Saturday, February 27, 2010

To do Lists!

Its saturday and I really JUST want to enjoy the weekend and not think about work.. Tapi sebaliknya I am already listing in my head things to do first thing monday morning! *sigh* I should write this list down somewhere before i forget them. har har. Dulu kan i use to think that I am a workaholic because I will be at the office from 7.30am to about 7.30pm daily and need mention that i have lunch in my office in front of my PC!! If work is an addiction then i can say i am a recovering addict/workaholic. I continuously try and stop 'working' at 5 and when i leave the office but at days like today that little task is so hard to do! My excuse today for thinking about work is because I had to take emergency leave last week to look after the little princess. And we have board meetings coming up in 2 weeks time and my presentation slides have yet to be finalised! (I am panicking myself even as i type this out). Big chance i'll be working thru lunch and after 5 next week then! *sigh* So bagi sesiapa yg cuti atu *ehem* Anjai *ehem* jgn rub it in my face plssssss! :P

One thing I would like to do on Monday is express for 20 mins! Was talking to H last week and maybe the way to trick the Brain and Bs into producing more.. I would normally express for 12 mins or until my Bs finish letting down or when i reach 6oz.. I think effective of Monday, 1st March 2010, I shall express for 20mins per session. Another challenge associated with that is finding things to do, other then Tweeting!! Those on my tweetlist knows this!! haha Maybe i'll buy a book or magazine that i can read or a game that i can play while i express. Oh and effective of today i.e. KARANG, i shall express even when I am at home and direct feeding Dia.

Pep talk to self: C'mon Nani! You can do this!!! Get off your lazy bum! You cannot let your stock disappear right in front of your eyes! You are so close to reaching 1 year so lets go to 2 years!! C'mon Nani!!

Which reminds me need to also write down list for an upcoming event! *yikes*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

very very quick one!

syukur alhamdulillah.. My Dia can now walk!! *woot woot* syukur alhamdulilah..

dear dia,
You now can walk!! Well done my sayang.. Take good care of yourself and don't rush when u take your tiny steps.. Both mummy and daddy, as well as your ninis, aunties and uncle are very very proud of you. Remember to wash your tiny tiny feet everytime u take a shower from now on okay. We all love you sayang..

32 of 2010

I have been maidless for about 2 months now and ever since then, up until last saturday, we have been utilizing the services of a temporary maid.. And surprise surprise my maid has yet made her way to brunei. So i had to take leave this whole week (thank god for 2 public holidays and very understanding boss and colleagues). The maid who was suppose to arrive tomorrow have yet made any move!! 

I texted my agent here yesterday to ask what is the progress and apparently the maid's passport has not been released by bru embassy.. And whats worst is that she asked ME to call Bru embassy.. I was like whaaa.. Jadinya behapa tah ku bayar agent fee atu if i am going to do her job for her! I asked a friend who used to work in Bru embassy to check and surprise surprise the damn agent in ind haven't even sent the documents to Bru embassy for processing! Oh boy did my agent here got an earful from me!

Hopefully my maid will arrive soon cause I cannot miss another work week with board meeting coming up. And in the meantime hopefully we will be able to procure the services of another temporary maid. *sigh*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 26 Brunei!

I have ti say i love this year's tag line for the national day. Its simple and it does instill a sense of ownership or belonging. 

As i wrote previously, we started the day with a trip to A&E Tutong. Soon after Dia wakes up from her nap we headed to BSB for a quick lunch at excapade and then a compulsory visit to RIPAS hospital. My dear dear cousin Ebih @E13 gave birth to a bouncing baby boy the night before.

Hello.. My name is Rayyan (please correct spelling ;p )

Daddy: Dia meet your second cousin Rayyan
Dia: Hi there. You are so tiny!
Mummy: You were even tinier when u were born.

Rayyan: Hi babu bibie
Me: Shssshh.. Pose Rayyan (LOLs)

Daddies and thier babies

Congratulations again to E13 and E14 and welcome Rayyan. You guys are now officially parents. Enjoy the journey where everyday seems like a new adventure. To E13, rest well my dear and well done! You did it! We are all very proud of you and we'll see you when u are back at your parents ya.. hehehe 

Going back to RIPAS brought back many many pleasant memories and with Dia turning one soon, it reminds me that we have been parents for almost 1 year.. how time flies by...

After RIPAS we headed to Nia's place cause its her second birthday party!!

The uber cute cake

Nia being fed the cake and Meera helping herself to some!

