Thursday, October 30, 2008

And he turns...

Here are some pics from the recent mini celebration for Anjai's Birthday held with my family.. Another celebration with his family is in order but locating the best time to do it seems very challenging with him working over the weekends and usually into the night.. Looks like it is going to be a very belated birthday dinner.. So here comes the pics..

Some of the food served.. Look at the grilled lamb.. Yummy!

The cake

Look at how happy they are.. They seem to think that if there is no cake bukan brithday tu..

Uncle Jai Blowing the candles..

He can't seem to blow the candles out so the kids helped out..

Everybody kiss Uncle Jai...

Cutting the cake

'I like Cherry' says Caca

I have given his birthday gift way in advance and in my futile efforts to surprise him, i have hidden his gift under the sheets while he sembahyang jumaat.. And when he got home....

'Hey what's this' He says..

This is his estatic, over the top happy look! hahaha

'woohoo.. I have a new laptop!'

So with all the photos, why don't u guys guess how old Anjai is.. hehehe

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

unknown territory

One of the common question people ask when they know you're pregnant is ho far along we are.. As i have already given up counting in months, i tell people which week i am supposed to be in. But when does it change? Monday? Tuesday? Talking to a friend about this we went to a website where they calculate exactly when baby was concieved (by inputting the date of my last period and number of days in my cycle) and it seems like my cycle starts on monday.. So i shall use Monday as my change over date from now on.. hehe I am now in my 19th week, almost halfway there.. 

With many many things that we need to buy in preparation of baby's debut, my next question would be 'when would be the best time to buy all those things?' I mean we don't want to buy the items too soon kan. I have already identified some stuff that i want to buy online n being an online shopper virgin i need some questions answered.. Like how long does it take to ship those stuff over? and i went thru some websites and they all have varying prices, how do i know what i ordered is what will actually come? How do i know those websites are legitimate? kesian kan? i really need to have these questions answered before i take the plunge and shop! *sigh* 

Also kesian is Anjai, who has been working over the weekend and also nights.. My poor baby..

Monday, October 27, 2008

Say Cheese..

Syukur alhamdulilah the day has finally arrived when we get to see our baby for the first time.. My first ultrasound was held this afternoon and we were both very anxious and semangat for it. We were lucky that the nurses and doctor allowed the husband to join us in the room during the ultrasound (dunno about other clinics but apparently Tutong ones does not allow and does not print photos unless requested).. So without further adieu.. here is the first pic of our baby and we are very happy and proud to share it with you...

(as you can see, i took  pic of the pic hehehe) Can you tell if the baby is smiling? i think he/she is.. hehehe Mummy and Daddy was grinning all the way home and i think while sleeping too.. hehehe Jai took a video too but i am not as tech savvy as others so will need time to figure out how to upload the video here.. hehehe

Baby was very playful indeed as it took the doctor a while to take that pic.. (and i think this is the reason why baby is smiling.. di naya nya Dr atu hehe) in her words 'when i want to take, the head is there the body disappear, when i the body is there, the head disappear' hehe The experience was ... entah i dont know how to describe it.. We saw its head, body, two hands, two legs and i think the best was when we actually saw the heart beating... 

Sometimes i can't believe that i am growing a person in me and experiences like this makes it even more real.. Syukur alhamdulilah..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rainy Day

Many are complaining of the constant rain, in Facebook.. Personally i'm NOT! hehe I am enjoying lying in bed with the laptop on my lap and the cool wind breezing into our room.. Although on the downside, my car will be dirty (curse of the black car as the dirt is more visible) and my laundry will not completely dry out.. (ALamak!)

