Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun filled weekend..

My weekend started at 11.30am on Friday and I kicked it off with a Tudong Shopping Spreee! hahaha Although I didn't top Shopaholic's spree of 12 tudongs, I bought merely 8.. Well what do u expect, she is a Shopaholic. We headed to the Gerai in Tutong in the afternoon and had Sungkai at home.

Nadia pretending to drive

Then Saturday morning, I did my usual clean up around the room and Anjai decided to put Dia in one of my storage boxes!
Look at how happy she is playing with her Daddy..

We had a sungkai outing at Rizqun with Anjai's friends, without Nadia and I have to say food was fantastic! *will update with pics later, once i steal it from FB tee hee*

We decided to go over to anjai's place on sunday since we didn't go last weekend.. hehehe

Nadia & Alya: both aiming to grab the colorful table cloth and in Nadia's case, put it in her mouth!

Dia held by the maid and Alya held by her Mummy

Playing with thier Yadu

Its now the 10th day of Ramadhan and syukur I haven't missed any yet and alhamdulilah milk production maintains.. Mudahan it remains the same for the next 20 days.. Amin amin..

Nadia's sniffles is back although its not as bad as before and we still give her paracetamol although less frequently. mcm twice a say saja since its not as bad as before kan.. I hope she gets better soon..

She has been hvaing Chicken, bayam and carrots in her rice porridge for the past 2 weeks so today we are introducing meat and brocolli in her diet.. Lets see how she reacts to her new food.. hehehe

Oh quick shout out to the Husband! Welcome back to work my dear!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

date at Sheraton

We had a Sungkai date at Sheraton last Wednesday and here are some photos.. hehe

Fizah, Nash & Miah

The newlywed: Yani & Gnoh

Miah, Abu Dzar & Erwan

Ice Cream Tenpanyaki

Conversations around the table

All of us minus the Husbands and Abu Dzar

Its been 5 days of work during the month of Ramadhan and I just finished my pumping session this morning. On the first day I had 7oz during the day and then 6oz subuh. Day 2, I got 6oz (which i think is the after effect of pumping during subuh). And Day 3, 4 & 5, Alhamdulilah I got 9oz.. Syukur alhamdulilah.. On normal days I was able to produce 'extras' and now I produce just enough. At least it not less than what she takes.. hehehe

Happy weekend y'all..

From Him to Her

I finally have a new pocket camera.. hehe Thanks to the Husband! and trust him to pick something so complicated that I now find that the new camera is a bit hard to use.. hahaha Gimme a couple of weeks, I am sure I will get the hang of it. Thanks again Husband!

Nadia playing with the box..

and salivating the box. LOL

This was the first picture I took and I LOVE it!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I love my FS!

'It's a beautiful Saturday morning, as I start prepare myself to express my breastmilk. I clip the motor on my shorts, and attach both the breastshields on my nursing bra straps (onto the hook) Clip clip (top), Clip clip clip clip (to the base of the nursing bra) and press Start.....Znnggg... Znngg..... it goes.. Now with both of my hands free'd up, I can read the papers and drink my favorite cup of coffee while waiting for my breastpumps to complete its job! How convenient!'

The above text was taken from one of Medela Freestyle user and when I read it made me smile cause it is exactly how I feel. I love my FS (credit goes to H for recommending it to me). I have to admit before this I didn't bother trying out the Freestyle mode sekali once I tried it I loved it so much that when I tried pumping with hands, I felt soo bored! *one you go FS, you bever go back!* I recall a few months back when I was trying to choose which pump I asked myself 'do I really want to do something else while my B is being pumped?' Well ladies, all I can say is that it is very very convinient! A few nights ago I was dying to pump during sahur and to save time I put my FS on, a huge t-shirt on top and start preparing sahur whilst being pumped!! haha oh and parts for my FS has finally arrived so I now have 2 sets of everything except for the pump itself of course.. wohooooo

Another great news is that the Natural Factor's Fenugreek supplements are HALAL ladiesss!!! Please refer to this post. Gotta make a quick stop at Mall or Batu satu later today as I threw mine out the last time.. hehehe

Oh Dia is now well, sniffles has gone away. Syukur Alhamdulilah!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dia has developed some funny habits, Like how she refused to sleep at night if the main light is still switched on. She will only sleep if the room is semi dark.

