Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Should I be worried?

Monday morning session : 3.5oz
Monday afternoon Session: 3oz
Tuesday morning session: 3.5oz

I know I have less than 6 months to go and I have no one to blame but myself for the laziness but panic is starting to sink in! I can't even make 4oz in one sittinggg! huhuhuhu I do hope I can increase my production to at least 8oz per day.. huhu

On another note, Dia has been taking 4oz for the whole day for the past 2 weeks.. Was a bit surprised and getting worried but according to my maid, the reason why she only took 4oz is because she only nap once daily and during those times when she is up and about she tends to drink more water and juices.. My baby is growing up too soon.. huhuhu

Monday, September 27, 2010


I finally drank up on my oat milk (after 3 weeks) this morning.. And drinking oat milk is not the only things that i have Not been doing in the past 3 weeks.. I have also been skipping expressing sessions, pumping only once daily (on weekdays!).. As such I have no one else to blame but myself when I see that production has dwindled.. I expressed for 15mins this morning and was only able to get 3.5oz.. *sigh*

Dia went for her appointment and happy to report that she is now 8.7kg in weight! a significant increase i say from 3 months ago when she was 8.1kg only.. the Dr was still not too happy and give us another 3 months to improve on her weight gain.. Additionally she advised us on giving Mango or Banana Milkshakes to help her gain weight. Tried giving her some last night but she didn't like it too much.. Second attempt tonight and am planning to add some vanilla ice cream in her shake.. hehehe (kalau ia inda suka, mama nya yg suka ni!)

These shoes looks like Daddy's, only mine is pink!

So I limpang here..

And then what?

Playing while waiting for her vitamins

Oh I was talking to a friend a couple of weeks back and I realised that it has been a while since i read a decent book. so I made a deal with myself that I will buy a book, read it and finish it by the end of the year. So I bought 'Princess' by Jean Sasson. Its a story about a Saudi Princess and thier life. Happy to report that I finished the book in 2 days! hehehe I just bought the second of the series and shall start to read it tonight.. Hehehe

Quick Congratulations to my friends Adeey and Mul on their on the birth of Alya Iris Amani on Saturday! Imma call her Mor cause her mummy makes mean kueh mor! Love her name!! and from pics that i see she is as cute as her name.. hehehe I'll drop by your place soon girl and can't wait to see little Mor! hehehe

and also quick congrats to Anjai's cousin Aling and her Husband who also gave birth to a baby girl.. Hoping that she will post up pics soon so I can see how her bundle of joy looks like cause December seems too far away.. hehehe Banyak girls eh! More friends for Dia.. hehehe

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Open House: 18th Sept 2010

Ola peeps! Our board meeting is finally over! I think I presnted ok but was not too happy with how I answered one of the questions as the question caught me off-guard.. nonetheless, its all good hehehe

so we had another mini open house last Saturday at our place and we managed to take some photos this time around.. hehehe

Dia! All ready to entertain guests.. hehe

Fairuz enjoying the tapak kudas i think!

Rayyan said 'opps'

Alya came to visit too

My parents chit-chatting with my ILs

Alya again

Nadia: Kaka pigang sini and push

My and the Stargazers!

ND and Gbob

Full house!

Uncle Gbob and Dia

Arif Mirza

BB and Bain came to visit too.. hehe

Me and Siti

Miah, Erwan and Abu Dzar came too

Dia, Caca, Momoi, Anis & Ijan

My fav photo so far!!!

And these bunch were the last to visit our house!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


.. that's the number of post I have posted since I started this blog 2 years ago.. and 415 post today! So happy 2 years blog!!

I came home yesterday and was told by the Husband that Dia fell on her knees and as a result there were scratches on both her knees, some blood and even more tears.. She was telling me about it and how 'akit' and 'dayah'.. huhu kesian.. but I guess this is part of her growing up.. hehehe

Here are some photos of Dia playing bubut-bubut with her Daddy!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 18 months Dia!

Dear Dia,

You are 18 months today.. you know what that means? 6 more months and you turn 2!! And it also means that we have 6 more months to go to our ultimate goal of exclusively breastfeeding you for 2 years.. We have been receiving more comments about how its time to introduce FM to you but lets ignore them ok.. We do what we feel is best.. So hang tight little angel.. 6 more months to go.. hehehe

Do you know why we named you Nur Imaan Nadia? Nur meaning light because you bring sunshine in our life and your Nini Angah & Nini Girl told us to give you this name. Nadia meaning the begining because you are our first born and it marks the start of our journey as parents. And finally Imaan meaning Faith because in life, when you are faced with grave difficluties and challanges, you need to have faith that god, the higher power, has better plans for you. So my darling daughter, remember that always.. Turn to god and insyallah all will be well..

Its 10th day of syawal today and we have done our fair share of visiting and receiving visitors.. hope you enjoyed it so far.. hehehe the general comments we receive is that you are halus and that you are like a parrot.. haha keep up the good job of learning how to speak properly and eating up your meals and vitamins ok..

So have a good day my dear.. Lets see if Daddy wants to get u a cake later for a mini-celebration ok? Keep the screaming to a minimum and when you ask for something, ask properly ok? Love u lots and lots and be a good girl ok..


Friday, September 17, 2010

tom yam anyone?

