Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Kool Fever!

My mom, SIL and maid managed to put some Kool Fever Pad on Dia's forehead and they also managed keep it on.. I say a HUGEEE congratulations cause we have been trying to get her to use tapi she always take it off, even in her sleep!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rice and oats

My little Missy is unwell again.. It started 2 nights ago, felt that she was feverish so we gave her paracetamol.. No improvement shown since then so we decided to give her rectal paracetamol this morning.. I hope she improves..

I wrote last week that I will be creative and cook up something other than porridge for Dia to eat. I did. I cooked some pasta with some carrots and cheese (cant remember what its called now) but her reaction to it was not too good. She took about 5 spoonful then inda tia mau.. huhu Will try and cook another recipe this weekend and see how she likes it.. huhu She likes her fruits tho so we have been stocking up on loads of grapes, bananas, pears, apples, lychees..

Other than fruits, my mum and maid has told me about 3 weeks ago that Dia wants more than 30z of EBM per feeding.. So need to make sure that I start storing at 4oz per bag.. Last week I was getting worried that I am on a downhill pattern where I was only making 10oz per day and Dia takes 12oz.. then I read a friends' comment that rice and oat helps her.. So I have been eating ALOT of rice and have started taking in some oat. I think it works cause I made 8oz in my morning session yesterday morning and stopped at 4oz in the afternoon. So I think it works! I made 7oz this morning so I need to buy me some oats to keep in the office cause I haven't taken any in the last 2 days.. huhu

Stock? Haven't done my stock take yet.. huhu

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Energy Day!!

24th May is Energy Day in Brunei!! So Happy Energy Day people!! I attended the launch of energy day this morning at Rizqun..

Energy Day Breakfast hehe

and its Casual Monday for us today!! Why? Because our Company has pledged SOS and since we will be turning the aircon up a notch (tinggi kan temperature bah) we all decided to dress down.. hehehe

jeans and flats

Friday night we went out for an ambuyat session with Anjai's friends..


Dia and yours truly

Uncle Gbob showing an app on his phone

We told Dia ada baby ni dalam belly Aunty Ena

alhamdulilah on Saturday we finally Aqiqah-ed for Nadia.. Was too busy to take any photos that day.. huhu

On Sunday we headed to the ILs..

Watching PHDC

Headed to BSB


And a mini-celebration for Abang Ijan!

All of us (minus me and big bro)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Congratulations Big Brother

Big Brother got engaged last night.. so billions of congrats to him and fiance!

The event was suppose to happen tonight but am not sure why it was moved to Thursday night. Mother dear only informed me of the change in dates YESTERDAY MORNING as I was about to go to work.. so the whole time I was driving to work I was trying to figure out how I am going to finish his hantaran (2 pulang saja but at this stage I BARELY did anything!) Sacrificed my lunch and bought all necessary items. Lucky enough meeting went well so I was able to leave slightly early so as soon as I got home I started working!!

This is one of the two gangsa! Did this in under 1 hr and according to my friend 'not a bad job'.. so I am kinda proud of it.. haha

Big Brothers' wedding is 2months + time.. Good luck to all of us! HAHAHA oh time to make outfits for the little one! *tee hee*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

14 months!

My Little Missy,

Happy 14 months today my love!

I know that you have gone through a lot in the last month, Mummy being away being one of the biggest thing.. I am so very sorry that you have to go through that my dear, but Mummy had to go away for work. I know that you had a hard time but your Nini said that you have grown up so much! Your Nini was saying that you are less choosy now and I think she is right. Just yesterday we went to town and we saw Mia's grandma, and when she picked you up you did not cry at all. I am very happy that you are slowly getting over this phase..

You are learning a lot of things lately and it continues to amaze me! When we ask you where your 'kaki' is you automatically lift up your leg, and when we ask you where your nose/hidung is, you either scrunch up your nose or point it out for us. Those 2 parts are not the only parts you can now identify.. You can identify your ears, hand, head, belly button and eyes. Next Mummy's gonna teach you the differences between your tongue, teeth and mouth cause you can't seem to tell them apart. Your Daddy on the other hand is on a mission to teach numbers to you! You seem to get that after ONE, TWO comes along cause everytime we say One you will say TOO. hehe Numbers and body parts are not the only things you know.. Every time you see smoke/asap you say API.. Now that is your Nini's teaching.. hehehe You can tell that we all enjoy teaching you.. So keep up the great job my love and we are very very proud of you.