Dia and Mummy

Daddy showing Dia the princess pictures on the goodie bag.. it was a lunch box..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dia is now 11 months

And she is still not well.. booo! It has been almost 2 weeks now so we decided to take her to the A&E again this morning. She had to be nebulized again and she didn't take it any better then the last time. She cried and cried and cried.. We went away with paracetamol, antibiotics and some cough med (inda ku ingat namanyaaa..) Hopefully with the new med she will get better soon..

So anyways here are some photos from her last mini celebration..

Her 11th cake and she is not even one yet! I know i am spoiling her silly but... I want cake!

Kaka Caca, Dia, Daddy and Kaka Anis

Mummy: Dia blow your candles
Dia: What? How?

Dia: Like this?

Cutting her cake

Daddy: booh
Dia: o-oh! Mummy's gonna see thisss...

After her celebration i looked through old sms-es in Anjai's phone when Dia was born and it left me in tears. Cant believe its been almost 1 year.. I feel super blessed. Syukur Alhamdulilah..

The next day we went on a road trip to KB in the morning then we headed to Anjai's place and then we headed to Giant before going home. 

Dia: Daddy, what's this?
Daddy: Potatoes. 

Lemme try and eat this baby!

Eekkss! Belum masak rupanyaaa *yikes*

Dia takes every chance she gets to practice her walk and this is what she does every morning..

Sunday afternoon we headed to my cousin's place in Lumut so a quick congratulations to my cousin Jai on her engagement with Zam.

Dia with the two most important men in my life, My Dad and My Husband.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy 11 months Dia

Dear Dia,

You are 11 months today and in one months we will be celebrating your first birthday!

I am sure you can tell that Mummy has been stressed and haggered lately. Don't worry my dear, its not because you wake me up too early. Its just a couple of things happening in the office and its stressing me out a little bit. Alhamdulillah all is well now and I just want you to know that your laughter and your smiles are the things that keeps me going no matter how tough my day is.

You still only have 1 teeth currently but your nini girl says some will pop out soon. You have gone on a biting frenzy a couple days ago biting your Daddy's fingers, Nini Boy's fingers and your toys. Be careful not to hurt yourself when you do that especially when you bite your toys. I know I should have taught you earlier so today Mummy and Daddy will teach you how to brush your teeth and how to take good care of them okay.

You are also learning how to walk. It really does please everyone but please take your time sweetheart. Take little steps and not rush. Although we do find you taking our arms so you have someone you can hold on to while you walk around very very adorable!!! hahaha

Another thing we find adorable is how you are learning to say things. You will say 'Baby' if you see little Eda or pictures of babies. Don't you realize that you are also a baby yourself? hehe You also can say 'Mamam' and also 'Daddy'.. It sure put a smile on your Daddy's face when he heard you say that. hehe Please say 'Mummy' next okay? hehe or you can say 'Nenen', that way you can tell me you want some milk instead of crying and fussing around. hehe

Ok Mummy better get back to work you. Mummy and Daddy love you to bits. Be good and Love you!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new Chapter

I have been going through a rollercoster ride the past week. I hope with the recent changes it will bring positive changes for everyone. Change is inevitable, its up to us to accept it, how we want to accept it. Its a new day, a new chapter..

So anyways, Dia is still sick *boo hoo* still has the sniffles and coughs.. On a positive note Dia is still active, crawling here and there and she has a new found habit of pulling someone's hand/finger so that she has someone to hold on to while she practice her walk. We didn't even realize what she was doing until my mum pointed it out. So masa ani kami malar sakit punggung lah! har har! Mum reckons she will be able to walk before she reach her 1 yr mark but am feeling a bit skeptical cause altho she sometimes let go but most of the time when we let go of her she'll just stand or sit down. She is still a bit scared of taking the steps forward. and marah ia tu if we let go of her hands! LOL

Other then that i am also sick and lost my voice completely yesterday and partially today.. GAH!

Oh am now back to setting my goal for 12oz per day.. Pasal apa nah? I did my EBM check and I am left with 120oz which means I loss 30oz in 1 month.. how did that happen? GAHHH!! I do hope I am able to reach this daily goal.. time to eat tofus, papayas and drink soy milk and MMT!!! Maybe i should start taking Fenugreek supplements again.. hmmmm

Monday, February 15, 2010


I woke up today and I was relieved that is still a public holiday.. hehehe 

It has been a roller-coster week at work last week and it has left me feeling tired over the weekend and I think I still am. I think its true when people say being emotionally tired is even worse then being physically tired. When you are physically tired, you can rest for a little while and get back to doing whatever it is that you are doing but when you are emotionally tired, it will take you a while to recover.. Wonder if i can get an MC for being emotionally tired.. LOLs

So anyways despite being tired, we went CNY visiting yesterday. My round started off at 10am when my colleagues and I headed to our Chairman's residence and my colleagues' place. Then i drove home and picked up Anjai and Dia and we headed to Anjai's uncles' place. 

