Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Nadia vs the Walker

I meant to put up photos of the little one in her walker for a while now but with all the Hari Raya activities, ter-postpone tiaaa hahaha

funny story about this walker.. I saw it on a website and I was obsessing on how to ship it to Brunei as there was no forwarding company that can deliver from UK to Brunei. (well if there is, please let me know for future uses). Then told a friend about it and surprise surprise she got it for me as a birthday gift.. hehehe Boy was I a happy bunny! haha

Now I tell u why I like this walker.. It has a strudy design and also weighs about 4kg so it can eliminate risks of her falling or toppling over if ever she tries to reach from something while being in the walker. Secondly because it has speed restricting wheels! This eliminates the risk of accidents occuring should she gain speed while being in the walker. Thirdly, nice design! hahaha

Smiling when placed in her walker

Taruh tangan on the side lagi tu

We still haven't figured out how to lower down her seat but I think we can get away with it as her feet touches her ground firmly.. hehe

Listening to Daddy talk

Menyibuk more like it.. hahaha

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Power Outage

I suppose most places in Tutong and some areas in BSB and KB experienced the power outage last night and I think ours being the worst where the power was out at 7.30pm and only came back on at 2am!!! It started while we were having dinner and Dia was held by my maid.. Knowing me panic lah ku! I was afraid that Dia might be scared but turns out she was calm.. not even a cry from her! hahaha

We stripped her off her Pjs. She slept with only her barut and diapers on.. And while waiting for the lights to be back on, the husband had a brilliant idea of having a photoshoot.. so here are the photos!

Hmmm.. I'm bored, lets check Mummy's FB on her phone

Boring ni FB nya, baik tah Dia rasa phone Mummy

oooh.. Light!


Dia masih alum ada gigi Mummy

*tee hee*

Reaching towards the light

I found the whole thing fun mula2 especially during the 'shoot' but after a while it just got to me! Mental jua lah jadinya.. I even called some hotels to check if they are rooms available! and almost went over to shopaholic's place to sleep.. hahaha I think both Anjai & I are left sleepy this morning as we stayed up till 2am, one fanning the little one and one armed with a torch light, making sure the little one was not bitten by the mosquitos. Alahmdulilah the little one slept well but she deciced to wake up at 4am and 5.30 to play! *grrr*

oh another thing i was worried about last night was my EBMs!!! Can you imagine the whole 280oz down the drain? aiyaaaaaa.. As soon as the power was on i went and checked and alhamdulilah, all EBMs are in good condition. *phew*
I know where i am headed for lunch.. CB to get coffeee!!!!! LOL

Monday, September 28, 2009

Another visit to the Clinic

Nadia went for her 6 month visit to the Clinic last Saturday.. She was 6.35 Kg heavy and 66.3cm in height.. She had her shot. Daddy held her this time and boy did she cry! all head turns towards us when we went out of the vaccination room! ppl must be thinking 'Badan damit tapi suaraaa...' Hahaha

Waiting to see the Doctor

Stethoscope on her chest

Tummy check

Strength test! the Doctor pulled her up to the sitting position and she surprised the Doctor by pulling on her hand and standing up.. hehe

The routine question of what milk and what solids has been given to her. Doctor was happy with what we told her and she told us we can start giving her 100% juice and other fruits like grapes, oranges and apples soon.. *tee hee*

Friday, September 25, 2009

'Easy Friday'

is what we are supposed to have today in terms of work.. I suppose boss is also not in d mood to do work huh.. hehe and I suppose I have been taking it easy so far, however it has taken me a full 1.5 hours to print out all my project emails! and now time to sort it all out and put it in appropriate files.. *sigh* don't get me wrong, I love my job but today I wish that I am at home with Nadia, doing nothing but fooling around with her.. hahaha Office is significantly quite with a few people away on leave... speaking of Leaves, I am no taking any leave anymore until December after our Board meeting.. Crunch time for me as it is now the budget season.. I better enjoy today as much at possible!! hahaha

Our office had our very first 'Open House' and it was a Success!!! of course with a few hiccups here and there particularly during the set up but alhamdulilah everything else went fine.. hehe We will probably have the same event again next year and i am already telling my boss that we should assign one catering company to do it.. hahahaha Will post up the pics once our in house photographer uploads it in our internal folders...