What worries us lately is the fact that you have refused your meals.. What's wrong sayang? Are you bored of rice porridge? Your Aunty will try to change it up while Mummy is away by giving you soup with rice. If you still don't like that just bear with me and eat sikit okay. I promise I will cook something special up for you over the weekend for you to try okay. I just need to get the recipie book I saw or maybe get some recipes form JD's mum. But for the mean time, eat up your meal okay..

Ok Mummy has to go back to preparing for my meeting now.. Have a great day my dear. We love you lots and lots and lots and LOTS!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

needs to step up my game!

Feel like I have been running around like a headless chicken today.. And I think I will still feel like this for the next 2 days.. Oh how I look forward to the weekend!

My little missy turns 14 month tomorrow! Sometimes I can't believe it has been that long since I was waddling around the office and fanning myself.. Especially when I see my colleague who is currently heavily pregnant, I get quite reminiscent. hehe Another thing I can't quite believe is exclusively BFing Dia.. Syukur alhamdulilahh.. I cannot be thankful enough to be given that chance.

Although I think I need to step up my game! Because we were so busy yesterday afternoon, I decided to not express in the afternoon and just direct feed Dia when I get home (and I automatically lose 3oz sudah by not expressing in the afternoon). When I got home, I saw that my mum heated some EBMs for Dia.. So it means that I lost 6oz in total, yesterday! GAH! mun abis ulih Nadia inda jua apa kali lah ah but when she saw me she automatically refused her bottle and wants to be direct fed! She only drank 1oz out of the 3oz! To top it off, I left my FS in the office so I couldn't express despite how full I felt!! oh how I wished I had an extra BP at home so I can express! huhu

So you see boys and girls, it is a constant challenge for me to Bf my girl! Step it up girl!! Express and take your supplements!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Rayyan's Berdikir & JD's First Birrthday Party

Olaa peeps! How's your Monday treating you so far? Mine has so far been bad on me! We overslept, was stuck in traffic jam (when there was no accident whatsoever) and I have a backache! I now have music in my ears to perk me up and Fantastic stationary given my equally stationary crazy colleague! *spank you Tee!*

My weekend on the otherhand was good! although I feel like we did not do much.. We stayed home the whole of Saturday, just headed to town in the late afternoon. then continued lazing around on Sunday until 2 in the afternoon. we headed to Kiarong to attend E13's Mandi Berlawat and Rayyan's berzikir.

Dia at the Function. (Entah mengapa I did not snap more photos.. huhuhu)

We got home around 5 and then we headed out again to attend my Fav Possum, JD's first birthday party..

My Little Missy napping in the car

The Awesome set-up!! It was sooo beautiful!!!

The birthday cake

Does the figures on the cake look familiar now? Its JD's bantal busuks! haha

Dia gave a hand print!


Dia testing her new pre-loved high chair *haha*

Abg Adam and Nadia

The beautifully wrapped goodie bag! So sayang to unwrap!

And Dia has her own special one (well all the kids actually)

And inside Dia's 'bag'..

Thank you for inviting us you guys.. We will surely miss you lot.. Don't leave without saying goodbye okay.. huhu (I am STILL blaming hormones for being emosi! haha)

Dia was so tired! hahaha

Nadia is still feeling under the weather.. huhu And what currently worries me the most is the fact that she has been refusing to eat!! So she has been fueling on EBMs.. I think I need to get that book from best eastern now and spend time in the kitchen cooking new items for Dia to try..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

play time

Here are some photos of Dia during her play time last night..

We finally took this out of the box! haha


She was saw happy when she saw her toy stash

And when I refuse to take it for, she did it herself!

You mean this is not supposed to go on my head?


This book has flaps and it makes sounds.. And its her current favorite book

And this is one of her fav characters.. Elephant!

I wonder when a child begins to understand the concept of 'lawa' and when u are praising them. This morning as I was getting ready and putting my tudong on, Nadia took one of my tudongs and gave it to me so i put it on her and said 'lawa eh'.. She smiled and walked over to the mirror and looked at herself! haha And last week when we went out with TC and BB, I put a ribbon on and said 'lawaaaa'.. normally she would take the ribbon off but this time she didn't.. Maybe she is trying to understand what lawa means.. hahaha Last weekend, I taught Nadia how to lift her bum when I want to put her diapers on.. Both her Daddy and Nini Girl laughed when they saw she did it hehehe.. And everytime I say she is a clever girl, senyum ia tu! hahaha

It amazes me how fast she is able to absorb whatever we teach her.. now this would mean that we have to be extra careful of the things we say in front of her..

