Friday, November 30, 2012

18 months

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 18 months sayang.

First of all sorry for missing out on your letter last month. There is no excuse for not being able to spare 5 mins to write to you but things has been quite hectic recently.

With my new task you girls and your dad have had to experience waking up extra early to wave me off to work. Sorry for that but it breaks my heart to leave you guys asleep and to think that you guys would be looking for me when you wake up. This way you know that Mummy's at work and is not missing.

You my sayang have really shown off your personality to us. You now scream And ask for Nenen the minute you sees me.. Huhu you still on most occasion refuse to sit in your car seat but i ignore you especially when i am driving.. Hehe

6 more months till we reach our breastfeeding goal.. Yeayyy!!

I love you baby girl! Always and forever..


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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


With 6 months to get my my ultimate goal and EBM stock of approximately 1500oz i find that i am unconsciously skipping my afternoon expressing sessions.. I missed last Thursday and on monday afternoon.. I normally make 15oz and yesterday i only made 12oz..

Just because i have a significant amount of stock and 6 months left it doesn't mean i should be slacking, i should not be complacent! Huhuhu

Mum made a comment to me last week about how i should slow down on expressing as she doesnt want to see my EBM being thrown out. I dont want it to be thrown out too.. So maybe i am unconsciously slowing down because of that comment.. Maybe..

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Working at Home

I normally would leave my work at the office and I don't particularly like it when I have to do work at home but some days it is simply unavoidable. As soon as i got home this afternoon i switched on my laptop so i can send a few emails out and Sofiyya was asking for my attention. With the internet being SUPER laju (pls note sarcasm) it took a while for me to send the emails out.. She was crying and screaming for nen and as i was packing up she started to be angry. She cried on the floor and when that didnt get my attention she hit my hand once and then walked off towards the stairs crying.. Its quite funny really.. Hehe

I hate having to do work at home cause my girls dont get my full attention..

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sometimes i wish i can record or remember each and every clever thing Nadia says.. Yesterday we were at the mall and some of the shops had their Christmas decoration up and on one occasion she said 'Mummy look, Christmas is here'.

This evening she told me she wanted to eat in Jolibee and i told her 'inda boleh makan luar selalu' her reply was 'inda jua luar tu' LoL i had to explain what I meant by 'makan luar'..

Oh she is also beginning to recognise and tell us what and where she wants to eat. Her fav of course is kolo mee and at lunch today we had every intention to dine at KFC but as we pass by Excapade she said 'I want to eat there'.. We obliged and she had 2 mini california specials all by herself minus the avocado, egg and seaweed..

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

BIL's engagement

Alhamdulillah BIL's now engaged and alhamdulillah event went very very smoothly.. It was my first Dusun engagement experience so asked hubs this and that. At the end of the event i thought it has a lot of similarities to a typical malay engagements. The requests or permintaan from the bride's side is different tho. Well thats another story..

I was tasked with sorting out the hantarans and i hope they liked it.. Picked purple cos according to BIL thats her fav color..

Buka mulut. Frame was made by bride herself i just prepared the other stuff hehehe

Tanda tunang

Thats our girls and trust Nadia to pull off the girliest pose of all.. LoL

At the bride's side

MIL placing the ring on the bride to be.. (Aahhh.. Brings back memories of 20th Feb 2008, our engagement hehehe)

Sofiyya finally wants to play with uncle Khalid hehehe

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Only time will tell

After about 2 years of having to do a relatively short and usually no traffic commute to work daily i have gotten so very used to it and enjoy the fact that i get to spend more time at home with the kids. With my training and now having to drive 45mins instead of 20, i find myself feeling very very tired at the end of the day. I guess maybe because i now start my day significantly earlier so i can avoid the morning traffic.. Week one was tough on me and now in week 2 i think i am starting to get the hang of it. And the beauty is that with my starting work early i also finish early. I find that i now have more time and energy to cook and play with the kids.. Syukur alhamdulillah a blessing in disguise..

With Sofiyya turning a year and a half soon i start to think about what i will do when i reach the 2 year mark. Will i wean her off and introduce FM or would i keep at it until she weans herself off? Will i introduce FM during the day and keep BFing her in the evening? To be honest i have no idea what i will do and for now i will leave that question when the time actually do come..

A friend once told me her father would tell her late mother 'atu kan kita fikirkan jua tu?' What i take from that is that the key to having a stress free life is not to think about things you cannot change or have any influence over. Kalau sudah inda dapat buat apa2 jgn tah susah2 memikirkan nya, pray for the best and insyallah Allah will path the best way for us..

I know one thing for certain tho. I will miss bfing Sofiyya once i do wean her off. I will miss holding her hand, smelling her hair and hugging her while she feeds on me.. So for now i shall enjoy each and every moment with her..

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Their first movie

We took the girls to their very first movie last Saturday and i have to say that this is a first after a very very long time for hubs and I as well.. The girls very first movie is Finding Nemo 3D!

Definitely a keepsake!

This was taken after the movie..

We then went to Swensens for some ice cream..

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Pantry

I am now required to be at another office 3 days a week. I was pretty excited re the new assignment but at the same time i was worried too.

One of the things i was worried for is where to do my mummy thing, is there facilities for me to that there, where will i store my EBMs?

