Saturday, March 31, 2012

Truly blessed

Yesterday started off with taking Nadia to the dentist.. At first she was ok but as soon as we took her into the dentist's room, she cried, cried and cried! They didn't even get to touch her.. Haha i went off to work and hubs took her home.. On their way home hubs told Nadia she is not allowed to eat any ice cream or candies until she gets her teeth checked properly by the dentist, which insyallah will be in 2 weeks time.. As we went out this mrning she asked for some candies but i reminded her of her promise and she said ok.. Haha

I then had lunch with ze ladies and the 2 boys!

In the afternoon we got off work early to go or our healthy lifestyle programme organised by the office. It was a hike at Shahbandar.. Hoho

I really felt.. Lets leave it at that!

After that i headed to UBD for netball training..

It has been so long since we all played together!! We are calling this the Comeback! Hahahahaha

As i was falling asleep last night i felt truly blessed to have a loving family and great friends.. I am truly blessed.. To my 2 bestie, its high time WE spend time together!! Huhu

Oh Sofiyya took in a total of 22oz yday whereas i only made 15oz!!! Hence why i decided to open my 2nd FS and use it as my home pump so i dont have anymore excuse not to pump!

I made 7oz this morning while Sofie took in 3oz.. Alhamdulillah 4oz extra today, insyallah..

Have a great weekend y'all!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy 10 months Sofiyya

Dear Sofiyya,

Happy 10 months my sayang.. I feel like i say this everytime i write to you but time flies so fast! In 2 months time you will be a full ONE year old!!

10 months along and not a tooth in sight! I am not so worried about this cause seriously the longer it takes the better.. You know why? Well you kaka had her first tooth when she was 6 months old and at the age of 2 her tooth have started to decay.. Well she is not to blame but rather me! We took her to the dentist this morning and i think the whole army amp heard her cry!! S baby girl, with you i will be different.. As soon as i see a tooth sprout out, out comes the tooth brush, paste and a visit to the dentist cause i do not want a repeat of your kaka's episode this morning..

Did you know your daddy used to smoke? Well he did and he quit a year ago after he had a minir heart attack.. You were about 8 months along at that time.. I cried a lot and you probably felt it being in my tummy and all.. Hehehe but u see the best thing of it all is that we now know and we now try to live healthtyly and be more fit.. I do hope both you and your sister will inherit this positivity from me.. Hehehe

Ok be good now baby girl.. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia love you so very very much!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wish We'd Known: 16 Things No One Told Us About Having a Girl

I read an article early this morning that i thought was very interesting and very true, for me anyways.. LOL

Wish We'd Known: 16 Things No One Told Us About Having a Girl

When you found out you were having a girl, you might have pictured spa pedicures and fancy tea parties and matching mommy-and-me dresses. Since you're a girl yourself, you probably figured you'd have the daughter deal all dialed in. But the truth is, your little lass will have a few surprises up her tiny sleeve. From relentless chatting to the urge to hoard to the nearly universal obsession with all things pink, daughters are a breed unto themselves. Here, a sneak peek into your future.

You'll Buy Her Stuff She Doesn't Need
Feathered hair bands, polka dotted tights, tiny pillbox purses, socks that look like ballet shoes: It won't be long before your tiny toddler has a more extensive accessory collection than you do. That's because when you buy it for yourself it's a splurge; when you purchase it for her, it's a need. (Well, sort of.) When something is impossibly darling and on sale, you may need help restraining yourself from buying her two or three. We've never heard any of our boy-mom-friends confessing they couldn't resist buying another dump truck tee.

She May Be Way Girlier Than You Are

Even if you've done your best to create a gender-neutral play space stocked with trucks, trains and all sorts of "boy" toys, don't be surprised if she develops a passion for princesses and Barbies and pretty pink ballerina gear out of the ether. No matter how hard you try to fight the stereotype, the combination of hard-wiring and clever marketing may just trump your efforts.

Her Desire to Borrow Your Heels, Jewels, Handbags and More Will Start as Soon as She Can Walk And Talk (And Grow From There)

"Going to Costco to get some coffee!" she'll announce, clogging along in your New Year's Eve heels (that, for the record, you rarely wear to Costco). In the toddler years this is silly dress-up at its best, so enjoy it. Soon enough she'll be wanting to borrow these things for real. Be prepared for battle.

You Might Be a Little Jealous of Daddy's Girl

Even if you're not particularly the type, it's hard not to feel tiny pangs of envy when you realize you're not the only female in your husband's life anymore. Oh, you’ll treasure their deep connection and delight in their daddy-daughter games and secrets, but sometimes you won’t love being on the outside of that circle. And the first time she runs to him -- and not you -- when she's sad or hurt, it will be downright crushing. Just remember, that tiny little heart of hers has plenty of love to go around. You'll have your own unique time and activities with her, too (that will be deeply mysterious and possibly envy-provoking to dad).

