Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Advance Breastfeeding Week!

1st - 7th August is the World's breastfeeding week! So incase I don't get to blog on Sunday (considering its big brother's wedding), I would like to wish all BFing mothers out there a happy happy breast feeding week and all future mothers who intends to breastfeed, a warm welcome to the community..

there is a list of activities held to celebrate the week in diff districts and its available on MOH's website. I would like to attend some but howww... Work seems to be getting a bit crazy!!! huhu Ok back to my crazyy work then! Happy Breastfeeding week y'all! and Virtual High Fives to all BFing mummies out there!!!

and I would like to add that I have been breastfeeding my daughter for 1 year and 4 months and i am enjoying each and every moment of it!!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy 5th birthday Syaza!

Happy Birthday Kaka! You are 5 now!! Big girl sudah Cinderella kami ani! hehehe oh and just because its your birthday, doesn't mean you don't have to go to school today! haha

So anyways, in my attempt to increase my EBM stock, I have been expressing at home, in the morning when I wake up. I have been very good so far.. except this morning. As I was getting ready to express and placing the pump on my B, Dia said 'pam' and she took/threw the pump away. Took the pump and placed it on my B a couple of times more and she did the same thing.. I think she thinks abis kali if I 'pam' and she won't get any milk.. hahaha

Big brother's wedding is this weekend and we have been busy 'jaga-jaga' in the evening i.e. KARAOKE! hahaha I usually sing 2 songs and then i am done.. Can't wait for another get together this sat.. We really gotta start thinking about the menu for that night.. huhu

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Breastfeeding for Dummies

I was googling and I found this book! It made me laugh out loud. Cubatah ada buku ani dulu when I started on my journey.. I still think this is a good book to have.. So siapa yang inda tau kan balikan aku for my up and coming birthday.. *Looks at TC and Shopaholichic* LOL

Monday, July 26, 2010

Congrats Big Brother!

Ollaa peeps! sorry for the lack of updates.. Was tied up with Big Brother's solemnization ceremony.. So congrats Big Bro! its official, all of us are married now.. I didn't manage to take any photos of the event (or the hantarans that I made as well).. Gotta wait for photos from his photogs.. hehehe

Here are some photos taken on Sat night during our BBQ..

Customary chix wings

We had Kambinggg! Now this is GOOD!

my little darling

Trying to taste the tea from outside the box!

Friends enjoying the food!

Yours truly and Dia *hehe*

Si bunal kami ni!

another shot of the boys

We also celebrated my niece's 5th birthday

me and my girls

main ikat-ikat *hmmmm*

The birthday girl blowing the candles


Enjoying their cake

Si badut!

Little cowboy

My cousin's friends came and entertained our guests with their instruments.. Mcm kugiran RTB! hahaha

Ok back to work! Was away for 3 days and got tons of emails to look thru and a lot of other stuff to sort out.. *boo hooo*

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Normally Dia will call it a night around 8ish but lately she has been staying up till 10pm!!! Not sure why she suddenly wants to be a night owl and since we don't want to actually turn into one (mama needs her sleep!) we have been forcing her to sleep by switching off ALL lights.. Of course she protests, throw a tantrum and insist on watching 'aney' (Barney). tsk tsk tsk

Funny thing, last night, in my attempt to put her down to sleep, I placed her 'aney' on pause mode then pretend that I am sleeping. She kept on looking at the TV and I think she was expecting 'aney' to start singing and moving. This went on for about 15 mins then baru tah mau tidur.. hahaha

Here are the photos taken over the weekend..

at TK Chan

watching Alvin at one of the shops at the Mall

Excited her!

Then the tired her haha

Yours truly and Dia during dinner before heading out to see the colorful lights

we let her have her own Tamago Something (lupa ku namanya).. But she still liked our salmon hehe

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Sixteen Months Dia!

Dear Dia,

Happy 16 Months my darling daughter..

So what have we done in the last month? Mummy had to go away for a short trip this month and according to your Daddy and neneks, you were much much better than the last trip.. syukur alhamdulilah my darling cause I was worried. I guess now that you are much much older you are beginning to understand Mummy's job.. Well not only Mummy's but also Daddy's cause you and I will sleep alone tonite. Daddy is away in Temburong and insyallah will be back tomorrow evening.