Saturday is my housewife day where i TRY to be domesticated.. Did our week's worth of laundry and with the constant rain, i have to be creative in making sure husband's uniforms are ready for him to use by Monday morning.. Option is to iron out the wet patches and hopefully inda bau damal.. Being a commuter to and fro work, i constantly feel tired during the weekdays and in  no mood to cook. So Saturday is the day to cook.. altho i dont think my Spaghetti yesterday turned out as well as i wanted it to be.. hehehe My lack of chicken has compromised my ability to cook well.. hehe

I think i need to make space for when baby comes.. I am not complaining, i occupy one of the biggest room in the house however i think there is no ample space.. oh well, will dwell on it later when the new furniture(s) comes in hehehe  I'm sure i can make adjustments here and there.. hehehe

Before i end, a brief shout out to a friend who is in Japan.. Happy Birthday Audrey! Have a great one this year.. Go out to a karaoke bar and sing your heart out!! hehehe

oh and to my cousin E13 - I see you later k? Jgn panic, i will come to rescue you.. hehe

To the rest of you, enjoy what's left of your weekend cos tomorrow is another MONDAY! hehe

Saturday, October 25, 2008

counting weeks

A friend gave a Baby Calendar from down under which is very informative hehe and i am proud to say that it has been utilized and has been placed on our wall.. Thanks TC!! 

And finally the first pic of my baby bump. This was taken 2 weeks ago at 17 weeks along.. hehe 

Berapa bulan kan tu? I am really blur hence have opted to count in weeks instead.. hehe

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kuligata - Stay AWAY!

Alhamdulilah this is the second night without Kuligata (Thanks to all who asked how i was.. I feel so loved! hehe) and i hope it STAYS away.. I have changed my sheets (thanks TC for highlighting the matter to me) and avoided eating Chicken, Egg and Prawn at all costs. Hopefully with all the pre-caution i am taking, the kuligata stays away for good.. 

Being such a chicken lover, can you imagine how i felt when the nurse told me to avoid it.. I smiled but in my head I was going 'What am i going to eat then?'. Thus far my menu for the past 3 days has been meat and fish.. Beef Kebab, Beef Burger, Fish and Chips, Tuna Sandwich, Salmon Teriyaki, sup daging.. And honestly i am running out of things to eat.. I miss eating chicken! *sigh* 

My weight has begun to increase and i have gained 1.6 Kgs since the last time i weigh myself *yeay* however my blood count has decreased from 12.7 to 11.3. They have given me some iron pills in addition to the normal folic acid and hopefully with the amount of red meat i eat, the next time i go for my check up, my blood count will go back to normal.. Oh I have also started to drink those milk for mums, once a day. I do have to say they are not bad but then again i was probably expecting the worse (or maybe cos its perisa Chocolate hehe)..

As an effect of the weight gain, my clothes has begun to strain here and there.. I guess its time to buy and send fabrics to tailor shops now.. (Hey! Why am i complaining? I should jump up with joy cos now i have a reason to Shop! haha) However I really don't want to spend lots on maternity clothes since i will only wear it for a short period of time.. SO if you see me with baju balik2, paham2 tah.. hahaha 

Good night world.. I shall sleep and dream about eating chicken! Till then..

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Silver Lining

Thank you sayang for the post.. (Signing 'You're my everything..' by that latin singer.. Marc Anthiny kah?) Apa nya org England 'Lovely is your posting. You know what i am meaning?' hehe 

When you are in a rut/dump or in a really crappy situation, people always say 'Ada krg tu hikmah nya'. Well i am a true believer of that saying. As i was in a situation where i was completely broken, felt like all i do each day is wander these roads lost and aimless, I finally found MY Silver Lining. And YOU my dear husband IS MY SILVER LINING.. I thank god each day that i finally found you and you have saved me when i was about to drown in a sea of darkness.. Syukur Alhamdulilah.. (ESEH! Emosi si nani! tapi banar, i mean each word i say, seriously.. HONEST! hehehe)

Coming to that i hope that what i currently face pun ada silver lining. At 18 weeks, i found that i am not prone to morning sickness or 'Baus' except for during Puasa but that was because of gastric, I now find that I face many odd illness. First was my swollen eye (last day of ramadhan), then it was diorrhea  (just last week) and now its 'KULIGATA'. I really don't know how to explain this but its red n hot patches which is uper gatal/itchiness all over my body. As stuborn as i am, i refused to go the hospital earlier in the evening as i believe that the doctor will just say 'If you can tahan, don't take any medications cause you are pregnant' (I mean what am i suppose to do? Of course i won't take any medication as i fear it will harm the baby) but at 10.45pm i just couldn't stand it. Jai took me to the hospital and the Doctor gave two shots of ... something.. So i am now resting at home and waiting for my medication to kick in so i can sleep peacefully until my appointment this afternoon at the Ante-natal clinic.. SIGH i do hope that with all this illness i will somehow develop some form of immunition against it and this immunition will be passed to the baby so he/she don't have to go through what I went through. (need more research if my theory is true or its just a myth)