Everything Starts Early

Sure, all kids are different, but girls seem to hit the major developmental milestones before similarly aged boys. Your daughter may be off and running while your friend's son is still struggling to master the crawl, or speaking in complete sentences while her boy-buddies are barely barking out coherent words. Rolling over, sitting up, blowing kisses, clapping hands, potty training, reading: Don't be surprised if she masters all of these and more before the boys her age. But try not to gloat too much; it almost always evens out in the end.

She'll Strike a Sexy Pose

She might be dancing or putting on a show, or simply just showing off her new Dora swimsuit when it happens: With her hip thrust out and her head thrown back, you'll do a cartoonish double-take when you realize she looks like a miniature way-too-sexy Victoria's Secret model. You've worked overtime to shield her from celebrity-studded magazines and teenager-y TV, too, so you'll be triply mystified as to where she learned this move. Your heart will break and you'll jump all over her about never doing that again. Ever.

Girl Drama Makes 'The Help' Seem Playful in Comparison

Before you have a daughter, it's nearly impossible to believe that any human being could get themselves thoroughly worked up over something as seemingly benign as, say, the part in their hair or the official words to "This Old Man." Oh, but they can. The vegetables touched the pasta. She can't find her other flip-flop. But she really really super-wants it!!! Eventually she'll chill out. In the meantime, lots of deep breaths.

You'll Relish the Excuse to Read 'Black Beauty,' 'Nancy Drew' and Judy Blume Again

The minute you crack the spine of one of your childhood favorites, you'll be transported directly back to that magical time. Still, you'll pick up details and nuances you either missed the first time around or forgot about entirely.

You'll Hear Her Scolding Her Baby Dolls or Stuffed Animals and Cringe Because She Sounds Exactly Like You

"Do not speak to me in that tone of voice," she’ll insist to Pink Bunny. (Brown Bear, Fuzzy Lamby and Supersoft Giraffe will get the same treatment.) She'll administer stern warnings and lengthy time-outs and you'll laugh (and cringe) as you watch her relish the pint-size power play.

It'll Break Your Heart When Her Chunky Baby Thighs Turn Into Long, Lean Kid Legs

The change is so gradual that you may not even notice it happening. But one day you'll grab onto one of those gams, all ready to pretend-sink your teeth into its meaty flesh, and you'll realize the rolls are gone. Vanished! In their place will be taut, strong limbs that look like they belong on a colt. While you'll pine for the thigh-nibbling days of your past, you'll appreciate her newfound ability to keep up with you when you walk.

She'll Likely Go Through an "I'm Only Wearing Dresses" Phase

Somewhere around the age of three, she'll develop definitive ideas about what she wants to wear that may or may not be in alignment with what's clean, the weather, standards of decency or what happens to be in style at the particular moment. Just when you've rid her wardrobe choices of anything that doesn't have a skirt, her preference may just change to some other curious thing (an inside-out tank top, leopard print rain boots, a bikini top over a turtleneck) for the next stretch. The sooner you realize it really doesn't matter, the happier you both will be.

She'll Hoard... Everything

Pinecones, rubber bands, hair thingies, erasers, flower petals, bottle caps, sea glass, stray buttons, dead bugs: If she can stuff it in a baggie, she'll never tire of collecting it. It's an evolutionary nod to her gatherer-girl roots and she honestly can't help it (much the way her brother likely won't stop slaying imaginary beasts). In other words, be prepared to find these stashes all over your house for the rest of ever. (Hopefully you'll locate the baby-carrot baggie before it putrefies into liquid blue mold.)

You'll Fight Over Her Hair Constantly

It's in her eyes. It needs a trim. You like it up, she likes it down. Yes, she has to wash it. No, she's not going out of the house with that rat's nest on her head. Fine, you'll curl/straighten it just this once. No, she can't do it herself. The hair wars will last as long as you let them (translation: until you realize that it's just hair and decide to surrender). The good news: Eventually she's likely to see the light and realize that clean and combed really is the better look.

She'll Be the Beauty Standard by Which You Judge all of Her Peers

You wouldn't admit it out loud for a lifetime supply of free Spanx, but you'll secretly think she's the most beautiful creature ever to be born. You might even feel bad for her playmates, whose pretty little faces still can't hold a candle to hers. It's normal and healthy to feel this way, but be sure you tell her how smart and kind she is, too -- lest her dazzling head swell to unfortunate proportions.

