Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bye November, till we meet again..

Its the last day of Nov and I cannot wait for December to finally be here!! It has been a crazy year and I feel like it has zoomed passed me.. (i'll save the reflection post for until the end of the year.. LOL)

Speaking of December, our leave application has been signed and holiday plans are firming up. Although we have to make some changes and cut the trip shorter to accommodate for family gatherings, we remain optimistic that all will be great.. Just need to make sure we have the strength and energy to go through with it all tho.. haha

Random thought I had last night while I was changing Nadia.. "Does FM fed babies have smellier poo compared to BF babies?' cause I dont remember Dia's poo being THIS smelly wah dulu.. We now have to use double nappy bags or zip lock bags.. huhu Tweeted it and got mixed responses.. haha ok maybe its just me kali due to heighten sense of smell.. LOL

Monday, November 29, 2010

Baby Izz'Ilyas

Hello Everyone!! how was your weekend? Ours were a blast and I think it was especially enjoyable for me as I have concluded the last board meeting for 2010 last Thursday and i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. hehehe

Saturday was a roadtrip day for our little family. And it started with heading to KB to visit Baby Ilyas..

Nadia in the car..

We made a quick stop at RMS diner where I finally had some ribs..

Hello my name is Ilyas

Dia attempting to play with Ilyas

NERF!!!!! And it is as tall as Dia.

Big guy trying to shoot little girl??

Abang Danish teaching Dia how to use the gun effectively

when they got bored with guns, they started to play with gadgets. Uncle gbob on one wide with Mummy's iP4 and Abang Danish with Aunty Alai's iPad.

We finally headed to BSB and Little girl was asleep all the way from KB to BSB. Didnt even wake up when we went to Naafi.

Waiting for Daddy's hairdresser to be free

Finally a picture where all 3 of us are looking at the camera.. LOL

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Alhamdulillah my Uncle and Aunty has safely arrived from performing Haj yesterday and the majlis berzikir is completed without a hitch.. Funny how I tease my cousins of crying at the airport when they were picking up their parents and when I greeted my Aunty and Uncle at thier home I cried too.. I guess tears of joy lah kali ah.. hehe

Dia has been developing some funny rituals lately where she would want to see a video on our phones before she goes to sleep.. It doesn't matter if its a barney video or a video of herself that we took.. On most occasions we notice that she is not even looking at the video and when we turn it off or move it away she would stop feeding and insist on watching the video.. Both Anjai & I finds that funny and odd! LOL

And Thanks everyone for your well wishes (here, on MSN, FB, Twitter).. Please pray that all will go well with the pregnancy and Little Bub will be sihat dan sempurna.. *amin* Insyallah will share Ultrasound pictures at the end of the year when we have one.. hehe

Oh i saw pics of when I was carrying Nadia and I hope I don't get THAT big! LOL

TC: I SOOOO want to go to Singapore..! (boleh ku ckp aku mengidam kah jua tu?? LOL) Hopefully sampai lah we re-live our Spore moments ah.. huhu

Monday, November 22, 2010


A couple of weeks back, to be specific when the hubs was in KK with his friends, I got a tad curious as to why my period was uber late again.. So peed on a stick and it showed2 blurry lines.. hmm While waiting for the hubs at the Airport I went off to the pharmacy and got a digital and supposedly better test kit and as soon as we got home, rushed to the Loo and peed on the stick.. It clearly showed 2 lines and it also said that I am 5 weeks along.. So imagine the hubs’s reaction when I presented him with the stick and said ‘happy birthday, here’s your birthday present, just what you wanted’ HEHE

I was happy to find that I am carrying baby no 2 but at the same time was a bit sad cause this would mean that I would have to wean Dia off and will not be able to reach the 2 year exclusive breastfeeding for Dia.. We immediately started to introduce FM to Dia and have to say I think introducing FM to Dia was even harder than BFing!! Huhu To date we still have yet fully succeeded in weaning Dia off BM and she still feeds from me when I am around.. Bless the child for still thinking Mummy’s BM is still best and preferring my Bs over the bottle.. hehe

So how far along am I now? 13 weeks!! *weeeeeee* I have been itching to write about the pregnancy but as a norm for us, we only tell people (other than close family and friends) once I reach my second trimester.. hehe

So first trimester has been… INTERESTING..!! I had the chicken pox, fever and also evening sickness.. I also experienced ‘baus’.. True to what my MIL said to me, each pregnancy is different… Although I seem to be getting my appetite back now but there is still some food that I prefer over the other like noodles over rice..