Not being biased or anything but this family is one of my favorite family (HAHA) and every time we go over for a visit its always full of fun and laughter.. hehe

Bin (Dia's second cousin) trying to tickle Dia with pooh's feet with the hostess sitting at the background.. hehehe

We dressed her up in this tiny tiny cheongsam.. It took me a while to find one in her size!

Dia says: Kaka Baby, you have a nice bag!

Practising her walk..

And as we were talking and chatting we were surprised by the arrival of Uncle Jack who drove all the way from Kuching! They were en route to Anjai's grandma's place in Limbang and decided to drop by for a surpirse.. hehehe

Nadia still Cries when people try to hold her.. boooooo! We think she might take after me cause my mum says when i was younger i also refused to be held by other people and I am also a cry baby! If she does follow my history I think it'll take a while peeps cause I remember running with all my mighty heart from an uncle who tried to hold me. And I think I was about 6 when this happened! LOLs

Thursday, February 11, 2010

bigger shoes to fill

We began the day with a trip the A&E at Tutong Hospital.

2 nights ago we noticed that Dia started to cough so we gave her some paracetamol and continued to give it the whole of yesterday. Apparently she was very fussy the whole of yesterday and she was vomiting. Think it was her trying to remove the sticky flem in the throat. She seemed her normal self but a bit tired as she didn't sleep much during the day (courtesy of her coughs). We continued on with paracetamol and then at around 1am i noticed that she was a bit warm. So i checked her temp it was 37.5.. So i sponged her and continued on sleeping then at about 3am i woke up again and this time I felt she was even warmer! I checked her temp, she was at 39!!! So we quickly gave her paracetamol again and started sponging her.. .

She woke up around 6am and we decided to go and see the Doctor. Her temp was down to 37.7 this morning and there were slight flem and redness in her throat. Instead of just sending us away with paracetamol (again!) and saline drops, the Dr told us that Dia needs to be nebulized. and boy did she cry! I think the whole hospital heard her! LOL I had to go to work so i do hope my Dia is doing fine at home..

I wrote at the beginning of the year that 2010 will be a challenging year for me.. With effect of some changes that has been made the challenges for me and some of my colleagues is now bigger. I have bigger shoes to fill and I hope and I pray that god gives me the will and strength to survive with flying colors. Amin..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

25 of 2011

I had an interesting conversation with Boo over lunch on how Dia being an only child, we might be over-doting on her. That is in fact ne of my biggest fears.. I am afraid of turning into a mom who dotes on their child too much and in the end has no authority over what the son/daughter does. For me, I have a very example on how a parent dote on the child too much. An aunt who only has one child dote on her son too much.Her son refuses to go to school and he is now 21, out of school and is not doing anything. His cousins around the same age are currently working and another is getting engaged.

I guess to answer Boo's question (although I think I already did) I do dote on Dia, however I do try to be strict with her as well. For example if she wants to be fed but her face is all dirty, I would tell her to wash her face before I do feed her. So in this instance someone who was holding her at that time will go and wash her face lah ah.. But I have to admit that I do sometimes give in.. har har!

So the point of me writing this today is a reminder to myself and the husband, not to give in to what the little girl wants all the time. We have to instill our authority and some discipline.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Congrats Rahimah

Congratulations is in order for a dear friend, Rahimah who finally tied the knot with her long time beau Nazrul yesterday!

Rahimah looked gorgeous!

*tee hee*

Bride and groom

Anjai stayed home while I went to the wedding and when I went home and after I freshen up, I saw the husband teaching the little girl how to walk. Dia is now able to walk a couple of steps with assistance but the trouble is that she wants to get to her destination fast. Will try and get a decent video and post it up soon! hehehe

Oh and Dia likes to walk with something in her hand! Just yesterday she was dragging a paper bag full of Diaries and Calendars around.. LOL

Hey! Jangan kacau bag Dia!

Walking around with her 'bag'. Daddy says maybe she thinks that its a Chanel kali.. Far from it my dear girl.. Your Mummy is very very far from affording one! LOL

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What's with the 411???

