Thursday, October 28, 2010

the last 17 hours

Has been a very 'eventful' one!

It started with after Dinner. Dia was happily eating rice and fish and she liked it so much she asked for second helpings.. In the middle of enjoying her second round of rice and fish she started crying and pointing to her mouth.. We checked and true enough there was a fish bone stucked at the back of her throat. Attempted to take it out once but failed so off we go to A&E Tutong.. They tried taking it out with a forcep once but couldn't. was about to make a second attempt but saw blood pricking so we were referred to Ward 11, RIPAS.

by the time we arrived in RIPAS it was 9pm and the Dr took approximately 3 seconds to take the bone out.. I guess Tutong was just not equipped enough to handle emergencies like this..

Here is a picture of the culprit! The Darn Fish Bone!!!

We also noticed some red spots on Dia yesterday and suspects that she has the pox.. Went to the hospital again this morning and DR confirmed that it is the Pox.. Most people say its better for her to have it now and not when she is older.. Alhamdulillah so far her body temperature is still normal and we are praying that it stays that way..

Here's a picture of Dia after I put calamine lotion on her.. still my cheeky monkey!! hehehe

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Back at work

After a total of 9 days of MC I am back at work.. Walking in it felt so odd and different, mainly because most of the stuff in our current office are all packed up and the main door is also now changed from glass to timber.. Spent the whole morning looking at my emails and trying to outline my to-do list and which is of utmost priority.. huhu

Our little family finally went out for an outing during the weekend and it started with Mummy's trip to the dentist..

Asked her to smile for a picture.

We also tried to coax her in meeting the Dentist! nangis iaaa!!! haha

After that, continued on playing

We headed to the ILs for a long overdue sleep over.. but too bad little Alya wasn't there.. huhu

Posing for Angah Eboy ni..

On Saturday morning we headed to BSB for some errands..

Dia and Daddy looking at the cowrd on the ground floor while mummy waits for her crepes!

Dia and the chipmunks

My little book worm!

With a new book in hand, we left the mall

In the afternoon we got news that bestie finally gave birth to a bouncing baby girl! We went for a visit on Sunday..

She wore havies just like me when I had Dia! hehehe


Baby AZ after Aunty Nani bundled her up real good.. hehehe

From us!

Beaming Mummy and Baby AZ

To the new parents: Congrats once again.. This would by far be the most interesting, challenging and most rewarding journey ever! So buckle up and have fun! Will drop by to your place with Nadia soon ok.. hehehe

Thursday, October 21, 2010

extended maternity leave

Ola peeps! I am still on MC..

I think most mummies and mummy-to-be is excited when they heard news of HM's titah yesterday.. I for one is very happy and my fav part of the Titah was when HM mentions breastfeeding and with longer maternity leave mothers will be able to nurse their babies longer. Syukur Alhamdulillah.. I am very happy that Breast feeding is one of the agenda raised by HM.

Here are some photos of the Hub's mini celebration at home..

couldn't find the normal cheese.. the darn substitute didnt melt.. GAH!



garlic bread

The 4 looks like a 9!

Dia eyeing the white chocolate macadamia nut cake

helping Daddy cut his cake

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Dia is 19 months

Dear Dia,

It was your Daddy's birthday yesterday but it was also when you turned a month older. Happy 19 months my daughter..

In the last month, you have become a real chatterbox and we have been enjoying it oh so much! Sometimes when you are getting dressed with your Aunty or having your meal or taking your bath, I hide just so i can listen to you and your Aunty or Nini Girl talk.. hehehe

You also have been very manjaaa... Not that i don't enjoy your kisses and hugs my love, its just that sometimes you being 'my ekor' makes it harder for me to do things like cook or go to the toilet.. hehe especially last week when I was sick.. Not that I didn't want to be with you, we were just afraid that you'll get whatever I was having.. I am getting better now so feel free to shower me with your kisses and hugs.. hehehe

I know you turned 19 months yesterday, I hope you had a great day today baby girl.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daddy's Birthday

Dear Daddy,

Happy 34th Birthday Sayang..

First of all, sorry for getting the pox on your birthday (i didn't do it on purpose, i SWEAR!) which means we can't go out tonight to celebrate.. Lucky we celebrated with your family in advance huh? hehe I hope you have a great time tonite with my family and insyallah once the 1 week thing is over we'll go out for dinner ok..

Secondly I would like to thank you for being YOU! Thank you for taking care of me when I am sick, making sure Dia is ok when i am in disposed and thank you for being our HERO.. You make me laugh when I am down, hold my hair up and rub my back when i puke, listens to me when I need to rant.. So thank you my dear husband, thank you for being you..

We love love loveee you lots and lots! and we thank god everyday that you are part of our lives.. Dia and I look forward to celebrating more birthdays with you..

Lots of love,
Dia & Mummy..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Little Miss Chatterbox!!

