Thursday, December 31, 2009


Its the last night of 2009.. and its time to reflect.. reflect on the good, the bad, the sweet and the bitter of 2009..

I faced 3 big challenges this year.. the first was Breastfeeding Dia.. If you recall my BM did not arrive until after a few days after Dia was born.. I feel super blessed and thank god each day for giving me the opportunity to BF my daughter and hopefully we will reach our goal of 2 years.. *amin* (1 yr 3 months to go! haha) The second was traveling overseas without the little angel.. I had mixed emotions about the whole thing and Expressing, storage and bringing EBM back was also an experience. The last challenge, and one in which I am still facing is Maid Crisis! Lets pray that in the new year we will be able to find a more suitable nanny for Dia..

The happiest day for me in 2009 was 19th March 2009. After a full 40 weeks of pregnancy Alhamdulillah my little angel was born.. I remember smiling when I heard Dia cry for the first time.. I remember right after labor as I was wheeled into the ward, my dad kissed my forehead and my mum hugged me. I can feel how proud they were of me! haha The saddest... I really can't recall to be honest. So I take that as a good sign that the year has been a good one for me.. Syukur Alhamdulilah..

So with that what do I want in 2010? What is my resolution? Well I hope to be a better muslimah in 2010, I hope if god is willing to continue to BF my Dia and lastly I would like to go green! And the first step would be to reduce usage of Plastic Bags! hehehe In terms of work, 2010 will be a big year for the Company so I hope god gives me the strength and the patience!

So with that I say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010!! Happy new years to all my readers both silent and not so silent ones.. hehehe 

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Weekend!

25th December 2009 - Christmas day
Since we were unable to cross the border to go to Anjai's grandma's place we were lost for things to do! haha so we ended up lazing in bed the whole morning and then went to McD in the afternoon for a the beautiful Prosperity Burger! hehe

Dia was amazed by Mummy's new pen! hehe

Dia & Yours truly at McD

We also made a quick stop at JD's but unfortunately photos taken were blur! somehow either JD or Dia did not keep still!

26th December 2009 - Boxing day
We started off with an American Breakfast at Country Patch.

Dia playing with the Menu

Playing around while Mummy & Daddy enjoys their food

She fell asleep on the way to Yaku & Yaki's place.

Since we were unable to make over to Limbang, Anjai's uncle was nice enough to make a quick stop at Anjai's place so we can meet them! hehe

Dia posing for Uncle Jack


Family photo

Gaya Bebas

Uncle Jack and his family

27th December 2009 - Christmas Open house
We had the annual Christmas open house at Anjai's place. Altho last year it was held during NYE. Here are some pictures taken..

Dia held by one of her uncles.

Playing with her older second cousins

Dia kena umpan

Being fed Kacang jagus

Dia and Angah Eboy

Dia and Uncle Rusan

Dia and Alya

It was so hard to take pictures of these two! one is constantly moving!

It was a tiring but fun weekend! Now time to think about what we shall be doing NYE weekend! hehehe

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

he's back!

Just got off the phone with the husband! I am so glad that he is finally reachable and in a couple of hours i will get to see him! *yeay*

My Dia was better yesterday. She was obedient and only cried when she wanted to sleep, which is pretty normal for that little princess. However when she saw me she refused to let go! I had to have dinner with her in my lap so I am pretty glad that Anjai is back so we can take turns! hahaha I can tell however last night that she misses her Daddy cos she was extra fussy.. hehe This morning she cried when I drove away.. It pains me that I still have to drive away but its just something that we have to go through as part of her training.. *sigh*

I remember when i was about 4 or 5years old, I cried my eyes out when my mum went out! I cried and cried and cried and no one cared! I threw one hell of a tantrum! I kicked and slammed the door and still no one cared.. no one came to soothe me! not my dad, my brothers not my nanny.. haha I guess this is just part of growing up..