Both Anjai and I are very excited to welcome Little Bub into our family… hehe

Oh we also have been telling Dia about ‘Adik’ and everytime we ask her mana ‘Adik’ she will lift my shirt up, tap my tummy and say ‘ani nah Adik’..

Maniac Monday

Salam and ola peeps!! How was your weekend and Monday morning been? Our weekend was good, even despite the fact that I had to work on Saturday afternoon.. huhu

Sunday was spent going to a wedding at the hub's side in Lambak.. We would normally leave Dia at home cause we do not want her to be in the heat, etc but this time we decided to bring her along.. Why? Well if you recall a couple of months back we took Dia to a function where they had the traditional gendang.. There is one at this wedding..! so here are come pictures.. hehe

True enough, Dia was excited to see the gendang and we let her have a go at it..

There was an elephant at the house.. Tried to bring Dia closer but inda ia mau.. hehe

Kusut lepas kana suruh pegang Elephant LOL

other than traditional music, they also had some traditional dances performed by girls aging around 12-14 I think

Dia trying to get a better look with Yaki

Berdudun sama Yadu, Yaki and the gang.. LOL

Friday, November 19, 2010

20 months

Dear Dia,

Happy 20 months my darling daughter..

In the past month, you had the chicken pox, your Daddy went away for work for 12 days and in that time frame as well, you had a slight fever. We think the fever came from missing your Daddy too much but luckily it was a small fever and by the time your Daddy was back you were all better.. hehe

You also had a change in diet. You no longer take Mummy's BM while mummy is away and you are drinking FM.. What I hope is that you will learn to like FM and wean yourself off BM in the coming months.. Not that I don't enjoy feeding you my dear, in fact it is one of my biggest joy but its time you grow up and be more independent.. after all you are now in your twenties.. hehe

ok baby girl, Mummy will have to go back to work now.. Got my quarterly board meeting next week and you know what that means.. heads up baby girl, I will be working tomorrow afternoon and also working late on Monday.. Have a good day sayang.. Mummy and Daddy loves you.. Be good now..


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eid Aidil Adha Everyone...

Yeayyyy.. Another public holiday tomorrow..! I don't know why but I feel uber tired.. huhu

About a month and half ago we started to introduce Formula to Dia.. I think as any parents who is thinking of weaning their children off BM, the Hubs and I were baffled as to what to give her. We toyed with the idea of Fresh milk and we actually did for a couple of days. little girl rejected it with a vengeance. She even threw her bottle away once if I recall correctly.

So we went back to the drawing board and weighs pros vs cons. After dileberation, we decided to introduce formula. Benefits being should we travel it would probably be easier to bring formula as opposed to looking for Freshmilk abroad.. Then come the question of which formula... Asked around and we decided on Nan. We tried for about 1 week and she refused.. So then we decided to switch to another formula and this time we decided on Enfagrow...

As advised by friends and family we mixed EBM and FM together and alhamdulillah after about 3 weeks, Dia can now take FM without EBM.. Although we have to dilute the FM pasal she will throw up or spit it out if we don't.. (might as well cause I have ran out of stock... huhu). What we are hoping for is that Dia will be able to wean herself off in the coming months.. Amin..

Introducing FM was a big step for me (and a very hormotional one as well with tears here and there). But it was a decision in which the hubs and I are content with.. I have retired by FS (tho i have yet to pack it properly).