She also likes to be taken outside for a stroll early in the morning after she just woke up and afternoons after her bath. On one occasion my Dad took her out on the stroller and he said that Dia is so belabih cos she put her foot up in the stroller! LOL

Another habit that she has developed is that she screaming and shouting as and when she pleases! She screams when we put her clothes on, when she is having her meals and also when she wants to be taken outside for a walk. HAH! I know that people say that she inherited my voice but this is abit excessive! Besides I don't scream and shout as and when I please! (har har) I think she just discovered her voice and is enjoying how people react to her screams! Well it sure panics Mummy a little bit (if not a lot)! hahaha oh another funny thing is that whenwe sat down talk while we wait for sungkai diam ia, then as soon as we all started eating, she starts to scream tia! haha

Oh she is now 100% proficient in terms on rolling over to her tummy and rolling back on her back! *wihieee* Pandai sudah ia reposition her hands and it was the first day of puasa when we saw her roll over to her back. It sure made my hunger fade away, for a few minutes that is! and it was funny how she did it balik-balik as if she was trying to show to us that she can do it.

A quick and big THANK YOU to the Husband for the Birthday gift! I Love it!!! Thank you thank you thank you *tee hee*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dia has the sniffles!

Today is the first day of working in the month of Ramadhan for me n my colleagues cos unlike other Companies, our Management decided to declare Friday, 21st August 2009 as our public holiday instead of Today. I believe Telbru does the same thing. Which works out better for me as I didn't have to work on my Birthday and we only work till 2 today *tee hee*

Dia got the sniffles yesterday.. So kesian so we gave her paracetamol at 12noon and decided to cancel plans of taking her out as it was a really really hot day and I was afraid ia mikin damam. Then at sungkai time, she was fussy and feel asleep till about 1am. So I decided to give her paracetamol again and after about 1 minute, she threw up.. Keluar semua ubat nya and also dahak. My poor poor baby! So we cleaned her up and decided to give her the med again. Alhamdulilah she slept thru till about 6 this morning. I gave her another does of paracetamol this morning at 7am n hopefully she recovers while I am at work. I have to admit I thought of not coming in and look after her then I said to myself, what can I do jua.. Besides the husband will be at home to keep an eye and look after her. But i think my rationale will change pulang tu if she has a fever but i checked this morning and he temp was 37.2 saja so shud b ok..

Alhamdulilah, 2 days of Puasa has gone by. I pumped prior to going out and I got 6oz and also this morning at 9ish, I pumped and got 7oz. I wasn't sure on how many to prepare for Dia this morning so I prepared 9oz and I calculated if she takes in all 9oz and I produce 7oz means that I only have to top up 2oz from my stock. Since I have about 250oz then that should be ok.. Oh I also figured Its better for me to pump in the morning around 9ish so that my Bs will be replenished by the time I get home. Lets see if this works ah.. Trial and Error ni.. hehehe

Oh Puasa is different this year with Dia around. For one, Sahur is taken in turns, except for the first night where Dia pleasantly woke up and joined us at the dinning table. For the past two nights, yours truly goes downstairs to have aher sahur and prepare food and then brings food to the room for the husband.. As for sungkai, the maid and I break our fast together but then take turns to enjoy the other food.. (mouth watering as I type and already imagining food to eat! LOL)

Selamat berpuasa everyone!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Birthday Post

(i have a feeling this is going to be a long one..)

My birthday celebration kicked off on Thursday, 20th August 2009 at 8.20am! My colleagues bought me and another colleague (who's birthday falls on August 22nd) cakes.
Here is the cake that my colleagues got for me.
Apparently my assistant was the one who planned the whole thing and she had to go on another colleague's FB to steal this photo.. (I really appreciate the efforts!) I really love the cake! And yes, I actually saved the sugar paper! LOL Jadinya kami kan mkn muka kami and muka Dia.. hahaha

Yours truly and Hjh Fadila at the pantry.. Since we had 2 cakes we had hers in the morning and mine in the afternoon...

Then it was time to go to lunch and as I walked in the car, this is what i saw waiting for me..
The husband snuck this bouquet of white lilies and red roses + a card in my car while i was working away in the office.
Thank you again Husband.. I was pleasantly surprised...

