Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy 6 months Sofiyya

Dear Sofie,

Happy 6 months my darling daughter.. You are halfway to turning a full One!

6 months is a big milestone not just for you but for me too.. For you, you are now officially on solids. I know your menu for the past couple of days has been pumpkin and potato puree saja but the reason why i planned it like that is because i want u to get used to it first. Soon enough i will introduce more items.. How do you feel about carrot puree next? Or maybe japanese sweet potato puree?

I know you are just getting used to your jumperoo but soon enough we'll let u sit in a walker. Its like the jumperoo but with wheels..

You turning 6 months also mean that I have achieved my mid term goal of fully breastfeeding you for 6 months. Lets now aim for a full 1 year and then 2 years ok?

Did u know that December is my favorite month of the whole year? I like it best because that's when we get to see our family and friends more. I can't tell you exactly why but we just do! Especially relatives from your daddy's side as they come from far to see your Yantut. So don't be scared if you see a lot of unfamilar faces, they're family..

Ok be a good and cheerful baby that you are. Remember always that Mummy, Daddy abd Kaka Dia loves you so very very much!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Salam Ma'al Hijrah

Happy new year everyone! We hope and prays that the new year brings you more happiness.. Amin..

We slept over at the ILs on Sunday with the intention of helping the ILs out with preparation for an upcoming function..

Nadia enjoying herself in Kaka Alya's pool while waiting for Kaka Alya to come home..


And then when Kaka Alya came home, Sofie wants to join in too..! Haha

In the evening I realized that Nadia was being quiet and a bit feverish.. So we gave her PCM and she went to bed. Then around 10ish she woke up complaining sakit but when we asked sakit apa or mana she didn't tell us where. We started massaging her and soon after she vomitted.. She went back to sleep and midnight she started crying a vomitted again. MIL woke up and massaged her and at this point i wanted to pack up, go home and take her to the A&E.. But given the time i decided against it.

My poor baby

She then went back to sleep and then at 5 she woke up crying and complaining of sakit again.. This time we packed up, dopped by our house to drop of our stuff and little Sofiyya and went to A&E.. The kind the Doctor was on the verge of admitting her at the ward but told us to try and give her some meds and made us promise that should she not improve we have to bring her back where she will be given an IV drip.

Unusually quite and somber Nadia

Around noon Nadia was feeling better where she played with her cousin and then around 4, afetr she took her nap, hubs noticed that she was feeling feverish, again. We gave her PCM again and this time we took my Grandma's words and brought her ber-tawari. When we came to the person's place true enough, she was 'ketaguran'. She might not have seen something but rather clashed.. So we went back home and alhamdulillah as soon as we were in the car she was back to her chatty self. I have to admit that is the first for us and wouldn't even have thought about it until my grandma says so! huhu

What seems to be persistent is her temperature! She was a bit feverish again this morning.. I decided to go to work nonetheless and hopefully she will improve. Told my maid to call me if her temp spikes up..

My cheerful and Alhamdulillah not effected Sofiyya

I also introduced her to Baby Bites! She seems to enjoy it! hehe

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pumpkin & Potato puree

Is sofie's first meal.. And she took it 3 days short from her turning 6 months..

Before her meal

2 table spoons of the puree and plain water

Woosshyy and squisshyy

It taste....

..not bad really..

She finished half of the batch..

Oh as predicted, mum does not agree to what i intended to give sofie.. Hahaha oh well..

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rolling over

Even in her sleep!

Hubs was keen on letting her sleep on her tummy but on the other hand was not. Why? Because i read somewhere that babies who sleeps on thier tummy will have a higher risks to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).. Nauzubillah.. So back to sleeping on her back!

As much as i would love to cot train my kids i think i value my sleep and rest more so i end up letting them sleep in our bed.. The girls seems to enjoy each other's company. Some nights we can see Kaka hugging Adik or holding Sofie's hands.. And i am sure everyone enjoys my cheerful and well slept self rather than cranky and sleep deprived me! Haha

Soon enough we might need to consider getting a 2nd bed or go japanese ie sleep with just our mattress.. Safety of having 2 kids in our bed will be utmost priority as we do not want to have a repeat of Nadia falling off our bed.. Huhuhu

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am getting quite excited about weaning Sofiyya and introducing her first meal other than Mummy's milk. (I have a feeling I say this now but after a couple of weeks i'll say i miss having me as her main source of food). I went and bought pumpkin as a substitute to butternut squash and carrots.. I intend to batch make pumpkin puree and carrot puree so that it'll be easier for my maid.. Mum have yet to know about my intentions and i already forsee some resistance! hahaha Oh I need to buy tiny containers to put her food in.. So exciting! Can't wait for the weekend now! hehe

Sofie had her first fever on Tuesday. My maid called me up at 3pm while i was at my course and i can sense a bit of panic in her voice. Turns out mum and dad was out and it was just her. Told her to give paracetamol and hubs went home to check on her. Alhamdulillah Sofie is now back to her cheerful self. Told the maid to monitor tho.. Oh don't think she is teething yet cause I don't feel any bumps on her gums but she is biting, chewing and putting everything in her mouth!

