Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dia goes to Kuala Lumpur: Day 1

Hello y'all! Sorry for lack of updates.. *looks over to shopaholic* Been a bit pre-occupied with a couple of things.. and it also took a while for me to go through photos (from 2 cameras!!!) and upload them... hehehe SO here are some photos from our recent trip to Kay El!! hehehe


I think when we woke up the morning of 25th Jan, we all woke up smiling.. We have been planning for this trip since Oct/Nov 2009.. We even thought of not going at one point.. Part of me was nervous.. Nervous cause this will be Dia's first trip abroad.. how will she react on the plane? in another new place, where everything is different? but most of all excited! Haven't been on a holiday for soo long! and with Dia around, it just makes it a different ball game! hehe

We left my place at 1ish to catch the 3pm flight to Kuala Lumpurr!!

Dia while Mummy checks us in..

While waiting to board the plane in Brunei Airport

Alhamdulillah she slept when we took off. She woke up about 15mins before we landed and alhamdulillah she did not cry.. *pheww* 

While waiting for our luggages

On our bed

After a quick dinner at Nasi Ayam Hailam! Nyummm!!!

Sound asleeep.. 

She did wake up in the middle of the night crying.. I gotta say i panicked cause one minute she was sleeping soundly then tarus-tarus nangisss.. It took us a good 15 mins to calm her down.. 

Dia goes to Kuala Lumpur: Day 2

We went down to breakfast at the hotel during the first morning and the food was disappointing.. hmph!

Dia having her breakfast too

We have been experimenting with different types of food for Dia and throughout the whole trip we gave her some biscuits dipped in water.. I think she kinda like it!

About to mandi

A quick nap before we head out to...

Look at that excited face! hehehe

Daddy and Dia in front of the talllllll tower!

We fed her McDonalds bubur and she didn't like it that much...

She fell asleep while Mummy and Daddy shop.. and this was taken when Daddy was in the fitting room.. hehe

Soon after she woke up and it was time to change her diapers so we headed to the nursing room.. Lawa the room and so very clean.. how i wish ada nursing rooms like this in Brunei! When we go out here and its time to change her nappy we resort to changing her in the car!

LV! This is what Mummy is always talking about.. hehehe

We went to Nandos for dinner.. my my how i missed those peri-peri sauces!!! hehe

Dia having her baby bites

At the crossroad.. in bukit bintang that iss..

Peek a boo!

Sound asleep after a whole day of fun!

Dia goes to Kuala Lumpur: Day 3

We began our day with a trip to Masjid India and Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman but didn't take any pics! haha then in the afternoon we headed to Pavillion which was just down the road from our hotel. 

Dia nd I outside the HUGE shopping complex.. I think its even bigger than KLCC. hehe

After walking around for a while Dia got bored of being carried around and she insisted on walking.
So Mummy entertained and let her walk around for a bit.. Oh and she also insisted on carrying the shopping bag!

She was tired and wanted to sit down for a bit

And this is how she reacted when i took the shopping bag away from her!

This was in Sugai Wang plaza.. She fell asleep while Mummy and Daddy walked around
Still asleep while Mummy and Daddy was having dinner

and look who just woke up!

Dia goes to Kuala Lumpur: Day 4

We wanted to have a heavy breakfast so decided to wander around the hotel..

We saw a small stall right behind the hotel which were crowded with people buying food.. So we assumed nyaman lah this place.. hehe

This was Anjai's breakfast.. Nasi lemak with Daging rendang, hati buyah, pusu, sambal and telur! It was niceee!!! 

Then after a nap after breakfast (one that we should not practice alwayss..) we headed to Pavillion again.. hehe

After a while we headed to Berjaya times square.. 

A break at.. yes u know it!!! Krispy Kremesss!!! Those donuts are good!!! hehehe

Dia playing under the table while Daddy observes the traffic outside

We decided to head to Nandos again that evening..

'Nandos againnnn'
But Dia's night got more exciting.. She met Mahmud, an egyptian boy who is only 1 month older than her. She must liked that boy cos she planted a kiss on his cheek! I do hope she doesn't make this a habit!! haha

Dia and Daddy waiting to cross the road

And Mummy makes another quick stop at her fav ice cream palor! Haagen Dazsss!!!! yummm

Dia goes to Kuala Lumpur: Day 5

The last day in KL.. 

We woke up pretty early as we needed to make our way to the airport at 8am to catch the 11.50am flight..
Dia having a walk around the lobby while waiting for the cab to arrive..

No hands!!!

En route to the airport we saw 4 accidents.. but the one below has to be the worst and weirdest!

The van..

and the tractor we assume the van crushed into! The van must be going really fast to be able to topple the tractor over like that!

Checking in our lugages and getting our boarding passes

Dia waiting..

Good trip Dia!!!
In the aero-train

Dia slept throughout the take off, journey and during landing.

This is when i faced one of my biggest fears, BF-ing in Public!!! Dia finished her EBM and she still wanted more so i had to quickly turn my body towards Anjai (as it was a full flight and would not want the guy next to me seeing what i was doing) and fed Dia. All I can say is thank god for tudongs as i used that to cover my Bs!! Phewww~ hehehe 

Dia back home, in her cot! hehe she must be saying 'hello toysss.. i have missed you!'

