Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Its the last day of the year 2008. Now usually by this time i will be on my celebration mode, planning where i would be during the countdown,who i will be with and how am i going to welcome the new year. Not to say that i am not busy preparing for the countdown this time round but preparation seems to be on the mellow side.. We welcomed 2008 with my family last year and this time round we will welcome new year over at Anjai's house. I look forward to spending the time with my new family.. hehe

Looking back on how 2008 has been for me, for us.. We spent the first half of the year busily preparing for our wedding which alhamdulilah went well despite a couple of hiccups along the way.. The hiccups has made the wedding day even more sweeter and i shed some tears everytime i think about it. The wedding day was one of the happiest day of my life. Soon after the wedding we were pleasantly surprised yet again to find out that i am with child. The news swept us off our feet and i flush everytime i remember the joy i felt at that time. And now we spend the last half of the year preparing to be parents. As you can see, 2008 has been a good year for me and i hope 2009 will be even better!

With that, i end this post with warm wishes to all my readers.. Have a happy happy new year and may you have a great year ahead of you.

Faith, Anjai & Baby

Monday, December 29, 2008

Selamat Menyambut Awal Tahun Hijrah

Assalamualaikum and olaaa peeps! May we take this opportunity to wish everyone 'Selamat Menyambut Awal Tahun Hijrah'.

So its another monday and this week baby turns 28 weeks! hehe Which means we have another 12 weeks to go and as usual below is the weekly development for baby.. hehe

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that i have made up my mind and decided to get the Medela BP as opposed to the Philips Avent. So i placed an order through H and it has finally arrived! tee heee.. And it was very fortunate that i went ahead and placed the order cos the Avent that i wanted is now available in Mothercare and WOW! was i surprised when i saw how much it cost! We went to pick it up this afternoon and boy was i excited to open it up! It was like opening a present! It came with a tote bag and also storage bag and ice pack which makes it much much more convienent for me to bring around esp when i go back to work.. Anjai took some pics of the moment.. hehehe
Me happily exploring the box..

Me happily walking towards the house.. 

We also had a visit this morning from Shopaholic and Gamerholic and they came bearing gifts! hehehe Thanks guys.. We really appreciate it.. and Enjoy your trip! hehe

The holics with thier gifts.. tee hee

Sunday, December 28, 2008

oh my back!

We have had 3 mini trips for the past week, 2 of which was in Miri and 1 for a visit in Limbang and all i have to say for now is i am done with it.. My back can bear no more as it aches like mad!! *looks over to Anjai and hoping i can get more of those massages that helps ease the pain*

We finally went out and bought baby stuff. As advised by many, we didn't buy a lot of clothes. We kept to the neutral color of white as we still don't know what the gender is yet and also avoided the yellow, as advised by Anjai's aunty.. We bought a couple of body suits (like 6 kali), 3 sets of booties and mittens and one hat. So how do i know if that is enough, for now? Mcm should i buy supply enough for 3 days or a week? And so far we bought bodysuits saja, do we need to buy the two piece type? 

We also went out and bought the Cot today!! hehe now time to make space for baby before the delivery people comes in.. hehe

Friday, December 26, 2008

X-mas Trip

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we went over to Anjai grandmother's place in Limbang and below are some photos taken during our trip..

The queue

Facebook-ing while waiting..

I was so happy when i saw this sign. At least i knew that the post was 600m away as opposed to Anjai saying 'Inda jauh lagi.. banarr' haha

After 2.5 hrs of queue, we finally arrived at the border 

And after 15 mins of journey after the immigration post, we finally reached our destination. Yadu's (grandmother) place.

Yadu, Anjai's Grandmother


Joel, Anjai's cousin

Can't remember their names but look at how festive they look with the Santa hats

Cousin, Martha with Yadu

X-mas decoration

With the aunties

Uncle Jack with his wife

Giving chocolates to the kids

And the adults.. haha

at the end of the day, i was tired tidak terkata but happy that we managed to make our way there and see the family. 

