Monday, March 28, 2011

29 weeks

LB is 29 weeks along which means I have approximately 10 more weeks till LB's arrival.. To be honest we have yet to tick off anything from my to buy list or even made any move to check some of LM's stuff that we can re-use!! What a contrast cause if I recall correctly back when we were expecting LM, at 29 weeks we bought all of the major items already.. Hahaha I will make sure to print the to do list and at least check some of the stuff from LM's stash this weekend... Yes I will...!! Hahaha

Speaking of expecting today at work I started jotting down things for my handover list.. Very excited about the 105 days and based on my EDD I should begin my ML by end of May.. Which means I will need to initiate the handover process by early may.. Hehehehe I however need to clarify on the unpaid leave for the last weeks cause to be honest if half of my salary is to be deducted, I might as well come back to work!! Rugii jua tuu and yes I am cheap like that LOL besides isn't the government going to reimburse the last 5 weeks of the ML?? So many questions and I am not even sure where to direct these questions to... If anyone knows please let me know cause I really need to sort this out before my leave.. Huhuhu

This is how our current stock for
Pediasure and we shall be looking to further increase in the coming weeks.. Insyallah..

The small cans we bought from my colleague who used to give this FM to his baby however after about 1 month realized that it was not suitable.. Oh and Apparently it is quite easy to find in Miri.. BIL has kindly purchased one medium sized can but it was chocolate flavor (silly me forgot to tell him that there is 2 flavors and Dia takes vanilla). Will introduce the chocolate one to Dia soon..

BIL and my dad has promised to get us some more if they are going to Miri again.. What a relief and i now can breathe easy... I never would have thought getting hold of FM could be this hard!! And I think hubs and I went a bit FM crazy cause we check out the FM aisle at every shop we go to hahaha

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kolo Mee

I have always been a huge fan of kolo mee but now that my darling daughter has taken a liking to it too and seems to prefer it over anything else, I decided to hit the kitchen and give it a go.. (ok ok I should hit the kitchen more often.. LOL)

Three kid-sized portions for the three girls

Dia enjoying her kolo mee

The girls..

After 1 hr.. huhu

Friday, March 25, 2011

Meal times

I just spent the last hour feeding LM and making sure she eats up her 'breakfast'.. Meal times are surely getting more and more difficult these days.. It begins with what she wants to eat.. Back then we gave her rice porridge and she gulped everything we gave her.. As she grew older we started giving her different types of food, rice, soups, noodles, pasta, fries, potatoes and in the past 2 weeks she has demonstrated her preference for noodles over everything else.. We tried giving her rice with diff food but she continues to refuse.. When we gave her noodles particularly kolo mee, she eats them up well and even taking away MY portion!!

Of course we were worried but after talking to some friends, reading up some materials and talking to the nurses and doctors, most advise received was that give her choices of what she wants to eat, when she wants to eat, at the rate she wants to eat and at the amount she wants to eat.. So apparently the child will not starve themselves and will ask for food when they feel like it. And as for being a picky eater, apparently they are just demonstrating control and shows that they are growing up..

Of course one of the concerns is that will there be enough nutrients for her by eating noodles only? Well it falls under grains and it supplies carbohydrates that supplies energy for the little one.. I suppose its better off that she eats something rather than nothing at all right?

So as a supplement, we give her multivitamins on a daily basis and recently introduced those chewy multivitamins.. Of course she enjoys chewy ones pasal macam gula2.. hahaha

Oh most websites also advises parents with picky eaters as children not to get hung over.. so that is what we shall do and be thankful that she is eating...! hehehe

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stocking up

We have been searching high and low for Dia's FM and results has been disappointing.. We shall continue to search again tomorrow and hopefully we get some positive results as we are currently left with approximately half of the 1.8kg tin.. Huhuhu so if anyone spot a can or two somewhere do let me know..

Lesson learned: must stock up!

And this lesson shall be applied to all her other needs as well like QV bath and lotion (which we found unavailable in watsons and guardian in Miri) and diapers... Huhuhu

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Monday, March 21, 2011

The day after the party

The bouncer was still here this morning so we let the kids play for a bit...

I guess LM was uber tired after the party and bouncer cause she took in total 3 naps the whole day today when normally she would take one!!

The first nap was on the way to bsb at approximately 10.30am..

Nap number 2 approximately 2pm after lunch and while we were running errands here and there..

Nap number 3 at approximately 5pm, in the car on the way home..

Despite all her naps, she called it a night at 9am which is slightly earlier than usual...