The husband and I is not allowed to show our faces when Dia is being fed by either my mum or my maid because the little girl refuses to be fed by others when we are around. So thats whay i am in my room and has nothing to do. (well nothing want to do.. yg boleh di buat banyak pulang sebenarnya *hehe*). Poor husband was called in to go to work while we were at Giant this morning.. So here i am bloggingggg...

Speaking of going out, we notice that people are generally nicer and friendlier to us when Dia is out with us. Like when we were in KL, policemen greet us, immigration officer gave us a special pass so we can be first in line, people talk to us more.. haha Just this morning we were at the bank and while waiting for our number to be called these 2 elderly ladies was so friendly to us and  was trying to bait Dia.. haha Despite being dressed in Pink, people still think Dia is a boy.. *sighhhh* I do hope her hair grows faster! hahaha however this morning we got 2 comments on how Dia looks like a BOY!!!! I guess its true, Dia takes on her Daddy's features.. 

Oh other then comments about Dia, the common question i recieve is 'bah bila lagi?'. errmmm hang on peeps! Dia is only 10 months.. I guess it true what they say.. the question never ends! Its like when the husband and I started going out they ask, bah bila betunang. Then after we got engaged, they asked when are we getting married. As soon as we got married they ask if we are expecting and as sooonn as i gave birth to Dia they ask when is the next one! aiyaiayaiiii..

Ok i better start packing up.. We shall be sleeping over at the IL's tonight.. hehe

Friday, February 5, 2010

22 of 2011

I didn't realize until this morning that it was the Steel Cutting day for our second vessel Hull No 2277 yesterday . So happy belated steel cutting day Hull no 2277.. I think I mentioned this before (or maybe not) but these vessels have a special place in my heart as I was involved in this project from the very beginning. I haven't got the opportunity to personally go to the shipyard to meet these vessels that we have worked hard for so I look forward to traveling when/if I have the opportunity to do so. Otherwise tunggu tah vessel delivery in 2011! hehehe

I have been having lunch at my desk for the past 3 days and I am so happy that my work is finally done!!! So I can have my weekend freee... Happy weekend y'all!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my husband the artist

I just my lunch infront of my PC. Salmon Teriyaki Don and Fuji Roll special.. And now I am full and sleepy!! now how this? Hopefully i can stay up and finish drafting my letter and also tasks.. huhu

Alhamdulillah lately I have been able to reach my target of 9oz of EBM per day without much problems and have been breaking even.. I hope I am able to stay at this rate or better yet improve until Dia turns 2. Wishful thinking? But people say u aim high so that if u fall so don't fall far.

Other than the random post above, the reason why I logged in this blog is because i wanted to share what a great artist my husband is.. Below is an illustration of Nadia by him. It cracked me up when I saw it!!! hahahah

Kira ngam lah the picture, rambut sikit, gigi satu, mata bulat! Handal kan si husband.. LOL

Ok back to work.. BLAH!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February alreadyy?

As i was writing the date today i realized that its FEBRUARY alreadyy! Where did January goo? My my my.. So first day back to work today and half of the morning was spent chit-chatting with colleagues and finding my way around my PC and also my emails!!! 74 unopened emails! and those are after my staff has gone through them! GAHHH!!!!

I'll just think of the pleasant memories of KL to soothe me for now.. *tee hee* So anyways there were many new things we discovered in KL.. Like for one, Dia knows how to use a straw! haha It was at KLCC and the husband playfully let Dia suck on the straw of the lemonade. Then after a couple of minutes we realized that she is able to suck on the strawww! hahaha so ever since that day whenever she has a meal we always give her water via a straw.. hehe

The most challenging thing for me was expressing.. With direct feeding Dia and also expressing at the same time.. ssooooo frustrating!! On average the most i could get in one sitting was 2oz!!! so I had to pump and collect! with the exception of my last pumping session i was able to get a full 3oz in one sitting!

I also had to overcome direct feeding in public! hahaha

I didn't shop much that much in KL despite the sales going on for the coming CNY. I dunno.. just wasn't feeling it.. What i was feeling tho was all the food! hehehe we ate at Nandos, Nasi Ayam Hailam, Krispy Kremes, Haagen Dazs, Burger King... Was unable to take any pics cos by the time we wanted to take some habis tia food kamii! inda kan kami tunjukkan gambar dirty plate kan hahahaha

Ok peeps, let me go back to my Mondayy.. GAHH!!!