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry merry X-mas

Its that time of the year again where santa makes his round on his sleigh, going down the chimney and giving gifts to kids around the world.. Merry X-mas peeps and may we eish you a great and fantastic holiday esp for those who celebrate this holiday. And for those who don't, enjoy the day off.. hehe

We are currently on the way (well actually staying stationary in the queue) to go over to Anjai's grandmother's place in Limbang.. Been here for about an hour and 30 mins now and as much as Anjai say that 'inda lagi jauh' i have a feeling that it is STILL jauh.. haha (looks over to Anjai :P).  Its ok, we have to 'redah' saja as we are determined to see the family. 

I am thankful though cos Anjai is very thoughtful... He bought the newspaper for me this morning and packed the laptop and modem for me to keep me distracted. Whereas i merely packed a bag of chips, some chocolate biscuits, 2 packets of air tebu and 2 bottles of mineral water.. perut perut perut.. hahaha 

Ok i see the selekoh and Anjai say inda lagi lama ni.. hehehe oh thank god! honestly i was tempted to turn around about 30 mins ago but since we have already been in queue for an hour, whats another hour right? I hope baby will be able to tahan this journey and waiting around.. hehe

Oh Shopaholic joined us on our Road Trip to Miri yesterday and it we really enjoyed the trip.. B, upload pics plssss... hehehehe

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Anjai and I have been debating on where i will give birth. At the beginning we had 3 options, JPMC, Tutong Hospital and RIPAS hospital but soon enough we threw out JPMC pasal should there be any problems kana antar ke RIPAS jua.. So now we are down to Tutong or RIPAS. After much discussions and debates with my aunties and some friends, Anjai has decided that once i start to contract, he will drive me down to RIPAS. *ERK!* 

Ok lets draw down why i prefer Tutong to RIPAS..
1. Toilets are not exactly clean
2. Heard about the queue of expecting mothers waiting to enter into the labour room and give  birth
3. Heard some horror stories about how some midwives/doctors who tend to be cuai as they have a hoard of mothers and babies waiting to be delivered
4. Also heard some was even left in the labour room post labour and had to wait for a bed as disana VERY crowded
as you can see i have heard a lot of horror stories and how true i am not sure.

Why i prefer Tutong
1. Toilets are clean
2. Less people hence the nurses/midwives will pay attention to us more. 
But theeenn.. (nya my aunty jua..) If i face any problems they will need to send me to RIPAS as Tutong lacks the specialty.. So peeps i am down to 'am i willing to risk a 30 min drive should i face any problems?'

Anjai is determined on going to RIPAS cos the risk is too high for him to face so lets hope all goes well for me and the horror stories are not true and should it be true, lets all pray for my sake that it will NOT happen to me! 


oh on a nicer note I found an article which lists out the things that mothers should bring to the hospital when giving birth for both baby AND mummy.. Will post it soon.. hehehe

Monday, December 22, 2008


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face which rarely happens when i know its monday. And yeap you guessed why that grin was on my face.. Our holiday has BEGUN! *yippie* Well actually our last day of work was last friday but it has been such a hectic weekend with a BBQ last Thursday, a berbedak on Friday, Wedding reception on saturday and Sunday, that we haven't had a decent rest yet.. 

Baby turns 27 week today.. Usually i would upload the development calendar but its taken longer than usual so will try again later or tomorrow.. 

I take this opportunity to congratulate Carol & Nobel on their wedding on Saturday 20th Dec 2008. It was truly a beautiful wedding and I/we are extremely happy for the both of you. I was soo teary throughout the whole thing especially when i saw her in the bridal room and during the exchange of vows! Congratulations Boo! And also Congratulations to my cousin, Ernina & Emil on thier wedding day on Saturday, 20 Dec 2008. Sorry i couldn't attend the ambil-ambilan, Mummy and Baby was uber tired and slept the whole night through! My mum said you looked gorgeous and i can't wait to see the pictures.. hehe

Friday, December 19, 2008

hear ye, hear ye! Friday is Here!

And you know what that means.. The weekend begins tomorrow and My leave starts at 5.01pm! *tee hee* we are not expecting to do much traveling this holidays but more to spending quality time with our loved ones. and also more surveys, research and buying of baby (& mummy) stuff.
I am beginning to feel pressured that most of my peers (fellow expecting parents) have begun to purchase items for baby way ahead. But insyallah as planned, we will begin the purchasing soon. What we did a couple of months ago, after identifying what we need to buy was that we will buy the pricy ones first and move on down. So far we have only purchased Stroller/Travel system and placed an order to Breast pump (bila sampai ah? hehe) and the next purchase will be the baby cot! (Sticking to the plan people!) Excited eh!

