Monday, February 28, 2011

go away Mr Fever!

After a whole day out on Saturday, we kicked off the day with breakfast at hubs' fav mee basah rest in Tutong town..

my little missy when i told her to pose for the camera..

big girl sudah eh!

FYI, she chose her own dress and refused to wear the dress without the white shirt.. inda mau sexy sexy.. hehehe CALI!

I then went off to attend a friends' wedding while Dia slept with Daddy.. in the afternoon Dia went out with hubs and he said Dia was oddly quiet and seems to be not in the mood and by 5pm that afternoon, we realised that Mr Fever is BACK! GAH!

This was taken last night. Dia fell asleep in my arms and refused to be let go..

We kept on with the med and around 2am, her fever subsided.. She woke up ok this morning and we are hoping it will stay that way...

on another note I can't believe its the end of Feb already... time flies so fast and i am now looking forward to my scheduled leave hehehe

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whole day out

We started off the day with a trip down to KB town to look for some stuff..

Dia asleep in my arms and refuses to be moved to her car seat

Dia ad yours truly at RMS diner while waiting for our food

We then headed to BSB to look for some more stuff...

... And when we got home And the hubs and I was resting this is what we saw..!!

And here is the culprit with her artwork...

Guess we need to be prepared for more artwork around our room and house huhuhuhu

I am beat tired but hubs is currently out and Dia just joined her Aboy for a trip to the Indian shop at the simpang.. Where does these 2 get the energy from?!?

Friday, February 25, 2011

25 weeks along

Boy am I glad that its Friday.. I had a really really tough day at work yesterday and i am hoping that it will be an easy day today.. Ms Sniffles game to visit me yesterday and it has now intensified..

LM also had a visit from Mr Fever a couple of nights ago and he went away but came back a couple of times.. We are hoping it will stay away for good today.. Lucky us, Dia does not seem to be effected by it as she is still the same bubbly and talkative girl she is..

LB is now 25 weeks along *wehee*

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 27th Brunei

We did a fair share of activities today.. It started with a sleep over at the ILs last night.. Off to BSB at 11 and then Rayyan's first birthday party..

Dia and me..

..While daddy tapau-ed roti kuning kahwin from jing chiew *yummy*

Birthday cuppies

The birthday cake

Helping Rayyan's blow the candle

And she fell asleep at 7.20pm..!! LOL

Monday, February 21, 2011

Sweet sweet strawberries

My colleague came back from Korea I finally had my taste of Korean Strawberries.. These strawberries are the most juiciest and sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted.. so yeah I was a happy bunny when I found out the strawberries survived the trip (cause some friends have tried to bring me some tapi selalu it gets mouldy by the time they land here).

Oh and also this! Ani inda pulang kena belikan.. hahaha My only reasoning for the purchase is that it is a celebratory reward for myself after 4.5 years of handwork on the project.. hehe

My colleague who made the purchase for me finally understands why I had to go on a bag fast.. LOL So I think safe to say that I will not be making a purchase in a while lah ah.. hahaha

Tag reply to Mzee: Salam. Yes I use to use FS (and still intend to use once I have baby no 2) and one of my friends was nice enough to help me buy dari US. I think it cost me BND680 dulu. I believe Mothercare Brunei ada jual but its a bit pricey lah (about 1K i think) and I think even if u buy from overseas it still comes out cheaper..

Last Saturday Night

In conjunction with my grandma's 85th birthday we had a Doa Selamat for her last sat night over at my place..

Dia reading one of her barney books

Dia getting ready

Meriah nya my aunty!

My uncle giving a speech

my uncle reciting the doa selamat

Because my grandmother's hearing inda lagi berapa setidi, she doesn't really know why there was a gathering lah, even through out the speech and doa selamat.. hehe

Her birthday cake

My Makwa!!

My grandmother with 2 of her siblings.. There another 2 who is still with us but was unable to make it.

My dad during acara berziarah

My mother

Dia sayangggg Makwa

We are very happy and glad that the event went well and hoped that everyone enjoyed the food and games.. Would like to thank my cousins who helped out and made it happen..