You now can identify almost all of your body parts.. Your nose, mouth, teeth, eyes, belly button you call shat-shat, arm, legs, head and hair! You also now know the names of everyone in our house. Mummy, Daddy, Kaka Caca, Kaka Anis, Baby Edah, Ngagah, Babu Siti, Aunty (you call ti-ti), Nini boy (you call Aboy) and Nini Girl (you call Agel). You also know who your Yadu, Yaki, Kaka Alya, Aunty Mamai, Uda, Babu Irma, Kaka Momoi and Abang Ijan is. .hehehe I don't want to say this but your Aboy says you are very clever! hehe

You have a slight cough and eczema so we took you to see the Dr. There we were delighted to find out that you have finally reached 8kg mark! Our delight turned into worry cause you have been in your 'refuse to eat anything but 'mismis'' zone. As the Dr. said you are still underweight so eat up my little darling...

We also took you out to see the colorful lights last night and although I didn't see your face (cause I was holding you), I can feel that you were excited! Your Daddy says the look on your face was priceless!! hehe

Activities at our home is increasing as your Tua's wedding day is coming close.. Mummy will be busy for the next couple of days too cos I need to finish up your Tua's hantarans.. huhu so be good and just watch your cartoons ok.. the last time you decided to help I ended up having to redo the whole thing! hahaha

Ok Mummy better get back to work now. Love you loads my little darling.


Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday HM!

Went out with my two besties yesterday.. outing kicked off with lunchat MOD's and then a trip to both Mothercare and finally hi-tea at Secret Recipie.. only took camera out at SR! huhu

I let the Little Missy eat my mud cake and as a result, SUGAR RUSH! haha

Is there something on my face?


even ate some of my butter cookies!

even her leggings had a taste of the mud cake! huhu

the three ladies and the little missy!

Can't wait for BB's bundle of joy.. hehehe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last weekend

It was a packed weekend for us..

Saturday afternoon: Rudzaifi's engagement

Yours truly with Dia and Rayyan

Dia prasan jadi baby semula!

Saturday Evening: Zairina's Berbedak

Anjai and I with our bundle of joy

Dia sporting her first baju kurung

Us with the beaming bride!

Sunday: Zairina's wedding day

we LOVE this photo taken by a dear friend

Monday: Out and About
At supa save

At Excapade

little Minnies

Tuesday: Back to work for the adults

Bangun Pagi, liat Barney

Ambil bunga Nini Girl and then breakfast with Mummy and Daddy

Looking forward to the next weekend!

Second trip to Korea

Ola peeps! Happy Tuesday!I am officially back at work altho I did come to the office yesterday pasal there was supposed to be a meeting but it got canceled *grr* anyways here are some photos taken from my camera.. Still waiting to see photos from my colleague's camera.. hehehe

Instead of going via Singapore like last time, this time we went via Hongkong and I have to say that the journey was much much MUCH better! Left BWN at 10.30am and arrived in Busan at 6.50pm, the same day.

Yours truly on the way to Okpo

They gave us a big van this time. Van was so cool, even got a satellite TV in there!

Me in the back seat with my colleague, about to fall asleep i think LOL

There's Azali!! Floating and all! hehehe

This was in the afternoon and we were getting ready to go on-board the ship

And we went in the ship via this hole on the side of the ship.. hehehe

engine room, with all the machines still covered up

Deck for navigation

One of the Propeller

In the evening we went out for dinner with the Bruneians

and this is what i had for dinner.. Yummy lamb!

We went for the keel laying event for 2277 this time and this part I did not get to do last time around cos of the rain

us and the whole Brunei site team

Us with the Bruneians only

more like Bye-bye Okpo Shipyard!

Happy kan balik!!! hehehe so instead of going via land/sea route we went via the helicopter and the ride was amazing! Instaed of 2hrs, it took us 20mins to get to Busan.

Strawberries and Cream *nyumm*

Our hotel in Hongkong..

I made a total of 71oz while I was away and Dia took in 88oz so I made 17oz loss.. Time to eat up more oats and make up for the losses.. I also need to start stocking up in case I need to make emergency trips like this..

On another happy note, Nadia doesn't seem to be much effected as the last time I was away.. I thank god for that! hehehe