Oh, last Monday We (Husband and I) attended a seminar held by Tutong clinic on Breast-Feeding and i have to say that there were information that i never came across in my research so far via So with that, I hope that expecting and future mothers out there, reading this post, please do attend those seminar when provided and bring your other halves. Jai was the only man there and the information can be useful to him too. PLUS now that he knows what us Mothers go through he will understand better and will be more supportive *i hope* hehe

Ok i think med is starting to kick in.. Goodnight world.. See you in a bit.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You are my everything

Hai Meh hehehe.. tujuan dadi buat ane is mereply apa yg mami  buat yg ada dibawah2 atu ah..... cna dadi kn starting ne ah.. Ok lah... ; ) Kehadapan isteri ku c Faith yg dadi cintai hari-hari & selama nya chewah.. bage kambang bulu jua ah hahaha pi nda apa i will try my very best huhuhu...

Hai lage Meh... thanks for your gift and i love it so much sampai kadang2 kana marah jua lah sal teluan lalai hehe.. n thanks also sal selama ane mami buat kan hari2 dadi begitu riang & ceria giler kan? mami kan?pokok nya apa nya urg england ane jua, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING.... hahahaha bah eh atu saja meh.. ah, kambang2 dh bulu dadi buat karangan ala-ala romantik ane hahaha... Ops before mami marah hii baby.. hehehe love u jua ahakz.... *ane me cari idea laju2 n buat pun laju2 sal ia kn balik kaja dah hehe* ok then byeeeee...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Visiting Shopaholic

I cant remember Syawal keberapa this was.. Bie, here are the pictures.. (Husband took too long to edit and upload.. Sibuk ia berkerja demi negara! LOL)

I think this was my plate.. Nyaman ni ayam nya, i had seconds..

Mcm gambar pre-wedding sudah ni.. But i think this was Hari Raya 2007 Studio Shot right bie? hehe

This is her 2 cousins. I think Yuyun's brothers ni.. Cute ah, Panuh pipi nya and when they smile, hilang matanya! hehe

Here's a close up pic of them.. Sukaa begambar mcm ... (well you fill in the blanks)

Anjai & Shopaholic's finace (the Game-aholic)

and finally Faith & Shopaholic..

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Anjai

Just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to the Husband.. Love you sayang..

Seeing as i have already given you your gift wayy in advance, i hope you continue to enjoy it and put it to good use.. Ok back to preparing food for the lil celebration tonite with the family.

Your Wife and Baby in the tummy..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Physical Vs Online Shopping

Being a girl, I LOVE to shop but i have always believed in Physical shopping where i am there physically holding the item, looking at the item, feeling it or trying it on.. But being in Brunei where places to shop are very limited, i am looking into shopping online.. Dulu it was never a problem as i used to travel but now that i am expecting, traveling for work has stopped until after baby comes and travel for leisure is also yet to be confirmed..

Being an online shopping virgin, i am having doubts mainly because 'What if what i ordered is not what actually arrived' and 'safe kan tu?' But the war is leaning towards e-shopping pulang sudah considering my restrictions as above. And i have to agree with Boo, it can get addictive.. I have been google-ing, researching, comparing the item i wished to purchase since last night! haha

Oh i would like to take this opportunity to say:
Happy Brithday to Amoi..
May God bless you and hope you have a blast!
Bah jangan salah sabut lagi ah.. Juman = in front/depan, Junam = My Father's nick name.. hehehe

Have a good weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My First Syawal Part 2

Gambar2 ane pun di ambil pada Raya ke Empat masa Open House

posing maut lah tu..

anak ane malu pasal ucap bapa cfaith a.k.a bini i hehehe.. 
ada kh ia sabut c junam!!! tedangar lage urang nya tu... hahaha.. ; p

hahaha taus tah anak ane buang kes kira buang malu lah, pi seingat-ingat ku ia ada nanges
 jua lah sal takut kana marahi uleh 'c junam' ane hahaha...

abg ijan maseh mencuba memakan plastic wrapping 
sambil di perhatikan uleh mama beliau hehehe...

