Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy 5 months Sofiyya

Dear Sofie,

Late last night i held you in my arms and you opened your eyes for about 15 seconds and it reminds me of a moment you and I had shortly after i delivered you, 5 months ago.. It showed me how time flies by so very quickly.. Happy 5 months Cheeks!!

A couple of weeks back we noticed you are quite attached to me. It became more apparent in the past couple of days so i have been telling you that you need to grow up and be the good little girl you are cause there will be times when Mummy has to work a little bit late or be away from you for a couple of days. Alhamdulillah, you have showed improvement last night when i had to attend a dinner. You were well behaved and not at all fussy.. Well done my sayang..

1 more months and you will begin taking in solids.. Are you excited? Well i can tell you, I am! I can't wait to start planning your meals for you and buy you your first spoon and plate.. For now drink up on Mummy's milk.. Insyallah there is more where that came from and insyallah lets both work towards the 2 year mark ok?

Ok i better go now.. Gd night my darling daughter.. Mummy, Daddy and Kaka Dia loves you a lot.. Be good now..


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Monday, October 24, 2011

First sleepover

After nearly 5 months, finally a sleepover at the IL's place! I was initially worried about the volume of items we are going to bring along.. I came up with a list and despite my trying to be efficient we left my hubs' medications at home! Thank god BIL was willing to go over to our place to pk it up for us hehehe

Baby box and toiletries for te kids and the big bag for the parents! Of course we have FM and bottle bag in front for Dia.. Hehe

Before going over to the ILs, we went out for lunch at FDL!

Aunty pijah came too!!

Eksyen-eksyen tidur

Still sleeping?


Ok this time banar2 sleeping already hehehe see how this 2 tiny people dominates our bed? Hmph!

My manja!


Cheerful kaka

We then headed home cause we had a wedding to attend to..

Vain skejap!

Afternoon playtime!

Anjai, Dia and I headed to Lumut to Geotrax


So yeah, thats our weekend!! Hehehe

I finally did my stock check and apparently my not expressing over the weekend, when i go out for a hort period of time and sofie consumes 2-3oz only, does have an impact on my stock. About a month or 3 weeks ago i had 1058oz and last sat i had 1034oz.. Felt a bit sad but i think it works out fine as the oldest ebm i have is a couple of days shy from being expired, 1st Aug 2011.. (i dont like using ebm that is more than 3 months, despot keeeping it in a deep freezer) I just gotta make sure stovk does not dwindle down too many too fast!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy 31 months Nadia

Dear Nadia,

Each day before i leave the house for work i always kiss you good bye, tells u i love you and remind you to be a good girl.. Even when i finish writing my letters to you i always say be good..

Instead of being a good, obidient girl i know you are, you instead turn into a mean and naughty girl when your cousins are around. You pick fights, rushing and fighting to get or use whatever items your cousin are using or playing with and what is even worse is that you bite them or push them.. I have always restrained myself from getting mad or losing my temper but my dear you are getting out of hand. You have crossed the line..

People say that when a child is two, that is the most challenging time for a parent and indeed it has been for both your daddy and I. Please my darling, please be good! Please stop picking fights with people and please, please, PLEASE dont hurt others..

Be good my little darling.. Be the good girl i know you are.. mummy daddy and sofiyya loves you so very very much!!


Dear child, if you read this sometime in the future and you remember both daddy and i being cross with you, please remember that we love you! And we are only doing it to teach you right from wrong..

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Back to normal

My expressing schedule has been quite erratic at the begining of the week. On monday i expressed at 6am, 12noon and at 9pm. Oh the agony of not expressing for more than 8hrs!

On Tuesday i expressed at 6am and 3pm! I was actually prepared to express onboard the vessel as i did not want a repeat of Monday but due to tight schedule and no delay on the train i expressed when i got home. So i am glad to be back at the office and back to normal schedule and comfortable, airconditioned room.. My colleagues are now so used o my expressing so they just stay in the room while i do my deed.. LOL i need to buy an extra nursing/pumping cover lah for decency purposes LOL

Oh and i still dont know how much EBM i have.. Huhuhu so i will have to make time this weekend.. Huhuhu

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MV Amali

I finally met my work baby on 17 Oct 2011..!