We realised last night that we didn't take much photos during the Raya celebrations.. only some during the first day and last night when we went to visit the husband's friend.. so here are the photos from last night. (photos from 1st day of Hari raya is with the husband)

Dia & Mummy

Endy, Arif, Nadia & Anjai

Mummyyy, Arif mau ambil envelop Diaaa

Mata bertentang mata

Monday, September 21, 2009


.. is the number of posts that we have written (including this one) for the past year since we have created this blog.. This blog was initially created to update my bestfriend who then resides in Australia.. And now that she is back, I actually thought of closing it down.. Afterall it will be easier to updates her on whats-going-on and stuff.. 

After much deliberation I thought its better off if I keep it up.. This blog is like a diary to me now.. my thoughts, feelings and experiences.. (with occasional posts by the husband) especially with Nadia around.. And one day when Nadia is all grown up, I want her to read about her parents journey bringing her up..

Happy Anniversary blog! 
Happy 1 year!!!

Here are some photos takes on Dia the day she turned 6 months old..


Whaccu luking at

Oh hello..

You mau ikut me makan?

Caught red handed playing with her food container!

And then in the evening (Sungkai time), as usual our mini celebration.. hehe

My Dad grilled ribs!! *yumms*

Nadia's cake from Sheraton

Baked Cheese Cake

Nadia cutting her cake, assisted by Mummy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eid Mubarak!

Ramadhan will end in a couple of hours time and i am looking forward to it!! I have to say I was a bit disappointed when i found out they didn't sight the moon.. In all honesty I am tired and I feel like my health is starting to decrease.. More headaches, sore throat, mild food poisoning etc.. But syukur alhamdulillah, I have fasted a full 30 days now.. hehehe

In terms of EBMs, i have remained constant throughout the whole month, breaking even.. Ada tah breakeven daripada I make a loss kan.. hehehe I look forward to 'making' again... hehehe Oh and I look forward to eating during the day again.. I have to say I miss my lunches! So to my lunch buddies.. gear up!! hahaha

So peeps, 

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin.. 
Pray you forgive us for any wrong doings.. 
Lastly be safe on the road..

Anjai, Faith & Nadia

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy half a year!

Dear Dia,

Happy 6 months my darling daughter.. you are half way to turning 1 year old! We just finished cutting your cake and its funny how your Kaka Caca made a comment about how you don't even eat your own cakes.. hah Sabar sayang.. Soon enough you will be able to blow your own candle and eat it your cakes okay..

You have been having fever on and off for the past week, last night being the worst where your temp was at 38.8.. It was your second visit to the emergency in tutong hospital and Dr says that its just normal fever and she gave you some antibiotics to eat.. You also had your first Urut this noon by your Makwa.. You didn't like any bit of it! You screamed and shouted at your makwa.. Makwa said that there is no angin watsoever, its just demam 'pemandai'.. means that she thinks you will develop something soon.. And one of the things that people think that you will develop is your first tooth!! Aunty Ebih says that too hence why your fever comes and goes and come back again.. She says that fever will only go away after you cut your first tooth.. I pray to god to speed up the process...

Oh Congratulations to us both my sayang.. we have reached our 1st goal of Full Breastmilk for 6 months.. Lets work to reach our second goal of 1 year k.. hehehe

Oh Hari raya will fall on Monday so we have another day of fasting.. A full month of Puasa. I hope you enjoy the sungkai moments cos we sure love having you there.. And we still find it funny how you insist of eating whatever we are eating,, We will go visiting to friends and family this year, i hope you don't throw a big fuss.. hehehe You also have received your first green packet and its not even raya yet.. hahaha

Are you ready to sit and play in your walker sayang? We'll do that tomorrow kay.. For now, eat your meds and get well soon.. Mummy & Daddy loves you my little princess..


P.S Sorry this is a short one, you are now playing with your Daddy and I have a feeling you will want to be fed soon hehehe

Friday, September 18, 2009

well deserved

it has been a tough week between work and family and i am finally enjoying my menicure and foot spa session.. FINALLY....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the week of Madness has begun..

