Monday, April 30, 2012

LNG ship no 4

Alhamdulillah, event went well.. A very proud moment for the Company indeed.. Alhamdulillah..

Set up done at 12 mid night done by my colleagues..

At 6.45am, first one to arrive and checking venue..

Small dry run before the event..

MD giving his welcoming remarks

GOH giving his keynote remarks

Signing if the SBC

I went to this place while the lads go for a round of golf

Yours truly with work wife at dinner.. Very relived that all went well..

The team.. Well done all!

Happy 11 months Sofiyya

Dear Popie,

Happy 11 months my sayang.. I think i say this almost every month, time does fly by very quickly.. and in a month's time we will be celebrating your first birthday! 

11 months and still no teeth in sight. You have been learning how to 'walk' by asking us to hold on to your hands and you lead us where ever you please. Your nini girl have also complained (but i think she is more proud than complain) on how you are so active, crawling here and there and attempting to climb on almost anything.. Your appetite is still something that your Aunty worries about but to be honest, so long as your are drinking my EBM well then I am fine... Speaking of BM, a month short to achieving our mid-term goal sayang!! weheeeee

You can say Baba, Babu, Mama, Mamam, Nen, Dada, Daddy but I have yet to hear you say Mummy.. but according to your nini girl you can say Mummy.. hehe so please surprise me ok? hehehe

Lately both your Daddy and I have been quite busy with work. Daddy has been sleeping at his office and I have been coming home late, especially last Saturday when i left the house at 6.30am and only came back at 10pm. Sorry my sayang but at times it is required that we do this long hours. i am very happy and glad to hear that you have been fantastic while I was busy at work.. good girl! 

Ok i better get back to work (and get back to planning your first birthday bash!).. Have a great day my sayang.. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia Loves you so very very much! Keep smiling and laughing my dear.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Night 1..

.. without the Husband..

He, along with the other army ppl, is out playing war leaving the wives and kids feeling lonely.. Don't know exactly how long it will take this time around but i heard the exercise could either be 10 or 12 days long..

As usual falling to sleep is hard for me last night but it was even harder because both the girls were not feeling too well. Sofiyya has the sniffles and slight cough and Nadia has the coughs! As usual Nadia would cough cough cough and she always, without fail vomit the phlegm out before being able to sleep.. She finally slept around 9.30 and then at 1.30 woke up cough cough coughing again. She did nit puke at 1.30 but she only fell asleep at 3!

I sort of heard Nadia wheeze at one point and wanted to get the nebulizer today but hubs said no need as Nadia might refuse.. Hopefully she improves today and i can sleep well..

Apparently my mum was also very worried yday afternoon and my maid called me. I was so flustered that i dropped my EBM bag and spilled 2oz of EBMs on the floor! Sigh.. But insyallah there is more where that came from, amin..

The girls playing a very familiar game, main tinting! Hehehe

Nadia, Kaka Caca and Sofiyya

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Monday, April 23, 2012

No longer camera shy

My girl Nadia is no longer camera shy! While having breakfast a couple of days ago she asked me to this photo below!

And this!

Remember the character pebbles from the flintstones? This photo reminds me of that character! LOL

And another one from Kaka

We celebrated Dina's birthday during our Friday Ladies Lunch on 20Apr2012..

We went to Kaizen in BSB and not bad lah the place.. Very good ambiance but in terms of food, mesti tau which ones to order.. Hehe

For the first time ever, i finally managed to send fabrics for raya a couple of months ahead of Ramadhan! So yeay to me! Hahaha

We also slept over at the ILs but didnt take any photos.. Alhamdulillah this time around Sofiyya was less picky! Hehehe

This morning we went to lil playdate or the kids at Adam's place..

Yummy brunch..

Swimming on a rainy day

Adam wanted Sofie to join them swimming

And she did, for about 15mins..

Kaka clearly having a great time!

Sofie playing whatever toy it was LOL

The ladies and girlies

Mummies and Sofie

Taken 10mins after we left Tina's place

Ngalihhhh hehehe

The weekend went by too quickly and next week will be a tough week for both the hubs and I at work. Hubs has got this 'exercise' and I have my event to pull off, on SAT! Huhu pray that all goes well, smooth and easy.. Amin!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stressing on positivity

I have to stress, really really stress that being positive and yakin that you have enough BM to feed your child is very very VERY important. I remember when i was pregnant with Nadia in 2008 and reading up one of the very first articles on BFing that our brain and glands in our Bs that produces BM is closely related.. This is where being positive and yakin plays an important role.

Saying that of course, you mist also play your role in ensuring that your Bs keep on producing and your glands stimulated. You have to often offer your Bs to your baby and pump! Research have shown that your Bs will produce the same amount as what your needs (ie the concept of supply and demand) as such the more your baby takes in the more your Bs will produce. So how does the role of a pump help in this? It will stimulate your glands. For example your baby normally takes in 24oz per day but when you pump and you get 2oz extra today, it means that your glands receives the signal that baby takes in 26oz.. Its lile tricking your glands into thinking that your baby needs more. But of course you will need to be constant with this stimulation and insyallah, your production will increase, insyallah..