Oh results from polls are as follows:

And on 17 Dec 2008, I weigh 73.8Kg! hehehe So looking at the votes, the 4 people who guess 73Kg are the winners as they guessed the closest and if this is a radio show you would probably win a $10 voucher to some restaurant but it is not! So nothing in it for you guys! hehehe

We had a lovely get together last night over at Boo's place and it was so nice to see everyone! Took some pics and will upload it soon *looks over to Anjai* See you all on Saturday and don't forget to put on your dancing shoes! hehehe

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Avent Mummy!

I am officially in love and I want to be an Avent Mummy! I have been actively browsing here and there for Avent baby products and below are some pics! heheee Mcm so siok cos they don't only have feeding bottles, breast pump but also sterilizers and bottle warmer which i have on good account from a friend that is superb! Now how can i not be dazzeled by the wanders that is Avent! hehehe

I woke up this morning and wished that today is my last day of work but realised that it was only my 3rd last day! So the countdown begins! tee hee

Oh speaking of sleeping and waking up, I have been woken up by leg cramps lately. As usual, i googled it and from what i gathered, leg cramps during pregnancy is common especially from the second trimester and it might get even worse and the pregnancy progresses. No one really knows why but it is possible that the leg muscles are tired from the extra weight we have been carrying or it might be aggravated by the pressure of our expanding uterus and that puts pressure on the nerves that brings blood to our legs. To prevent pregnant ladies should avoid standing or sitting with legs crossed for long periods of time, stretch calf muscles regularly, take a walk regularly, lie down on the left side to improve circulation (kalau right side?) and drink lots of water.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 25th Birthday TC *wink*

Being one of my oldest and not to mention BESTEST (if there is even such a word) friend in the whole wide universe, who has seen me through thick and thin, my ugly and pretty, i feel really blessed to have you by my side or just a phone call away since you currently resides in the land down under. I/We wish you all the best in your studies, enjoy your holiday and have a great one this year! Shopaholic & I were planning a big bash to celebrate but i guess since you are not here, we have to go ahead w/o you.. We even baked a cake for you! See how thoughtful we were? :P hehe

Baby turns 26 today and as usual below is his/her weekly activity for this week.

It will also be Mummy & Daddy's last week of work this week and we will be taking a long deserved break. But of course seeing as it is the end of the year, activities are at a high.. E1314's wedding this weekend, Boo & Nob's Wedding on Saturday (looking forward to Par-tayyy), Christmas coming up.

Although we always celebrate x-mas with Boo & her family, this year i will officially celebrate with Anjai's Family. With that we do hope to see lots of his family as this is the time all of them berkumpul over at his grandmother's place and lets hope the journey will not be too much for me and baby. Oh how i love X-mas gifts! hehehe SIL is due to give birth early next year and since she is planning to Breastfeed her baby i think i know exactly what to get her this x-mas! Little BIL will also celebrate his birthday and i think i shall leave it to Anjai to figure out what to get him.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Lets make it more fun

I am sure many expecting mothers can agree that as much as we enjoy eating for a cause (Mkn untuk baby bah ni) and as much as we know that the weight gain is a must however i am sure its no fun watching the scales.. So i decided to make fun of my weight and have you all join in my fun (dunno if this will actually work) by guessing how much i weigh the next time i go on the scale which is 17 Dec 2008.

I have also put up a graph of my weight gain so far. C'mon! How often can a girl feel happy that she is gaining weight? hahahaha

Happy guessing all.. and also Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The day she became a wife

The pictures are taken at my cousin's recent Nikah ceremony. Alhamdulilah all went well, Groom lafazed in one go altho voice begun to flutter in the middle but SAH!! hehe

Congratulations to Emil & Ernina!

From her to him. Hantarans are all designed in house and we are all very proud of the outcome hehe

His wedding ring and one of my favorite piece

The customary chocolates! I bet siok the guys side makan.. hehe

From him to her

Father of the bride

Signing off

My Uber gauk niece

Groom heading towards the dias utk di 'ijab kabulkan'

Officially husband & wife

B&G with Stargazers

B&G with the boys

This is one of my favorite shots of the day hence why i placed it last.