6 days to my favorite month of the year, December!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Another on my list!

I now can add 'surau' in my list of places that i have done my 'Mummy's Business' in.. I asked the course coordinator and she said she is not sure and i was too lazy to ask the hotel staff..

Nursing cover, pump, cooler box, technice and towels to fill in the void spaces..

I haven't asked my maid in a while but i think Sofie takes in an average of 15oz per day. Today i brought home 17oz so that's an extra 2oz.. Syukur alhamdulillah..

I haven't done a stock check in a while however i jut replenished my mini fridge (turned freezer) with end of August stock.. Mcm batah jua habis my August stock ani.. Slowing down in terms of expressing might be a good idea at this point cause i really reallu really would like to avoid using anything beyond 3 months..

Speaking of stocks i have to add that it is a result of hard work, dedication and many hours spent with my breastpump, not purely because of the breastpump.. I think anyone with the dedication and determination can build up thier own massive stock, insyallah.. The breastpump however plays a big role! So ladies if you are determined and is set on breastfeeding your little bubs, invest in a good pump and set your mind to it!

I'm sure you know by now, mummies who breastfeed thier bubs burns on average 500calories per day!! How awesome is that?? Hehehe

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Maybe they did write about this in the pregnancy book i just didn't read it but i hate the fact that i am loosing my hair!! Hair all over tha place!! It really sucks cause i just got over this stafe with Nadia and my hair is starting to re grow..

Sofie has finally mastered turning over to her tummy and back!! The little show off has been turning back and forth in our beb and what's even worse in her sleep!!! Mengigauuu..!!!

This is sofies drooling all over my phone!! Hahaha

Sitting in her bumbo seat!!

Forever my girls!!

Hanging out...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy 32 months Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Happy 32 months my darling daughter..

Last month's letter was an unhappy one.. The day started of like that as well.. You kept on saying no and not listening to what we said, even when all we aske you to do was say Thank You. I had had it, and mind you this was before 8.30am so i placed you in my car and threathen to send and leave you at the beach unless you say 'Thank you'.. It took about 15mins and you finally said it.. I had no chooce but to be stern.. Let this morning be a lesson to you and please remember to always listen to what mummy and daddy says cos otherwise mummy will be upset..

We noticed recently you are back to refusing your meals.. So we decided to take you to your new favorite place to eat, Jolibee! Alhamdulillah you finished 8/10 of the Chicken Joy meal all by yourself.. But darling please jgn everyday ok.. On a daily basis pls take our normal meals ok..

We celebrated kaka momoi's birthday recently and we are very glad and happy to see that you enjoyed the bouncer and pool.. You have started to think about your next birthday party and ypu told us you want a pink princess cake and you want a pink princess outfit..!! Insyallah my love, pray that Allah bless us with more rezeki..

Ok my little princess.. I have to go.. Be a good good girl ok.. Mummy, Daddy & Sofiyya loves you so very very much..


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Friday, November 18, 2011

Short and busy week

My week started with taking my dad for his pre-op appointment at the eye clinic on monday..

Dad during one of his exams.. Insyallah he will undergo his operation mid-december.. Given that the review takes up half a day (mostly waitinggg), i decided to take the whole day off..

We also sent my car to the workshop..

Hubs went to surau kg bebuloh to welcome his uncle who just got back from Haj that evening..

Tuesday started with a meeting that takes up half of the day and the afternoon was spent in front of my PC working on the budget.. Hubs went to his friends' house in the evening to welcome him who also just got back from Haj..

And we took the girls to the tailors to get thier measurements in te afternoon.. It was sofie's first time.. Hehehe

Wednesday was spent in meetings again and in front of the PC! And in the evening Dia & I went to pick hubs at Geotrax in lumut! For the first time we both went out and no whinning on the way..!! Weheeeee.....!

Thursday was spent in a meeting the whole day but on the bright side my car was finally ready to be picked up!