Swollen Lymph nodes and Chicken Pox

I woke up on Wednesday morning with a lump behind my right ear. The lump was pretty firm so i decided to see the Dr in the afternoon. Dr says that it is a swollen lymph node so they sent me away with a dose of antibiotics. Other than the lump I have been feeling under the weather lately so I was given 2 days off. So i went home, slept and pop in the antibiotics. in the middle of the night I saw 3 spots on my arm and we brushed it off as insect bites as we went to my nini's that evening, kn minta urut.

Friday morning, woke up with more spots on my body! As hubs went off to work already so i headed to A&E Tutong. There the Dr thinks that it is an allergic reaction to the antibiotics given to me and ruled out chicken pox. Was told to stop antibiotics and rest. Went to e13 to get a second opinion and she seems to think that it was an allergic reaction too.. So went home and rested.

Saturday morning, headed to see e13 and there they confirmed that it is CHICKEN POX!!!!!!!! I had it when i was younger but I guess when i had it dulu it was sikit hence it is now back, full blown! huhu I am now on anticlovir, calamine lotion and 7 days MC!!!

Not that I don't want the rest and don't need the rest its just came at a bad time. With us moving to the new office and my being the person responsible to oversee the whole thing, it has put my colleagues in a tough position to have to cover for me. Argh!! If you guys are reading this, I cannot apologise enough.. I am so very sorry for not being there.. huhu

But i guess other than the itchiness, the worst part of this all is that I have to keep my distance from the little missy.. As i am typing this in my room, she is playing with the maid and her nini girl downstairs.. We are also avoiding direct feeding her and last night was a huge ordeal. Dia kept on crying for me but we explained to her that she cannot feed from mummy cause mummy sakit. She looked like she understood but i guess masih mau jua.. I had to hide while hubs put her down to sleep.. huhu She woke up with a smile this morning so I guess she had a good night despite her cries during the midnight feedings.. huhuhu hubs on the other hand woke up feeling unsatisfied cause of his interrupted sleep.. I am so sorry sayang and I cant thank you enough for doing what you do..

Dear god, please let me get better soon so I can hold my daughter in my arms and comfort her again.. please please please...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend of Celebrations

It was my mum's birthday on Saturday and we headed to Aminah Arif to celebrate my mum turning 58! hehe

My mum eksyen2 surprised! LOL

Cutting her Cake

The whole Azni clan!

My parents and their grandchildren

Sunday was my Parents in Law's 35th anniversary so we headed to KTM for lunch.

my parents in law

Anniversary cake!

Given that Dear Hubs birthday is in a couple of days, I decided to surprise my man with a cake jua pun! hehe

Dia helping Daddy blow his cake

Thanks to my BIL, Eboy, who helped me buy the cake!!

Dia: Is there something on my face?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Its my mum's 58th Birthday today!! So happy birthday mum. Hope you'll enjoy the gathering tonight...

Your Daughter

Thursday, October 7, 2010

proud mama moment

I had a brief proud mama moment last night when I got home. I placed my bag on the dinning table and as my mum moved it to make space, Dia pointed to my bag and said 'Mummy punya tu'.. 3 words!!! Alhamdulillah, my baby girl can now say 3 words to complete one short sentence.. hehe (ok ok sebenarnya macam nothing pulang kan.. LOL)

My mom especially has been telling me lately how its now so fun to talk to Dia because she can reciprocate hence making it a two way conversation as opposed to us asking and she saying one or 2 words back.. hehehe So after witnessing the short sentence yesterday, I now believe what my mum says.. LOL

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

desperate times calls for desperate measures

I was on leave last Thursday and Friday and from the moment I walked back in the office on Monday it has been quite.... KRAZY! I have been attending meetings left and right, front and back! As a result I have not quite warmed up my chair and do some actual paper work.. After a couple of minutes debating I finally decided to bring some work home.. Desperate times calls for desperate measures I guess. *sigh*

Between projects and also moving to the new office, I also have to complete my budgets and prepare for board meetings.. So I guess it will remain crazy until End of Nov.. I am looking forward to moving to the new office as it would mean that less time on the road, less driving time, less driving and MORE time to do leisurely things hehehe

ok back to less leisurely things.. my job.. but dont get me wrong, I LOVE my job! banar! haha

Friday, October 1, 2010

Learning to say Oh My God

Dia & the Car seat!

While the hubs was on leave he had a mission to try and take Dia out, just the two of them. He tried putting her in the car seat on the back seat (as recommended) but didn't go far until Dia started crying and screaming. So one morning we moved her car seat to the front seat and off they went. Surprise surprise no problems there and they went as far as Tutong town! (can u imagine how envious I was when i heard stories of them hanging out while i was at work?? LOL)

Here is a video taken after one of thier hang out session.. SIok ia tidur dlm kerita!

What annoys me is that she seems to be sitting in her car seat fine when its just her and her daddy but when i am there, mengusut tia! huhu