This week happens every quarter and we call it Board week in the office and I am very tempted to change the name to Mad week! Just this morning we received information that our board meeting which was scheduled to take place on Thursday is moved to tomorrow! waaarrghh kucar kacir terus office and boss has already told us not to leave at 2 as we are now left with one day to prepare for the meeting..

anyways here are some pictures from last weekend..

Nadia in her 'utaw'. My mother must have dug this out from somewhere cos Nadia never wore one before.. hehe

waiting to be called in to the emergency room

while waiting to see the Doctor

Soon after we arrived home, she fell asleep straight away. And we placed Kool Fever on her forehead.

she looks long in this picture! and yes this is how she sleeps.. on her side..

This was Nadia on Friday morning. As you can see by the blurry-ness of the picture she was still moving around, despite her fever n running nose.

I put wet towel on her head the next day. Awal2 saja ada towel ni, after a while she will pull it off

Her temperature was back to normal by Saturday and we went over to my uncle's place in Lumut of a small function. One of my cousin is going to the UK to further her studies and the whole family is going as well to send her off.. I do hope they remember to bring back my Krispy Kremes! hahaha

Nadia at the function

Anjai, Nadia & I

Look at her face! Gauk masihh ah! haha

Anjai & I went Durian hunting Sunday morning and this is what we got.. hehe

Durian Kuning & Durian Pulu

ani yg special ni, Durian Utak Udang.. hehe

When we went to the stall mula-mula they say Durian Utak Udang habis then we mentioed that i was looking for that particluar Durian for my cousin who is pregnant and craving for it and you know what, ada tiaaa.. haha the perks of being pregnant I tell you! hahaha Well glad E13 finally get to eat her Utak Udang hehehe

and in the evening, we went to i-lotus again for sungkai with Anjai's frens..

The boys..

Hari Raya is less than a week to go and I have done 5% of preparations onlyy.. when do i find the timeeee.. *sigh*

Ok back to the Mad reality of work! Ciao!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

her first fever

It started on early morning of Thursday.. Nadia woke up making a huge fuss and we noticed that he sniffles is back. So we gave her paracetamol and then we checked her temperature and it was at 37.4. So i decided to place wet towel on her head. Then the next morning she woke up all cheerful and dandy with just a little sniffle.. So off Anjai & I went to work...

Anjai decided to pick me up from work that afternoon as I wanted him to accompany me here and there and when we got home we saw that Nadia was shirt-less and was only wearing a traditional halter-top we call 'utaw'. Then my maid reported that Nadia had a fever, running nose and Red blotches all over her body. She was very fussy and refused to be laid down.. So kesian my maid had to hold her pee in! She was also given paracetamol at 4pm. When we inspected her body, true enough there were red blotches, mcm Kuligata. Mum says that its ruam panas and also said that i use to have those when i was younger.. As it was already 5pm, we decided to wait itout and take her to the Hospital after iftar.

So right after iftar we went to the emergency in Tutong hospital and her temp was at 37.7 *yikes* Dr inspected her body and says that its a fungal infection. i was like whaaaaaat.. I told her that the red-ness only came after she had a fever and asked if it could be 'ruam panas' but she insisted that it is a fungal infection.. So we went away with Paracetamol, Saline drops and cream for the Fungal infection. Feeling not satisfied decided to have a second opinion and lucky enough E13 is at her parents house. She says that it is not a fungal infection tapi mcm bukan jua ruam panas as usually ruam panas damit2.. Soo.. We decided not to apply the cream given and wait it out till d next morning. 

Nadia was uberr fussy that evening, refusing to be laid down and only wanting to sleep on me. I think I was alseep sitting down half of the night. hahaha Alhamdulilah at around 4am she finally went to sleep, lying down.. 

When we woke up i immediately checked her temp and it was at 37.3 and the red-ness was slowly going away. Alhamdulilah.. Texted the office and told them that i will not be coming to work.. Surprisingly, Nadia's appetite did not diminish through-out her rdeal. She kept on eating like normal, finishing her porridge and banana. The only thing diff is that when she feeds on me she will stop a couple of times. I think that is because of her running nose so it makes it hard for her to breathe. This part menduga kesabaran lah sikit pasal she will stop and cry and i would have to pujuk her then she feeds again.. Oh and with her running nose, marah ia if we wipe it away or when we suck her hingus.. Part ani pun menduga kesabaran sikit.. hahahaha

Alhamdulillah her temperature is down to 36.8 this morning and redness seems to disappaer already. She also slept very well last night, only to fuss when she wants some milk.. I hope she recovers fully and soon..