Looking at all the photos i didn't get a single shot of just me n the bride! Note to self and husband: take single photo with E13.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I made up my mind

On our day out yesterday we decided to look around for some items that is in my list and we stumbled upon the Avent Isis IQ Uno Breast pump. A few weeks back i was torn between that BP and the Medela Freestyle BP. I though i made up my mind but when i saw the Avent in person, i was having doubts again and as a result had to reassess the situation. I made up a comparison table and here it is..

After much debate, i am now sticking to the Medela FS. It is much pricier than the Avent however, seeing as this is a long term investment i think it is worth it. It is designed for Heavy Duty usage, and it is light weight (as i am planning to express in the office and when i travel). I have placed an 'order' thru a friend who is also buying for another friend to buy for me so this will avoid me thinking and re-thinking on my position on which BP to buy.

Oh i also found some other stuff i want and mostly its Avent stuff. Avent feeding bottles, bottle warmer, sterilizer.. Avent, Avent, Avent! (Ada fan club kah ni Avent ani? if ada i want to join eh! LOL) The list at the sidebar is updated accordingly. And to ~d~ you may want to rethink your position on the items you shouted out! hahaha so banyak ah but thank youuuuu hehehe *kiss to aunty ~d~*

Monday, December 8, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidi Adha everyone and also Happy Monday! Sounds extra cripy? Well why wouldn't i be as we all have an extra day to rest hehe and by the look and feel of it, i am in dire need of this extra day.. Its another monday and happy 25 weeks to baby and as usual, below is the weekly fetal development calendar..

As said on the calendar baby will now develop clasping movements with his/her palm.. Very good.. So when u come out and u feel mummy's finger in your palm, clasp tight ok? hehehe Oh I don't know if i have mentioned this before but i finally saw my tummy move when baby kicks! hehehe FINALLY!

I am tempted to make a purchase which we don't think fall under 'essential' and nor is it in the list on the side bar but i do think that it would be 'something nice' to have. And The item is a Handycam! Maybe i am influenced by TC's post in her Blog but wouldn't it be nice to have so we can take actual videos of baby using an actual video camera (as opposed to using Anjai's phone! hehe) 

Saturday, December 6, 2008

slow poke

24 weeks along and i already feel HUGE! (Cant imagine how big i will be at 40 weeks!) I feel like i waddle when i walk and slow and i am unable to walk briskly nowadays (such a slow poke!). Most of the time i have to tell Anjai to slow down or hold his hand so that we walk at the same pace! haha Sitting down on the floor, as i have done a lot when i am over at E13's place is fine but getting up is such a struggle! Someone even had to help me get up on some occasions! LOL Not that i don't enjoy helping you out cuz but my back really hurt! Thank god its over! hahaha I don't think my back can take anymore of it.. Its been more than 24 hr and i still feel tired, even after sleeping for 12 hrs last night and resting the whole day!! Baik jua long weekend so i can rest more..  

On that note, A Million Congratulations to Ebih [E13] & Emil [E14] on their nikah yesterday. We wish you both all the happiness and joy in the world. Welcome to the other great side! Will post up some photos once i'm back to normal.. hehe 

Met loads of relatives over at E13's place and most were surprised to see that i am pregnant.. Although i don't consider them as strangers but i do have to agree with Miah's comment that they pat my tummy as they please! hahaha One of the common question is whether we know what the gender is.. When told that we don't they start guessing what it is.. Mostly people say it'll be a girl cos i have been quite creative lately and that i am active n inda 'mengusut'.. hehe but some also say that its a boy cos i like to eat sweet things and i am not moody.. haha As i said before, we have no preference, as long as baby is sihat & sempurna.. *amin*

oh another comment i received from one of cousin and this is the first one of that kind is 'berubah muka mu' and my instant reaction was 'WHAT?' haha and when asked why they (aunts and cousins) gave me the standard reply of 'Andangnya tu' LOL i guess my face or look has changed for the better as Mimey has recently commented that i look prettier when i am preggies! haha Now, how do i maintain that 'look' after giving birth? Hmmmm LOL

