Saturday, April 30, 2011

EDD via US or LMP

I am a bit puzzled as to which EDD date is used as a reference. One Doctor says that we should use the Ultrasound date which at this point is 9th June and the other Doctor says we should use the last period EDD which at this point is 26th May.. So I either give birth in 4 or 6 weeks time.. Right...

I have been experiencing cramps on my lower abdonmial area since yesterday noon and back pain. The cramps vary from mild to severe.. I thought it was because I drove to work and been on my feet the whole day yesterday so decided to rest but was surprised that the pain persisted the whole night and when I woke up this morning. So I decided not to take any chances and head to Tutong Hospital.. They did a CTG and alhamdulillah baby's heart beat is fine and I felt clear movements.. My suspicion that the cramps is preventing me from feeling the baby's kick was true. I also had a quick scan and Dr said all ok..

I refused to be admitted so I have to come back for another CTG each morning.. They gave me a shot to avoid preterm labor and also some antibiotics in case there is urinary infection as I have been peeing a lot..

Nurses said the cramps might be resultant from the baby 'mengamas'.. I of courses nodded along but asked how come dulu nada and the answer I received is 'every pregnancy is different'... The scan indicates LB is 2.6kg so maybe that's why I am getting the cramps, LB is one chubby baby.. Haha

I am now on 5 days MC which is a bummer cause I was eager to start the handover process with my staff so I might just drop by Monday afternoon if I feel better while hubs is at physio in JPMC..

I pray that all my tests results are ok.. I have been asked to rest but mcm gatal hati kan jalan2 hahaha have a great weekend everyone..

Oh quick shout out to my hubs!! Congrats on being a non-smoker for 1 month.. Dia and I are very very proud of u! Great job syg and keep it up!! xoxo

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

getting ready to say hello to May!

34 weeks along, 4 weeks to Maternity Leave and 6 weeks to EDD.. hoho!

This is how my calendar looked like in April:

And how does may look like? Lots of Pink! Pink indicates personal item like going for appointment, etc. One thing to look forward to is my handover which will start next Monday.. Getting nervous for my staff and we really hope she is able to cope..

Hubs has been kind enough to send me to and fro work for the past 3 weeks and I am hoping they will let me drive tomorrow.. Kan ke salon kmi bah, do girly stuff, gunting rambut!!!! LOL Oh I miss having more than 7 pcs of tops to choose from, I miss wearing my skinny jeans and I missing wearing my heels!!! huhu

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Brunei Breast Feeding Club

Good Morning Everyone.. Despite my feeling that it has been such a SLOW week (only Wednesday?!?) I feel quite jovial this morning..

I think the reason is that a friend of mine added me to a closed group on FB called 'Brunei Breastfeeding Mommies'. As per the title of the group, its a place where Brunei BFing moms share thier thoughts, concerns, review of products, etc.. It then let me to a club called 'Brunei Breastfeeders Club' and it is another closed group.. It has been 2 years since I started my BFing journey and I made do with research online and asking lots (and lots and lots) of question to other BFing mummies that I know (I am very thankful for very supportive friends) but with healthy forums like this I think it will make BFing journeys better.. For BFing mummies or future mummies, I would highly recommend you join both groups.. :)

Speaking of BFing, I have yet to go out and purchase my secondary Breastpump.. I think I can put it off for a bit right? I just need to make sure that my FS works well.. It has been in storage and collecting dust ni LOL And after reading the forum pun I am now rethinking buying the Avent cause a few people says that its quite noisy.. hmmm back to the drawing board i guess.. LOL

Oh and after reading the forums, now more than ever I want a BFing cover.. I have never tried Bfing Dia in public and seems like other mummies are ok with doing that.. So i'm gonna give it a go and I think the first occasion would be Cousin's wedding which will take place approximately a month after LB arrives.. hehehe

Friday, April 22, 2011

33 weeks along

Little Bubba is 33 weeks along today.. I have to say LB is one naughty baby and likes to tease me a lot.. LB is most active when I am resting, in bed. It took me extra hard to fall asleep last night as LB was playing footsie in my belly.. hahaha But I am thankful for every kick and nudge as it is a sign for me that LB is doing fine. Anjai and I was just talking about how we don't remember LM being this active when I was carrying her..