I was such a happy bunny!!

And today was spent hunched in front of my PC, again.. And i Finally had lunch outside the office with ze ladies..

I have been very bad in terms of expressing.. Because i was in a meeting i had no choice but to express at lunch time and only when i got home.. *sigh*

I will be in training on Monday and Tuesday and when my colleague called the venue to ask if there were any rooms available for me to use for my mummy's business they said none.. Found it a bit odd considering it is a hotel! I'll ask again on Monday and if no rooms i'll have to resort to expressing in my car.. Huhuhu i must remember to pack my nursing cover and freeze my technice sheets! If it is not properly frozen it wont work as well..

I am now in bed and looking forward to a relaxing weekend..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Planning excites me it for a party, or a road trip, a holiday or even a weekend.. Planning excites me!

Sofie will turn 6 months at the end of this month and that is such a big milestone! She will then be able to use the walker and morw importantly we will introduce other food to her, Solids!!! So I have been thinking about what to give her.. Back when it was nadia, she had her first solids at 4months and she had rice cerelac.. I'm thinking of giving Sofie some purees, maybe butternut squash, yam, sweet potato and carrots. Not all together of course..! I intend to give her one type per week so that way we will be able to pinpoint whatever she is allergic to, if any and what she likes the most.. I however must do more research on batch making and storing them as I dont think my maid will be able to make purees.. It'll make life easier for her as well if i just make them in a batch and she can simply pop them in the microwave when is time to feed my little darling..

My happy baby enjoying her new jumperoo..!!

We have also been digging in Dia's old clothes and was so surprised to see that Sofie is able to wear something that Dia wore when she was about 1!!

I think i am very close to loosing track of how many EBMs i have.. Huhuhu

Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is so different..

I had a reflection moment a couple of nights ago on how my life has drastically changed eversince i had Nadia.. Of course when we first found out i was preggors we were beyond excited!! Knowing me i had to immediately think of logistics and things to prepare.. The number of things to buy was overwhelming and alhamdulillah we managed to stick to the list. When i was done with the preparations, i started to think about labor but i told myself 'I'll deal with it when i comes' and choose to brush it off..

At one point i remember feeling very scared.. I was scared that i will become a bad mother or being the clumsy self that i am i was sacred thati will drop my child on its head. I was scared that i will not be able to breastfeed. But mostly i was scared of what type of mom i would be. I thought i would become the overly possesive and controlling mum that would lose my footing and give in each time my child throws a tantrum..

My journey as a mom has been.. Okay.. (I think!! Haha) i guess what i am trying to say to new mums out there, its ok to feel scared.. Its ok to think 'can i do this?'.. Its perfectly normal i think..

What's important, especially at the begining is the support system.. I had my mum, my SILs, my aunts, my cousins and my husband as my support system and they were fantastic!! At the very begining when we first got home when i was not as mobile, they would help me bathe Nadia, wash bottles and pumps, etc.. The key is to know when to ask for help.. And i guess its also knowing not to step over the line.. Haha

Ok i'm rambling!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Aidil Adha 2011

Its that time of the year again and this time around my mum and grandmother decided to participate in the ibadah korban.. So off we went to the mosque to witness and help out.. We also brought Nadia along..

We thought she will be scared but she was instead very curious.. Asked tons of question and some i had to really think how i want to answer..

The sacrifice

My brothers and some relatives skinning the Cow

Hubs helping to carry the leg

My mom cutting the meat into smaller pieces

SIL and aunties


We left Little Sofiyya at home

We went to Geotrax for a little makan in the afternoon but did not take any photo.. Huhu

Sofie asleep in the car..

As you can see it has been a busy busy weekend and time very well spent with the family..

However i have not done a couple of errands i promised myself i would do! And on the BFing side we have been giving Sofie EBMs and I have not been replenishing.. So i must get off my bum and be good..!!

Momoi's 6th Birthday

Birthday celebrations was held at our place on Saturday 5th Nov 2011..

What the girls has been waiting for.. Hahaha

The pool was not even filled terus main!!

My Little Princess

My Happy Baby and I

The feature wall and the goody bags

Birthday girl!!

Hello Kitty cake!!

Cake cutting

With her birthday presents

Poor Ariesya was so tired..

Sofie too

The first thing Momoi did first thing the next morning was open up her presents!

These 2 were the first in the bouncers

Sofie joined in the fun too..!!!

Nadia was playing in the bouncers for about 3.5hrs and this was taken 30 mins after she got out..! Tanned and super tired..