Well alhamdulillah although there is no assigned place to do it i can express in the pantry. I just have to make sure i print out a sign for me to hang outside the pantry door. In and there is also a fridge where i can put my EBMs in until the end of the day..

Where i sit

And the freezer where i keep my EBMs and parts for the afternoon session.

I am so glad to have learned that tip of keeping your breast pump parts in cold area for a second session cos otherwise i will need to clean up and sterilize etc.. And that takes up a fair amount of time..

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Monday, November 12, 2012

Saturday 10Nov2012

We had a full day and night on Saturday..

A quick stop at the bank.

By lunch we were at Marylin Cafe in KB town

Nadia was busy watching the Cartoon on TV but not too busy to pose for the camera

Sofiyya experienced 'time-out' for the very first time cause she was being a naughty little girl! Hope that teaches her a lesson! haha

And in tne evening we headed to Senja Lounge for dinner with the gang. Well becuase the guys couldn't make it, it became ladies lunch plus husbands and kids! HAHA
Before we left

and another one

the guys

Nadia and Adam..

Sunday 11Nov2012

husband decided to take the girls to the local weekend market. so we woke the girls up, washed thier faces and off we went!

Sofiyya saw a rabbit and said 'Meow'

the girls admiring the rabbits

Nadia went in for a touch

Soon after Sofiyya followed suit

Sofiyya imitates and follow whatever her Kaka does..

Its a boy

Millions of congratulations to one of my oldest friend and my cousin on the arrival of their new bundle of joy!!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

11oz vs 15oz

I was talking to a couple of friends and they were telling me how when new moms or moms to be ask them about breastfeeding, they normally give this website address.. i do have to apologize to new readers cause this blog is not solely on my breastfeeding journey but rather like my memmory book. So if you want to search for posts re breastfeeding please utilise the search button on the top right corner.. 

I was reading one of my old posts and back when Nadia was 1yr 3months, my average produce per day was 11oz. Now Sofiyya is 1 year and 5 months and my average produce is 15oz per day. That's a difference of 4oz! It comes to show that you need to establish your productivity level high at the very beginning and keep on it.

My advise to new mothers is also to adjust your expectations. I was talking to a friend last night and she was telling me how she overheard a new mom complain about how her BM is so little. The reply she got was 'bukan nya mcm paip tu susu atu, andang awal2 inda banyak' or somewhere along those lines.. And i can't agree more.. Please always remember that our Bs ani mcm muscles bah, the more u exercise the better it will get. so pump pump pump, stimulate stimulate stimulate.. especially at the beginning, immediately after you give birth..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whats up Doc?!?

Alhamdulillah after about a week my mother is finally discharged and is back home.. Its funny how when my mum is home I sometimes don't make time to sit and talk to her but when she was away i missed her. I missed her presence at home. I even missed the sound of her watching TV..

On another note alhamdulillah my girls are feeling better today. At around 9 in the morning i got a call from my maid and she told me Sofiyya wanted to talk to me. of course the conversation was very one sided with Sofiyya saying 'meh' only. i think she missed me cause she was asleep when i left for work and she didn't get to say bye to me.. I also got home to smiling Nadia and Sofiyya and boy did that lift my spirits up..

Nadia playing doctor with Nini Girl

Over the weekend i managed to do some spring cleaning and i moved all of my July, August and September EBMs into the deep freezer.

It filled up half of the freezer..

This afternoon i moved my Late October EBMs at the office to my freezer in my room which means October stocks are all in my room and i still have my November EBMs at the office. Didn't have enough space in my cooler to bring all in one go.. Hehe

A drawer full of my late October EBMs..

Alhamdulillah i cannot express how grateful i am. Syukur Alhamdulillah..

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Fever part i don't know

As you can see from my previous post the girls were doing fine over the weekend and then late sunday night and in the wee hours of monday morning the fever came back! We had no choice but to leave the girls at home as we had to go to work.. Right after lunch i got a call from my dad saying that the girls were really week so right after my meeting i zoomed back home and we headed to TK chann..

Turns out they had a throat infection, which the doctor in tutong hospital have missed on saturday! Grrr

Right after we exit the clini nadia told us she was hungry and wants to eat. She chose Jolibee, as always.

I was soo happy when we saw them smile

Get well soon baby girls.. Mummy and daddy loves u both so very very much..

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday 4Nov2012

After we are done with out house chores we decided to take the girls out..

Supasavee.. But not before we stopped by toys r us to get some toys for the girls.. They were feeling under the weather lately so we wanted to get me some pick me up gifts. That nadia showing off Sofiyya's monkey hehhee

We went to visit my mum at the ward..

Asleep in nini girl's bed

And then we headed to the beach!!

Saturday 3Nov2012

We took the girls for their appointment at the clinic in the morning and because Sofiyya was not feeling well we had to postpone her 2nd flu shot. After we visited my mum at the ward and sent her home for her short home leave we headed to BSB for some errands..

We headed to the mall and had a quick lunch at Pizza Hut

Because we didn't plan to go to BSB we didn't have any car seats. Both girls were happy to be playing and jumping around at the back seat with this pening mummy of course! Hahaha

Sweaty me with them girls

And while i was busy at Mothercare..

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