I have been eating loads of chocs lately and i better slow it down as i do not want to find out after my next blood test (which is next week) that i am diabetic! Erk!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Alloo peeps! How's everyone doing? I really do hope you all are having a better week than i am.. It has been one of the toughest week at work.. Pregnancy related? Hormonal? Dunno! but at one point today i even saw stars! And as a result of my stress, i've been consuming a lot of chocolates lately as i believe that Chocs help relives stress.. hehehe (hey! Didnt u guys read Harry Potter? Lapas drg jumpa dementor, they eat chocs juaaa LOL)

On a happier note, We made our first baby purchase *YEAY* And it is.. The Graco Travel System (Stroller & Car Seat) and i am now a member at Mothercare! And you ladies know what that means.. Discounts! hehe I know some ppl who would like to take advantage of my membership and they are most welcomed to do so.. Just gimme a buzz.. hehehe So yeah back to the stroller.. Although we havent put it together yet (seeing as we still have 3-4 more months and thinking that it might be too early) but having the box in our room make it all seems so real! hehehe Baby has been very active lately and on some occasions even kicked extra hard when i hear loud noises! dunno if that is a coincidence or what.. haha

We had dinner with Shopaholic and Gamerholic this evening.. Totally spontaneous.. Apparently Si Gamerholic rindukan Anjai! LOL

Ok i better head to bed now that feel sleepy.. Hopefully i will fall asleep straight away rather than tossing and turning like what i have been doing for the past 2 weeks! urgh. Good night world! Lets all wake up and have a better day tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wedding Bells

To say I enjoy Weddings is such an understatement.. I LOVE WEDDINGS! hahaha It feels like just yesterday Anjai and I were busy preparing for our own wedding. I have to say we have enjoyed the preparation.. There were minimum interruptions from both parents in making decisions and they have left it all up to us.. So almost all were decided by the both of us and we were left happy with that. I guess they realise that its OUR wedding, OUR budget and hence things should be done according to OUR preference. But i know that can be tough as we live in a very close knit community and everyone just likes to get in our business. So my word of advise to friends and readers who are tying the knot:

I know you want have the wedding as YOUR wedding but don't shut out the advise from others. Take the advise as it is.. If you like it,take it in and improve it to make your own. If you don't, bin it.

A few people in my life are tying the knot and one is coming up REAL soon. Been busy helping her out with her wedding and i am glad that my past experience can help her. There were things that i didn't get to do during my wedding i get to do now. I do hope i am not being too invasive.. E13, if i am please feel free to stop me! hahahaha

Next will be Boo's wedding. I have to admit i am not helpful at all but i have my reasons and i do hope she accepts it hehe Don't worry boo, on your wedding day i will be your Risk Mitigator.. Will keep you company and happy in the room! hehehe I love you Boo!

And in 6 months time, it will be Shopaholic and Gamerholic's turn. I've been friends with Shopaholic since Primary 2 and she was that one person who helped me during my wedding. She put my shoes on, looked for people when i needed them, helped me with our hantarans and even fed me!! So when her time comes i hope i can help her as much as she has helped me.

oh Bie, to answer your question, a 'Wedding Registry' (list of items that my friends can buy for us as a wedding gift) was one of the items i wanted to have but never got round to do. And as a result some friends kept on asking what they can get me and end up having to scratch their head haha. so suggest you keep a list somewhere and for friends who ask you what you want, u can just tick them of your list. hehe (LG Mini Fridge is Mine!)

So i end this post a few of my favorite photos taken during our wedding.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Sorry for the lack of update peeps! its been one hectic weekend!!

Started off with going over to Anjai's place on Friday where MIL and FIL was kind enough to look and purchased Durian Otak Udang for me.. Nyaman yawww.. hehe And i feel so blessed to have ILs like them.. hehe Then Early Sat morning we went to Anjai's relative's place to 'tawari' Anjai (had a sudden rash.. mcm kuligata jua tapi mcm inda jua) and also me.. So i now carry around a kunyit as my jimat.. hehe When that was over we went to Tutong town to sort our insurances and the silly people there made us wait 30 mins and then tell us that thier system is down and they can't do much *grr* We had lunch in BSB, sorted car insurance there and i attended a work thing.. We also made our first baby purchase at Mothercare! hehe We were home at 6 and by 8 we were out again over at E13's place to have another hantaran session. Attended a wedding with Shopaholic and Stargazers sunday morning (Congratulations again Ezzah & Elmi). Then another session over at E13's place, mengusai her room while Anjai went over to his place.. It was 8.00pm last night when i finally lied down on my bed and rested. PHEW! As much as i enjoyed our activities, i am looking forward to not doing anything this coming weekend..