I sent my handover notes to my bosses yesterday afternoon and given that I shall be starting my ML in about 5 weeks along, it does seem a bit early! LOL The reason why I did that is so that my handover process with the person acting will be smooth, we are able to eliminate any uncertainties and IN CASE I give birth earlier than EDD kah, or I am not feeling well kah.. You know..! (AND SEMANGAT CUTI banarnya juaa.. LOL)

Here are the list of stuff that I needed to buy in preparation of LB's arrival..

  • Baby Toiletries - Ok
  • Baby Wipes - Ok
  • Swadling blanket - need to get 1 more of those velcro thingy
  • Barut - Ok
  • Bath towels - need to get additional 1 more
  • Bath Tub
  • Blankets - to check
  • Body Suit
  • Booties - Ok
  • Changing Mat - Ok
  • Cotton Wools - Ok
  • Diaper Rash Cream - Ok
  • Diapers - Ok
  • Hat
  • Mittens - Ok
  • Nursing Pad - Ok
  • Sleep Suit - Pre-ordered
As you can see almost all of the items are ok and the remaining items are quite minor so hopefully we will be able to completely tick of the list over the weekend. hehe 2nd pregnancy is really different.. When we were expecting LM, we feel like we want to buy EVERYTHING and think that its a MUST but this time around when I see things, I think those items can wait.. We are so relaxed.. hahaha

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy 25 months

Dear Dia,

Happy 25 months my dear daughter..

I can't believe it has only been 1 month since we celebrated you turning 2.. Mainly I think cause we had a lot happening in the past month.. We had that scare with Daddy being hospitalized.. I have to say I am very proud at how you took the whole thing in cause to be honest I was expecting you to cling on Daddy kah, nangis kah or ask to stay with Daddy kah.. But the whole time when I told you Daddy was not feeling well and had to stay at the hospital to get better, you said ok. Even said 'kesian Daddy' when I showed photos of your Daddy.. You are so grown up now and able to understand that things happen. An important lesson for you at such a young age Sayang.. You must remember that things happen for a reason and please always remember that when things don't go your way, God has better plans for you..

When you get a bit older, I will tell you a story of what makes me believe in 'Its a blessing in disguise' and 'There is always a silver lining'..

Both Mummy and Daddy is now back at work and I hope you are behaving your self at home, eating your meals and not making a big fuss..! From what I hear you are sometimes (this is probably an understatement!) hard headed and wants things to go your way. Please be a good girl and share your toys with your cousins. Cause if you don't share with them they won't share with you too.. Berakal please..! After all, when your Adik arrives, you will have to share your things with Adik..

Speaking of Adik, you have been very nice to me lately and helping your Daddy give a back rub.. I am very much grateful to both of you.. Remember what your nini girl say, jangan tah minta angkat saja cause Mummy cannot carry u that much anymore.. Dia mesti walk sendiri kan? Dia Kaka Big Girl kan? hehe

Ok I better get back to work.. See you at home and be good now.. Mummy and Daddy LOVE you lots and lots and lots!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Lower back pain

Lately I have been experiencing terrible and horrible lower back pains! One of the worst was last Friday cause when I got home and asked that my mum give me a back rub, pain in my lower abdomen/front intensifies..! Got my aunt who is a midwife to come over and check if baby was engaged or not (for fear that the back pain was preterm labour), and she says baby is not engaged yet. We reckon it was all the sitting down that I did on Friday as I was in the office and in front of my PC the whole day! Spent the whole night in bed, lying on my side and Alhamdulillah felt better the next day.. HOWEVER the pain came again early Saturday evening, Sunday evening and I am feeling some pain as I type this out, now.. How this?? huhu Looks like hubs will have to resort to giving me a back rub each night huhu

Read some articles and unfortunately or rather fortunately this is a pretty common complain. Some exercises were suggested by the websites and I will be sure to try them out when I get home later.. Oh and i must remember to bring a pillow to work tomorrow so that it will give me better posture sitting down..

Here are some photos taken on Saturday

We went to Klinik Berhenti Merokok in the afternoon..
On that note, I am very proud of my dear husband who has not had a ciggie since 29th March 2011. Keep up the great job syg!

Dia who just woke up.. Wacky hair!!

Playing doctor with Babu Ebih's stethoscope.. It was funny how she tried to listen to her Daddy's heart and when it was my turn she placed the thingy on my belly! we figured she might want to listen to Adik's heart beat kali.. Or she thinks since my belly is so huge my heart is in my belly.. LOL

Headed to Yadu's place!

