Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy 3 months Sofiyya

Dear Sofie,

You are 3 months today!! And it is consequently my last day if maternity leave which means I will go back to work soon (Monday to be exact cause I managed to get approval for one day).. When it was your Kaka back then I cried a bucket when I went back to work and I pray that I will not have to go trough that this time around.. I also pray that you will be a good girl that you are while I am away, take your milk from your bottle and listen to Aunty and Nenek Girl.. I am merely going to work and once I am done for the day rest assured that I will rush home to be with you and your kaka..

Today also marks the end of ramadhan and tomorrow you will experience your first syawal or more popularly known as Hari Raya.. We will be doing a lot of visiting so I hope you are ok with that.. And we will also be receiving lots of visitors.. You will get to meet a lot of new people and I am sure you will get loss if hugs and kisses.. Be good and be patient cause they do that because they find you cute and adorable (that you are!!!) and also because they love you..

Oh once this hari raya madness is over you will have to go through circumcision.. I will not lie, it will hurt! Be strong my sayang and rest assured the pain will go away.. Mummy and Nenek Girl will be there to hold you..

Happy 3 months my happy baby and selamat hari raya.. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia loves you lots and lots and lots!!


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Sunday, August 28, 2011


In order to make way for stuff for Hari Raya, my dad moved a container full of EBMs from the freezer to the mini fridge.. I now have officially lost count of the number of EBMs in stock! Gahhhh!!! I hope that by the time raya is over and I have time to recount my ebms, I will by then reach 900oz!! Aminn.. I look forward to be pleasantly surprised then..

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011 Sungkai Outing No 7

Was at the Atrium, Empire Hotel and Country Club with 2 group of friends.. We were sitting with my friends and next to our table was the husband's friends.. LOL

With my friends

Birthday cuppies frm my cousin Alai..

I also got a surprise birthday cake from my cousin and husband's friends!! LOL

I love you guys too!!! Hehe

Anjai, Dia and yours truly

Danish, Ain and Nadia

Group photo before we all head home..

I had such a great evening and wouldn't have it any other way!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Losing track

It was just last week when I moved 60oz of EBMs in the mini fridge and my maid tells me it's all finished.. Of course this is because I have been going out a lot, Miri, Iftar outside, etc.. So I went and moved 110oz this evening.. As soon as I was done with the whole thing I realized I lost track of the oldest EBM in my stock pile.. Gah! I'll sort all of this out after the raya madness is done then.. Stock currently stands at 860oz.. Can't say this enough but syukur alhamdulillah and thank you Allah for the constant BM production..

Speaking of raya, we have been quite busy preparing the house and food.. Had an early trip to the market this morning..

Dia looking at the animals for sale..

Made some honey cornflakes.. Will continue tomorrow insyallah..

Speaking of raya, have u paid for your Zakat? Hehehe

I am on my last week if maternity leave.. Hohoho

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Miri trip 23.08.11

Dia and I went to Miri with my parents for a quick shopping trip.. I was quite nervous going on the trip without the hubs cause I was not sure if I can handle Dia all by myself.. But style alhamdulillah, Dia behaved very well and my parents was a huge help with her.. It was a very VERY good trip and I seriously forgot how fun it was shopping with my dad.. Hehehe

Otw to Miri

Practically no queue at the border

My dad pushing Nadia around in her stroller

My little darling fell asleep while we were shopping..

Nadia sitting between the Neneks!!

2011 Sungkai Outing No 6

Is at Tanda Kasih with hubs friend.. It was impromptu but good nonetheless..

Yummy Nasi Ayam!!

Dia playing with angkel baby bob! LOL

Monday, August 22, 2011

29 on 21st August 2011

I am 29!! The last year in my twenties!! Huhuhu

Nadia, Hubs and I went off to BSB to run a couple of errands..

And we saw this along the tutong muara highway..

We stopped by Toys R Us and Nadia and Hubs bought toys!

We have our normal BBQ to celebrate my and brother no 3's birthday


Candle blowing ceremony

Ze cake!!

My girls and I

I would like to thank everyone fir their greetings and well wishes.. Thanks everyone!! And to the hubs, thanks for a wonderful day.. Love u and the girls so very very much!!

2011 Sungkai Outing No 5

Was at Season's restaurant with the hubs' friends.. We unfortunately did not take much photos.. Huhu

But before we went to seasons we went to visit Apple, Orange and the new Mummy..

Beaming mummy with her first drop of colostrum..!


Only parents were allowed inside the ward

The rest of us had to visit from the viewing gallery.. Dia told her daddy ada baby damit hehehe

Nadia made some new friends!

BB, Ariesya, Tracey, yours truly and Nadia

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Happy 29 months

Dear Nadia,

Happy 29 months my darling daughter and I'm sorry for not writing to you yesterday.. We had quite a few to do hence why..

You have 2 new friends nicknamed Apple and Orange. We went to visit them yesterday but u only got to see Apple. When u saw Apple the first thing you said to us was 'baby damit'.. Yeap you are indeed right, she is small.. That's because she was born at 34 weeks, unlike u and Adik, you were born at 40 weeks.. Don't worry, they will grow up to be big and strong too and you will one day be their big sister.

My maternity leave is about to end soon which means I will have to go back to work.. What I hope is that you will be a good girl not make a fuss cause Aunty Mar and Nini Girl will have to look after Sofie too.. And I also hope that you I'll help nini and Aunty look after Sofie..