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Panic mode hits me this morning as I looked into my freezer and I saw that there was only 3packs of 30oz.. Then I realized the reason why there is only 3 packs left is because I haven't been doing my stock check! GAH! So THAT will be my to-do list when I get home later.. huhu

I have been expressing an average of 10.5oz per day and Dia has been taking around 9oz.. So that means I only have 1.5oz extra each day. If I were to make up for my recent 30oz lost, it would take me 20days to do that.. hmmm but of course this is provided that I keep up production at 10.5oz! I have to start taking my Fenugreek pills again.. So pray that I will be able to swallow the darn thing! hahaha

Dia has not been feeling well lately.. She has the sniffles and coughs! huhu Get well soon girly girl cause we have a packed weekend ahead! hehe

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy mothers day!

Happy mothers day everyone! although we are not big on the whole mother's day thing but i have to say I am overwhelmed.. I got texts from other mothers, my SIL, Aunties and also Cousins! so happy mother's day y'all!

A colleague of mine was telling me to watch Kimora: Life on the Fab Lane cause there is a part in there where she was expressing her BM.. So I finally watched it on Saturday night! I already like Kimora cause she is soo funny but now I like/love her even more!!! I think I was high kali after I watched the episode cause I was tweeting like crazy! hahahaha I especially love what the hubs said after the episode.. he said (something around these lines lah) 'See, even celebrities give BM to their babies. Bukan pasal cannot afford formula..' hehe thanks for the support hubs! Love u lots and lots and lots... (u get my drift :P)

Dia at the Red bank

Balik2 dia minum air kosong and makan baby bites! hmph!

After i let her eat an egg tart

Daddy giving her a taste of sago cream

Working her pout

Doi look like Lady Gaga?

The two girls

Dia and I went out with TC and BB yesterday.. And can you believe I only took ONE photo of the outing.. ONE! So to the other two, email me photos plsss.. hehehe

Nadia was not that impressed with the spoon TC was holding hehe

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Secret Society

I seriously think that BFing mothers especially working BFing mothers have a special bond with each other.

A couple of weeks ago as we were leaving the office, my colleague who is also a BFing mom said to me 'don't u feel like a Milk Mule walking out of the building with EBMs in your bag?' I of course cracked up so bad! Tapi banarr! Especially during my trip last week! I had EBMs from my sessions at Changi and the plane and as we go through the scanning machine thingy they look at me and ask me to open up my bag. They ask what the liquid is and what the ice pack is for! hahaha Baik jua they all believe me! mun indaaaa... HAHA

Another reason why I believe that Bfing moms have a bond is that last week as I was checking in for the last leg of the journey back form in Changi, I decided to check in all my luggages and at this time I decided to put all EBMs in my small luggage. Excess by 10kg ni! The guy at the counter was ready to charge me for excess baggage and then he went and talked to his supervisor. When she asked me what is inside and I said its EBMs, she said, 'nevermind, its okay.' I was ssoo happy that I don't have to pay for excess baggage!!! Then she said 'eat a lot of fish to increase' so I asked her if she is a BFing mom and she said she used to BF all 3 of her children! hehehe

Please tell me now you all are convinced that BFing Mom has a BOND!!! HAHA

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy 34th Anniversary to my parents!!

Our little family finally had a full weekend together after about 3 weeks! As usual we'll try to fit in as many activities as possible. My mum made a comment how we never seem to rest! hahaha

Alya and Nadia

I think Alya was trying to imitate the hubs ni!

On Sunday we went out for lunch at one of our favorite restaurant! When I got back my dad has been saying that Nadia ani 'Basar akal nya' so i asked him like what.. apparently she has been insisting that she feeds herself! hahaha

Mummy: Tebalik ni sudu Nadia

Nadia: Apaaa

Mummy: Ani baru lurus


Mau tia jua kan pigang chopsticks!

Then in the afternoon we headed to the Beach! Apparently she has been doing this a few times while i was away tooo!

In the evening we had a mini celebration to celebrate my parents' 34th wedding anniversary..

I like cake!

My parents with their grandchildren! 5 girls and a 1 boy!

All of us minus big brother cause he was working..

Fun filled weekend! And i now can't wait for the next one! Hopefully will get to see the ILs again and lunch with the besties!