Say cheese!

Dia and Alya

Something amused them.. hehe

Friday, April 15, 2011

32 weeks along

This photo below was taken by the Hitam Puteh crew when I was carrying LM and at 32 weeks along..! We should organize a photo shoot soon *looks at Anjai*

Hubs returns back to work today after being away for a month (leave, hospitalization and MC included).. so have a good day at work today and thanks a bunch for still sending me to and fro work.. hehehe When I was carrying Dia I remember, Hubs and my Dad had banned me from getting behind the wheels and I am trying to remember when exactly they started doing that.. Not that I am complaining pulang.. hehehe

When our office wasin Kiulap I had a lot to do despite not having a car but now that we are located in Jerudong I am stuck in the office.. BUT I have been using my extra hour at work during lunch to work on my handover notes.. I think its safe to say that I am 60% through and the notes are more than 8 pages sudah.. LOL We have also bought LB's first outfit and will continue to tick off my to buy list during the weekend.. Suffice to say my anxiety level have reduced lah in the past couple of days despite my being sick and all..

When I first found out I was preggers with LB, or even before that I was scared of the thought of having a second child. Scared not because of the whole pregnancy or birthing experience but rather scared of 'Will I be able to be a good mother to both my children and treat them both equally? Can I handle having to care for 2 young ones?' Well safe to say now those thoughts are well behind me..! LOL

Last night I asked Dia when 'Adik' arrives, where would Adik sleep and her answer was Adik will sleep in her cot and she will sleep with us.. This is a big improvement cause a few weeks ago when we asked her if Adik can sleep in her cot, she will flatly say No cause that is Her cot! And when we continue to ask then Kaka sleep dalam cot and adik with Mummy and Daddy inda also.. I hope Dia is now adjusting to sharing her items with Adik.. hehe

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One woman down people cause I am sick to the bone! I was on Medical leave yesterday but decided to go to work today.. Lets hope I survive the whole day..

Here are some photos of Dia taken by the hubs while I was resting on Monday afetrnoon.

She was playing with Kaka Caca's bicycle

I think this is when her Daddy asked her to come down from the bike cause its too big for her

When she gives you that smile how can you say no?


mcm si banar..!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Stocking up

Great news I got from a Pediasure hunting friend this morning, Pediasure is back in town!! hehehe Here is how our stock of Dia's FM so far (6 x 1.8kg).. Considering Dia takes 2 cans of 1.8kg per month I think we can now rest easy.. Oh we checked the cans that we bought in Miri against the one we bought in Brunei and it's all from the same manufacturer.. Phew!!

Speaking of stock I finally took out Dia's old clothes that can be shared between Dia and Adek.. Was getting teary eyed when I saw how tiny they were.. LOL

I have yet to go out an buy LB's first outfit.. Huhu according to TC when I panic I become pengusut so yes I think this is the pengusut part.. Huhu

Here are some photos taken over the weekend..

My lady bug & I

We went over to Anjai's uncle's place sat night to attend the termaruk ritual but LM fell asleep right before the ritual started.. Huhuhu

Dia playing with her Yadu this morning..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gummy bear

Someone is hooked on watching gummy bear commercial on you tube..!! LOL

I just realized that i have less than 9 weeks to EDD and less than 7 weeks to the start of my maternity leave.. Panic is starting to sink in!! HOHO

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kaka Big Girl

Dia hugged and kiss my belly yesterday and I asked her siapa Nama Kaka.. Her reply was 'Kaka Big Girl' LOL

I finally found time to look through Dia's baby clothes and I was getting teary looking at how tiny her clothes were.. Big girl jua banar!! Hahaha

This would definitely be something that both Kaka and Adik share.. Loved the design and still love it.. Hehehe

I am now 31 weeks along and i was reminded by one of my male colleagues that I only have 9 weeks to go.. *yikes* And i have yet to prepare anything *double yikes*

Monday, April 4, 2011

30 weeks along

LB is now 30 weeks along which means we have less than 10 weeks left to prepare for LB's arrival. That is of course if I deliver at 40 weeks.. I made a promise last week that I will look into Dia's old items but given the events last week, I decided to have a lazy Sunday yesterday and will do it this weekend instead..