Last and not least i believe that hormones play a role! Forgot what is the exact name of the hormone but our body is in abundance of it right after we give birth and gradually as the months pass by our body balances and this hormone reduces. This is why productivity decreases over time..

Have you ever heard about ladies who is not pregnant but is able to lactate just because they think they are pregnant? Or mothers who adopt and is able to BF thier children? Proof that we can trick our bodies to produce BM!

Is been 10months+ since my second BFing journey and i am also experiencing slightly low productivity. Prob because i am having my first period after so long.. Pumped for about 15mins earlier today and got 2oz. Sofie drank it even before i left my house to go out! Haha which means another 4oz is taken out of my stock.. But its ok.. Insyallah i will be able to make it up.. Amin..

(so why am i writing all of this? Could it be possible that i am pep-talking myself?!? LOL)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Madam Flo

After 10 months of having Sofiyya, Madam Flo is here for a visit.. I was a tad disappointed as i was hoping I could reach the 1 year mark like I did with Nadia back then or even more.. I especially enjoyed the full month of fasting.. huhu I forgot how PMS makes me want to pig out! I feel like chocolates and all other sort of junk food.. So this morning i decided to get some cereal so that in the event that I feel like munching on something, at least its cereal and not Doritos!

I terms of production, I believe my production level still remains the same at 15-18oz per day so yeayyy..!

Our office has launched our very own 'Biggest Loser' competition and when it started 3 weeks ago, i was on the Overfat range. At the weigh in yesterday, alhamdulillah I am now at the healthy range and within the healthy BMI range! WEHEE! Now i just have to make sure i am within this range and maintaining this weight..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday outing 15April2012

We wanted to go back to the ILs last sun but unfortunately they were out attending a wedding and since we were not dressed appropriately we decided to just jalan2.. Hehe



Jai's girls!!

Nadia finally had a trim! Hehe

On saturday Nadia came into the room bringing this pillow along. We asked her whose pillow is it and her reply was 'bantal my mum'.. I tried explaining to her what we mean when mum and dad says 'my mum', 'my dad' or 'your mum' or 'your dad' but she just smiled and continued calling the pillow 'bantal my mum'.. Oh and apparently a few days ago she insisted on napping with this pillow.. (is she developing a bantal buruk habit? LOL)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My ladies and I

Just thought i put up a shout out to my ladies..

Friday lunch with Cal, Dina and Ayang.. Great lunch with my finishing most of the food huhu

But it was ok cause i had a great Netball session in the evening... So i am sure i burnt at least half of the calories that i took in during lunch hehehehe

I also had a quick catch up session with TC last saturday at town but forgot to take photos..

Friday, April 13, 2012

2nd trip to the dentist

Took Nadia to the dentist this morning and alhamdulillah, it is much much better this time..

We started with a check up on the dentist's chair. Kind dentist was kind enough to allow this and when we asked Nadia to open her mouth she obliged!

We then moved to the chair..

Dentist explaining how she wants to clean her teeth using the machine thingy

We asked her to use the sunnies

And then she got scared.. LOL

And we end up showing her how to properly brush her teeth and actually cleaning her teeth.. Hehehe

Found some cavities and we will need to do a proper clean up and filling.. Hopefully next time we bring her there she will let the dentist and nurses do the necessary.. Amin..

Oh and as usual, she comes home with a toothbrush, a toothpaste, sticker and some bubbles.. We actually forgot to prepare so had to make some adjustment here and there.. Hehehe i must remember to stock up on them stickers! Hehe

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Potty trained

Alhamdulillah Nadia is now potty trained, at home and when she is awake that is.. No more 'accidents' and on occasions when we go out to town for a quick errand we let her go out with no diapers.. So far so good.. Looking forward to training her to be diaperless during her afternoon nap and then in the evening.. But one step at a time.. One step at a time.. Hehehe

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello April

Its the 9th day in april and this is my first entry for this month.. Not doing well in terms of capturing my thoughts and such are we! Tsk tsk! Well things have been extremely busy for me.. I was tasked to manage something and that something is now postponed to a later date hence i am now able to breathe at an acceptable pace.. Haha

Last friday night was spent at my cousin's place celebrating her birthday..

I didnt bake the cake but i ordered it and i thought it was beautiful!


All of us that evening..

Saturday is out typical errands day and we had brunch at Cheezebox..!!

Pancakes with extra banana



Playing at the play area

Sunday was spent with my mum taking her here and there..

And then we as usual watched the husband play futsal..

I was able to go for a quick jog but after a week of not exercising my fitness depleted! Must make sure i go for my jog or netball this week.. Huhu

This is a photo of the girls this morning.. Oh how i love watching them cuddling in their sleep!

Nadia is such a copy cat these days.. She repeats whatever i say and she know how it annoys me but she just gives me one of her mischievous smile and continue on..

Sofiyya developed a few new attitudes.. Manja, marah.. Its soo funny watching this tiny lil person do all these things.. Hehe my brother said to me how Sofiyya is so different and i cannot agree more.. Hehehe