cfaith a.k.a bini i sedang menskodeng.... btw hiiiii hehehe...

uncle family pun dtg beraya... hehehe thks for  da raya hamper

my father in law hehehe a.k.a my mentor...

kasen2 cfaith pun ada jua memeriahkan suasana
 open house kami hehehe thks gurlz..

nah kn drg jua maseh hahaha..... ; p

sedang menikmati jamuan... n bposing....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My First Syawal Part 1

gambar-gambar ani mostly taken during our open house on hari raya ke-empat

one of my niece.. pandai kn bposing...

bain & his fiance bb n not forgetting yuyun.. having their briyani..

yuyun c poser! like her cousin bb jua haha...

drg dua ane kalw nampak camera jagaaa...

Stargazers is in da house!!!!

aha!.. ane lh cpian yg panggil aku uncle Ultra Man!!

c Faith a.k.a bini aku blajar jaga baby hehe btw hii.. syg ; p

Sushi in a boat hehe nyum.. nyum..

my yadu (nini), uncle, aunty & parents pun adaaaa... hehe..

aiii kana ambil gambar pun malu?! hehehe..

Sesi menerima 'Angpau'

These pictures are taken di pagi Hari Raya pertama..

Si Momoi mengampu kan minta angpau.. and it worked!

Si Caca dengan gembira nya menerima angpau nya

Si Abang yg poser!

Me and my 3 fruit children

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Belts

Who ever invented or thought of those extensions for your existing pants/kains - Thank you! It is extremely useful and not to mention, money saver and we now can turn our normal pants into maternity pants. But of course that does not stop us from buying those maternity pants, we juts buy less of them. Bagus kan? hehe

And also thanks to NA who gave that to me for my recent birthday.. I have now started to use it as I find my kains and pants getting tighter and tighter and less and less comfortable around the belly area.. I just have to be extra careful to make sure that my shirt/top does not ride.. hehe
I did buy maternity pants but i think it will take me a while to wear them as i am not used to pants that goes up and over my belly button or pants with 'gatah'.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Eating for two

I have recently got a comment from an uncle to eat up cos i am eating for two and that made me think of my eating patterns.. And come to think of it, i haven't been eating for two, i've been eating normally saja pun.. Sekali i thought 'Eh! Is this healthy for me and baby?' Then talking to some friends, they say that its ok and expecting mothers are only supposed to eat an approximately 1 extra chocolate bar than normal.. I guess i need to do more research to confirm the theory.. but i do find talking to 'experienced' people very helpful hehe

So how has everyody's Hari Raya been? Ours has been.. TIRING! I think today will officially close our raya season, unless i get irresistable Open house invites.. hehehehe but all are still welcomed to come over to visit us.. hehehe

I am 17 weeks along now and my bump has begun to show.. I have to say it made me paranoid at first but after a few comments like 'Nama nya pregnant' (Doh!) from the Husband, i now embrace it fully! hehe Yesterday, my cousin did a check on my tummy and she pointed out where my uterus is at the moment.. hehehe I can't wait for the ultrasound! Yippie!

Oh i also take this opportunity to friends who are also expecting! A million congrats to you and your husband. (u know who u are!) hehe

Till then, much love from Faith, Anjai and baby..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ter-rambat sudah

sampat lagi kn bposing tu..


Si Gauk + Si Belabih

Monday, October 6, 2008

The aftermath

so how was everyone's weekend? Ours were hectic!! With the Husband aka Anjai's first hari raya ever and trying to be the dutiful daughter that i am (mother has relinquished all organizing duties for hari raya and open house to yours truly..) I find that i was stressed beyond belief and not to mention my back side aches like mad at the moment.. hehe But alhamdulilah, we organized 2 open houses, one for family and one for friends and both was a success.. I even cooked for the first open house! hehe

Thanks to all who came to our open houses.. Will get Anjai to post up pics soon.. hehe

Oh and sorry to those who invited to your open houses as we were unable to attend but insyallah will try to 'langgar' your house if we can.. hehehe

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From the both of us

Selamat Hari Raya  Maaf Zahir & Batin
Remember drive safe on the road and ingat lah org2 yg tersayanggg.. hehehe

Jai & Nani