Lunch was organised by Mr Fakhrin and we had it at Charcoal. Also in attendance was Mas, Carol and Eddy.. And I had my second birthday cake.. haha

Strawberry shortcake, one of my favorites.

Taken using Krin's iPhone

Mas & Carol. Now u can tell that Cal is really enjoying her cake hehe

The evening of 20th August 2009
Anjai wanted to take Dia & I to our first family dinner to celebrate my birthday so i said ok..

Daddy & Dia approaching Excapade restuarant. First time Dia ni kemari hehehe

And as i walked into the room, which i might add I found very odd since Anjai told me it was just the three of us, I was greeted with the 'Happy Birthday' song and flashes of people's Camera. Turns out the Husband, TC and Shopaholic (whoever initiated it, i still don't know haha) planned a surprise get together. And boy was I surprised.

This is my surprised look (must be ones of the decent looking ones. Photo is stolen from here)

My third birthday cake and it wasn't even on my actual birthday LOL

TC & Izam

Shopaholic & Gamerholic

Nadia trying to sip Daddy's Mint Lemon Tea

Matching bracelets..Thanks Bie!! Oh i got the other two thiers! hehehe

All of us and to quote Shopaholic, Alhamdulilah, all of us are now happily married. Syukur

The actual Birth-Day, 21st August 2009.

The day started with a trip to Giant to purchase food for Dinner.

We saw this fancy trolley where there is a bassinet kah tu? oh well u know what i mean.. haha

Dia enjoying her Shopping trip

And in the evening, as usual we had our usual BBQ-ed food for dinner and a cake.

My fourth birthday cake

Blowing the candles.. there is 3 candles but that does not mean i am 30! haha baru 27 ni aah (yes i admit, i am 27 of age! *looks over to Shopaholic & TC*)

The curly one taking a bite of the cake! haha

So I had a busy two days and apa nya Anjai, the day before my birthday was more meriah than my actual birth-day. Its more subdued today. So i take this opportunity to thank everyone.
Thank you for your greetings on FB, sms-es, calls, msgs on my tag board.
Thank you to Fakhrin, Carol, Mas, Eddy for organising the surprise birthday lunch and those lovely vouchers! hehehe
Thank you to My colleagues for giving me the cake.. I really really LOVE it!
Thank you to TC, Izam, Shopaholic & Gamerholic for organising the surprise Dinner, the cake and the gifts (matching charm bracelet from Bibie and a Guess watch from TC). Thank you very very much.
And last but not in anyway least, Thank you to Anjai, my husband for organizing everything.. Thank you for the flowers, the cake(s) and bbqing dinner tonite. Thank you for being a loving and great husband and thank you for everything. Having you in my life is a gift in its own way.. Thank you for being you and loving me the way that you do.
Thanks everyone!

And selamat berpuasa and hope you have a great ramadhan ahead of you
from Anjai, Nadia & I

Thursday, August 20, 2009

5 months celebrations

Here are some pictures taken during the celebration last night..

Decided to go different this time and order Carrot cupcakes with Cheese toppings

Everyone helped Dia blow her candles away.. hehehe

Dia and her cake.

Kaka Caca, Kaka Adik, Mummy, Dia, Abd Ejan and Kaka Momoi

Nadia got scared. Mana inda, all her Kakas were screaming happily

Love this photo for the two naughty and noisy girls!

Was talking to a fellow BF mother and we both have concerns on milk production during the fasting month. So we both went away and did a stock check, she has around 100 bottles of 3oz each!!! WOW! I was soo inspired!! I on the other hand have around 250oz in storage. I also started to increase pumping from 2 tiems a day to 3 times a day and count how many I produce each day. Bukan pulang naik, kurang pulang my production.!! Stress kaliii hahaha So I guess I should just relax and let it flow.. kekeke

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 5 Months Nur Imaan Nadia

Dear Dia,

You are 5 months old today sayang and I know I say this every month but you have grown up so much. Looking at the 4th month milestone, you have achieved all except for number 8. I don't think i have felt any tooth like stubs on either your upper or lower gums. Although you have been biting lots.