Baby turns 24 this week.. hehe Sorry for the mistake last week peeps.. Blame it on eagerness hehe Well as per the calendar below, baby will gain significant weight this week hence mummy will tooo.. Will need to really gear up the food intake in terms of calcium and stuff.. since the renovation has started in our kitchen i haven't been eating at home much nor have i been drinking my mummy's milk lately.. Tsk tsk!

Oh! Happy december all.. Happy hoildays to the teachers and students.. hehe

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Positive Movement

When i was about 20 weeks old, i had people asking me if i felt any movement yet. I have felt pressured cos at that time i barely felt any movement. I was so scared.. Did i do anything wrong or if there was anything wrong with baby. My only comfort at that time was a statement made by the nurse 'alum lagi tu, tabal kali kulit mu'.. Its been a couple of weeks and we have felt a lot of movements *yeay* Especially before we go to bed. And by we, i meant i felt it and Anjai either has his hands on my tummy or looking at my tummy! hehe Baby moving tells me that baby is ok.. Syukur alhamdulilah.. hehe

You know how some people say that the parents' attitude actually influences the baby's behaviour. And after a conversation with a friend, i am a TOTAL believer of that statement! So i have been keeping positive with everything.. kurang marah2, jangan mengusut.. Hopefully baby will be as positive as mummy and daddy! hehehe

oh Thank God tomorrow's Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick one

A million congratulations to TC on passing her exams.. Now you can rest easy and enjoy your holidays.. 

Faith, Anjai & Baby

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wants vs needs

After much deliberations and debate by yours truly and her boss, my leave has finally been approved!! *yipiee* People close to me knows that my superior has issues with me taking leave, don't know why but yeah.. The only time where my leave was not questioned was in June this year when i was about to tie the knot.. So imagine how happy i was late this afternoon.. Hehe 

As it stands, no holiday plans are firmed up yet with weddings and christmas around that time of the year.. Also with Baby on the way and the growing list of things to buy, we need to evaluate WANTS vs NEEDS.. I would love to go on a holiday but do i really need it? The main thing is to be able to relax and to be able to spend time with Anjai and other family members.. hehe

To my dear friend Ezzah and husband Elmi: A Million Congratulations on your recent 'Nikah' ceremony..  See you this sunday... hehehe From Anjai, Faith & Baby.. hehe

Monday, November 24, 2008

Week 23

Baby turns 23 weeks today.. hehe Looking at the calendar below it says that baby is now able to hear so we should start reading, talking and mengaji to the baby now.. hehe and to remember to read only decent things! LOL Anjai should also start to talk to baby more now.. hehehe

By end of March, insyallah baby will come out to this world. Mudahan baby sihat & sempurna.. Amin

Both Anjai & I have been busy window shopping over the weekend and i think it took a toll on me yesterday.. As a result our intention of going back to Anjai's place had to be put on hold.. but all in all weekend was very productive and we have made up our mind or narrowed down our choices.. and now time to buy! And with that statement, comes questions like: Is it too early to buy now? But i don't want to buy too many at one time sampai it overwhelms me and if i buy sikit2 inda terasa kan? hahaha with that i think i can start buying then.. decision has been made hehehe

Note: Post has been edited to reveal the actual age of baby in tummy. Baby is 23 weeks not 24 weeks.. LOL

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Looking at our 'To Buy List', we have narrowed down 3 items which could potentially be pricy and those items are Baby Crib, Breast Pump and Strollers. Anjai & I spent the whole afternoon looking out and jotting down prices and model number.. And true enough, those 3 items were pricy. But we are looking past the price tags cause after all, all items will be used and beneficial for both baby and parents. But how do i know if i have overspent on an item? Juggling between spending the right amount and getting a good quality item will be a challenge. 

Out of 3 items, i am already certain that 1 item will need to be purchased overseas or via the internet.. But as fussy as i am i have now googled the other 2 items and try to find out where and how to buy online and at a cheaper price. Hey keeping my options open right? hehe

Oh SIL was released from the hospital 2 days ago and is now resting at home.. Alhamdulilah..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Santa came in early..