The event did leave with an aching body so I had to go for a traditional massage which i hope will fix the problem.. You see normally I would just walk/waddle over to my grandmother's house but given that she hasn't been feeling well and is not in the capacity to give massages I had to resolve to going to Tutong town and get massaged by an Indonesian masseur. And with my grandma's health not at its best I would have to be prepared for finding someone to perform all those post-natal thingies.. which makes me wonder, kalau org putih, do they do all those stuff? Kalau inda buat how? LOL

Saturday, February 19, 2011

23 months

Dear dia,

You are 23 months old today so happy 23 months my baby girl. One month short of turning a full 2 yes old..

You people say when a child is 2 that's when they show their 'terrible' streak.. To be honest you seem to be showing some of those streaks a couple month back so I hope you won't be as bad when you are a full 2 yr old.. Hehehe

Other than being 'terrific' you also have been showing signs o growing up like how you want to wee2 in the toilet.. We are very proud of you, even more so when we hear that you had no accidents the whole day. Keep up te good job my sayang.. Other than potty training you now insist on putting on your own clothes, go up and down the stairs on your own and eat your own meals. I know you want to be like adults but please becareful ok.. We do not want you to get hurt..

Speaking of meals, some days you eat your meals well but on somedays.... *sigh* please eat up ok...

We shall be celebrating your great great grandmother's birthday tonight so behave and be good ok.. And shower makwa with kisses and hugs okay...

Ok then we better get back to preparing for the party.. Be good
Mu Little Missy.. Mummy and Daddy loves you..


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Friday, February 18, 2011


Hull no 2273 has been delivered this afternoon at DSME Shipyard in Okpo, Korea..

I am a bit sad that I cannot be there to witness the event but I am very happy and relived that it is finally delivered.. I cried my eyes out this afternoon (and is still holding in my tears) after I got a call from my colleague who is attending the ceremony now.. I have a very deep emotional attached to the vessel as I have been involved in the project from day one..


That is one sexy ship!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

24 weeks

One of the best things about being pregnant (for me) is feeling my baby kick me.. One minute LB will be kicking me at the bottom then the next minute I can feel a tap on my upper belly. I imagine LB flailing around and swimming here and there.. Hehe LM have yet to feel the tap cause either LB refuses to kick Kaka Dia or the Kaka refuses to stay still...

The other thing I love is feeling no guilt after globing down a whole donut or any sort of dessert at 10pm!! LOL

LB is 24 weeks along and my 'research' on items to buy continues.. With everyone trying to go green, I heard about this item called cloth diapers which basically brings me back to yester-years when I use to help my aunt take care of my not-so-little cousins anymore. I use to help her fold the white cloth into diaper like triangles and when we put them on, we have to use safety pins and the plastic covers to avoid leakages.. Not that the ones on my wish list are like that.. It looks and works kinda the same but we don't have to fold and no more of those dangerous safety pins lah.. This is how it works now..

And look at those fancy and cute colors!!!!
After much consultation with friends who have used this, they claim that this item is fantastic and although ngalih sikit cause you have to wash and dry the item but in the long run parents should be able to save some $$, and the environment..! So in it goes on my wish list! LOL

Banyak sudah eh my wishlist *looks at hubs*.. LOL

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Makwa is 85 today!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I only have 1 grandparent left and she turns 85 today.. wehheee! I think I'll pop by her place this afternoon after work and give her a random hug! She might think I have lost my mind (cause I don't think she remembers that its her birthday today) but I'll do just that.. LOL

LB is 23 weeks along and aside from it being too low which has resulted in me having to slow down and make sure that I don't over exert myself, everything else is fine.. hehe

LM on the other hand is quite busy at home as we are currently training her to be potty trained.. It gets annoying how whenever she sees anyone go to the loo she will say she also needs to do number one! A couple of days ago I was sort of annoyed with her, tought that she was just kidding when she said she wants to 'memeh' and decided to ignore but NO NO NO! She had an accident and I had to wipe everything clean.. Nah pandan si Mummy!!! LOL We do recognize that ths whole process will not happen overnight so is prepared for such accidents to happen.. hehehe

Oh funny thing happened last night.. Hubs asked Dia what her name was and her reply was 'Nur Iman Naninani' Even my 1yr old daughter makes fun of my name!!! LOL

Monday, February 14, 2011

All the sweet things

It's valentine's day and I know that we as Muslims are not supposed to celebrate it but dear Hubs was nice enough to get me a box of chocolates hehe thanks hubs!!