A few weeks back someone asked me re BF-ing and how long I would like to exclusively BF Dia and my answer was 'If god is willing, until she reaches our goal of 2 years. As long as possible..' Then I sort of got a look from her that sort of implied that I am being too ambitious. Well maybe I am being too ambitious, setting the bar too high for myself. But the way I see it I might as well aim high, at least if I fall I don't fall to low. and I believe that if my niat is tulus and ikhlas god will set the path for me. If god says my time to BF my daugther ends in a couple of days then I shall accept it like how I accepted that my EBM did not arrive until the 3rd/4th day after Dia was born. I do hope my journey of BF journey continues on till Dia reach 2 years tho.. hehehe

Christmas will be here in 2 days time and 2010 will be here in 9 days time.. time to re-assess, re-evaluate and re-think about things that has happened in 2009. the good, the bad, the achievements and the mistakes.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Day 4

and I decided this morning to go to work..

Dia was better yesterday afternoon. After she woke up from her nap, she had her lunch, she played with the maid and my mum and then she took a nap again. I finally went downstairs to say hello to Dia at 5pm (at the strict instructions of my Mother) and when she saw me she looked at me as if asking 'why did you leave me? where have you been?' She almost cried and then when she was in my arms I felt like she held me even tighter..

This morning she sort of resisted then I just told my mum and maid to take her from me. Alhamdulilah no cries, no tears.. When I left this morning my maid wanted to take her inside immediately so she did not see me drive away but i told the maid no. We always make it a point to say bye to the Little one so she knows that we are going away and not just disappearing into thin air. And a friend told me a few months ago that this is important. As I drove away Dia gave me that look again. There were tears but not from the little princess but from yours truly.. har har! Hopefully Dia's day is better today than yesterday.

Here are some photos taken over the weekend..

During one of her afternoon naps! hehe

Dia went to her first birthday party. It was TC and Husband's birthday bbq on Friday!

Wearing her balloon hat!

What a pose by Dia Hahaha(This photo was taken by Shopaholic)

Dia and I with my besties!

Shopaholic, TC, Yours Truly and Dia!

Hope you enjoy your gift TC!

A very tired looking Dia

TC's cake

Izam's cake

and additional 2 cakes from DQ

I fed whipped cream to Dia.. and i think some strawberry ice cream as well.. hahaha

Ready to go home

Then on Saturday we headed to Seria to pick up Dia's new nanny at my SIL's place.

Dia, my SIL and Momoi

We made a quick stop at the famous Kway Teow Seria.

And then in the evening its time to celebrate Dia turning 9 months!

Crunchy hazelnut Paraline *yumm*

Singing 'Happy Birthday to you, you live in a zoo...' hehe

Cutting the cake

Momoi was halfway thru her cake and she decided she wanted to blow some candles..

Dia helping Daddy put her new toy together

testing out her new ride!

She was so engrossed by the new toy!

We went to Hua ho and Dia insisted on playing at the counter! haha

As i was lulling away to sleep last night, I realized that throughout the whole maid drama and along with a couple of other things, I realized that I have been very negative, depressed and vindictive and I snap so very easily.. How you may ask did I come to realise this? Well number 1, I have been eating a lot of junk food which I have avoided for soo long! (oh the taste of pringles and cheesy nachos in my mouth!) Number 2, I have not been sleeping well.. Number 3, I realised I get angry very easily like how I snapped at a lady in one of the furniture shop and lastly I realised that I started to replay events in my head and this has lead me to become more negative!

I decided late last night to stop and get rid of all negativity.. Which includes not only coming to terms with some events and occurrences but also some people! I decided to keep my junk food for now and finish it... and not buy any after this.. hahahaha

So cheers to a more positive life! Love life and live your life! *eseh* haha

1 more sleep and Anjai is back! *yipiee*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Day 3

Dia's new Nanny arrived last Saturday.. Dia kept on looking at her and as predicted she refused to be held by the maid. Kalau main mau ia.. same thing goes for day 2 altho I have to admit didn't really focus on cultivating Dia with the maid as we went to Anjai's place and i picked her up when she cried.

