Tuesday, July 23, 2013


We were out shopping on Saturday and as i went pass the place where i buy my tudongs, nadia asked me to buy her one. I asked her if i do buy her one, when would she use it and she told me during Hari Raya. I was a tad reluctant at first cause i dont want the girls to feel uncomfortable and warm then the hubs told me that this is a good thing, i have set a good example and we should encourage it.

They were so excited that as we got in the car, they wanted to try the tudongs on! LoL

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Natural weaning off?

Earlier this evening as Sofiyya was feeding on me she stopped, looked and said to me 'nenen mummy inda nyaman'. It broke my heart for a bit there but part of me is happy cause she is now showing signs of wanting to wean off, on her own!

I prepared a bottle of EBM and she gulped it down in minutes and despite that she still wanted mummy's nen. Comfort feeding i guess.. Hehehe

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Monday, July 22, 2013

12 ramadhan

Syukur alhamdulillah we are approaching the middle of ramadhan. Alhamdulillah a full puasa for me so far, despite my little drama on the 2nd day..

I went to work fine that day but towards lunch time i started to get chills. At 1 i decided to go home and as i was driving i prayed to god for a safe journey home cause my lower abdominal pain intensified. As i got home i rested with the intention of going to the hospital after iftar. But around 3.30 the pain intensified to the point where my hands began to cramp up. Husband immediately drove me to the a&e where i had a urine and blood test and the dr administered an IV line. Eventually the cramps went away and blood results indicates i had UTI, dehydrated, low calcium and low glucose. Dr strongly advised that i take a big meal for sahoor and ensure that i drink more to avld dehydration. Alhamdulillah my puasa has been smooth thereafter..

Other than that little drama i have been busy staying up and studying for my upcoming exams. As i find it quite hard to concentrate during the day (lack of food and distraction frm the girls) have resorted to studying well into the night.. I stayed on through till sahoor and only go to bed around 4.30am.. My first paper will be on tuesday and then on wednesday.. I look forward to concluding these 2 papers so i can start on preparing for raya and normalising my sleeping pattern lol

We so far have had 2 sungkai outings. First was at excapade and the second was the annual sungkai fest with my frens!

At excapade

Where we had awesome lobster

With the gang at the annual sungkai fest

Our little family

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadhan Kareem

Alhamdulillah we are here for another ramadhan.. If i recall correctly this time last year the whole nation was devastated to hear about the bell 212 tragedi. I remember being unable to sleep well that evening as i thought of the wives of the victims. Al-fatihah and may Allah grant them jannah and may Allah the victims' family and especially their wives strength to carry on..

Sofiyya is now 2yrs, a month and a bit.. She is still fully breast fed and no signs showing willingness to be weaned off. She still asks for my Bs and since i have EBMs from february i still intend to let her finish them all before introducing FM..

I had maid issues and since last week is officially maidless.. Things has been great so far, managing all the house work well, enjoying cooking so far however the only drawback is that my mum and dad has to look after the girls while hubs and I are at work..

I have another exam in 2 weeks time and studying is a big big problem.. I cant seem to concentrate and when i actually do sit down i tend to digress.. Gah!! Hopefully with shorter working hours i will be able to concentrate better..

Selamat menunaikan ibadat puasa everyone and may Allah ease our journey.. Ameen ameen ameen..