Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 6!

Alhamdulillah its the 6th day f weaning Sofiyya off Breastmilk.. I have to admit i am a bit sadden by this but its about time as she is now 2yrs and 3months old.. Se always tries her luck by asking for 'nenen ami' first, shedding a couple of tears and crying for a couple of minutes but when i give her her bottle she usually takes it straight away and drink up.. Tonight she immediately asked 'mau nenen botol' so i guess she now knows i will not give the Bs to her..

I have to get used to waking up in the middle of the night to make milk now.. So have prepared 2 bottles, hot water thermos and water bottle on the bedside table for tonight..

With now Sofiyya being bottle fed we have also (re)started car seat training for the girls.. Alhamdulillah that is also going on fine.. Told the hubs tonight that its kinda nice sitting in frint together lol

Earlier today.. Have to think of a solution for Dia.. Kesian she have to sleep like that..

And this evening while the girls were singing.. Hehe

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