So today is day 3.. Husband wet away this morning and he will be unreachable for the next 3 days as he will be working in the jungle in Temburong.. The day stared off pretty emotional with sending Jai off then we tried giving Dia to the maid. She was ok for about 15mins then come the tears! So i took her back. tried to feed her, she refused! My mum gave her a bath and then when time comes to put her clothes on, she cried! Me, my mum and maid was sitting and letting Dia play then i took off.. She cried her eyes out! and we let her do just that... She cried for about an hour then she fell asleep.. Lets hope she is better this afternoon.. AMIN

They say the best way to learn how to swim is to just jump in the deep end so we are doing that.. I hope Dia gets over her fears soon.. I hope i hope i hope so. and i pray i pray and i pray....

Oh how can I forget to mention. Throughout her tears this morning she stood up next to me and was holding me. My mum and I were talking and I looked away then I felt her little hand move away from my arm. I looked and the little princess was standing on her own! On her own two feet! *yeayyyy*  Oh how I cant wait to tell Anjai when he gets home! hehe for some people its probably nothing but I'd like to think that it is one of her many acomplishments, no matter how little they are! hahaha

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy 9 Months Dia!

Dear Dia,

You are 9 months young today!! Did you know that that was how long you were in Mummy's tummy? hehe Just last week Mummy were looking at photos when you were fist born and I was amazed at how big you are now.. Altho compared to your other friends you are tiny! Do not despair my love, just keep on eating and drinking like you do.. 

We have some news for you my love. Your Nanny has to go home so today you will have a new Nanny. I know how you are fond of the old one but I do hope you give the new nanny a chance. Please don't be too picky and adapt well ok.. Oh how I wish I can stay home and look after you but Mummy has to go to work so I do hope you understand.. So please be a good girl that you are.. 

We will be celebrating Christmas soon my dear which means there will be an Open house at Yadu & Yaki's house.. Have to say Mummy & Daddy is excited for that event.. We can't wait for you to meet Daddy's side of the family. hehe And then it will be the New Years Eve! Although we haven't figured out what we will be doing yet but I'm sure its gonna be a blast! 

Ok be good now my Sayang.. Mummy and Daddy loves you very very much! 


Thursday, December 17, 2009

the maid drama continues...

..and i hope it concludes soon! (and for good!)

Old maid ready to go home and new maid is waiting to come over. We initially wanted the old/current maid to teach the new maid tricks of the trait but after much discussions and opinions we sought here and there, we decided not to let the old and new maid meet. One comment was that no matter how nice an employee you are when two of the same kind meet, they will begin to talk to a point that sometimes old maid makes things up about you. I'd like to think that we are good employees as we never raise our voice to her or ask her to do heavy duty stuff but the risk of her making up stores is just to high for us to take. and we wouldn't want another set of drama coming from the second maid. So we checked for available flights and the old maid shall be going home Tomorrow at 8pm and the new maid should be arriving at our place on Saturday.

now that leaves me with 2 days of training the new maid.. have spoken to my colleague and should the need arise i will need to take an emergency leave and work from home *sigh* Wish us luck people!


Dear god,

I have a couple of favors to ask from you. First of all, can you please make sure my new maid is better than the current one.. And with less drama.. I would very much like to keep the same maid for 2 years, and more if it is possible. Training the maid would be much easier and then the maid will be able to understand me and my family already.. Oh please give me patience in training her and please make sure that she understands me well..

Second of all, can you please make sure that Dia will be able to adapt well.. I know she is quite fond of the current one but at this point in time we have no choice. So please god, please please please make sure she adapts well.

And lastly, can you please make sure that she is attentive to my little princess. I know Dia can be difficult at times, especially putting her down to sleep so please help me make Dia more accommodating..

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

9 is the magic number!

I think I wrote a couple of weeks ago that I stared to pump once daily saja cause I noticed that I felt less 'full' if I pump twice. Well I have been pumping once for about a week and I found that it was so hard for me to make 9oz, let alone 12oz which I think is impossible for me in one sitting. So I now have gone back to pumping twice daily but I have a cap of producing 9oz per day i.e. I stop when I reach 9oz.

During my trip to Singapore I found out that Dia takes more in the evening so in order to fully satisfy my little princess in the evening I have opted to only meet the demand of 9oz daily which is on average how much Dia drink during the day. So that's my daily goal now.. 9oz!