This is of course a picture of Dia eating the chocolate before I even got my hands on them..

I had a sudden craving for big apple donuts yesterday and one of my BIL was kind enough to buy me some and send it over to our place last night hehehe

And here is a photo of Dia after eating one of the donuts.. Mcm zombie!! Hehe

I was very happy that I got to eat the donuts and I feel super blessed to have friends and family who cares hehe oh I also had fun bullying my little nieces in making a performance before I let them have some donuts hahaha will post up video soon hehehe

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy meal

Went to McD for high tea this afternoon and here are pics of Dia happily eating MY McChicken.. Hehe

Oh and I also FINALLY had my bag fix after 1 whole year of refraining from making any bag purchases... Thanks D and J for helping me out hehehe

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Friday, February 11, 2011

3 years on...

Ola! Happy Friday everyone!

It was a pretty hectic day at work yesterday and as I was driving to work this morning I realised that yesterday was the anniversary of the Hubs embracing Islam and our engagement.. hehe

Photos taken on 10th Feb 2008:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bladder awareness

In the past week or so I have become very aware of my bladder because Little Bubba (LB) have the tendency to play footie with it, especially in the afternoon, making me go to the toilet numerous numbers of times..! On a good side, LB has forced me to take 'breaks' and hence taking it easy in terms of work however it has also resulted in feeling more and more tired as I have to walk back and forth the toilet 12 times a day!

On another note, our Little Missy has also been aware of her bladder movements.. It started about 1-2 weeks ago where she would ask one of us to open her diapers and asked to be brought to the toilet to pee.. At first everyone thought she was merely imitating her older cousins sekali banar, ada pee..! *joy* My mum and maid reported that she refused to use her diapers the whole day yesterday and did not have one accident at all, except for one after we have had our dinner..! But of course we put her diapers on when she is napping and during the night.. hehehe I know this is probably nothing but proud mama moment for me!!! LOL

My wish list, part 2!

Tot Seat: A friend of mine posted a photo of her baby with this and i tot how convenient!! Especially when we are up and about and we go to places where there is no baby chair..!

Breastfeeding cover: Throughout my Bfing journey with Dia, we have survived with Bfing in the car or rooms and sometimes, SOMETIMES it does get difficult in finding proper rooms to be used.. Friends have sworn that this item is very useful to have and it makes bfing while being decent easier..!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Here is a photo of my belly..! (not that its a good photo pulang.. hehe Will try to remember to take better photos of me bump soon..)

So I am 22 weeks along and baby bump is beginning to show.. I have crazy appetite for meat, lamb to be exact and chocolates! And these are the 2 items in which i need to watch out cause I do not want to have high blood pressure and go on a diabetic diet. huhu

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

In her cot

After about 1 yr of sleeping in our bed, Dia decides she wants to sleep in her cot.. Normally she will do this for about 10 mins and then joins us back in our bed but this time (afternoon) she actually fell asleep in it!! LOL

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Choc Fondue

I finally had my fix of Chocolate Fondue last night.. home made tho tapi alhamdulillah lah.. haha have to make sure I don't this all the time tho.. hehe

Oh we went over to Anjai's uncle's place yesterday for CNY and here is a photo of our CNY bunny picking which cake to bring over.. hehe

I had an interesting conversation with Dia this morning as I was getting ready for work..

D: Mummy kemana?
M: Mummy jalan kaja
D: Dia ikut ah
M: Mana boleh
D: Boleehhhhh...
M: Org besar saja boleh kerja, Dia org damit kan, so mesti tinggal rumah saja.
D: Ikut daddy boleh kan?
M: Inda boleh jua pasal banyak askar buat bomb.. Berijap kan..
D: Dia ikut baaahhh...
M: Inda bolehhh.. esok saja jalan sama mummy sama Daddy ah.. Hariani tinggal rumah saja sama Kaka Anis, Kaka Caca, Edah, Kaka Momoi sama nini ah..
D: Besok jalan-jalan sama mummy sama daddy ah..

So after much negotiation she finally agreed to stay home and help Nini girl with some gardening

Nini Check Wheelbarrow dulu

Hello Mummy

Ok kah nini?

Yeay!! Lets garden!