Monday, April 27, 2009

I am Sad


Cos Dia's skin issues is back! I reported a few days ago that her problems on her ear is ok.. Well now the dry skin on her ear is back and the redness has spread to her face, body and even worse on her neck..

So we decided to take her back to the hospital today and her trip this morning began with seeing the Dr that we met last Thursday at the Outpatient Department. She then referred Dia to the Pediatric clinic who then referred us to the Skin clinic.. She went home with 2 additional medication. The current one, Hydrocortisone to be placed on her ears, Calamine Lotion to be placed on her face and body and some sort of powder to be placed on her neck! Applying all of the meds will be interesting later esp when Dia screams n shout.. Lets see if i can take it on Video and post it up nanti.. haha

(Ok I have to wipe my tears off and bounce back to being positive!)

On other news, Dia have gained an extra 0.1Kg since last tuesday.. No wander you felt heavier last night my dear... hehehe 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dia's day out

Although we have not reached the 40 day mark, we finally took Nadia out yesterday hehe Alhamdulilah everything went well although there was one occasion where Dia asked to fed in Mothercare.. So where did i feed her? In the Fitting room!!! hahaha Other feedings was done in the car.. hehe Sorry peeps no picture to post up cos my pocket camera ran out of battery and the other camera was too bulky to carry around.. Nanti tah ah hehe

A quick bday shout out to My fren Adeey! Happy Birthday girl and tingkat kn usaha ah *wink*

2 days short of the end of my pantang period.. although I/we have started to go out at day 30! haha

Friday, April 24, 2009

While she was napping this afternoon..

I decided to assemble Dia's Stroller..

And here are all of the available parts..

And after about 40 minutes, I did it! I assembled the stroller.. 
I have to admit this is pretty amazing for me cos i usually leave it up to the men in my life, be it Anjai, My dad or my brothers to put things together for me.. (I was never a fan of Lego!) hehe Even had to dash downstairs to look for a hammer (and I actually knew where it was placed!! LOL) 

Ok Dia, are you ready for an outing? Well that is if your Nini Girl permits it.. hehe

On other news, Dia's allergies or rather skin issues are alowly going away.. The yellowish discharge is no longer there and he skin is slowly peeling off, which according to most ppl is normal.. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Nadia's skin has been peeling off especially on he face but they say that its normal for a newborn to experience that.. Nya drg 'tukar kulit'.. We noticed a particular redness on her left ear a few days ago but thought that its the same thing and while i was at the MCH clinic, decided to pop the question to the attending nurse. She says that its quite normal and advised me to put on some lotion on the area..

So i went home and right after Dia's shower that afternoon i put on some lotion.. Then yesterday afternoon i noticed a slight yellowing so i thought it was just dried up lotion so I clean it up and decided to stop applying the lotion.. Then late last night during one of Dia's feed i noticed that there was slight watering on her left ear.. I wiped it off thinking maybe susu nya tekeluar dari mulut nya and mengalir kesana kah and then it came back!!! Then i noticed that the liquid was yellowish in color and there is a slight swelling!!! As it was 3am i decided to sleep it off and when we woke up early this morning both Anjai and I decided to bring her to the hospital.. 

Doctor says that it might be an allergic reaction to the lotion that i gave as the secretions only came from the areas that i applied the lotion to and that i should stop using it (DOH!) She also checked inside Dia's ears and alahmdulilah, secretions is only outside and the insides are normal.. She gave us Hydrocortisone cream. Hopefully the cream works and all will be normal again.. *sigh*

btw krg ku umban lotion atu ke sungai tutong! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nadia's 1st Visit to MCH clinic

Nadia had her fist visit to the Clinic yesterday.. We were very excited to finally go out but i have to admit that i was quite nervous cos i knew Dia will be given a shot! After little deliberation, we decided to fly solo and not bring my mum along.. hehe

Getting everyone ready was an interesting experience! Between bathing Dia, Getting her dressed and making sure inda kamah baju nya, getting myself ready and making sure my baju inda kamah! haha I guess we will get better at this with more practice!

Anyways, Alhamdulilah, all is ok with Dia.. She is now 4.0Kg, 57cm tall!! Oh i had to BF Dia in front of the nurse (eeks!) and nurse said, 'good sucking'.. And she only cried for a bit! hehe So well done my Love, you have been such a good girl and both Mummy & Daddy is very proud of you.. 