I have started to think about what items to pack and I shouldn't have taken my Mummy and Baby's hospital list cause I now have to do my research all over again.. grrrr! Here is my first draft of items to pack:

For Mummy:
- Change of clothes (for going home)
- Nursing Bra
- Breast Pad
- Disposable Undies
- Pads
- Toiletries
- Bath towels

For Baby:
- Baby's first outfit (Like what I did for Dia I placed aside her first outfit which I intend to keep as a memorabilia)
- Sleepsuits
- Receiving blanket
- Mittens and booties
- Hat
- Swaddling blanket
- Towel and small face towel
- Bath essentials (bath foam, minyak kayu putih, lotion, cotton wools)
- Baby wipes
- Diapers
- Pillow
- Air zam-zam & honey

When I had Dia, my BM did not arrive until the third day so we decided to give her some FM. Given that history, should I pack some FM and bottles? I am hoping and praying that this time my BM will arrive as soon as LB arrives so I think I should just prepare a 'bottle bag' and place it in the car so we can easily grab it if the same scenario happens again.. So inside the bottle bag will be Formula Milk, Baby's bottle and Thermos.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

tag replies

~d~: Hiii...! my SIL cooked some spaghetti a couple of days ago and turns out LM ate the sausages sja, not the pasta.. LOL we'll try again and thanks for teh tip *hugs*

Guest: Hi.. Thanks for the tip on buying FM outside Brunei and we shall keep it in mind..

Mrs Emzee: Hii.. thanks for dropping by... I might not be the best person to write a review on Medela FS cause it is so far the only Breastpump I used (same like u dulu, I invested it in straight away) but I so have have no complaints and love it. It is light so I can bring it to work everyday and for travel, It is double pump and electric so I actually save time as opposed to pakai single pump and it is tahan.. I have used mine for 18 months and intend to use for my 2nd baby. The only thing is that in Brunei, the only shop that sells it is (as far as I am aware) Mothercare and it retails for 1K+. I would suggest you buy online lah and you will save significantly.. I was very lucky cause a friend of mine helped me out.. oh and replacement parts jua you have to buy overseas but other than that i love love LOVE the FS and I think it is one of my best investment so far.. Inda menyasal membali hehe

Friday, April 1, 2011

29 March 2011.. another date that I think I will remember for the rest of my life.. That day is when Anjai had a near miss. While on his morning jog at the beach with his colleagues he experienced a minor heart attack.. His colleagues took him to A&E Tutong hospital and soon after called me.. I arrived at approximately 10am and was informed that they had several tests done on him; blood test, EKG, x-ray, etc and results so far were normal however Hubs still had some pain in his chest. Dr decided to admit him for observation at the ward and keep on with the tests..

He had his 2nd blood test at 1.30pm and when the results came out at 3pm it indicates that there is some damage in his heart.. Dr told us that he is tansferring Anjai to JPMC but was being vague re what happened but I can see/feel the sense of urgency in his action. He pulled me aside and told me re the results of his blood test and when I saw Anjai next he asked me what was wrong and told him seems like blood test is indicating some irregularities so they are just bringing him to JPMC to check as a precaution..

Off he went in the ambulance and I chose to drive.. As soon as we arrived, Anjai was rushed into the operating theater and the Dr told me that they are going to insert a tube an inject a dye in order to find out what is wrong. I was rushed out of the OT and was left alone standing in the corridor trying to digest what is going on. After about 20mins, one of the nurse brought me back into the OT and the Dr then explained to me that they saw in total 3 blockages in Anjai's artery.. He then told me that he will perform Angioplasty where he will balloon the artery and it was to be done NOW. I was then rushed out of OT into the lonely corridor again..

At this point I reached my maximum limit and broke down.. A million and one things went in my head..! I did not understand what the dr so to comfort myself I researched online. Read that the risks are very low..

After about another 40mins, the nurse came out and I was again brought into the OT. Dr told me procedure went well and showed the before and after scan of Anjai's artery.. When I saw him he looked tired and smiled at me. I of course had blotchy, red nose and red eyes! LOL

He was then moved into the ICU and by Wednesday night he was moved to the normal wards and was discharged this afternoon..

So what next? We will now have to change our lifestyle, change our diet and Anjai will have to quit smoking..

We feel uber blessed and I am personally thankful that he is given another chance cause if this did not happen and we did not find out about the blockage he might not be with us today.. This is also a wake up call for us to try and live a better and healthier life.. Syukur alhamdulillah.. The way i see it, the heart attack is another blessing in disguise..

To family and friends, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.. We really appreciate it..