Another thing I found particularly weird tonight is that she decided she wants some water served in her bottle and she actually fell asleep drinking the water!! And this is not just 1 bottle of water but 3!!! We tried giving her FM but she refused it and asked for water... Ok pls tell me that this is not weird or is this just a phase??

Speaking of FM, is there anywhere else other than supasave that sells Pediasure FM? We have been looking around at Hua Ho, Giant, Hypermart and all doesn't seem to carry that brand.. If supasave is the only store that sells it ten I gotta make sure I stock up pretty well then.. Do let me know if u have seen it being sold elsewhere..

Dia & Anis' Birthday Party

We planned an animal themed party for Dia this year and this year she celebrates it with her cousin who will turn 3 on 27th, Anis..

We let her loose in the bouncer right before the party..

So how do I do this?

Hey this is FUN!

I have to say I was getting a bit worried when I saw her fall down a couple of times and almost went into the bouncer to reassure myself that she was ok but hubs said, if she is in pain, she will let her know by crying.. huhu

Look at my Zebra go!!

Ariesya with her Mummy and KAKA Budeh

My dudettes: Siti and Pijah

Knackered looking Dia with Uncle Eboy


Alai and Zam

Dia's cake ordered from KOJ

Love the cakes and tastes good too!

blowing their candles

Cutting their cakes

Enjoying her cupcake

Dia and Alya

Hubs had this brilliant idea of printing us t-shirts to be worn during the party and to be kept as a memorabilia.. Shirt was done in the nick of time!


Oh the feature wall!!

Aboy put together Mummy and Daddy's present to Dia..

Enjoying her new ride

Thank you Aunties, Uncles, Neneks and Friends for all the wonderful presents!

The girls posing in front of all the presents! (look at Dia's cheeky face!!! LOL)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turning 2

We had a mini celebration to commemorate LM's actual 2nd birthday in Saturday night.. Hehe

Babies of the family (+ yours truly)

Dia about to blow her 2 candles

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday

Dear Dia,

Guess who turns a full 2 years old today? Yes you!!!

Most people say when a child turns 2 that is one of the toughest time in a parents life as the child develops their own personality and learn to fully utilize the word 'No' to the fullest. You my darling daughter have been doing just that and have tested the patience of both your parents.. So baby girl, I know you are probably super manja because you want to maximize your time being the only child but please know that mummy and daddy sometimes need a break especially after a long long day at work. Please be good and listen to us and eat your meal when your Aunty gives it to you, take your bath and put your clothes with your Aunty..

Lately you and I took lots and lots of shower together and I sure enjoy making up songs in the bathroom with u.. Your nini girl says I use to do that with her dulu too.. Heehe

We know you have been very very excited for your birthday, your birthday cake and your birthday party tomorrow so baby girl, enjoy your 2 days of fun, fun, FUN. However, please behave and listen to both Mummy and Daddy.. We pray that you will always be in good health, grow up to be a clever and obedient girl.. Also to be the best big sister to your Adik ok.. Again Mummy and Daddy loves you.. Be good now..


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Thursday, March 17, 2011


One more day till LM turns 2.. I seriously can't believe how time flies so fast.. Huhu

LB is 28 weeks along and as of wed the clinic has passed my big card to me which means we are now closer to giving birth.. We are supposed to bring the card everywhere we go in case we need to go to the hospital and give birth but but.. Bagi malas bah bawa big cards around hehehe

I learned a hard lesson on Tuesday that I cannot keep on working the whole day and must, MUST take breaks.. What happened was that I was working hard the whole day on my desk, even taking my lunch at the office in order to finish up all my tasks an ensure that my handover is kept to a minimal and if there is any, it be complete and by 2pm that afternoon I a bit dizzy and that my body ached all over! I had to take panadol and stayed in bed for a good 10hrs.. Alhamdulillah I woke up feeling much much better.. I hate to think what would happened if I did not feel better.. Huhuhu

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Dinner 12 March 2011

We went out for Dinner last Saturday night to celebrate MIL and FIL's 55th Birthday.. Venue was Le Taj Restaurant in Kiulap..

Our girls!
Yadu and The grandchildren
As you can see its kinda hard to take proper photos of these 3 cos 1 is ALWAYS moving which leaves us with a blurry photo
Ze cake.. MIL did a trick on me and said that she is 56 and not 55..! HMPH
Thats all of us!
Take 2!
After we took the kids to Jungle gym!