Oh Anjai says 'Kan tumbuh Gigi kali, iatah ia damam ani'. I have to say I panicked (awu ci and bi, masih lagi ku panic panic! haha) when my maid told me she had a fever then when Anjai said that, it calmed me down. Andang all babies will need to go through things like this so they can build up their anti-body to fight it off.. Wanting the baby not to ever fall sick is just ridiculous! 

So to my little princess, Get well soon my love. Mummy and Daddy loves you very much!

(We took some pics but am too lazy to process it now.. nanti tah ah hehe)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pleasantly Surprised

As I was busy working away this morning, my colleague informed me that there was a person who wanted to see me and that person was carrying flowers. I was so curious and turns out my staff gave me and another colleague, who happens to be her other boss, flowers and biscuits for Hari raya.. If you don't already know it by now, I love flowers and I Love surprises so I had a huge huge grin on my face!! I thought it was very very sweet of her.. Rest assured we are concocting a plan to return the favor.. hehehe

The flower and biscuits from Fleur d Lys

Oh Here is a picture of what Anjai have been having for desserts for the past 3 days!

Durian utak Udang yaww!!!
It was super duper nyaman.. We bought it arah gerai stadium in case anyone wants to buy also.. hehehe

The group photo from Adam's 2nd birthday was up on FB and I stole it! hehehe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 - 8 September 2009

How was everyone's long weekend? Ours were filled with fun activities.. One of my friends safely gave birth to a bouncing baby boy weighing 4.22kg!! I was overjoyed when I found out.Congratulations to Izmah n Azied!! hehehe

On the other hand, another friend who was 13 weeks pregnant had a miscarriage. Once again I am so sorry for you Detz.. I have a couple of friends who had a miscarriage during their first pregnancy. They were devastated but kept positive. After a couple of months they went and tried and soon after they were pregnant.. So be strong and keep positive k.. Remember there is always a silver lining..

Anyways, as usual here are some pictures of our activities over the weekend..

I changed Nadia's bed sheets and here is how she looks like when i placed her in her cot when i was done!
Rolling around

'I want my teddies!'

Nadia has found some flexibility and one of the things that she has been doing lately is trying to put her toe in her mouth! haha

Ah and here is another one of her 'ulahs'.. She likes to put her tongue out!

Being tickled by her Daddy

Tickled by her Mummy! LOVE this picture!!!

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Aiport Restaurant for Sungkai date with Anjai's friends.. Food was fantastic and as usual great company..

Group Photo at the Airport

I really have to find a name for this group.. Perhaps the Superfriends? haha

Headed to Anjai's place the next afternoon and then had sungkai at Pondok Seri Wangi. We wanted the maid to have an indonesian kinda feel.. hahahaha

My 2 favorite people in my life

Adam turns 2 years old yesterday and we went over there for a sungkai treat! It was just last year when Adam turn 1 that i told the gang about me being pregnant! And now another year has passed and Nadia is almost 6 months sudah.. hehe AND correct me if I am wrong but i think Dina was also preggies at that time but havent told anyone yet.. True kah Dina?

This photo was taken during Adam's 1st birthday. The group now has 3 babies in total. Other than that there are additions and subtractions to the picture.. haha will have to wait for this year's group photo.. hehe

Anjai & Dia

Nadia & Mummy

Dia with Uncle Shaq & Uncle Zan

The birthday boy enjoying his cake!

Nadia in Abg Adam's playroom

Dina, JD, Me & Dia

Oh i heard over the radio this morning that a person who is 'on call' lose on average 1.5 hrs of sleep, even if their services are not required. So i guess that explains why I am always sleepy in the morning.. I am always alert, in case Nadia wakes up in the middle of the night. Not to mention the midnight feeding.. I guess have to wait a couple more years before i can enjoy a full nuight's sleep huh.. hahaha