I just got back from 2hrs of pampering at Thann Sanctuary and I don't know how these masseur can be so elegant and demure! I don't know if it was the music or the dark lighting of the room but that lady was so gentle.. Even pulling the cart she makes the mimimun-est sounds possible. If it was me (the clumsy girl that i am) there would be different types of noise coming from me.. haha Besides the fact that that lady was very soft and demure, the massage was not bad.. I didn't want it to stop actually.. (and i now smell like tom yam cause i picked the lemongrassy smelling oil) LOL

One of my colleague's wife just gave birth to a baby girl about 2 weeks ago.. and since then he has been asking me various questions from expressing, increasing production, does it hurt to do I have my own freezer for storing EBMs and where did I buy it. I have to say I am very impressed by his determination to give BM to his daughter. And from the stories that he has told us, it seems like he is more determined compared to his wife. His wife seemed convinced by her aunty that FM is superior.. I hope that the lessons I have learn and also lessons from other BFing mummies out there (in which I have relayed to him) will help him and his wife's journey..

Its the 8th day of Syawal and if it was Christmas, it will be the new year sudah ni.. hehe (Random!!) How's your raya? Our have been.. quiet.. Looking to do some more visiting over the weekend.. hehe

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Receiving Congratulations on her shoulders from the Angels

Rasulullah said that the woman who is breast feeding her child, for every drop she is rewarded as if giving life to creation and on the completion of this period, is congratulated by the angels on her shoulders and told that all your previous sins are forgiven and whatever is done thereafter is regarded anew (any sin of hers thereafter will be recorded and what is meant by sin here is minor sins which is not insignificant either).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raya So Far

Ola peeps! Back to work today!! So if you are reading from your office, welcome back to work and if you are still on leave, booo (saya kes jeles)!! Just before raya we promised to take more photos during this raya but thennn inda jua! So here are random pics taken during the last 4 days.. mostly taken on my phone! and stolen from friend's FB!! haha

First day:
Early morning ritual of putting $$ into green packets..

We gave Dia a Hari Raya Present and glad she enjoyed it..

Napping and that's when she received her very first green packet from her 'Angah Panjang'

Taken after Nenek Angah's house

Tired! and we finally let her wear the Barney PJs! hahaha

Day Two:
This was a particularly tough day on everyone at my place. This is when we normally have 'makan'/'open house' and because there was a landslide the eve of first raya, one of the main pipes burst and we had no water during day two! For the first time ever we had to use plastic cups and plates! huhu

Napping and this was the only photo I took!

Day Three:

We headed to KB and first stop was Hub's brother's place..

Darwisy playing

What you doing down there?


This was taken by A10 at her place.. hehe

Asleep enroute to my uncle's place in Lumut

Dia with her fake aboy.. LOL

Went to Adam's place and LOVE this photo!

Ayang, Me and Biben

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hari Raya Preps..

We have been so busy lately that I have placed everything else second on my list. (this is me taking a break... huhu)

This includes Expressing! I have been missing my early morning session and not drinking my oat milk.. BOOO!!!

My initially approved Hari Raya leave has been revoked and the only thing I look forward to is my long leave in Dec (which hopefully does not get revoked as we made plans already..)

So Raya Preps goes like this:
Duit Raya - done
Cakes & Biscuits - done
Outfits - will be done this afternoon
Open House preps - partially done.. huhuhu

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sungkai Outing 8, 9 & 10!!

Salam peeps! So we have been going out a lot but we didn't really take photos.. why? I dont know really.. I think its mainly because Nadia is such a handful these days.. Ngalih kami ulih nya.. huhu

Sungkai Outing No 8
was in RMS diner, KB with Amir Ahmad's family. Kebetulan we were in the area so we decided to hit RMS diner.. Last time we dined at RMS was back when they were in Gadong so its been a while.. We had Mushroom burger, Mushroom soup and some cheese fries.. Food was still as good as we remember it.. One most memorable moments during the dinner was when Dia was shouting and singing along, AA's son, Danish closed his ears with his hands and said 'Babah, Bising' LOL

Sungkai Outing No 9
was in Halim Plaza Tutong with Anjai's colleagues.. Anjai decided to leave Dia at home and boy did we have a peaceful meal.. hahaha

Sungkai Outing No 10
was at Nur Wanita, Kiarong with my UBD gang.. We brought Nadia along this time cause one of my friends have yet to meet her.. She is so busy and such a jet setter.. huhu Food was good!!! Can't wait to dine there once Ramadhan is over.. hehehe

Eating her food

Mulut itik!

Me and the girls

And just before we left Dia spotted Aunty Nash was using the smaller size of Mummy's bag! She thought it was mine.. hahaha So we let her hold Aunty Nash's bag..

Little LV lover?
I hope she don't go bag crazy too early.. Kepisan karang Mummy nya membalikan! and more importantly, PANING krg DADDY nyaa!!!! hahaha

Tag replies:
Tina: Awuuu.. bnyk peluh! oh Happy 3rd Birthday Adam!! :)

Akina: Antuk dindingg?? huhuhu

Mzee: Thanks for the tip! We will surely give it a go :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

hello September

Salam everyone!! We are fast approaching the end of Ramadhan and with Syawal around the corner I SHOULD be busy with my preparations.. But safe to say I have only done the minimal. huhuhu Hopefully we'll start doing something i.e. hitting the shops over the weekend.. huhu

Work has been a bit crazy lately hence the lack of posts.. AND we have a board meeting coming up real soon.. huhu

Dia updates! Dia has been developing some attitude or habits that both Anjai and I are not fond off. She is very persistent and insist things go her way.. when we refuse she will cry her eyes out. Once she cried so hard sampai she vomitted.. huhu As a parent we try to educate her that things don't always go her way but it so far has been very difficult to do so. I feel so guilty especially when I see her cry sampai muntah.. huhu oh how I pray she gets over this soon!!!

Oh and she also has a habit of screaming/shouting on top of her lungs randomly.. For someone tiny, she sure is loud! Panuh rumah kami suara nya! haha

Ok back to work now.. hoping that I can write better soon.. huhu