I look forward to the next Breast Feeding journey, insyallah.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Good to have him back..

Salam and Olaa peeps!!! How's everyone on this fine Monday morning? I am gearing up for a busy 2 weeks ahead as we have Board meetings next week.. huhu

The hubs is back and it is good to have him back! hehe and here are some photos from last weekend... hehe

Sat morning: Headed to the Mall to run some errands and this is Dia, just woke up from her nap and taking time to charge up.. hehe

Mummy went to get some crepes and as soon as it was on her (and her daddy's hands), Mummy basically said bye2 to it.. huhu

Lunch at KFC

My baby girl is so panjang..

We dropped by Ariesya's place.. Hello Ariesyaa..

And when Ariesya cries.. Lariiii... LOL

Checking out Ariesya's cot..

Sunday we headed to the IL's place..

Love her shirt! hehe

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Salam and ola peeps! Sorry for the lack of updates.. Work has been hectic with meetings back to back and I am very happy to be sitting in front of my PC today so that I can do some paperwork..

The hubs is still away and he will be back after 2 more sleeps. *yeay* I have missed him terribly! I feel like the room is extra big when he is not around and I think what I miss the most is being able to fall asleep so easily.. I know this might sound 'over-analyzing' on my part but I think its easier for me to fall asleep when he is around cause he makes me feel secure.. Sounds like over-dependency and over-attached on my part as well.. huhuhu

The pox has left my baby girl completely and Mr Cough and Ms Sniffles is also slowly going away.. Alhamdulillah..

ok back to work for me.. millions of things to do!! huhu

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dia's antics

Hubs, as promised here's a couple of Videos I have taken of our child's activities today..

Morning Goodbye: This is how Dia and Kaka Anis said goodbye to me this morning as i was going to work..

Nyum nyum nyum: This is Dia pretending to be a cookie monster..

Jalan macam Itik: This one is where she pretended to be a duck!

Hope you enjoy the videos syg! We both love u n miss u lots!!

Dear Daddy

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sleep Deprived!

Day 3 of hubs being away..

First night that hubs was away, Dia slept well with the exception of her calling out 'Daddy' at 5am. Last night was another story.. Close to midnight, Dia woke up crying her little heart out.. Took me 30 mins to calm her down and put her back to sleep.. huhu I guess the hubs being away has effected Dia.. It has effected me too cos I find it extra difficult to fall asleep jua pun.. huhu I dont know why but whenever Anjai is away, payah tah kn tidur tu! huhu Hopefully both Dia and I sleep better tonite cause Mummy needs to rest lahh.. huhu

I have been posting lots of pics of Dia on FB for the hubs.. Hopefully i'll be able to catch Nadia doing something interesting on Video tonite! hehehe

Ok i think sleep deprivation is getting to me... before i start to ramble on i better go.. BYE!

Anjai: We miss you lots!

Monday, November 1, 2010

November already?!?

Ola Peeps! Its the first of November and I have to say I am getting nervous... Nervous cause i've got quite a few pending items.. huhu Alhamdulillah, our office move is now done and effective of today we have begun our operation in the Jerudong office. With the office now in Jerudong, it means that I spend less time on the Road.. Alhamdulillah!! hehe

Here's my new work area..

And this is my view!

Other than the move, there are some big news in the papers this morning.. The first one being the hike up in cigarettes prices.. Saw some negative and positive reaction to the increase.. The second being effective of next year, no more plastic bags to be used at super markets during the weekends! yihiiieeee!!! Go Green!!

The pox is still around but it is drying up already.. Alhamduillah, the fever keep its distance and my baby girl is still the same loud chatterbox she is.. hehe We think that she is kinda bored pulang since she has to stay home so in order to keep her occupied, we bought her a little something.. hehehe

A new ride!!

On other news, Anjai has gone away for 10 days for work so my eyes is kinda puffy from all the water works! LOL Take care Hubs.. Dia and i will miss you terribly!!! and See you next week.. hehe oh and Love u lots!