Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Monday: First was at 8am when i couldn't find my machine thingy in my bag. *panic mode starts here* After 3 calls to home and 3 attempts of looking in my medela bag, i finally found it! Inda nampaakk! semua kuning bag dalam nya atu! hahaha *panic mode ends here*

When I went to express in the morning I noticed that its battery was low so I went ahead and expressed with the power cord attached to it. As usual after I plugged it in to charge it then in the afternoon I noticed that it the battery is still low! So I plugged the power cord in and it says 'batt' on it when normally a power cable just appear. *FS panic mode starts here* called, tweeted, texted and when I was done expressing, googled + msn-ed! It says that I have to keep the machine charging for 18-24, mcm initial charge. So decided to do that of course. (tapinya tanya if anyone is selling FS haha Just in case bah, plan B! :p)

Tuesday: Then this morning, hubs tried to warm up my car and rupanya flat battery! *car panic mode starts here* Gahhhh! We tired to jumpstart it and inda mau jua pun! It was like as if i sucked the life out of items that uses batteries bah! So off hubs and I go and bought a new battery for car. Alhamdulilah my car is now ok. *car batt panic mode ends here*

..and to continue on the story on my FS, when I finally arrived in my office, the 'batt' sign was gone and when I expressed, all was fine! What a relief!! Suykur alhamdulilah.. *FS panic mode ends here* I mean I was prepared to buy a new set pasalnya I love love love the FS so much and it has done me very well for the past 1 year and 3 months.. But am happy that my bag fund inda kana kacau.. hehehe I love you FS, please don't play games with me again okay. Mummy needs a new bag!

anyways here are random photos taken over the weekend!

so engrossed in the phone!

Mana ia peduli Mummy nya panggil2 ia!

The girls and thier Yaki

I think my FIL had to carry them around and hold them like this for a good 15 mins kali.. haha

This is when Dia decides she wants to ikut her Daddy to work by going into her Daddy's bag.. haha

Monday, June 28, 2010

98 of 2010

Saturday 26 June 2010:

My Dia past asleep

At the mall

and in the evening we went next door to Farhan's first birthday party..

The Birthday boy!

And his big brother

Nadia and Litttle Adip, her youngest uncle.. haha

Adip and Rayyan

Sunday 27th June 2010:

I went to a friend's wedding.. Congrats PJ!!!

Am, BB, PJ and ME! hehe

The bride and yours truly

Watching barney on Daddy's phone. Hubs, an iTouch for the little girl? HAHA

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

over breakfast

I bumped into some friends over breakfast this morning, one of them happens to just gave birth. We shared Bfing tips and stories and it amazes me that even after having her THIRD child she still researches BFing and ways to increase BM production! *VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE* and she was kind enough to email me her to-do list (to increase production) and am eager to try one out. She has warned me that it does not taste all that great but it does help.. *jumping on the band wagon*

Thank god its thursday already.. I have been feeling under the weather all week and I am soo looking forward to the weekend (Like i do every week?!? LOL). Back to work now and have a good day y'all!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Brush Teeth

Morning Tuesday. Here are photos taken during the first 'brush teeth' session with Nadia in our toilet.. hehehe


Mummy, let me brush your teeth

Gimme your tooth brush


Dia: Hehehe
Mummy: Oh nooo..

Clean teeth

And this is where we store our tooth brush.. somehow the tiny addition is so adorable! haha

Am still sick, my voice is barely there, clodsore on my upper right lip and i have a dental appointment this afternoon.. Wish me luck with my dental appointment later.. huhu

Monday, June 21, 2010

cultural weekend

Hello peeps! How are you all today? I am still sick *boo hoo* but despite feeling under the weather, we managed to attend a function and went out here and there over the weekend! maybe that's why my health have not improved kali.. hahaha

SATURDAY: 19th June 2010

Dia getting ready for her shot

Getting worried

And then there's the shot..

We headed to Fragipani for lunch..

His food: Lamb Briyani

My food: Ayam Penyet

SUNDAY: 20th June 2010

We headed to Mungkom, Kiudang to one of Anjai's uncle's place. There was a 'doa selamat and melapas niat' function. I thought it was a small function sekali there was 12 tents and apparently this is pretty normal for this household. As I went into the house I saw this:

Was of course curious.. This is a traditional adat called 'Menganding'..

That guy holding the tiny gangsa was reciting some stuff. I caught 'tolak bala' somewhere so i guess this was to bless everyone and to tolak bala..

Once he stopped with his 'recital' everyone ate!

Anjai's godmother finally met Nadia! hehe caught Anjai and his godmother in tears.. hehe

This i think was Nadia's fav moments. These kids were playing the traditional instruments
She was dancing, moving her legs.. hehe

One of Anjai's cousin's son and he plays mean guling tangan

Dia and Kaka Memet

Both of them liked the fan

Ok correct that, this is probably her most fav moments!

She gets to play the gong hehe

Kaka Memet teaching her

Look at how excited she is!

Look at me

Excited again

Now with abang Eboy

At the end of the day I was feeling kinda dizzy but we think its all worth it. Glad we went despite feeling unwell. We got to see family who we haven't seen in a while and Dia dn I get to see Anjai's cultures.. hehe