Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sungkai Outing No 7: KK Koya + others

Last sunday we dressed Dia up as Barney.. a PINK Barney.. why pink? No idea why the shop sells this outfit in pink and not purple! hahaha

Our little Barney at Yadu & Yaki's place

Playing with Yadu.. Can you see her tiny tail? hahaha

Barney and Uncle Jilan

And Last night we headed to KK Koya for Sungkai..

Dia enjoying/playing with her Kueh Saji

Sungkai Outing No 6: Rizqun

Another outing with the crazy bunch! but we didn't take that much picture this time around.. I was just busy looking after Dia cause we didn't manage to secure a baby chair.. huhuhu

Dia and Aunty Didi

Dia and me!

Dia high-fiving one of Daddy's friends

Dia & Daddy
This boys and girls is one of my favorite picture!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Gotta make sure I print and frame this one!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sungkai Outing No 5: Fratinis

Salam all! Work has been crazy for the past 2 days.. and very menduga kesabaran.. huhu

other than work that has been testing my patience I received another 'suggestion' that I should give FM to Dia to fatten her up. I know I wrote about this a long time ago and sorry if I am repeating myself, but WHAT IS THE OBSESSION WITH FAT BABIES??? What makes this person so sure that if I give FM to Dia she will gain weight? And then someone asked me why do I seem to be against FM so much. I am not against FM. I insist on giving BM to Dia because research shows that there is a lot of benefits if you give BM to a baby up to 2 years old.

Its like when you have a choice between the best and second best, why would you want to go for second best?

I guess this issue will come up occasionally. oh thanks to other mummies who sent their supportive comments to me *hugs*

We went out for our 5th Sungkai outing last night at Fratini's..

Dia: Are we there yet?

Dia and Abang Adam

One, Two, Three, JUMP

This has got to be my favorite picture of these two last night! Mcm si banar drg becerita! haha

Mummies and thier babies

Me and Mas. Thanks for organizing the outing dear *hugs*

Qrin and Biben

I have 2 candles means that I am TWENTY!!!! hehehe

All of us

Thanks for the cake! Love it!

Face time with the JDs! Miss you guys lots!! and too bad it was lagging.. huhu

Monday, August 23, 2010


I love the support that BFing moms give to each other. And I suppose with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc, the support is now more evident.. Bless the internet! bless the technology!

Breastfeeding and maintaining supply is a constant challenge for all BFing moms, especially working ones, I think. There is always Ups and Downs and you will need to continuously give yourself a pep talk! I fore one is like that (tapi bukan aku saja ni kan? kan? kan? LOL). I am currently being complacent! Why? Last stock check stands at 150oz so I think at the back of my brain, subconsciously I think its enough.. So I have not expressed over the weekend and I also have not been taking in my oat milk or fenugreek. *sigh*

So nani (here comes the pep talk!), Thou shall not be complacent! Thou shall express when thou wake up in the morning. Thou shall drink up on oat milk and fenugreek! Thou shall NOT be lazy!

Here are some photos taken by some friends during Sungkai Outing No 3 at Airport Resturant.. Pandai bisdia ani mengambil gambar.. bisaaiiii.. hehe

Customary Group photo before we left..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sungkai Outing No 4 & My Birthday: Tarindak Restaurant & The Arch

The day I get a year older, I celebrated my day with..

Dia and my dear Husband (not seen in this photo)

Bestie No 1: TC and her Husband, Izam

Bestie No 2: Shopaholic and Her husband, Gamerholic

We had iftar at Tarindak where Dia enjoyed the Keropok a lot

And us ladies enjoyed the cotton candy

Once we were done eating we chit chatted at the lounge area while waiting for the rain to die down

Something really tickled their fancy

And this is all of us before we left

I had 2 cakes that night. This was from Dia and Anjai

And this was from TC

This is me blowing out the candles

And i stopped in the middle to take a photo

And a hug from my husband

I asked Dia to help me with the other cake, but she just looked at it..

All of us at The Arch

The reason why we had to blow the candles and cut the cake at the Arch is because Tarindak does not allow us to cut and eat the cake there. They will charge us $20 for it! I/We think it is such a rip off and that their outside food policy is pretty crap! Suffice to say we will not be going back there anytime soon..

Can you see the little hand going for the cake?

She decided to help herself with the label

First taste of the SUGAR COATED label

And here comes the poking.. and she eventually finished half of the label!

RIght before we left

Thanks for the pressie Bie!!!

Thanks to my husband for making yesterday was a GREAT day!
Thanks to my besties and husband for celebrating with me!
Thanks to everyone for their greets and well wishes!

Sungkai Outing No 3: Airport Restaurant

Salam and Good Morning sunshine.. Here are some photos taken from our third sungkai outing with Anjai's friends whom I sometimes like to call the crazy bunch! hahaha

Dia listening to the adults becerita

Mummy and Dia

It was Ena's birthday and Dia was asked to help her blow her cake

Little boss

Walking with Uncle Gbob

Dia wanted to join the boys while they prepare for the group photo

Will update pics once the boys make it available :)