Someone texted me after work and decided to drop by our place early this evening and they came bearing.. apa nah? DURIAN UTAK UDANG!! I finally got to eat the spiky fruit and i have to say.. it was SUPERB!! NYAMAN!!!  And who are the mysterious Santas? Miah, Erwan and Abu Dzar! Thank you guys for making my dream a reality (apakan? AF kah?) but i can't thank you enough for buying it for me and baby.. Thank you...

I had my monthly anti-natal clinic appointment yesterday.. It was all routine check ups.. alhamdulilah all ok.. All these durian eating has increased my weight significantly.. i hope now that i have fed my thirst, weight will increase at a slower pace. hehe Was told yet again to pace myself.. *sigh*

Happy Birthday to E14 aka Emiloo.. Have a good one this year and the year ahead.. how many weeks to the nikah? Two? One? Jgn nervous ah and make sure u say the right name! Good luck! hehehe

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sympathy Pain?

I mentioned before about the tugging feeling on belly button.. Well last night felt my tummy tighten (around my belly button area). Ignored it at first but as the pain increases made a call over to E13, consulted my mum, my aunt and my grandmother.. 

E13 told me to go to hospital to have it checked out and when asked what tests they would do she said i would be placed under observation and hospitalised.  When asked my mum she came up with her normal response of 'Andangnya tu' but last night she added, 'baik tah be-urut arah makwa (my grandmother) mu' When i asked my aunty who happens to be a mid-wife said no urut2 and said 'andangnya tu' as baby is now growing and becoming more active. But she did ask my grandmother to bagi kunyit and also was asked to carry around 'limau kapas'..

Evaluating all options i decided to stay at home and stick with aunty's advise.. Although the thought of resting and not coming to work did appeal to me but staying overnight in the hospital did NOT! haha 

This afternoon Anjai called and told me that SIL was hospitalised. She is 7/8 months along and found some blood discharge in her urine.. Alhamdulilah she is ok now.. Below are some pics taken by Anjai during ur visit earlier this evening..

And her tag
MIL, SIL & Yours truly.. hehe
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Monday, November 17, 2008

week 22 minus 1 day

c Faith dengan bump nya yang berumur 22 weeks minus 1 day hehe uhuu..!!
taken at pantai penanjong 16.11.08

Week 22

Moday is here and that means.. Baby turns a week older! hehe This is what will happen this week for baby.. oh and also another visit to the ante-natal clinic mid of this week.. hehe

I mentioned a couple of posts ago re ultrasound and we actually went to one at one of the private clinics and i the experience was.. PRICELESS! I received comments how it was a waste of money since the Government clinic does it for free but the point of the whole thing is to know that baby is Ok. Alhamdulilah, from that scan, Syukur alhamdulilah, no abnormality was spotted. With the private clinic they spend more time and showed us in more detail.. Oh and the highlight of the ultrasound was when we saw Baby's hand and we saw all five fingers.. Baby was moving its hand but we like to assume that it was waving to us.. *Mummy & Daddy waves back! hehe* kan nangis jua kami lah.. hahaha We also saw baby's ear (setampik ganya di tunjukkan nya, i think), nose, lips and eye.. hehehe If you are asking if we spot anything on the gender side, the answer is no.. Baby was very shy.. didn't even show us his feet! hehe Will post up pics soon hehe

oh and sorry for the Durian posts.. haha i am afraid u might have to still out up with me on the matter.. until i get to eat it anyways.. hehehe

Edited: Oh seeing as we are halfway there, i have posted a list of things we need to buy for Baby.. Please feel free to highlight if i have missed anything..

TC - i do not feel like procuring the services of a maid to should be included in the list. hahaha Pleased to advise that the process is underwayy.. hehehe

Saturday, November 15, 2008

klik-klik snap-snap

alllooo.. hehe ane saja2 ku ambil ne tadi, balik2 kami c Faith dari pesta buah-buahan tadi taus ke dapur nyimpan oleh2, ada tah idea ku atu kn ngambar2 pekerja ane btukang merobohkan dapur.. so dgn pantas ku klik-klik snap-snap kai 40D ku hehehe.. chakk.. ; p