Well i cant take pictures of the ship from outside as BLNG is a restricted area and no mobile phones or cameras are allowed so i'll just show you whats inside the beautiful vessel. And yes i snuck my phone in my backpack LOL

My passes for 17.10.2011

My first meal onboard: sweet sour fish and fried rice

Dessert: creme caramel

Photo from the bridge with Bubuk on the background

Also from the bridge, taken at 6.30pm. We only left the jetty at 7.30 that evening.

Turns out little Sofiyya had a hard time with my not being around. She refused to be coaxed by her daddy and refused to sleep.. You have to get used to this little sofie cos there will be days when i have to work late.. Huhu

Good day for a ship visit 18 Oct 2011

Port side

Starboard side

Ahead and astern

Reminder to all muslims onboard

The galley team onboard did a fantastoc job at preparing the food for our visitors! I am impressed and they impressed our vip visitors too..

I had a fantastic experience onboard and wad very well fed, as you can see! Hehehe

Happy 35th hubs!!

Birthday wishes goes out to my dear husband and father to my children.. Thank you for always being there for the girls and I. You are doing such a good job keeping fit and healthy but most especially at keeping the ciggies away.. We love you so very very much and hope you have a smashing birthday!!

Happy birthday again Love!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Supply and demand

My maid reported to me a couple of days back that sofie's milk consumption has increased from an average of 12oz per day to 15oz.. I was surprised and very thankful but my mind went straight to 'am i bringing home enough ebm?'. And the answer is syukur alhamdulillah yes.. I bring home an average of 18oz per day and if sofie takes in 15oz, i still made a profit of 3oz..

I have officially lost track of the number of EBMs i have so i must make it a point and make the time to do my stock check.. Huhuhu

A couple of friends ask what i do or eat to make my BM production high. I take no supplements.. Its like economics, when there is a high demand, the supply would be high too.. The demand is of course our baby's BM intake and in order to increase 'demand', we need to empty out our Bs, often and to remain constant with it. Sometimes when we express, results are dissapointing. Dont! Dont be dissapointed, just remember that your bs are now mre stimulated and if you keep it up insyallah in a couple of days supply will increase too.. I dont know if u guys get me.. LOL but i hope you do..

Oh and the other key thing is tp keep POSITIVE, insyallah..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Her 59th birthday

We had a small celebration at home during lunch yesterday..

Her beautiful cake!

Happy birthday mum!

Birthday girl admiring her cake hehe

Something really amused my mum..

With all their grandchildren and brother number 1..

We pray for a long and healty life.. Amin..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our Saturday 8 Oct 2011

Headed to te clinic first thing kn the morning and we were quite nervous.. Alhamdulillah Nadia is out of the underweight dangerzone and is now 11.9kg. We just need to make sure she keeps up her food intake.. Sofie is now 6.75kg, didnt gain as muh as the months before but she is well above the green line.. Phew!!

Napping at Yadu's & Yaki's

While Kaka was getting her nails done by her Yadu..

Pink nails!!

The service at this branch stinks!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mummy's business

This is how I managed my 'Mummy Business' for the past 3 days..

Tools of the trade if you may say: Cooler box & Breast pump..

My morning session produce

Lining up my cooler box and place my produce inside.

On top of my produce, I place another layer of Technice sheet and then use a towel lagi on top.. When I travel I use newspaper cause it's lighter..

I am glad to back at the office today, not only because I can wake up the normal hours I wake up and less travel distance but also because I don't have to bring my heavy cooler box..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I think the commute is getting to me. I leave the house at 6.30am and arrive at my destination around 7.15.. I guess it's waking up extra early.. It's funny cause I have been a commuter my whole life! Its just that since nov, the commute has been shorter..

I normally make it a point to always tell the girls that I am going to work each morning and wave bye to them but because its too early, I decided to just let them sleep some more.. I feel a bit sad but... So I look forward to coming home and kissing them! Hehe

On the first day I expressed once at BAPSLH and by the time I got home I was engorged and in pain! So today I decided I will not have a repeat of yesterday and expressed twice..! Thank god for technice as the normal ice packs would not last the whole day..

The course has been very interesting so far.. Looking forward to the final day tomorrow..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Turning over

Mummy to Sofie: can you show mummy how you turned from your tummy to your back again?

Sofie: ok I'll try..

Here we go..

Almost there..


Boy! That was hardwork!! Phew!

I did it mummy!!!