Anjai & I asked him what's up he said 'Eboy Panggil makan.. My birthday ni eh!' I was stunned and left speechless as he was SPOT on! Did a few tricks in hopes that I can throw him off hahaha Nonetheless whether he was surprised or not, I really hope he enjoyed it and the rest of the family enjoyed it too..

The first grandchild: Alya

The second grandchild: Darwisy

The third grandchild: Nadia

The look of surprise on his face. I think he was surprised that the cake was in the shape of a Durian! hahaha

In case you are wondering, his family call him Eyen hehehe

Anjai blowing his candles away

The three of us!

Dia playing with Usu Kuyang

Dia taking a break from all the fun!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Photo! Look at the joy on her face!!! *blisss*

Babies & thier Mummies

Getting much love from Mummy & Daddy

The clan: All of us were there except for BIL, yahya who had to work that day..

Celebrations on Day 1

Anjai's bday celebrations kicked off early Saturday morning when he found this sitting in his car *tee hee*

Then we headed to the Mall with Dia around 11ish.

While waiting for the lift

While Daddy was looking at Sunglasses

We went home around 1ish as I needed to prepare for the Powerpuff session in the afternoon..

Little did he know we had a cake ready for him..

Anjai, Dia & I

I am still waiting for more pics from Shopaholics as my camera went dead midway.. So more pics later yaa.. hehehe PHOTOS UPDATED

Faith, Shopaholic, TC & Dia

The poses! Notice how Dia is just selamba? hahaha

With the Birthday boy!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Notes for the Birthday Boy

From your wife:

Dear Sayang,

First of all, Happy Birthday Sayang.. I dont know how you are able to decipher all my plans but you were spot on! Am I that predictable? Is it that obvious? haha But I hope you have enjoyed your birthday celebrations so far.. The cake from the girls you call Powerpuff Girls, the supposedly surprise birthday lunch with your family yesterday and the one coming right up tonight with my family. hehehe

Thank you for being my husband and for loving me in each and single step of the way. Thank you for being my silver lining, my knight in shinning armor.. Also Thank you for baing such a great father for Nadia.. I am truly humbled by the way you show how you love Dia & I.. So from the bottom o my heart, THANK YOU.

Once again Happy Birthday Sayang and I love you..

Your Wife

From your Little Princess:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Advanced 7 months

Dear Dia,
One day short of you turning 7 months today so happy Advanced 7 months my darling daughter.. mummy's writing to you now cause tomorrow is your Daddy's birthday! Hr turns 33 this year and he is super excited. You want to know why? its all because of you princess.. He is super excited to be cutting his cake with his little princess..
i feel like you have achived so much in this past month. You are now able to crawl on all four and on some ocassions when i let you sit down, you are able to turn your body and change to thye crawling position. You now can say 'Ma' and 'Mam' and lately I think you have been using those words to tell Mummy and also others that you want food or milk. hehe What Mummy is also super happy about in the past month is thefat that you no longer cry when other people other than your Aunty, Mummy & Daddy holds you. I am sure your Yadu and Yaki is also happy of that improvement of yours. Keep it up my sayang..
We took you to the mall yesterday noon for the first time and in all honesty, I was nervous. i didnt know how you are going to react to being in the stroller, a lot of new faces and a whole new enviroment. Alahmdulilah you were such a perfect little angel! You looked around and kept yourselves busy while Mummy and Daddy looked at this and that. You only cried once before we left as you wanted to take a nap. Well done sayang.
I can't stay long my dear cause we will be going out this noon for lunch hosted by your Angah Eboy. This would mean that Mummy will need to prepare stuff.. So have a good month day tomorrow sayang.. Be good and remember Mummy and Daddy loves you. Also dont forget to wish your Daddy a Happy Happy birthday tomorrow morning when you wake up and plant kisses on his face like you did this morning to wake him up. Ok?
Love you princess..

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dia suka makan carrots

Dia woke up around 5am this morning and as usual I sent her downstairs around 6ish and when I finished getting dressed and went downstairs, this is what I saw! Dia happily sucking on a carrot as if there is juice coming out of it! I guess she likes carrots like her mummy does!

is there any juice in this thing?

Karas lah Mummy

What? Am I not suppose to do this?