One of your biggest achievements so far is rolling over and scooting to the front. You seem to like your new found ability so much that you do it the moment you wake up, rolling over to your stomach that is.. So Mummy have been placing lots of pillow around you especially if you are on our bed. For the past two nights you even rolled over in your sleep and remained sleeping on your stomach. Mummy was worried at first and told your Daddy but we guess this is part of you growing up.

Mummy have changed your diet from rice cereal and now rice porridge. I do hope you chattering away during your meal means that you are enjoying it and not the other way around. And you also have upgraded from eating your meal on your bouncing chair and now on your high chair.

For the first time you and I slept without your Daddy this month. Did you miss your Daddy as much as I did? hehe You also met Mummy's best friend, Aunty Tracey and Uncle Ezam. How did you like them? Sakit aunty TC cubit Dia? Don't worry sayang, ia cubit bukan ia inda suka Dia tu, she likes you, geram hati saja ia liat Dia bah.. hehe Nanti lagi we jalan sama Aunty Tracey and Aunty Bibie ah.

It will be Ramadhan in a couple of days time and it means that Mummy and Daddy will be fasting. Mummy's biggest worry is whether my milk will be enough for you or not. So if you drink from the bottle more, please understand ok..

Ok Mummy better get back to work now. I love you. Wipe your tears, Mummy will be home soon enough. In the meantime, play with Daddy cos he is on leave. hehe Once again, Mummy Loves you very very much and be good now.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another visit..

.. to the MCH clinic this morning for Nadia.. It was just a check up, no vaccination shots this time round (phew!). Oh she is now 6.08kg, 64.8cm in height and her head circumference is 41cm. Here are some pictures taken this morning.

Daddy's girl

Bringing Sexyback!

When she was first checked using the head thermometer sensor she was 37.5. Hairan the nurse then i asked her to check using the ear thermometer and it was 36.5. So Dia is actually Fever Free and this was her tag to prove it! hehe

big brown eyes

Oh she had some milk rashes on her cheeks so we applied Hydrocotisone and it got worse. So we now know dat she is allergic to that medication. So kesian lah my little girl, she inherited Mummy's skin problems. *sigh*

Oh solid updates! I fed her this morning and boy did she enjoy her meal.. haha Bising and she finished all her food. Oh and i think she enjoyed being in her big high chair kali jua.. I am putting her on Beras Kabun, Chicken, Carrots and Bayam diet this week but her Nini Girl is eager to introduce Fish.. Lets see if I can talk to her and make her agree that fish shall be introduced next week saja. Oh did I mention that feeding Dia porridge is against her wishes.. kekeke Her intention is good pulang sebenarnya tapi she can be a bit hardheaded (I guess that's where I got that habit from huh?) LOL

Dia is one day short of turning 5 months.. *wohoo*

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maid Crisis: Over (hopefully!)

My maid received good news from the Husband yesterday that he is now well and she can continue working with us. So that is good news for us and we can now rest easy. Hopefully until she finishes her contract. Tapinya amah ku ani mcm be-ulah tia pulang.. Jadinya ia kan minta naikkan gajinya! mcm HELLOO!!!!!! Alum lagi batah disini, sudah tah kan minta naik gaji! Urgh!

Moving on to other things.. We finally had a sleepover at Anjai's place last Saturday night. It feels good to see the ILs, after 2 weeks.. hehehe Oh and Dia had her first rice porridge disana! hehehe

Angah Mamai feeding Dia

Mummy this food tastes different

The enthusiastic Mum feeding the Daughther HAHA

So for her afternoon meal we prepared rice porridge jua pun but this time its Beras kabun (husband says better than brown rice [?]), Chicken and Carrots. Her first porridge was Beras Kabun, Achovies and Carrots.



Oh we finally put together her high chair last night and tried it out.. Hehe

I get my own chair

Hmmm Lets see how comfy this chair is

Is my Mummy staring at me?

Still trying to ignore herrrrr.. hehehe

Quick congratulations to Aizah & Azmi for their wedding yesterday! Sorry no pictures as i forgot my tiny and battered camera.. Tunggu tah dari the Official Photographers.. Speaking of Pictures, looking at the ones i just posted up, i can see Bnyk diff between the pics taken on my pocket camera (the first 5 pictures) and Anjai's camera... sorry for the varying quality ah haha

Oh and a quick Welcome back to work to TC!!! hehehe