Thursday, September 5, 2013

Always hard

Its been about 3 years since i went on my last business trip and my last time being away from the husband and the girls.. It was tough of course, cried a bucket before i left for the airport. The girls asked if i was crying and when i denied it they laughed at me and brushed me off. I cried a bucket the first day and night and Alhamdulillah as the days go by the pain gets lesser. Thank god for whatsapp and other means of keeping in touch. We didn't dare do a facetime tho cause we didn't want the girls to be thinking about me too much.. and i bet i will try a river if i do that! LoL

So i went to S.Korea again this time around and here are some photos of the trip, taken from my phone.. Hehehe

Waiting to board the plane at Brunei International airport

After i shed a tear or two in the plane LOL

Experienced RB's business class where they lent us the mini iPad for entertainment. That was pretty awesome!

At terminal 3, Changi airport

Waiting to board the 2nd leg of our journey from Singapore to Incheon airport, Seoul

On board the midnight flight to Seoul and ready to call it a night. The business class seat was pretty awesome cause we were able to lie down flat hence easier to fall asleep..

My breakfast at about 6am..

Just before we landed

Waiting to board our flight leg which was a domestic flight from Gimpo airport to Gimhae airport

After about 18hrs we finally checked into the hotel and this was our view..

That afternoon we went to the World's largest department store

Had Japanese for our hi-tea

And some kebab by the busy street of Ulsan

Heading out for our meeting..

Lunch was at a Halal indian restaurant

And had one of this Alaskan King Crab for dinner..

The crab was 3kg which we shared among 5 ppl..

After the lady cut the huge crab open.. It was so tasty and would strongly recommend everyone to try this! It was pricy too.. Cost us BND 250 for 3kg!

Day 3: another round of meetings

And a visit around the shipyard..

With our local secretary Sumi who was also our secretary from the previous project.

One of the yummy things were these crab sticks! Perfect with maggi kari! LOL

And i bought a happy call pan! It was def cheaper there!

Dinner was japanese again cause the lebanese rest we wanted to go to was closed..

We ordered via this cool touch screen kiosk

We flew home early friday morning!

Waiting to board our flight to Hongkong

Waiting to see which gate we will be boarding at HKG airport

Our ride home

Happy faces!!

I was soo happy to see the girls and the husband.. I cried and the girls laughed again hehehe

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