She May Be a Born Manipulator

Moms with kids of both genders insist that it's their darling daughters who seem to know how to get what they want with a mere look. Do we see right through it? Absolutely. Does it work? Although we don't like admitting it... sometimes it does. (Dads in particular confess they are powerless to resist "the look.") She may have even picked up the move from you (ahem), but the fact that she is already aware of her feminine power can be downright disarming.

You'll Feel a Little Bad for Moms of (All) Boys

When you get together with your mommy friends, you'll wonder if the boy-moms are secretly jealous that you have a girl. (Your close friends might even admit as much to you.) After all, you get to shop for dainty nursery decor and darling dresses and go for manicures together while they're stuck digging for worms and discussing back hoes. Alas, the tables may turn when you find yourself butting heads with a hormonal teenage daughter and your friend is chilling with an even-keel mini-man, so enjoy your day in the sun while it lasts.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Our weekend started on Friday evening by attending a wedding at Bridex. It was the hubs' cousin's wedding..

They had the RBAF's bagpipe band escort the bride and groom which was pretty awesome.. Nadia would have loved it if she was there but we decided to go solo.. Hehe

Met these two lovebirds there too..!!
Saturday started with an appointment at the clinic for my lil darlings. Nadia is now 12.5kg, 0.5kg short of being on the normal weight range for a 3yr old. Alhamdulillah Dr were not too concerned but told us to keep up. She was asked to identify colors and draw but being her, she was extremely shy! Had to coax her to draw her tiny circles.. She also had her jab and i think she was more nervous than scared. She cried but told her because she was a good girl we will buy her some stickers to stick on her shirt (just like baby bop in one of her barney story books)..
Sofiyya in the other hand is now 8.2kg and alhamdulillah on the normal weight range. What we noticed about her recently is being picky where she refused to be picked up by others.. Huhu
Then we headed to BSB to run some errands..

Alhamdulillah she is fine with sitting in her car seat!
In the evening we headed to Charcoal for the welcome back dinner for the JDs..

Tiny Katie Perry #1

Tiny Katie Perry #2
And then there was a surprise bday cupcake for the march celebrants!

Love these cuppies from KOJ!! Hehe

And when we got home..!! LOL

We finally gave Nadia her bday present and she woke up early Sunday morning to test it out..

I hope she learns to ride the bike faster then me! LOl

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday stroll

The girls woke up pretty early on Sunday and while i pump hubs decide to take them on a stroll..

Look at my pant-less Sofiyya enjoying the stroll!

Sitting down like a Bawse!!!

Eating her baby bite while we had breakfast..

I wrote a couple of times how Sofiyya refused her meals, be it her puree or her rice porridge.. Well this morning i decided to buy her some bananas.. Opened one and offered it to her and surprise surprise she opened her mouth and 'chew' a chunk off.. Dont know why she is refusing her meals.. I just hope her weight doesnt decrease cause both girls are de for their appointment this Weekend..

On the actual birthday

Time really flies cause as i was driving to work yesterday i remembered vividly the moments i went through three years ago..

This was taken on Nadia's 5th day i think..

On her first birthday celebration with the Butterfly themed party

During her 2nd birthday celebration with the animal themed party

With Makwa during their pink party..

We decided to surprise Nadia with another cake last night and true enough when she saw the cake she asked 'siapa punya happy birthday?' and her cousins replied 'Nadiaa'.. Boy was she happy! And that is the best moment ever for me! Hehehe

The simple birthday cake

Princess Nadia..!! Hehehe

Happy birthday again my darling daughter.. I love you so very very much!!

People may choose to spoil the nice moments but it is really up to you whether you're gonna let it spoil the whole day or night..

Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Happy 3rd birthday my darling daughter..

Do you know that we are constantly reminded on how big you already are? In how to talk to us, our daily conversations, how you answer our questions tactfully and how you refuse our help and insist on doing things yourself. Not that being independent is a bad thing but my fear is that i will lose sight and one day to only realise that you dont need me as much anymore. This is the very reason why i like to take photos and videos of you and your little sister, so that one day, down the road we are remember those moments.. So dont get annoyed and please dont refuse my clicking away.. hehehe

One of the things that we have always tried to teach you is to become a very loving person. Loving towards not only your baby sister and us but also to other family members like your cousins, grandparents and great grandparents. it is very important for us to see that you are close not only to one side of the family but to both. And I hope that we are setting a good example by making sure that we spend quality times, just the four of us and also with both sides of the family. I love watching you shower your baby sister with hugs and kisses and I continue to pray that you both will remain close forever. Please my darling daughter, please always remember that family comes first.