Dia napping before we left

All ready to go..

Woops! Almost forgot her hat!

Being measured up!

Check up by the nurse

Dia: Before the Shot

Dia: During the Shot

Dia: After the Shot 
(kesian, all teared up.. )

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy 1 Month Nadia!

Dear Dia,

You are one month old now.. How time flies.. I feel like it was just yesterday when i walked to the labour room with the IV drip in my hand and your Daddy walking next to me..

You have begun to develop a habit of your own.. Like how you like to be swadelled or 'badung-ed' when you sleep cos otherwise you keep on waking up.. You also like to be 'linggang-ed' to sleep.. On some occasions especially in the afternoon, you prefer to sleep on my legs, in the linggang-ed position ( i think cos you like the attention!), not on  Mummy's bed which sometimes makes Mummy's legs feel numb! haha Oh you also sleep better in your own bed rather than Mummy & Daddy's.. hehehe

You also make funny noises when you sleep which at first bothered Mummy and made Mummy wake up at odd hours or stay up only to find out that you are only stretching your muscles! But I guess its all a learning process.. I now know how to recognise between your odd noises and beginning of your cries and wanting to be fed!! I also now can predict when you want to be Fed! Which is good, especially in  the middle of the night! Other then the odd noises you make, you sleep with your mouth open and move suckle on your lower lips while you sleep.. You sometimes smile and laugh in your sleep too.. Your Daddy finally managed to take a picture of you smiling.. hehe

You still cry and scream when given your bath although sometimes you are good when given a bath but screams a bucket while getting dressed.. Which stresses Mummy out! On one occassion, you screamed so loud that your aunty next door heard you and decided to pay you a visit! That's how loud you are!! (could it be possible that you are louder than Mummy? haha) I do hope you get over this fear sayang and will begin to enjoy the baths!

Your Nini Girl also gave a green light for Mummy and you to go out so we decided to take you for a short ride in Daddy's car early this morning.. It was a 10 minute outing but you did manage to ask to be fed, in Daddy's car! Baik jua nada org kiri kanan cos I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with people seeing her Bs! hehe So going out will need more coordination or else I will need to get over my embarassment! hehe 

You will also go on your fist visit to the clinic in 2 days time where you will be given a shot.. Please be strong my sayang, as those shots are good for you.

Till then my baby.. I love you heaps.. And be good ok? hehe


Friday, April 17, 2009

Yadu & Yaki

A few nights ago, Dia's Yadu (Grandmother) and Yaki (Grandfather) came to visit.. This is Yaki's 1st visit at our house and Yadu's second.. I have to say i was quite excited cos i haven't seen my ILs for quite sometime.. hehe 

So here are some photos taken during both occasions.. hehe

This was Yadu's 1st visit

Dia & Yadu

'Hello Cousin! hehe'

Comparing 3 month old Alya & almost 3 weeks Nadia

Getting much love from her Yadu & Yaki

Dia is now 4 weeks old, 2 days short of 1 month! my my how time flies.. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got Milk?

We started to bottle feed Dia actively to train her so what i have done is Bottle feed her from 9 am till about 2pm. Alhamdulilah, she shows no preference between Bottle Feeding and Direct Feeding.. 

One of my mistake earlier on is storing my BM at 4Ozs each bag (some are at 6Oz) which at this point is too much for her.. Dia takes about 1-1.5Oz for every 2hrs and in order for her to finish 4Oz it will take her 3 feed, approx 6 hrs. And sometimes it takes her longer than that which means, I have to throw out my milk (since my research says that BM stored at room temperature will expire after 6 hrs. FYI 6 hrs is an average number that i have taken as the number across the website varies).. So SAYANG lah!! huhu So i adjusted and have begun storing BM at 2Oz each bag. hehe

Oh have also begun to use the FIFO method in using up my milk.. First In, First Out! That way i have 'fresh-ier' BM for Dia to drink nanti... hehe

In terms of pumping, i now pump twice per day and producing about 4Oz per 8-10 mins pump. As i don't have any plans to travel abroad yet, i think my current ritual should be good enough to ensure Dia has enough food while Mummy is at work.. hehe I know i only go back to work in June but no harm in planning ahead right? hehe

Here are some pics of Dia being bottle fed..