Alhamdulillah the journey was great and we look forward to having another one.. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

me es officially on leave..

..since Thursday at 5pm! Yeap.. It has been 7 months since I have been back at the office after 2.5 months of maternity leave and I am on a much deserved break. Although the break is only 6 working days.. boo hoo!

Anjai, Shopaholic, Gamerholic and I, along with 9 of Shopaholic's friends headed to Kota Kinabalu yesterday. We departed Brunei at 8am and landed at 8.20am. Its been a while since either of Anjai and I have been to KK so the differences was significant. The new developments here and there and new tall buildings are mushrooming here and there! One thing remains the same tho, the blue green ocean! Beautiful!! Wish I could dip my feet in the sea but I guess thats one thing i'll look forward to the next time we go to KK. Note to self: better practice on your swimming and find a swimming class for the little princess! hahaha The Holics were our tour guide so they took us to Centerpoint and Wisma-something and then we headed to he highly raved 1Borneo! The shops are a huge difference compared to what we have here but since we will be heading for another holiday in a couple of days we restrained ourselves and by we i mean Anjai and I. The Holics and friends were going at it!!!! They came with one little bag and when we saw them at the airport, BASAR bags dorangg! hahahaha High five to all of you!! hahaha

One thing I would remember significantly about this trip would be the expressing of EBM!!! I sort of panicked thursday afternoon and then devised a plan. So what I did was pre-freeze my ice packs and right before leaving for the airport I wrapped them up in newspapers and place them in my cooler box. So we left with a huge bag! hahaha I didn't express until about 2pm when we got to 1borneo. Shopaholic advised me that there is an executive toilet so I headed there and paid RM1 for the entry and when I went it, the toilet was indeed better than the normal ones.. Each cubicle had a toilet (obviously),  a sink and also place to put your stuff. SO by this time I was dying to express!!! What a relief! I managed to pump 8oz, 1 oz short of my target. SO once I am done I wrapped the bottles filled with EBM in the ice packs and then wrapped them tightly in lots and lots of newspapers and then placed them in the coolbox. Why I use newspapers on top of the ice pack? well I figured it will help in keeping the cool longer. hehe 

Our flight took of at about 6pm and we arrived home around 730pm. Alhamdulilah EBM was in good condition. As Shopaholic said to me 'bekarih jua ah BF ani' and my answer is yes.. But then again its all individuals' efforts bah.. both Anjai and I choose to BF our daughter so for us it means that we will do all we can to continue to provide BF to her. We know we have a choice of giving FM to our baby but it is not something that we want to do YET. We know eventually we will probably introduce or rather re-introduce FM to her (since we had to give FM during the first 5 days of her life) but its just not something that we would like to do now. We have nothing against FM, its just something that we are not ready to do yet. Sementara my BM masih ada, i shall continue to BF Dia exclusively.. :) I think a few months ago I wrote that someone said 'payah jua tu' and I think I kept the reply to myself at that time but I think with all these things, it will be payah if you choose for it to be payah. 

Oh in case any of you are wondering and is unable to understand, I LOVE BFing my daughter.. I think it is such a privilage that only I can give that milk to my daughter, only ME! hehe and the fact that I can take breaks when I am at work to pump or get out of boring meetings to pump is the bomb!! hahaha (not that I always use pumping as an excuse to get out of meetings pulang.. honesstt! dududududu!) hehehe And I think because of my experience of not being able to BF Dia for the first 5 days atu tah makes me appreciate my BM more.. hehehe

Ok this is beginning to be an emotional post on BF and BM! hahaha So Happy weekend y'all. And in case I am unable to blog next week, don't worry, Anjai Dia and I are away on a short holiday.. Hopefully all will go well, Dia inda mengusut and fussy.. SO don't miss us to much, especially you Abang Ijan!!! 


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When she turned 10 months

Do i really need to write an introduction for the strings of pictures below? I think after 9 months you all know the day or the next post after Dia turns a month older i will post up pics of her mini-celebrations right? hahahaha

I couldn't decide on a cake so decided to gaet various mini cakes instead.. hehe

Dia must be thinking 'Why is Kaka Anis crying??'

After blowing the candles and Kaka Caca patiently waiting to be given a cake! hehe

Daddy and Dia

Dia sat on the table while all of us enjoy the cakes.. hehe Sorry sayang, Daddy says no cake for you this time, takut your little tummy cannot take all the cream and fats! Even i got a scolding for eating cakess! haha

Can you see my tooth?

'No? What about this?'

'Hehe Dia malu eh! hehe'

Alhamdullilah after 10 months, I am still BFing my darling daughter exclusively.. Although I have to say I think its now harder as she is heavier and also the fact that she is more playful then ever. I think every night she would playfully peek under my shirt, try to BF and when I do give it to her she would laugh at me.. haha Or at times she would be feeding, then she would pull away and start playing with her Daddy and then mau tia lagi kn feeding.. Aiyayayyaaaa hahaha Which reminds me I need to do a stock check on my EBMs.. I think stocks are slowing to dwindle down as I am sometimes malas to expresss! *knocks on head*