I think from now on I will stop writing to you on a monthly basis but will write to you as and when i feel necessary. But please remember that does not mean that i love you any less. You are my first born and you will always have a special place in my heart.. Happy birthday my darling daughter, happy happy birthday.. Mummy, Daddy and Sofiyya loves you so very very much! Be a good little girl now and to me, you will always be MY BABY...


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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Falling short

In the past week or so it seems like i am falling short in terms of EBM production by 1-4oz.. Sofiyya has not been taking her meals as well as we like hence she has been increasing her EBM in take.. She takes in an average of 16oz per day and on occasions 20oz! I on average makes 14-16oz per day.. So what i've decided to do is pump at least once during the weekend in order to re-establish my output.. Yday i made 1oz and as we speak i am producing 3.5oz.. Alhamdulillah..

Found these sunnies and puts it on her! Hehhe

Zebra sunnies on my girlies!!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Car seat training

Since we were out and about last Sunday we decided its high time that we train Sofiyya to sit in her car seat..

It is not without protest from the little one of course but alhamdulillah all went well.. I pray that she will continue to behave and sit in her car seat well..

This was taken during our journey from the ILs to Kg Maraburong..

Oh there were protest not just from Sofiyya but Nadia too cause she wants to be able to see her little sister.. So we had to take the headrest in between them and ask Nadia to see her sister's reflection in the mirror.. Hahaha

When we reached Maraburong she got up and held her baby sister..

Alhamdulillah.. I continue pray that these two will remain close and loving towards each other and to their parents until the end of time.. Amin..

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Sunday 11 Mar 2012

Sofiyya's Sunday started pretty early as she woke up around 630am so Hubs tool her out for a stroll..

We then headed to MRS for a tiny errand..

Once that was done we headed to the ILs..

And in the evening we headed to hubs's uncle's place. His uncle just underwent a surgery to place a pacemaker in his heart. Alhamdulillah he was in high spirits..

Nadia enjoying her sausages while Daddy chit chats with relatives

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Learning quickly

My departure to work is more cheerful nowadays since Sofiyya have learned how to wave bye-bye to us. I was so happy when I saw she finally did it. Apparently she did it last week but only did it when she was playing with my Grandma. hehe She now can open and close her fingers when we sing the 'kap kap udang' song.. I asked her to repeat the
kap-kap udang hand gesture and wave goodbye for about 10 times last night and clapping my hand each time she does it correctly and at one point she also put her 2 tiny hands together and clapped! Boy was I a happy mummy! LOL

I asked my maid this morning on average how much EBM does Sofiyya takes in. she now takes in 4oz per sitting at around 4 bottles and an extra bottle when i come home a bit late. It got me thinking on my production. I make an average of 14oz per day which does not cover the usual 16oz she takes in.. hoho Time to make good friends with my FS again as I do not want to see my EBM stock dwindle down too fast.. Afterall I have another 15 months to go.. huhu baby girl however not too keen on eating like she would take a couple of spoonful and then refuse.. huhu

Sofiyya also has a preference towards Avent bottles over Her tommee tippee ones. She can hold the Avent ones fine but has difficulty with the TT ones.. Good thing Nadia has now moved on to the bigger bottles so its easier for my maid to differentiate..

Speaking of Kaka, she used o be able to just take in 4-5oz per sitting meaning she'll have once or twice mid-night feedings but in the past month or so she has been taking up to 9oz per sitting and no mid-night feeding. Of course leaves the Hubs happy cause he doesn't have to make FM half asleep.. On the potty training side, Nadia is STILL in training.. It annoys us that she still pees in her pants while playing so if anyone has any tips let me know! Huhu

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Celebrating Nadia & Makwa

We had a simple and small gathering last Saturday night to celebrate Nadia turning 3 and Makwa turning 86..

This is our customary feature wall

BBQ-ed food!

Fried rice and kway teow goreng

Finger foods

Mini macaroni

Nadia asked for a pink princess/barbie cake

Both cake and doa selamat

After we sang the birthday song my grandmother asked me whats going on and i told her we were celebrating her birthday. Her reaction was so funny! She laughed and said 'ado-ado gala jiu ituh'.. Gotta love my nana for being so naive! Hehe

I only have 1 grandmother left and i am lucky that she lives with us cause that means that we get to spend more time with her..

If u look at the photo there's four generations of the Ismail family.. My grandmother, my mother, me and my daughter..

Asked nadia how she wants to cut her cake and she smiled at me shyly..

Some mini cakes

Sugared cookies

Nadia and Makwa

Nadia posing with her birthday gift from ariesya

Sofiyaa fell asleep

My non blood sisters!!

Our men and their babies

The next morning