So many things to look forward to.. I look forward to Friday cause that's the Powerpuff get together at TC's place. I look forward to Saturday cause that's when Dia turns 9 months. I look forward to Christmas weekend cause this will be Dia's first Christmas and with the family open house, we will get to see Anjai's side of the Family. I look forward to new years, although we have no concrete plan as of yet.. And lastly I look forward to January cause..... Just because! *wink*

I just LOVE Decembers.. Don't you?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TC turns 2*!!

Happy happy birthday to my best friend Tracey! We all wish you all the best and Have a great day today!! See you Friday!!!
From Anjai, Dia and I

So sorry to be sharing your birthday post with my maid drama TC but need to get it off my chest! haha

So remember last July my maid wanted to go home cause the husband was ill? Well last Friday she told me she wants to go home cause her son is now so skinny cause he refuse to eat what his dad has prepared for him and also has refused to study and hence he had to repeat one year. Her husband also wants her to go home as he is unable to cope with doing house chores! So I told my maid, why don't they ask their neighbors to help out and pay them a certain amount of money each month and then she said 'mana cukup bu gaji saya di sini'. She apologized to me and I said you speak to 'Bapa' i.e. Anjai. I was so angry but I kept it all in me! I also told the husband who at that time was on a road trip with some friends.

Since we have refused to talk to her and kept on going out for the past 3 days, the maid has been talking to my SILs and mom. Apparently her husband says that with the amount of money she makes now, baik pulang ia balik and bekebun as the amount of money made is equal. She also said to my mum yesterday that if we can increase her pay maybe she can stay! I feel like this is one of her tactic so we can increase her pay!! How cunningggg righttt! Nonetheless we have made up our mind (or rather I have made up my mind) that we will send her back to her homeland. My number one reason to do so is that if her heart does not want to work here,her mind is on her son, my fear is she will be cuai with Dia.

Since we have been going out a lot and leaving her behind. And even when we are home We did not let her handle Dia as much. To my delight my Dia was reluctant to be given to her! my fear that Dia will not be able to adapt to the new maid is now over! I now know that she will be able to adapt. *phew!!*

Our hunt for a new maid started immediately! Made a few calls here and there and hopefully our new maid will be arriving soon cause looking at her face atm is stressing us out!! haha I pray for a new and BETTER maid to come QUICK!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Great weekend!

We had a great time last weekend! It started with a gathering at Anjai's place. His aunty whom we met last weekend in Limbang came over to his house.. why is this aunty special you ask? mainly cause we only meet them once a year and i remember her family was one of the first families i met when Anjai & I got together. hehe

Where we going Mummy?

Dia sleep dulu. Wake me up when we get to Yadu's place

Dia received her very first christmas present from her Yudu Tawau hehe

The girls in trying out their Christmas presents.

Aunty Gayah, Yours truly, Dia, Alya & my MIL

Dia giving much love to her Uncle Dion
In the evening we went to Carol's for the December Shindig we call it. It was supposed to be a bday dinner for Shaq and Mamat but it felt more like a  Christmas dinner with all the decorations in the house. hehe

Dia was amazed by the snow globe!

And again at the Christmas tree! she tried grabbing the ornaments! hee

Mummy & Dia in front of the beautiful Christmas tree!

Daddy & Dia!

Mummies and Babies!

Cake timeee!
The next day we planned a trip across the border wit TC but she decided to go with her sister instead so the three of us it is! hehe

Asleep on the way to Miri

Eating and playing at secret recipe

Finishing up her meal with water

Drinks at Starbucks! Dia punya EBM pun dlm cawan Starbucks!  haha

Strolling around the shop

Mummy & Dia on the way home

Kesian our little Princess.. AMPAR!!

It was such a tiring weekend but all worth it. We got to meet families and friends. and this is why i love december so much! I don't know why but people get together more towards the end of the year. I guess now that the year is coming to an end people loosen up their ties and have fun more.. 

Its only Monday but I am already looking forward to the next weekend! hehe Have a good week y'all!