It took 6 men to look after 3 toddlers..! Funny how each one of them came out sweating when the kids macam nada pun..! LOL

Dia enjoying herself.. Photo taken by BIL

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thoughts and prayers

About 18hrs since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan..

I first got the news via my work email as one of my colleagues whom I just met a couple hours earlier advised us. He was on his way back to japan and was in transit in Singapore. Works trying to locate and ensure that our colleagues currently stationed in Japan started immediately but mobile phones services was bad.. Since phone services were bad some of our colleagues used Facebook to keep in touch..

My thoughts also went straight to our Japanese colleagues who is also in transit. We dropped one of them an email and his wife and son is safe.. Alhamdulillah

I am still in shock.. The 2004 tsunami was closer to home as it was in Indonesia but i have to say that this has hit me more than 2004.. I think because i personally know people who are effected by this.. So Please pray with me that all are safe and sound.. Amin!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mummy's room

Ola peeps! Its been a busy busy week at work, typical week leading up to Board meeting.. Meeting will be held tomorrow morning at 8am and I cannot wait to get it over and done with.. This will be my last board as I will be on maternity leave (if not in labor the next meeting is on the same day as my due date).. Speaking of maternity leave I have been asked by the boss on who I intend to distribute my tasks to when I am away on leave.. hehehe That sure made me smile and think of all the wonderful and leisurely things that I shall be doing the whole 105days!!! hehehe

A couple of my friends collectively pulled together resources (monetary, energy and efforts) to turn a store room in their office into a mummy's room! I applaud and praise their efforts in making life easier and more comfortable for BFing mummies.. It made me think about where I shall be doing my Mummy's business when I come back from leave.. I have to say things are better here compared to the 2m by 2m pantry i used to occupy but I have to admit I wish we have our own BFing room.. *sigh* I should be thankful that there is a room that I can occupy lah ah.. hahaha I look forward to my next Bfing journey and given that I am 27 weeks along I should get on with my list of things to check and update.. I might need to place orders for new Medela parts..!! hehehe

Ok I better get on with my tasks at hand and try to tick off as many items as possible on my to-do list.. Have a good Thursday everyone..!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Another board week

It was a busy busy day at work today with the afternoon half spent in meetings.. Not looking forward to Wednesday cause I know it's going to be a LONG day and looking very much forward to Friday...! Huhu

I was talking to a colleague earlier on how life changed so much for me after I had Dia and I used to be okay with staying back to finish up some work but not anymore.. When the clock strike 5 I would very much like to be out of the office.. Does that mean that my commitment and drive for work has gone down the drain? My colleague told me my commitment and drive has not completely gone down the drain and I am still the same as I was before.. I sure hope so but one thing for sure I would like to be at the office at 8 and leave at 5, thank you... LOL

This would be my last board as I will be on maternity leave , if not in labor ,during the next meeting.. Hehe

(I probably shouldn't write this here but I am just so happy and excited..) I got news that a friend of mine is expecting..!! So to YOU, big big BIG congratulations to you and your husband.. Take good care of yourself and know that I am always a call/drive/text/whatsapp away... I am very very happy for you and pray that all goes well and as planned.. Amin!! *teeheee* oh and thank you for telling me..!!! xoxo

My Little Missy and I

Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

March already?

Seriously bah kamu.. ITS MARCH ALREADY!!!

As I was walking up to my desk I saw these 2 folders on me desk which means Board Meetings are around the corner.. huhu

So this is what is ahead for me for the whole month and as you can see, I have a scheduled leave coming soon.. *doing the chicken dance* other than rest from work, Dia is turning 2 in a couple of weeks! hehe I haven't had cake in a while sooo... hehehe
LB is 26 weeks along today! I had an appointment yesterday and when I weighed myself i was shocked to see that I have gained 3kgs in the past MONTH! HOHO Comparing 1st and 2nd pregnancy, I have so far gained 8.8kg in the past 26 months with LB and only 4.9kg when I had LM. That is double, DOUBLE!! I better watch what I am taking in eh!

oh quick bday shout out to Dia's cousin, Darwisy who is 2 today.. Happy birthday frm Yuwa Boy, Yuwa Girl and Dia!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MIL turns 55 today

Happy 55th to my MIL..

This was taken 2 years ago in 2009 when MIL turned 53.. I was 9 months along and 3 weeks short of giving birth to my Little Missy.. hehehe

Happy birthday to My MIL (and FIL - cause his actual birhd date is unknown we normally celebrate for both of them at the same date hehehe). Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan sentiasa sihat.. Amin!