A couple of days I asked you if you were fasting and you said no. I then asked you why you are not fasting and your reply was 'Pasal Dia kanak-kanak, inda boleh puasa' I laughed my hats off hearing you say that.. The other say after watching the movie 'sekali lagi' or cerita Amy u call it, u put your forehead on your Daddy's and said 'Ani bercinta-cinta ni'.. I don't know where u learn all these things from but it clearly showed us how you are all grown up..

Syawal will be here in less than 2 weeks which means we will have visitors dropping by our place and like wise we will be visiting to family and friends too.. Please remember to mind your manners and remember to Salam everyone..

Be good now my sayang.. Mummy, Daddy and Sofie love you heaps!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


Syukur alhamdulillah, I have reached the 800oz mark! (pats myself on the back)

This is how I keep track of my stock..

This is my 3 containers in my mum's deep freezer.. The bottom blue container stores 140oz, the upper blue container stores 160oz and the red container stores 60oz..

This is my freezer in my room!

(kedepatan Ada ice cream LOL)

And this is my small fridge in downstairs where my maid takes the oldest EBM to give to Sofie. The oldest in this fridge is 21st June 2011.. This fridge is so cold that even if I place the frozen EBM in the normal area, it doesn't thaw.. So this become another freezer for me and also the reason why I told the hubs not to buy me the freezer yet..

(pls excuse my mum's samosa and pau lol)

Once I am back to work I would have to increase the amount of EBM I store in this mini fridge so I that I will only do my housekeeping i.e. transferring oldest EBM to be used in this fridge and storing newest EBM in freezer once a week..

I wrote a couple of days ago my FS was acting up. Happy to report that my FS is fully restored! So my spare FS remains in it's box hehehe

Hari raya is in 2 weeks time and I should really start planning this shenanigan!! Huhuhu

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Apple & Orange

Syukur alhamdulillah, my dear dear bestie has given birth to a beautiful baby boy and girl. Baby boy nicknamed Orange weighs at 1.9kg and Baby Girl nicknamed Apple weighs at 1.01kg.. Both babies are in SCBU ad hopefully both will gain weight and be well enough to be discharged and go home soon.. Mummy looks very well and Daddy is just brimming with happiness!! Me? I can't seem to wipe the smile on my face!!

Baby Apple

Baby Orange

Congrats again dear friend! Words cannot express how happy I am for you! Will drop by for another visit soon!!

2011 Sungkai Outing no 4

Was held at iLotus on 16.8.11 with hubs' friends..

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Sungkai outing no 3

Was at Swensen with Stargazers..

Nadia while waiting for our food

Cheeks came too!

With Aunty Budeh and Uncle Jam

All of us minus hubs and some babies

Surprise cake!! Thanks girls xx

Nadia and I

Conversations.. And Aunty Adeey playing with Sofiyya

Looking forward to see photos from a10's SLR!! Upload soon plssss.. And thank you again for the cake!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Almost halfway through Ramadhan

Tomorrow marks the 14th day in the holy month of Ramadhan.. Halfway through and it also means that I have about 2 weeks of maternity leave left.. I am supposed to go back to work on 31st August.. I think the sighting of the moon will be held on 30th (right?) so if they do sight the moon, I'll go back to work after the hari raya holidays and if they don't, I'll be back to work for 1 day and then go on the hari raya holidays.. So how do I feel about all going back to work after 13 weeks of being away? NERVOUS!! I already know that things will be different cause there are now expats in our office, operation dept in full operation, more people and there has been an office reshuffling ad I have a new desk..! So yeahhh.. In terms of leaving my 2 girls for the whole day, we have been practicing leaving sofie with my mum and maid downstairs for half a day (part of our bottle training) and she seems ok with it.. I hope Dia will be ok with me going back to work and i hope I will not cry a bucket like I did the last time around hahaha

When I went back to work after having Nadia I had a million questions in my head.. Running through my checklist below:

1. How many EBMs do I need to prepare for Sofie? - we did a dry run and she took 12oz from 9-5.
2. Do I need to defreeze the ebms and transfer to bottles in the morning? - with my current maid, I don't need to do this as she is fully capable in defreezing and transferring the ebms into the bottles.. She even know that it's best to prepare extra! All I need to do is move ebms into the small fridge downstairs. :D
3. What time should I express? - As part of my routine I shall continue to express when I wake up, 11am and 4pm..
4. Where to express? - because we don't have a mummy's room, I shall express in our pantry.. At least our pantry is nicer now and has proper ventilation compared to our old office.. I intend to print a small sign that says 'mommy inside' to indicate to my colleagues that I am doing my mummy thing inside..
5. Do I store in ebm bags and freeze immediately or transfer in ebm bags when I get home? - I used to freeze immediately in the old office but I think this time around I'll just chill the ebms and transfer and freeze it when I get home.. Office distance is afterall shorter..

Speaking of expressing my FS is currently acting up.. While I was expressing a couple of days ago the battery accidentally fell out of the machine thingy and ever since then it has been blinking battery with one bar sign.. And it doesn't seem to charge up.. Reading online it says that the battery is resetting itself so I should charge it for 18-24 hrs.. Been doing it and hopefully the problem goes away.. I know I have a spare FS but soo sayang!! Huhuhu

We started to stop using mittens on Sofie cause we notice her trying to put her hand in her mouth hehe


Lawan cakap sama Daddy

We headed to the ILs place today..

Headed back to the ILs

Dia and Uncle Eboy

Chilling at the foyer

Sofie and Yaki