Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The day before my exam and i decided to take a break from my books and we took the girls to the beach..

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2 down 13 to go

I just finished part one of my CIPs journey.. In total i have 15 papers to complete and i intend to finish all of it within a period of 3 years.. I would be lying if i say it hasn't been hard, it HAS! Especially when you have 2 toddlers and one that is still breastfeeding who requires a lot of attention. Its funny how seems like each time i open up my book, Sofiyya will ask for 'Nen'. Hence i have resorted to studying as soon as both kids or at least as soon as Sofiyya is asleep. I have been so used to my 7-9hrs of sleep and it has been reduced to 5hrs max.. It was quite a pain at the beginning but as with anything it takes practice and after a while i got used to it..

Here is Sofiyya 'helping' me study

Speaking of breastfeeding with Sofiyya turning 2 in a couple of days i have officially stopped expressing.. Looking into the stock, Sofiyya is currently taking EBMs from December!

Here are various photos taken over the week or so..

Monday, May 13, 2013

Dinner with M&Ms 11May2013

Also another long over due get together was a get together with the Zams. Although eversince i started my secondment i have seen TC quite a fair bit but the kids have not.

I have to say that i have been quite busy as i practically have 2 jobs and studying for my certification at the same time.. I gotta make sure that we don't carried away and make sure that we spend quality time with our family and friends.. Scheduling our time was a bit tough as our friends also have their own ageda but with a continued effort insyallah..

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Dinner with Ariesya and Zahin 4Mar2013

Long over due dinner with The Bainz...!! We had dinner at cheezebox so food was great and the kids had a lot of fun playing at the play area. It has been far to long and it was very good to catch up..

note to bb: this kinda thing needs to happen more often!

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Mandi fun time together

Sometimes i let the girls squeeze and take a bath together in the tiny bath tub and they have so much fun together!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Its Mother's day!

When Nadia got home from school on Saturday she gave me a flower that she made for me in conjunction with Mother's day!

There has been a couple of articles on facebook about how muslims should not be celebrating Mother's day and its haram but in my opinion when the intent is ikhlas then insyallah all will be well..

Husband dearest bought me a cake and we celebrated with my family at home.. Alhamdulillah and thank you for appreciating us mothers.. Alhamdulillah..

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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Husband dearest forgot to put Nadia's diapers on before they fell asleep last night and at around 1.15am i had a tap on my hand and nadia told me she wants to 'memeh'.. Although she peed a little in her undies i am still happy and proud that she was able to wake up before the whole gate floods open!

In my efforts to start weaning Sofiyya off breastmilk and my breast we have been telling her that big girls drink from bottles like kaka and no longer nen from mummy. She of course says no then last night she did ask for her bottle. I gave her very dilute FM and she drank about 1oz before she turned to her daddy and said 'inda nyaman' and gave back her bottle.

These are small small steps that my girls have taken and these are the moments when i am reminded on how big they have grown up to be..

I pray that Allah will always protect my girls and always always pray that Allah gives my husband and I the strength, courage, patience and ability to teach them right.. Amin amin amin..

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Happy Family day!!

Salam and afternoon readers! Apologies for the lack of updates.. Things has been quite hectic lately and my free time is now occupied with quite a few agenda and one big one currently is studying for my exams. Haven't sat for an exam since my uni years and i have to say adjusting my priorities and trying to study with a 2 girls are proving to be quite a challenge!

The girls are doing fine except for a slight sniffle and cough as there seems to be a bug going about. HFMD is also now increasing with a fee schools having to shut down operation for about a week or so. I have resorted to packing a hand disinfectant in her school bag and ensuring that she takes her vitamin daily..

Sofiyya is turning 2 soon!! Which also means i am close to achieving my 2 year goal. I've talked about how i intend to wean her off but don't know how to go about it. It was different with Nadia cos i had to wean her off due to my pregnancy but with Sofiyya now there is no urgency or need to wean her off except for maybe i want her to get more nutrients from other sources (read somewhere that nutrients of breastmillk becomes less relevant as the child turns 2. Dunno to what extent that is true tho). She has been eating and drinking well, taking in what everyone eats and drink. Her particular favorite is Milo and she wil tell her aunty 'aman (nyaman) aunty'. LoL my maid did try giving her Nadia's FM and she took a sip, gave the bottle back to her aunty and said 'nda aman aunty' LOL In terms of stocks alhamdulillah still in abundance and i have continued to express once a day still..

Speaking of her birthday, dunno what i am going to do to celebrate.. Huaaaaa

Ok kids are asleep now and i am going back to my books! Until next time and i hope i can do better in updating this journal of mine..

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