Looks over to the Camera for a shot! How very like her Mummy! hahaha 

Concentrating on finishing her bottle

And when she is done, this is how she looks like! Bejabih! (and still looks at the camera haha)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Dia & her Daddy

Hello all.. How's your Monday going? *tee hee* 2 nights ago, I took the camera out while Anjai was holding Dia and here are some photos taken.. Enjoyy (cos i certainly did!) LOL

This was first photo taken.. Dia had the hiccups hence the thing on her forehead.. (i wander if it actually works ah but i just kept on doing it.. haha)


Kissy kissy and Dia thinking 'kiss again?'

Watching TV

Dia: 'Ok Daddy, u look to the right, Dia will look to the left' (crossing the road kali drg ani? haha) 

When Mummy decides to take a helicopter shot..

Ok now i know where Dia got her habbit of juluring...

Gerigitan! haha

Dia: "What's up  Mummy?"

Dia: 'Tadi atas Mummy ani, ani dari bawah lagi"

the bunny shot

'Sayannggg Dia'

Friday, April 10, 2009


Dia is 3 weeks + 1 day old now... So what can she do now? Bejalan ia sudah, ani baru ia balik dari Mall, meliat wayang sama cousin nya! LOL (ok sorry, lame joke har har) so seriously, she is now able to follow our voices!! ok ok not that much of an accomplishment but a mum can brag can't she? hehe oh funny thing she did earlier this afternoon. She pee-ed on me, TWICE whilst getting her nappies changed! haha 

As you may know i have stopped taking the Fenugreek pills but syukur alhamdulilah, I am able to feed Dia satisfactorily and also able to pump for storage and future use,once daily.. Although my pumping supply is inconsistent nowadays.. Sometimes its up to 5oz per pump, sometimes its 3)z only.. I think i better start taking my MMT soon.. 

Speaking of future use, to prepare for my going back to work, we have been training Dia to drink from the bottle and alhamdulilah, she is ok with it and so far has no preference of Direct Feeding to Bottle Feeding.. hehehe We also try to practice cot sleeping for her since day 1 and so far so good although there are times when we decide to let her sleep with us.. hehe Other than that we have also been cultivating Dia to stay with my mum and the maid each morning and so far so good.. I suppose this is also to cultivate the mum supaya not so attached! hahaha 

So anyways, here are some photos of Dia..

Hello Daddy on my right..

Hello Mummy on my left..

Dia sleeping in her cot.. Can you see how long her hair is now.. Bediri mcm rambut Daddy nya! haha

Daddy showing off his balancing skills!

I couldn't resist but put up this picture of my niece Momoi! haha 

Tag Replies:
TC: NaDia says thank you aunty TC... Are you eating a cake down under on our behalf?
~d~: Hugs and Kisses to Kaka (tapi sebenarnya ia ani Aunty ni) Budehh...
Shopaholic: See you next weds and of course lah maintain.. You know i have a close relationship with my tweezers! LOL
Akina: haha ko inda lagi batah tuuu.. Kiss to Baby Darwish for me!
A10: If i can go out kan I would probably do that but since i am under confinement, stop saja tia taking that pill.. hehe
Radzmi: No problemo! will share if i have other info ya..

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fenu-shock part 3

So i emailed the Natural Factors people to confirm on the matter and here is their reply..

Dear Nani,


Thank you for your inquiry regarding Natural Factors Fenugreek Seed product, we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.


Each Capsule Contains:

Fenugreek Powder (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) (seed)..... 500 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: Gelatin capsule (animal gelatin (beef/pork), purified water),

croscarmellose sodium, vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).

Recommended Adult Dose: 2 capsules, 3 times daily or as directed

by a health care practitioner.


We hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.




Customer Service

Natural Factors

I don't know about the rest of you but i am stopping intake of the supplement as i am now Was-Was, despite the fact that the store located in Mile One, that sells it, claims that it is Halal..  Ok back to the drawing board people, time to do more research on different brands of Fenugreek supplement and make sure this time that it does not use any type of Animal Gelatin. If any of you found another brand, please do let me know...

So anyways, Dia is doing great! I think she is mikin tabam and her hair is growing! i did take some pic but have yet to process the pic.. hehe I try to catch her smiling tapi susah! haha Her sleeping patterns is usually ok where she will stay up in the early evening and sleep around 10-11ish. She will only wake up in the middle of the night for the customary feed.. However she decided to wake up at 4am till about 8am this morning!! My my my!! I do hope she gets back to her normal sleeping patterns.. A pattern that is better for both parents but most especially for the Daddy as he is now back at work..

Oh today marks Dia's 20th day, which also means that I am midway through my pantang period! Boy oh boy do i miss going out! oh and i miss drinking Cold water!!! hahaha another 20 days... :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fenu-shock part 2

With regards to my previous post on the Fenugreek Supplement, please find below an extract of the email from Natural Factor's Customer Care people.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Natural Factors products; we appreciate you taking the time to contact us.

Natural Factors labels include the description “vegetarian capsule” where vegetarian are used, otherwise our hard gelatin capsules may be sourced from bovine (beef), porcine (pork) or a mixture of bovine/porcine. Natural Factors softgels are sourced from bovine gelatin. Our latest information on file states that the gelatin used for product code 2200 (Fenugreek) is sourced from bovine.

We hope this information is helpful. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Customer Service

Natural Factors

Naturally i am very disappointed and sad but more importantly i am shocked.. For one, the email does confirm our suspicion that the product is me-ragu-kan.. Especially that part on pork atu lah paling shocking for me.. Secondly, how can this product be freely sold here, w/o a label that says non-consumable by Muslims. Does the authority really check the ingredients used in the products sold here? 

Monday, April 6, 2009


I take Fenugreek seed from a Canadian Company called Natural Source which is sold here locally at Nature's farm.. Now i have been taking this supplement once per day for the past 18 days and can you imagine my surprise when a friend told me that we may not be able to consume it because the capsule is made from Bovine. Turns out her friend emailed the customer care and they confirmed that the capsule is indeed made from Bovine! I am not sure what the Haram Halal policy is so i guess this this what i will try to find out for the next few days from MoH as well as the Religious Affairs ppl.. but if anyone has any info on the matter, please let me know... 

I have decided to discontinue intake of the supplement until i get to the bottom of this and switch to Milkmaid Tea.. 

Oh a quick B-day shout out to my cousin Aning! Happy Birthday cuz! hope you have a great one this year!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Hello peeps.. Happy Saturday Y'all! Now normally I will be uber happy that the weekend is here but honestly i can't seem to keep track of what day it is anymore.. I feel like my life/days has fallen into a routine of waking up, feeding Dia, Putting Dia to bed and the cycle goes on and on.. hahaha 

So anyways, here are some pics of Dia..

Look at how long i am..

Oh i mentioned that i was scared of bathing Dia, well.. Happy to report that i finally did it! 2 kali sudah pun.. But bepaluh jua lah cos Dia is still screams her lungs out when we give her a bath..

Please excuse the double chin! LOL

Look at Dia's Feet! hehe


Sound asleep in her cot..

Friday, April 3, 2009

Developing patterns

Please accept my apologies peeps for the lack of updates.. and lack of photo updates too *looks over to TC* As per my title above, I have been busy recuperating and most of all, trying to adjust to Dia's sleeping patterns.. 

Dia's sleeping patterns has been here and there.. Sometimes she stays awake in the afternoon or sleeps the whole day through which means she will keep us up till the wee hour of the dawn... So what we have been trying to do is keep her up from 8-11pm and then let her sleep throughout the night with of course the feeding every 2 hrs.. We have done this successfully twice so hopefully we can keep it up and with that develop a sleeping pattern that is workable for both parents and Dia.. (dapat kah di develop tu?)

Its been 2 weeks since Dia was born and Syukur Alhamdulilah my milk has arrived and am now starting to pump and store about 4ozs each day.. I feel much much much better and is able to move more freely than before.. all thanks to my mum who has a strict regime of things i need to do and eat.. Did i mention that i am now an avid vegetable eater.. haha I never used to like eating veggies sekali ani, as i promised to my mum, i will eat whatever she serves me and true enough aku bedal ajee.. hahaha Oh and our maid finally arrived yesterday so my mum and me will now have an extra helping hand around the house.. hehehe

I better do my routine stuff before Dia wakes up.. hehe 

TC, will upload pics later k? hehehe